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How I had my mind blown that night

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We started texting earlier in the day about what kind of kinky pleasure we would meet up for later that night. As with most potential suitors who start talking about playing rough and dominating me in the way that I clearly request ? as it remains basically the only way to turn me on ? I have to test them first to see if they are able to actually do it. As our meet time approached, I was becoming more and more doubtful that this guy was worth my time. His text messages were demanding enough but he wasn?t calling me ?whore?, ?slut? and make efforts to demean me. And his other text messages were too chatty, flaky even, so I was getting a sense he was losing his nerve. I reviewed his profile and saw he was 7 years younger than me. Not promising, as my past experience has proven to reveal. Usually guys like this talk a good game and end up fucking me like they never had sex before: all awkward and clumsy, then all but running away from me, avoiding eye contact out of their guilt for being a really bad lay. Been there, done that.

So I meet him and he looks like he?s 23. He suggests we go to a house party and I get annoyed. I did not spend the time to get all tarted up like a high class whore to go to some college keg party. He keeps asking me what I think what we should do and I am now visibly pissed off that I?ve wasted my evening on this piker. I tell him that, based on our understanding of who is playing what role tonight that he is not supposed to ask me questions like that. I steer him to a nearby bar where, over one obligatory drink, I would break it to him that I wasn?t into this tonight and hopefully soon, head home.

He knows I?m disappointed and he starts to offers me excuses, which makes me even bossier and now I?m acting like a bitch to this poor guy. I get on my high-horse and start telling him that I know how to read people very well (hell, I wouldn?t survive this hobby if I didn?t) and that I can?t see any remote dominant potential in his demeanor, that I think he?s a fool for letting me think otherwise, etc etc. He quietly, but firmly says he can turn on this Dom persona when he chooses. I?m dubious but something about his delivery of this statement piques my interest and then I remember he said had military training, so I give him the benefit of the doubt and we go to a seedy hotel room.

After I drink another glass of wine ? which is taking the edge off my annoyance - I stop treating him like a pesky kid brother and accept the fact that my night has been a big disappointment. Then I notice that he?s watching me a bit too intensely, studying my expressions carefully ? waiting for his prey to be ready. He senses my resignation, and suddenly the entire power dynamic changes between us. He has subtly turned the conversation around to render almost psychological control over me, then it becomes clear to me in that moment that he always had control and I didn?t see it until now. It strikes me that yes indeed, he certainly knew exactly what he was doing with me the entire night: playing me, working me, manipulating me. I am left fascinated by this revelation and weak with lust as I come to understand that I, the woman always in control and always able to read and predict people perfectly, was so unconsciously played by him that I immediately melt into an awestruck state of submissive adoration from the relief that I can finally feel respect him for being capable of handling me and therefore worthy of my obedience. My new-found submission to this man makes me amazingly horny as I give myself completely over to him, to be his whore, his bitch, his worthless cum slut because he has suddenly proven to me he?s earned it.

Casually - yet with enough power in his voice to convey that he?s not making a suggestion - he tells me to put on my heels and to come sit on his lap. I obey him with obvious curiosity. He?s gentle and patient as he waits for me to finish my wine and put my cup down. When I turn back to look at him he viciously grabs my hair at the back of my head, pulls me close to him and tells me what a stupid slut I am for ever having doubted him, that I was going to pay for how I spoke down to him earlier in the evening, he was going to make sure that I atoned for being so self-righteous in my incorrect assessment of him and for how I basically laughed at him for showing up to meet me because I didn?t think he had the skills or ability to dominate me effectively. Well, now he?s got me on the floor on all fours, paralyzed by his painful grip on my hair, preventing me from moving by caging me between his legs. Oh yeah, I was totally wrong about him. And I love being proved wrong because it is so rare an occurrence that I find it exhilarating.

For one second I feel something I have never felt before: paralyzing fear because for a quick second I doubt my cock-sure survival skills and think ?oh no, this is it. This is the time my luck runs out, when I?m r*ped and brutally murdered in a cheap motel room that no one on earth knows I?m at.? I then discover that I am so horny in the anticipation of my awaiting punishment that my pussy is actually throbbing.

He drags me up to my feet, strips off my clothes and pulls back my head so my body is completely exposed to him and I am his captive. It isn?t just physical control he?s got over me now. He has positioned his body to completely paralyze me from moving. He has his head bent over me, hissing into my face what a dirty cum slut I am and telling me all the ways I?m going to please him that night. I am intoxicated in my rapture and incredibly turned on because he has me on the fine line between danger and bliss; life and death. I?m hooked.

I desperately beg and plead for his forgiveness, telling him ?I?ll do anything to make it up to him, that I was so sorry that I misjudged him, please let me atone, Sir.? This is for real. He really has complete control of me now and I?m exhilarated. He bites me hard, turns me around and flips up my skirt to slap my ass very hard ? which stings so bad it feels good and gets me wet.

He grabs my hair in one hand, and forces me down on the bed while he?s reaching for my nipple clamps with the other hand. He puts them on my nipples and they hurt bad, not hurt good, so I reach down and readjust them. This makes him mad that I am not obeying him and he slaps me across my face, telling me that my body is his to use as he pleases and I am not to do such a thing without asking him first. I beg for his forgiveness, for him to let me suck his cock as a way to make it up to him. He?s not convinced that I?m worthy enough to suck him and I?m in heaven. He tells me to beg for him on all fours, which I eagerly do. He declares that I haven?t earned his cock yet and demands that I light him a cigarette. I do this and he tells me to stand in front of him so he can look me over. I bare all of myself to him, loving every moment of watching the sneer on his face turn to dirty lust and I know at that moment that I have done my job well and for that, I am going to get fucked good and hard by him - my reward for showing him my obedience.

He tells me to lie down on the bed and start fingering myself, to show him my pierced clit while he passively watches. When he puts his cigarette out he tells me to come and suck his cock. Quickly, I?m in position with my face below his cock, as he?s slowly taking it out for me to devour. I?m thanking him for allowing me this pleasure and how I can?t wait to swallow his cock and give him such pleasure. His movements are calculated, he?s making me wait and I am delirious with desire to suck him down my throat, to please him with my mouth, to hear him say to me what a good little whore I am because I know how to suck his cock so well because I?ve had so much practice. By the time he finally offers me his cock I am nearly crying with anticipation and my pussy and ass are aching to be fucked hard. I begin licking his cock and I am so horny, so turned on and so excited to be fucked that I?m too vigorous with him, my mouth isn?t wet enough and I was being reckless with my teeth. He didn?t like my sucking his cock so hard, so he pulled away from me and slapped my face, which stung in pleasure that I felt travel down into my cunt.

By now, I am so blind with sexual pleasure from this submission that my body is totally tingling. He orders me to bend over the bed, ass up, and I love the anticipation I feel as he, while standing behind me, carefully selects a butt plug from my bag of toys, lubes it up and quite skillfully inserts it, nestling into its proper resting place in my ass. He did this so well that I didn?t feel it ? and I always feel it, more painfully so if it is unexpected. He orders me to turn around and suck him some more as I ride my ass plug which feels really good: both in the fact I finally got something rammed into one of my holes and in the anticipation of his roughly fucking my ass with the cock that I am now worshiping, spitting on, sucking on and tonguing him perfectly to his satisfaction.

He methodically knows what he?s doing and I am so pleased with the thought that the artful way he is handling me, abusing me, pleasing me is the result of much experience and a conscious focus on his actions that he appears to me a disciplined craftsman and my lust heightens. He sees my submissive adoration and helpless anticipation and he loves it. I love writing beneath him as lewdly as I can manage, spreading my legs as wide open to him as I can manage, arching my ass in the air and waiting for, almost tempting him to fuck me as hard as he can because I?m such a filthy whore and therefore deserve to be fucked senseless and be used by him.

He roughly flips me over and now I?m face down with my ass exposed. He has me helplessly pinned to the bed and then pulls out my ass plug. He selects a larger one, lubes it and powerfully inserts it into my ass. I?m screaming in absolute pleasure. He tells me that I?m going to be a good slut and take him in my ass for as long as he wants to fuck me there, asking me if I understand this and that I have no say in the matter. I timidly nod and say yes, sir, yes, please fuck my ass, I want you in my ass so bad, please sir, please? He tells me only if I?m a good whore and then suddenly fucks my pussy.

OMG, do I love to be double penetrated. Here is this huge plug in my ass and he?s fucking me hard from behind, going really deep into my pussy. He?s got my back arched up off the bed so he can pull on the chain connecting the nipple clamps and this, I have to say, is now driving me absolutely crazy. The poor family that had the room next to ours, I?m sure they never got any sleep because as I?m usually pretty audible in my pleasure, way I was currently getting fucked that night was in a whole new realm of sexual pleasure ? one that I?m sure I was conveying well down the block. I was surprised the cops weren?t called on us because it probably sounded like I was being tortured. Which, I guess I was - but in exactly the way I wanted, being fucked and abused exactly the way I always wanted, being taken to my limits and forced to play just on the edge of what I could take. This guy knew exactly what he was doing!

When he was somewhat close to coming, he withdraws, pulls out my ass plug and starts fucking me in the area he just prepared - slowly at first and then, when he knew I could take it, building in intensity to hot, rough, nasty, pounding anal sex. Because he stretched me systematically, my ass was primed to endure the full length of his cock for much longer than I?ve ever been able to take a cock in that hole. I could tell he was getting close and I begged him to cum in my ass. I knew I was going to get what I wanted and he let me know it verbally just before he hits his peak hard.

I am so sexually pleased at this point that I was damn near giddy. He orders me to make myself cum, so I grab my toys and vibrator and I go to work. It takes me a bit longer to cum because I was a bit sore from so much action lately and when I finally cum it is hard and deep and my whole body convulsed in the orgasmic release that was building for hours. Watching this makes him hard again so he gets on top of me and fucks me again. I ask him to please cum on my face and in my mouth and at the right time I wiggle out from underneath him and position my face just slightly below his cock in time for him to spray my face with his load. I?m eagerly trying to catch as much as I can in my mouth and I feel the hot cream on my tongue, happily savoring his cum & swallowing it down. He?s looking down at his load all over my face and with his finger he draws some more into my mouth, which I eagerly lap up.

Both spent, we fall down on the bed, nestling down into sleep. He?s gentle again, back to the slightly awkward guy he was before we started this game but the tenderness, warmth and protection that I now feel coming from him was so incredibly intense ? almost psychologically painful ? that I am still struggling to make sense of it now, amazed in the juxtaposition of it all, ironic how the extreme emotions I had felt during our session night was encapsulated within those moments before I drifted off to sleep.

Days later I still can?t get over what this guy surprisingly had the power to do to me, how he took me to a place I have never been before and how I can?t wait for him to do it again. Next time, he tells me, he will allow me my request of getting tied up while he takes his pleasure with my body.

I cannot wait!

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