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Hunting Camp

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Hunting Camp

I booked a hunting trip a year in advance with a friend. Just prior to our trip, he bailed out, so I ended up going by myself- knowing I'd meet several people at the hunting lodge. To make the beginning even more challenging, my flight was delayed, so arrangements were made for me to cab to the lodge and I'd see the guides and everyone else in the morning.

I arrived near midnight and the key and a note was taped to the front door- instructing me to go to my room and meet them for breakfast. Given it was late; I tried to be as quiet as possible and went down the hall to find my room. As I entered, surprise!!! I had a room mate. Not just a roommate, but one that also didn't expect anyone and he was caught in the middle of what appeared to be a great masturbation session! He quickly tried to stop and began to apologize, and I replied with some silly "No problem, you'll probably see me do the same" comment. Not sure where that came from- just mutually embarrassed and surprised- babble just followed.

Getting settled, he too had booked a trip and his friend had a family emergency arise, thus he also came alone. Thus he thought he had the room to himself, and was obviously shocked when I opened the door on him.

I unpacked and we went to bed as we had an early morning call to begin our mutual hunts. Throughout the day, I couldn't get the image of him holding his cock out of my mind. This was the first erect cock other than mine I had ever seen live. All the more, it intrigued me further. That evening I was showering prior to the group dinner and was lathering up my cock and thinking of the image from the night before. My new roommate for the week knocked and asked if he could enter the bathroom to wash his hands before dinner. I said sure, as he entered, almost like an out of body experience, I pulled back the curtain and said "See, I told you you'd see me do the same". Totally don't know where that came from- fully out of my personality. He laughed and said "thanks for taking the pressure off" and went about his business.

Everyone turned in early each night as the mornings began so early. In our room, my roommate and I eventually begin to talk about our mutual "flashing" and the conversation begin to obviously turn to sex. We both have been married for over 30 years and neither have had any bi/gay experience at all. The conversation became more and more personal as it related to our sexual relationships with our wives. He has a lively sex life with his wife, but well over a decade ago, she began to remove oral sex on him as part of her routine. Other than that however they were very open. He particularly enjoys being with her orally, both with her pussy, but also with her ass. He ended by saying how much he craved a blow job however as a result of his absence.

The subject turned to my sex relationship with my wife- finding several similarities. We too have an active sex life, with various restrictions however. My wife has never been very gifted at giving a blow job, and she never seemed to enjoy it anyway (related?). As such, I eventually stopped asking- knowing she didn't like doing it and actually I didn't really enjoy it much either. What I miss terribly however is when she would rim me. This being my apparent g-spot! She would have a drink or two, and if the night was right, she would separate my ass checks and begin to lightly tease me, flicker her tongue and eventually fuck my ass with her taunt tongue. This was the most amazing sexual feeling I had ever experienced. This ended nearly 30 years ago however as my wife stopped drinking when pregnant, and elected (to be commended) not to start again after. When the drinks stopped, so did her inhabitations related to orally pleasing my ass. I ended by saying how much I craved having my ass rimmed.

It didn't take much for us to put this together. Given my bold move flashing my erect self in the shower, I broke the silence. I asked, "Do you believe the adage, 'What happens in hunting camp, stays in hunting camp?"' I'll give you what you want if you'll give me what I want. After several minutes of silence (which seemed like hours), he agreed, but only if I went first. I knew if I let some time expire, I'd over think this and chicken out. As such, I immediately got up from my bunk and sat on his and in one fluid motion, pulled down his shorts and put his cock in my mouth. THEN I slowed down (no turning back) and begin to take in the moment. Just the night before was the first erect cock I had seen, and now it's in my mouth! While I know this was not the best blow job going- it was the best he had had in over a decade (the only). It became obvious before long he was about to cum. Now another crossroad for me to quickly address...I figured I should finish the experience and made it obvious I wasn't going anywhere. He quickly erupted and squirted his cum into my mouth. While I have read others that enjoy the taste and texture, I can't say that for myself. That being said, it wasn't revolting, but it WAS terribly sensual. I felt naughty in a good way and this turned me on to no end. Given he needed no clean up; he simply looked at me and said "roll over".

Unlike me, my roommate was experienced at his task and it showed. He parted my ass cheeks and begin go sent me straight to the moon! Flickers, light blowing, and full on tongue. An added feature I was not used to, he also used his finger to massage my ass, much like rubbing my non-clit. Fingers, tongue and breath...terrific. Once he finished, we returned to our bunks and chatted just a little about the amazing feelings we had just exchanged, but as mentioned prior- we also knew morning was fast approaching and we went to sleep.

The next day again provided hours and hours of "mind time". I couldn't even focus- I would think about him rimming my ass only to be interrupted in my mind by the thought of his cock in my mouth, or his cum entering my throat. All day, thoughts. All day, semi erect or more.

Back at the lodge, everyone exchanged the stories of the day. The successes and "misses" the each experience. While I totally enjoyed this as part of my life history, I couldn't wait until the guides called it a night and we would return to our rooms.

We returned to our room and each took showers as was quickly becoming the routine. This time it was my roommate that made the first move. He quickly confessed to the same day long memory and erection. We quickly returned to the evening prior's activities, but each determined to reciprocate even without saying so out loud. I providing him a blow job (much better I believe) and then him returning the same to me- his first as well. Being my first blow job in decades, I can't imagine anything better. Proof being in the limited time I lasted before introducing him to another first as well- cumming into his warm and inviting mouth. I then rolled him over and went down on his ass like it was the last pussy I'd see in my life. We exchanged positions and roles until each had enjoyed a full experience and eventually slipped into a wonderful night of (brief) sleep.

The next day and night provided the same great experience with the exception to our conversation after pleasuring one another. We both danced with the subject of experiencing anal sex. We were both more interested in the experience of fucking an ass, but obviously to accommodate, we would also have to offer our own ass for the "experiment". Neither of our wives would ever entertain the idea, so if we wanted to experience the feeling, this may be the only opportunity. Neither of us was overly hung, so or virgin asses didn't seem to be in too much peril. We decided to go for it the next night (or last night).

The daytime thoughts still included the oral experiences we have been giving and receiving, but now focused on the impending anal sex. Like before, my mind kept bouncing back and forth between my entering an ass for the first time, but equally focused on the sensation of having my ass entered. I have experimented with small toys and enjoyed it, but the idea of a larger cock was intimidating but also stimulating. After dinner that evening, I went to the kitchen and got a small container of vegetable oil. Not KY, but seemed like the best alternative. After we both orally warmed up one another, he dipped his finger into the oil and inserted his finger in my ass. He seemed to do this a dozen times until my ass was lubed both inside and out. I felt him approach me from behind and place the head of his cock against my opening. I admit I was anticipating a fair amount of pain, but with him (and me) not being overly big, and his prepping me with his finger he slid in fairly easy. Once in, he stayed still for about a minute to let me adjust and began to slowly fuck me. I didn't properly imagine how erotic this was. Much like when he first came in my mouth- the erotic nature of the act overrode the strange flavor/texture. This too was much the same. Their was some pain or discomfort, but a minor price to pay for the wildly sexy feeling I had running through my body. My only regret was not being able to see him actually cum. We had agreed not to cum in one another, so he pulled out and shot his cum on my ass- just like the porn movies, but I didn't get to see it!

After he cleaned up (and wiped me clean) we exchanged positions and actions. I replicated everything he did and eventually entered his vegetable oil ass myself. The tightness of his ass provided a new feeling. I really enjoyed the experience, but to my surprise, I enjoyed being fucked more than fucking. I seemed to like the sensation of a throbbing pussy more. (Totally surprised as my fantasy has always been being the "fucker" not the "fuckee").

The next morning we all disbursed for the different airports and highways to return to our day to day lives. As we were entering this journey together, we agreed to keep our relationship to strictly first names and the city where we lived. As such, I will never see Mike from Cleveland again, but my memories will last forever.

We both "tagged out" on our hunt, but feel confident the most memorable portion of the trip will not be the trophy that now hangs on both of our walls.

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