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Hot Theater Action

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Visiting in Tampa one week, I decided I had been without sex for long enough. I had been on the road for over a week and had not been with my wife or any others. It was starting to show, as I got random hard-on's when a pretty face or set of big tits walked by. Instead of jacking off in the shower, I decided to go to one of the many adult theaters/peepshows in Tampa. Most are conveniently located in a common neighborhood. I picked one that had good reviews on the internet and paid to get into the peepshow portion. The guy at the counter informed me that there was a theater portion available for another small fee. I paid that and wandered into the peepshows. There were not too many people in the booths and when I went in and sat down, I chose to watch a T-Girl and a guy go at it on the little screen. It wasn't long before guys started to peek in to see what I was up to. I had my hard cock out and stroking it but didn't invite any of them in to finish me off.

Soon I was bored and decided to go into the theater. Walking in, I couldn't see because of the darkness. I stood off to one side and let my eyes adjust. Soon I could make out several people, mostly guys sitting in front of the screen, hands busy in their laps. Off in the left corner sat a gal by herself. I made my way towards her and chose a seat on a couch not far from her. I kept an eye on her as the movie progressed. The gal in the movie was getting fucked doggie style and yelling for more cock. The gal next to me had hiked up her skirt and was playing with her pussy. She didn't seem to mind as I looked at her more than the movie. Soon there were two others entering the theater. One tall skinny guy and one older guy. The tall skinny guy walked in, sat down next to a guy up near the front. His hands seemed busy right away and I guessed he had a handful of cock. The older guy did as I did, stood and let his eyes adjust. By the time he could see, the gal had a dildo out and was rubbing it on her clit. She started to slowly insert it into her pussy, then just rammed it in hard. She took both hands and started rubbing her tits through her blouse and her rubber cock started to slide out of her. Being a gentleman, I reached over and grabbed it and started sliding it in and out of her sopping wet cunt. She smiled and kept rubbing herself. The older guy was now standing nearby with his cock hanging out, stroking it as it hardened. I kept fucking the gal with the rubber cock as she started to moan. Soon she reached out and grabbed my cock, which was now hard, and told me that if I had a rubber I could fuck her. I pulled one out of my pocket and rolled it onto my hard cock. She actually licked her lips and bent forward to suck me off. I gladly stuck my rubber coated cock in her mouth and let her tongue it for a bit. The older guy near us was now hard and had an impressive piece of meat on him. He moved over to us and stuck his cock in her mouth along with mine! She didn't miss a lick. Now she had two hard cocks in her mouth and it felt awesome rubbing meat on meat like that in a pretty gals mouth.

It didn't take long to convince her to suck one of us and let the other fuck her. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, pushed me down to get to the wet hole between her legs and thrust her hips up to push my cock into her sopping cunt. I slid in easily and started banging that hole as hard as I could. She continued sucking the cock in her mouth as I fucked her hard. The guy in her mouth was starting to pant and I figured he would be giving her a mouthful soon. I almost envied her for getting to suck two hard cocks. Not to mention tasting a nice big one and getting a mouthful of hot cum. I do enjoy MM sex on occasion and love sharing a cock with a pretty woman.

The guy started pumping hard into her mouth and we had her bouncing up and down, back and forth to try to keep up a rythym to our fucking. The woman did her best to keep a cock in each end as we fucked. Try as she might, she could not keep the cock in her mouth. It popped out several times and she finally just gave up sucking it. Instead, she pulled me out, stood up, bent over the couch and offered her pussy to us doggy style. The older guy sat down, moved her over him and stuck his cock up into her and indicated me to join him inside her pussy. I absolutely love doing the Double Vaginal and immediately shoved my cock into her pussy with his. Even with the rubber on it felt great! I fingered her asshole and she really started to wriggle. The older guy's cock started pulsing and his cum started flowing. It filled her up and flowed out all over his balls and her cunt. Not to mention smearing itself all over my cock. I couldn't hold out either and filled the rubber full of cum. She didn't scream but she shuddered hard as she realized that two cocks had filled her cunt full. Pulling out I could see the other guys cock still in her pussy. It was covered in cum, all his as mine was still in the rubber. He had shot a monster load up into her hole! I started pulling the rubber off myself and it broke! Cum spilled over her asshole and down onto her pussy and his cock. He smiled as he felt the new cum on his cock. She reached back, felt it all over her and stuck a finger up her own asshole and worked it in and out. By this time I was completely sated and couldn't get a hard-on no matter what, but God that looked good! As I moved away one of the other guys in the theater moved in. He had a smallish cock, about five inches but kind of thick. He didn't even ask, he just walked up, stuck it in her ass and pounded away. She continued to buck with the cock up her ass and one still in her cunt. She reached out, took mine, now bare and softening, into her mouth, she licked me clean then smiled. I watched for a bit as the guy in her pussy finally pulled out, cum-covered and all. As I was leaving, yet another guy was approaching. She was still smiling and waved good bye as I left.

I know I'll be back to Tampa soon and I'll definitely be back to that theater!

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