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How I lost my ass cherry

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When I was a young guy lots of my friends would help each other out by playing with each others dicks and jacking each other off, we just didnt tell anyone.

My best friend and I used to play with each others dicks a lot and jack each other off until we came. One night while he was spending the night at my house, he told me that his big brother told him about butt fucking. He went on to describe it to me and i said lets try it. He had a small dick compaired to mind so I let him go first. He the head of his dick between the cheeks of my ass and rubbed his dick back and forth. I did the same with him and we thought that was all there was to butt fucking.

later, I had another frined spend the night at my house. We started talking about sex, played with each others dicks. His dick was much larger than my best frined and I enjoyed playing with it. Then I said "would you like to fuck my butt". He responded,"sure". I didn't know what I had just asked him to do.

I rolled over on my stomach in the bed and He got on top of me just like my best friend had done. Then I felt him spread the cheeks of my ass apart and felt his hot cock on my ass. But it was different. He put the head of his dick right on my ass hole. Then he started to push. I was too emarresed to stop him so I just laid there. He kept pussing mor and more, hunching against me and it hurt like hell. The all of a sudden I lfet my ass whole spreading apart and felt his hot dick inside of me. I couldn't believe it and never expected it. I still hurt a lot. He had no lube and his dry dick hurt as he humped be. Then all of a sudden, his dick started sliding in and out of my ass real easy. He filled my ass with his cum and it made great lube. We were young and horney and he never even stopped between times as he continued to fuck my ass a second time. After he finished the second time he rolled off of me to go to sleep.

I just laid there on my stomach. My ass had a burning sensation from the fucking I just had and I still remember that it felt like his dick was still in my ass. I lay there thinking. So that is what butt fucking is really like. I lost my ass cherry that night and laid there with my friends cum deep in my ass.

I finally went to sleep. The next morning I awoke to the feel of a hard hot dick pressing against my ass. My friend woke up before me and decided he was going to fuck me againg for a morning quickie. I told him my parents might hear us and finally talked him out of the morning ass fuck he wanted.

The next time my best friend spent the night I told him I had learned how butt fucking really works. I taught him everything I had learned. I laid on my stomach and told him to put some lube on his dick. He got on top of me and I instructed him to put the head of his hot little dick hight on the ass hole and push it in. He did as I told him and I felt that feeling again of my ass being streached open and the hot throbing dick sliding in my ass. I loved it. His did was small and didnt hurt and much as the first time had. He fucked me for about 10 minutes and then shot off in my ass. It felt so good I asked him to leave his dick in me for a little while. It was interesting feeling his hard hot dick slowly get smaller and softer.

Then it was my turn. He laid on his stomach. I lubed my big dick which is 7 long and 6 inches around, very thick. I put the head of my dick on his ass hole and started pushing, anticipating getting my first piece of ass. As soon as I started pushing he started yelling telling me to stop. He said I was just too big to fuck his ass but he would jack me off. I rolled over on my back and watched as my friend jacked me off and my cum shot all over his hands. From that tim on that became our arrangement. Everytime he spend the night at my house he would fuck my ass to completion filling my ass with his hot cum then I would lay on my back as he would have to jack my big dick off till I came. I actually thought I was getting the best end of the deal at the time. We thought we had just discovered something that no one else had ever done. He fuck me every weekend until I graduated from high school and we never told a person and never did it with anyone else.

After I went to college, I heard that one of my profs would give you a A in his class if you let him suck your dick. I needed the grade and decided I would let him suck me. I wendt up to him after class and asked him if there was anything I could do to improve my grade in his class. He got the message and told me to come by his apt that evening and we could discuss it. I showed up at his apt. He started giving me drinks and before long i was drunk. He brought out the gay porn and before long I was in his bed watching him suck my dick. After he finished I rolled over on my side in bed and dozed off. But I awoke to the feel of a finger putting lube on my ass hole. I woke up startled and said what are you doing? He said I want to have fun too. I told him no but he would not listen. Before long my prof had his hot dick in my as and began fucking. I was drunk and it brought back memories of my friend fucking me in high school and I guess I started pushing my ass back toward him and getting into it because he stopped for a second and said "Have you done this before?" I just nodded yes. That seemed to turn him on and he fucked me until his dick exploded in my ass and shot cum, rope after rope, into my ass.

When I got back to the dorm I felt bad. I had found out that what me and my friend had done was something gay people did. I also felt like I had to go to the bathroom so I went in the dorm bathroom. when i pulle down my underware my profs cum was running down my ass. I was supprised how much cum he had pumped in me.

The next week when I went to class, I was kind of embarresed as I went to his class. I set in the back and tried to be invisible. AS I was leaving class he stopped me and said he need to talk with me for a minute. Nerviously i stoped and when the room was empty he said. "I want you to come by my appartment Tuesday night". I said I can't. He said you want to help your grades dont you. I said yes but I thought it would be just the one time. He smiled and said Oh , no that's not the way it works. I thought one blow job was all I had to do. Now he had already fucked my butt which I didnt expect, and was basicly telling me I was his sex slave for the semester. I felt bad but also knew if I didn;t do what he said my letting him suck my dick and fuck my ass would be to no avail to help my grades. I felt badly about it but did as I was told. This time when I went to his apartment, there was not drinks no porn, he just told me to talk off my clothes and get in bed. I did as he said. He came in, sucked my dick, and then ordered me to roll over. I felt his hot dick slide into me again and heard him gruntly loualdy when he filed my ass with his come.

That is how I become my professors piece of ass for the rest of the semesster and learned that butt fucking was not just kids play as I had thought.

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