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Hubby Caught Me With Hot Neighbor

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Ding-dong is what I heard when I was taking a shower this evening.  I wonder who it could be? I asked.  I wrapped a towel around my wet soapy body. It was this beautiful brunette with huge, sensual tits.  They were bigger than mine if you can believe that.  She look me up and licked her lips and said she was sorry for interrupting, she introduced herself as a neighbor from upstairs.  I remember her looking at me one day when you and I were going out for drinks late at night.  I looked hot that day for you (wearing a short white dress that accentuated my curves, and of course wearing nothing underneath).  I remember her smiling at me but I didn?t think much about it. She said her shower was not working and she had a date with this hot guy she?s planning to fuck, she wants to smell good when he licks her pussy.  I could not believe what she was telling me.  It made me get a little wet since I had not seen you in a couple weeks.  I told her as you can see I?m in the middle of my shower if she could wait until I was done.  She said no problem.  She asked if she could make herself a drink, I told her no problem the bar is in the living room.  I left the bathroom door open and dropped my towel right in front of her I wanted to tease her and see a reaction, remember my pussy was wet and I planned to take car of business when I was in the shower.  I can tell she swung both ways by the way she looked at me.  She opened the curtain and said, I thought you might want a drink I was so embarrassed because I was fucking my pussy with my fingers.  She said you need help I?m pretty good at fucking girls.  I told here it was ok I could handle it.  She said I can tell.  She handed me the drink and I grabbed it with my pussy soaked hand.  This turned her on so much that she licked them as she was eating candy then smiled.  I wanted to rip her clothes off there and then.  She purposely spill my drink on my tits and said, ?I?m so clumsy let me get you off, oops I mean let me dry you off.?  She used her warm mouth to lick up the spilled champagne off my tits and body.  She quickly took off her clothes and stepped into the shower with me.  She said I have been fantasizing about you, there is so much I want to do to you.  I told her I might let you do those things but first bring the bottle of champagne She asked what for. Told her I need you to bring the champagne bottle inside the shower so I can pour on your pussy and lick it until you cum all over my face.

Our bodies rubbed against each other and my pussy got so wet just with her breast rubbing against mine. They were big and juicy.   She loved my breast as much as I loved hers. We spent so much time rubbing and licking each other?s breasts.  I wanted to lick her pussy so bad but she laid me down on the tub and licked me, like I?ve never been licked.   She wanted me.  She bit me, licked me, slapped it and fucked it.  She told me you're so tight it must hurt.   It must be the fact that you?re not getting fucked the way you should be. I asked her how she new, she said, she had been stalking me and she new my husband had been away for a long time.  She knew that I would take advantage of this moment.  I told her to let me lick her but she said, ?No you taste so good, I don?t want to stop.?  So she licked and fingered me.  As I got wet she licked and fingered me harder.  I told her I wanted more fingers in my pussy and she started with two, then three, and worked me until she had her entire fist in me. I was soo wet. It hurt so bad but at the same time it felt so good. I came three times, then I grabbed her, flipped her over licked her from behind and fucked her in the ass with my fingers. She screamed with pain and pleasure. She told me lube her up with my tongue so I licked her up and then took my strap on and fucked her in the ass.  She said she wanted to fuck me all the time.  I told her that I couldn?t because I was married but she said she wanted to fuck you and me.  I fucked her harder and told her she can only fuck me.  I told her that your dick belongs to me.  I slapped her and told her to lick my pussy for forgiveness.  She licked and licked and said sorry.  I told her your big cock belongs to me.

So I get to our apartment as I was planning on surprising you on a Friday night, I see your car outside and I get excited and hard thinking about what I want to do to you.  I open the door and hear you moaning like when your getting close to cumming, so I get an instant hardon.  Then my heart stops, I hear someone else's voice but can't make it out,  as I walk to the bathroom I stop and hear you almost scream "fuck me baby, fuck me harder" I get jealous, but a thought crosses my mind, and the thought of someone else fucking my sexy wife gets me hard... without thinking I open the door and see the most beautiful sight I could ever imagine, I see my sexy wife bent over the tub doggie style and a sexy brunette with big tits fucking you with a strap on. I'm speechless, you don't notice me at the door because you're so into it, but your friend sees me and smiles at me thinking "I'm fucking your wife" and she tells you, we have company, you look up and without missing a beat, you tell me, "hi baby, I wasn't expecting you, I hope you don't mind", I smile at you and tell you I don't and that I'm glad you're enjoying yourself...
You call me to kiss you and you kiss me so lustfully that my cock feels like it's going to rip my pants off, you introduce me to your friend, and pull me towards you and you start working on my pants... you undo them and they fall to the floor, you grab my cock and start sucking it like never before, your licking my shaft down to my balls, then the head, then you take it all in... your friend tells you, "from making me cum so hard I knew you gave good head but I never thought you could take a cock that way" you look back at her as she is still fucking you with your strap on and massaging your ass with her finger...
She tells you that my cock looks delicious and too bad she couldn't taste me (I guess you had an agreement) you smile at her and tell her she can taste me from your mouth and she quickly kisses you, my cock is dripping with precum and your saliva and you suck me again and kiss her again so she can taste me in your mouth...
She tells you that she loves the way I taste in your mouth...  you then stand up and pull me into the tub, you tell her that she can help you get me undressed, you rip my shirt off as you kiss me passionately, and your friend starts working on my pants and boxers, when I'm completely naked you both get on your knees and start kissing, I look down to see two beautiful women on their knees kissing each other and looking at me, you are strocking my cock with one hand and her breast with the other, she has one hand on your breast and the other in your pussy, fingering you with two fingers... you take me in your mouth very deep again as she plays with your pussy and sucks on your breasts, I reach down to caress your breasts as I pump into your mouth... you kiss her passionately again so she can taste me in your mouth...

We decided to take it to the bedroom.  You lay me on my back and ram your precumed cock in me. My friend say she wants  to straddle me too, so tell her to fuck my face,  She straddles my face. She faced you with her breast teasing you by kissing and licking them.  She starts moaning because I'm sucking the shit out of her. You get so excited you fuck me harder.  i told her if she wanted to taste herself she said, yes. She got off my face and stratled my stomach and put her ass near you as you fucked me. She bent over and kissed me.  I told you fuck me but hold her breast as u stretch my pussy.

you smiled and grabbed her breast and I smiled back and lower her on to my chest and kissed her.  then I grab your hand and place your finger in my mouth I sucked it the way I suck your cock.  you told me that you wanted to cum on us and I say "you better not because i'm not done fucking you.   So I tell my friend to lay down because I wanted to fuck her with my hand. I started with one finger then another.  she said I want four fingers so I gently put in four she moaned with pain and pleasure.  I  pull out my hand and let you taste her, then I got on my knees with my ass facing up.  I started to lick her wet pussy.  I can tell this made you hard and I tell you "what are you waiting for can't you see an ass that wants to be fucked by a big cock

As I'm fondling her breast I fuck you harder, you feel my balls slapping your ass and you feel my cock to the hilt.  After your friend laid down and you started fingering her you offer me your fingers and I lick her juices on your hand, I tell her she tastes good and I wanna taste her more... you slip your four fingers in again and let me taste her... after you offer me your ass to fuck I tell you, I want you to lube your ass with her juices, so you get your hand and finger her more, and start to rub your ass with her juices, then you do the same but lube my cock and I put my cock in your ass... you feel me and you push back and you feel as your ass opens for me... you're eating your friend out and she's cumming, she's asking for more and you give her more, we're all so horny and relaxed that I start fucking your ass hard...
After your friend cums, she tells you that she wants to eat you while I fuck your ass... so she gets on the 69 position with you and she starts eating and fingering your pussy while you do the same to her....

I can not believe what I am feeling. it's incredible.   At first my ass was hurting from your big cock but then it loosened up as you kept pushing it in and out. You kept saying it feels like the first time a fucked you baby.  I tell you, "do u remember baby,I was your virgin and you had the pleasure of being the first."  Who would have ever known we would become such freaks.  Then she said she wanted to know if she was my first too, and I told her she was.  She said she has had many lovers both men and women but i was the best so far.  she could not believe it was my first time.  You told her that's what you thought the first time you fucked me.  I grabbed both your heads and said "shut the fuck up" and had you kiss.  You licked her lips then kissed with tremendous force. I was excited and really wet but a part of me was jealous. You kissed her so passionately.  She stopped and she said I'll be right back.  As you fuck me you lean over and said the kiss was hot, then you pulled my hair and said in a low sexy voice right in my ear still holding my hair tightly,  "only because i could taste you on her lips".  That made me smile and extra horny so i told you harder, fuck your whore HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!  It felt like you were so far up my ass u were in my stomach.  I kept saying cum in my ass baby, CUM!!  I heard a slap on my ass then warm feeling in me.  Oh baby! You know how to fuck your slut.  After we both cum, we lay there for a minute, then go to wash myself. As i go to wash myself I was still feeling really fucking hot and wanted more then as I stepped in the shower i had a wonderful idea..... to be continued.

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