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Hot Wifes First DP

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My name is Jack and hooking up with my wife has been the most mind-blowing experience of my life. I was 44 yrs old when I got divorced and met my future wife, Sarah, shortly thereafter. She was 21 yrs old and smoking hot. I still don’t know why she picked me, but I’m damned glad she did!

We have been in the swing lifestyle since we first met. We were actually introduced by a mutual friend who she had been fucking for awhile. We have had several threesome experiences with both girls and guys. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as straight as they come, but I do admit that I love to see my sexy wife getting the hell fucked out of her! The story I’m about to tell happened just a few months ago and my wife finally had all her DP fantasies fulfilled!

We usually have our sexual liaisons at home, but this time we got a hotel room and called a buddy of mine, Eric, and invited him over. We have gotten together with Eric on a couple of other occasions and my wife loves his 9” cock. I have a thick 7” dick and she was really looking forward to having her tight little pussy fucked till she couldn’t fuck anymore!

Sarah has had anal sex with me a few times and really has to be in the mood to do it. I was hopeful that with the arousal she usually had with Eric and me both, combined with the beer (LOL!), she might be willing to try it. Boy, did she!

We started off the evening by sitting around for awhile watching TV, drinking beer and talking dirty to my wife. After about 30 minutes and several beers to loosen her up, I suggested that she give Eric a blowjob. Eager to please, she moved over to the bed he was sitting on and proceeded to kiss and fondle his cock, slowly unzipping him and pulling his growing dick out of his pants. He helped her slide his pants down and she then started gently licking and sucking on his cock. Eric is 19 yrs old, weighs around 180lbs and is in tremendous shape. Sarah loves the difference in having sex with the two of us because we are so different in body styles as I am 6’4” and 290lbs (although I am a weightlifter, so it looks pretty good! LOL).

After watching this for awhile, I moved over to the bed and started to pull down Sarah’s pants and exposed her freshly shaven pussy. She continued to suck Eric’s cock, but twisted her body around to give me access to her cunt. I began to finger her and when she got close to cumming, I started to lick her pussy. Now, my wife can suck a cock like no other, but when she started her orgasm, she damn near deep throated Eric’s big cock!

After she recovered, she wanted to suck both of us. Eric and I sat next to each other and Sarah started taking turns sucking us. After a little while, she looked up at me and said she wanted to fuck. I told her to get on top of Eric and go for it!

She mounted Eric and I sat up and watched as she worked his cockhead into her wet pussy. She slowly worked it all in and started to ride him. She had told me before Eric arrived that she was not sure if she felt up to anal sex tonight or not, so I thought that this might be the opportunity to find out!

As she rode Eric’s cock, I started fingering her clit with one hand and slowly rubbing her asshole with the other. She looked over at me and gave me a smile that told me she was enjoying the ass play. With Eric still buried balls deep in her lovely pussy, I worked my finger into her pussy for a little lubrication. Then I started to slowly slide my finger into her asshole. She started to ride Eric harder and in the process forced my finger farther and farther into her tight ass. When she started cumming, her cunt and ass started squeezing rapidly and she squealed in delight!

I moved back on the bed, sitting with my back to the headboard. Sarah crawled off of Eric and got between my legs and started sucking my cock. Eric got behind her and started to fuck her doggy style. After awhile of this, she asked if we would be willing to both fuck her pussy at the same time. Eric said he had no problem with it if I didn’t. I laid down on the bed and Sarah got on top and then laid over on me. Eric then resumed the doggy style position and worked his cock into her already stuffed pussy. It didn’t take long for him to get his entire 9” in with my 7” and started in earnest to fuck the hell out of my wife. Sarah actually had to bury her mouth in my chest to keep from screaming as she came hard!

After she came, we stayed in the same position as Eric continued to slowly slide his cock in and out of her cunt. I whispered in her ear and asked if she wanted Eric to fuck her ass. Breathlessly, she said she wanted to try it, but asked that he be slow and gentle. I told Eric to try and put his cock in her ass (something he had never done with any woman, but really wanted to try). He stopped fucking her and started licking her asshole and fingering her as I continued to easily fuck her pussy. When he had her asshole lubed, he started to put his cockhead into her ass. He managed to get almost half of his cock in, but kept loosing his balance and accidentally pulled out a couple of times. I asked him if he needed help and he said that it was hard to balance and hold his cock at the same time. I told him if he wanted me to I would help guide his cock in her ass (after all, we had be rubbing our cocks together in her cunt just a few minutes ago, so I saw no problem with actually touching his dick). He told me he could use the help and I grabbed his dick as he started working it in her asshole and helped him till he was all the way in.

I kept asking Sarah if everything was okay as he worked his cock in her ass, and she said that it felt good and for us to continue. Eric started slowly fucking her ass and it didn’t take long for Sarah to tell him to fuck her harder. Eric started pounding her tight ass then and I could see Sarah’s eyes roll up as she started another massive organism! Eric continued to fuck her ass and Sarah told him he could cum in her ass if he wanted. Eric said he wanted to take a shower and cum in her mouth if that was okay. Sarah told him to go ahead and she would join him shortly when she finished getting me off.

Eric headed for the shower and I laid Sarah on the bed and started fucking her hard. It didn’t take me long to start shooting my cum in her pussy. After I came, Sarah sucked on my cock a little while. She always likes to taste my cum and her pussy after we fuck.

Sarah went into the bathroom and got in the shower with Eric. I stood at the door and watched as he bent her over and fucked her cum filled pussy from behind for awhile. As he got close to cumming, he pulled out and Sarah turned around and sucked his cock until he came. Being the good little girl that she is, she swallowed every drop of it and continued to suck on slowly on his cock until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

We have not had the opportunity to get together with Eric in awhile, but when we do I’m sure it will be just as much fun as this time was!

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