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here i am just out of the shower with my body oiled up, shaved, smooth, hard bodied, smmoth asshole. well lubed. i am in a candlelit room, with mirrors on the wall. my back is arched, as the candlelight reflects of of my well defined black body. i am in doggie, legs spread wide, ass in the air. i feel the breeze from the window in my asshole, which makes my 9 inch cock spring to life. i am patiently waiting on you. you are a strong, well built, white daddy with a horsecock. its 11 inches, beer can thick, cut. it has a wicked curve, and a huge doorknob sized dickhead. it has veins forever, and i know that soon i will be feeling every inch of it. you have strong arms, nice pecs, flat stomach, nice mustache, wide shuolders. you are 50 yrs old... then i hear your soft footsteps as you approach. i look into the mirror, and i see your reflexion. you are a big man, naked, hard horsecock standing tall in fornt of you. you dont want forplay, just some pussy. some black pussy. my pussy is tight, hot and black. you are stroking your hot cock. getting it ready for me with lots of lube. i hear the squishing sounds as it coves all your cock. i imagine the veins, the hot knob, the massive thickness stretching my tiny pussy. this gets me hot for you as i wiggle my tight little hairless ass at you. but you say nothing, you stand there checking out my ass. i hear you approch then drop to your knees. there will be no foreplay, not kisses, no fingers, just hot fucking. i feel you hot knob against my tigh hole, as you rub it up and down on it. i want you so bad, for i have been waiting for an hour. i reach back trying to guide you in, but you slap my hand away. you are man enough to do that. you are teasing me, rubbing my back, slapping my ass, gripping hard on my hips. then you spread my asscheeks wide, and push. ohh does it hurt, as you knob is too big for my tiny ass. but i want this. i never had such a huge cock inside of me..i push back, and with a pop, you enter. i scream in such pain, but you dont stop!! you keep pushing, as i am trying to escape you, but you hold me down being so strong. my ass is on fire as i feel the thickness, every vein, every go balls deep into my ass, then slowly pull the horse cock slowly out until the head is just inside. i hear you moan, as i am relaxing the pussy for you then tighten. i feel your horsecock throb. i put my head on the pilliw, arching my ass even higher for you to take. the pain stops, my cock gets hard, then you slowly go balls deep again long stroking my hot ass. you take your time like a real man who has had manpussy befire. i feel your hot palms as you spread my ass as wide as it could. i want to see it go in and out. i want to see the contrast of black and white. i want to see my tiny balck ass in your hands as you slowly rock back and forth. i want to see your face. feel your body close to mine as you rock this black pussy. you are really driving me wild, as i fuck you back. i look back at you as we look into each others eyes as we fuck. you pinch my tits, as i ask if yu like black pussy. you maon, and stick a finger into my mouth as i suck it hard. i want you to fuck me i say. fuck me like your bitch!! then you slowly pull out, as i feel every inch of you. i want to suck your cock, but you lay me on my back instead. with your strong arms, you lift my legs, and grab my feet. now i get to seeyou. all of you as you will bottom me out, and slowly pull out repeatedly. i spread my ass for you, as you slowly go to the root. this time you go side to side.. corkscrewing me. I am so ectatic as you speed up the pace. i love seeing your horsecock sliding in and out of me. what a veiw.. i love looking at your strong body, and sparkling eyes as we are in lust. i meet your strokes, as you hold me down. fuck me fuck me fuckme i tell you. then you really start to power fuck me now, as i lay there holding on tight. damn you have fucked me for an hour. i have cum twice without even touching myself. damn you know how to fuck. you pull out, and lay that cock on my stomach as i reach down, and stroke it. this causes you to shake. then you climb upon my chest tit fucking me, as i watch that huge dick slide up and down.. my little pink tongue reaches out for it. with out a work, you climb higher as i am sucking that knob that barely fits in. i am getting it wet, teasing your cock, trying to get more in but it wont grab the back of my head and force more manmeat into my mouth, as i gag. up and down i go on the hot pole all the whie flicking my tongue around that head. i want to be fucked, and i tel you to lay down. he is so sexy, sweaty, and hard. i grab that cock, and slowly lower myself. but i tease him, by just fucking his cock head. this agony for him, as he trys to force more horsecock into i am riding him, he is trying not to cum, as i slowly fuck more of his cock into me. my hot tight balck asshole dragging up and down his rod. 11 inches of cock..i am the most blessed bottom on the globe as i sit down until i feel his thighs. i have 11 inches inside of me. then he takes control as he grabs my small ass and starts to fuck me like a man.. up and down i am forced, as i bend over screaming, moaning, tightening my ass as he fucks me. soon i feel him tense, his cock is getting bigger and harder, as i slide up and down that big 11 incher. he says hes going to cum, as i cum all over his chest, and hair. he throws me off, as he jerks on my face, hair, chest. there is so much cum as he yells like a bear as he gets his release. My ass is throbing, empty, and i miss his cock. but now i am cleaning him with my tongue. i lick his huge nuts, kissing his thighj, and gentle sucking his crown. we both collaspe on the rug, kissing as the candlite reflects on your hard muscled and drenched bodies. i ak daddy if he is going to fuck me again, and he just smiles as i stroke that sleeping giant which is getting hard again.

true story gentlemen...enjoy

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