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How I fucked my 25 year old sue .............Part 2

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When we back to home Sue was not there but there was a note that she is going to market to buy something she may back within two hours, entering house Don lock the door from inside and took me to his bedroom we both removed out cloths and embarrassed each other he started kissing me first I hesitated but later I enjoyed sucking his tongue out cock were touching he asked me if I like ass fucking, I told him I never did this, he said at first it is some painful but if I bear the pain just for one minutes then I can enjoy and it is more pleasure than fucking a girls pussy he applied lots of lubricant on his cock and asked me to be doggie style he started playing with my ass check and said it is wonderful then he started rubbing his cock on my asshole, it was thrilling feeling his cock on my asshole and all of a sudden he pushed his cock inside my asshole, I thought I may die I want to jerk him off but he embarrassed me tightly I was helpless in his grip, tears came out in my eyes he hold me tightly after two minutes I was little relaxed, he started kissing my back and my cock, he was now playing with my cock and balls, I was more relax now the pain was almost gone and now I was feeling much better, he slowly started stroking his cock in and out it was some painful but I feel pleasure also at the same time he was playing with my cock, I was little relax and he started speeding he cock and also stroking my cock, yes it was some painful but it was more pleasure, I asked him to give more strong strokes and he started more harder and faster fucking my asshole and also stroking my cock, it was only pleasure with some pain and I was enjoying it, he cum inside my ass and same time I also cum due to his hand strokes, I realize I never cum so hard and never had this pleasure it was wonderful. He started sucking my cock and instantly it was hard again he asked me to fuck his asshole and I did same like he did it to me and it was much pleasure. I took promise that he will not do anything against sue if he don?t like ass fucking he will not, he promise me till he get my cock and asshole he will not. First time I had real pleasure in ass fucking with a man, I have few times with myfriend at school or at house, but that was not a real pleasure, just we use to suck each others cock and enjoy ejaculation. But don was expert and he really give mejust pleasure????..I was watching his beautiful cock, Don asked me to suck his cock and clean, but I hesitated because he fucked my ass, so I cleaned his cock and started sucking he got instant hard, while I was playing my tongue on his cock he started playing my ass checks, he asked if I had seen Sue?s ass, I lied, no, he said she has best ass but she don?t like anal. Don asked me if I like to fuck sue, I refuse and told him she is my sister and I am not interested. Then he brought his belt and one lather stick and asked me to do doggie, I obeyed his order and he started rubbing my ass checks fingering my asshole and suddenly he hit he belt on my ass cheek, it was painful and I wanted to cry but he hold my mouth with his hand and said if I don?t want him to hit sue, I have to accept, and he started hitting with best and also with lather, time to time he use to fuck my ass hole and also continued to hit my ass cheeks, after about 20 minuets he stopped hitting me and entered his cock in my asshole, with his one hand he touched my cock it was hard, he stared stroking my cock and I forgot the pain, he started harder and faster pushing and pulling his cock and with every stroke I feel pain and pleasure inspite of pain I wanted him to fuck me more harder and faster, he ejaculated his cum inside my ass and same time I also cum.

I was tired with pain and ass fucking so I lay there, Don brought one wet towel and clean my ass and cock and kissing my cock asked me to get dressed.

Sue come back around 8PM, while we were on dinner table, Don got a call from his headquarter; he said he is going out for two days, he leaved.

Sue was happy we both started talking about our family, after an hour we came out in drawing room to watch some movie, I pick-up one CD labeled ? American Last virgin? I have seen this movie before and I wanted to see again, looking at CD title she give me a sharp snap on my back and I cried loudly, I was about to weep but I hold it, she grabbed me and asked what happened I tried to ignore but she open my shirt (not Pant) and there was some belt mark, she cried took me to bed and asked me if DON hit me? She asked me why I let me do that, I kept silent, she asked me again and again, lastly she hold my face with her hands, looking directly in my eyes she give her promise to tell the truth., I told her everything and I added just to save her I did all this. Hearing this she started crying tears came in her eyes, she hug me tightly, I wanted to make her comfortable, so I said I can do anything for her so it is nothing, she again hold my face between her hand and this time she placed her lips on mine and I started sucking honey from her mouth and tongue, it was very hot , sexual kiss and she was more active, she seems very hungry woman, With the worm touch of her body on my legs, her silky hair, my hands reached to her butt and I can feel softness of her butt, she said nothing to me, so I put my hands inside her short and now my hands were on her naked ass cheeks. It was very hot inside house and also outside, but we never care, I was very happy now my dreams is going to be true. Now we both were very open before each other, my hand were playing on her naked ass cheeks, I tried to reach her pussy but it seems difficult, some how I reach but it was not comfortable, she turned in my hug and now I was on top of her and my cock was directly pressing her pussy over cloths, my hands were free, I looked in her eyes she smiled but still there was pain in her eyes, she closed her eyes and then my eyes came down on her small boobs thro a think t shirt I touched it softly, it was hard Sue was breathing heavily now with rhythmic motion of her small tit mounds. Beads of sweat have gathered on her neck, shoulder and her exposed tits. Her skin was so fair that I could see her blue veins running through her white tit flesh. I greatest impulse was to right away dive my nose in those deep white cleavage and tear away her sleeve less shirt. But I had to restrain my animal urge. The smell of her sweat seemed to increase as she is sweating heavily now. I don't know, may be, people sweat more when they are horny, but the smell of her sweat was very strong and hussy and sexy. It was a kind of salty smell that makes one to feel slobbering the body that emanating such a smell with tongue like a dog. Then, Sue raised on of her hand to my shoulder and grabbed my neck like a child grabs her mom. Her hand felt very worm and this position made half of her left boobs be pasted on my chest. The touch of her soft tits was unnatural. Above all, now I could see her wet armpit through her sleeveless shirt , her armpit has no cover I opened her shirt, now Oh God, what did I have to look on then.. Her creamy tits were clearly visible. The tits were amazingly holding up their shapes, But they have increased in size even more. Now they seemed at least like two Tennis ball white and very tight, round and perfect boobs. But I have never seen any as sexy as Sue's. Her nipples were not very big, but seemingly become erected by the brushing off rough shirt. And her nipple was protruding like two cute little gr*pes on cake toppings. The breasts are little pinkish and dark around the nipples. I can even make out some blue veins through her skin. It was one of the sexiest sights of my life. My cock was at the end of its restrain and I felt the need of the strongest ejaculation of my life..

I placed my lips on her tits, it was not soo small as I was thinking, I started licking slowly on her boobs and surfing my tongue on her nipples, then suddenly I took maximum portion of her boobs in my mouth and started sucking harder, with a jerk she started murmuring and her hands cupped my back ass cheek, I cried , she jumped and asked me to sleep facing bed and my ass facing roof, she put a cloth on my ass portion and asked me to remove my pant, I said I can not it hurt, she undo my pant slowly down to my hip and then she took it off from my leg side, now she was trying to pull my under- wear but it was tight, so she has to put her hand inside and tried to down, but due to my hard cock it was not going down finally she inserted her hand and catch my cock, holding my cock and adjusting my cock she said tom you have a full grown tool, she give a jerk to adjust my cock to remove my under pant, but I was very horny so I ejaculated my cum on her hand, it was lots more in quantity then ever, she laughed she undo my under pant because my cock was not hard now, she removed cloth from my hip and she cried andsaid how badly Don abused my back, she put her hand on my ass cheek I felt very nice and pleasure I was very hard again. I told sue that I am going to be out of control, she laugh and said you are already and she placed her lips on my ass cheeks, I lost control forgot about pain I through her on bed undo her pant with one jerk and even without looking nicely I placed my lips on her pussy, Oh my God it was all wet, some smell sticky cum all made me very excited I started licking and sucking, her clit, pussy lips she hold my head very tightly, pushing towards her pussy, she started saying common tom fuck me hard???I never expected such words from sue, but it excited me and she also get orgasm and cum, her pussy was full of cum overflowing from her pussy I licked and dried her pussy, even some portion of cum gone between her ass check and I licked her everywhere ?????..she opened her eyes and smiled at me wide open her legs and asked me to enter my cock inside her and make our two body one????????????..

to be continued, if reader like this story, send me your feed back at sls, onlyours

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