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His Return ...The conclusion by: sweetness

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,His Return…


The first few hours of his return have been spent completely controlled by the sexual energy we both were feeling, trying to get control of the moment knowing that I have events planned that he is so unaware of I have to get us up and moving or things will not go as planned. He is so enjoying laying in bed relaxed sipping the chilled champagne and snacking as I am playing with his now hardening dick, I suggest that we get a shower and get dressed to go out because I have a few surprises for him. Giving me a look of surprise he then asks me if I’m sure I want to go out, saying if we need anything we can order room service. I smile and beg him to meet me in the shower. Once in the shower both of us knew this was not going to be a good ideal or a quick shower, because we both love playing in the shower. As the steamy water began to come down upon us and we began to wash each other the memories of the first time in Atlanta came rushing into my mind the desire I had for him then has only tripled since the time spent in Dallas before he left in December, being the hottest sex u could dream of. Just as I was about to loose my self he laughed and asked are we going to need to stop and buy shower curtain hooks while we are out? You see in Dallas the sex was so hot an intense in the shower we broke the shower curtain hooks and pulled the curtain down. At that moment he turns me around and pulls me back toward him an enters me as I brace my self he starts to fuck me as he is saying lets relive Dallas babe, lets make this ten times hotter than Dallas. Yes, lover I want you to fuck me in the shower and I want everything replayed but I’m saying can we save that for when we get back, as I slip away from him and hop out.

Dressed and headed out for an adventure that he has no ideal where he is being taken. He is asking me to tell him how much I missed him, how good did it felt to have his hard dick in my pussy, where we were going what are going to be doing? At this time I let him know that we are going to live out one of my fantasies before going back to the hotel for more hot sex and fun. Now wondering and not having a clue as to where we are going but knowing that it has to do with sex, he reaches over slides his hand up my dress and finds my ever so wet pussy and starts to play with me as he states to get me ready for my fantasy. As I make the turn he figures out what I have up my dress so to speak, are getting ready to join the “MILE HIGH CLUB “ he ask’ s me ? Yes, that we are this is the start of your welcome home party please enjoy, as he looks at me then asks but babe this is your fantasy I should be giving this to you. I assure him this has been carefully planned and this is yes mine but to share with him at this moment.

As we board the plane we are briefed has how the fight will take place we will fly around the country side of Atlanta for one hour 1mile high in the sky, a sliding door will be close to give us privacy , music of my choice slow jams is softly playing and chilled champagne is waiting. We board begin to taxi down the runway for our flight we are shut off from the pilot, he informs us he will let us know when we are a mile high. He pours us a glass of chilled champage, and as I sip I begin to undress, then I start to undress him and wildly start to caress his glistening body form the rub down I gave him before getting dressed.

As we glance out the window seeing the sunset sipping champagne, I ask if he is enjoying my fantasy and he says much to his surprise he is. He did not think that this adventure would feel this erotic, glasses down the foreplay begins as I reach into a bag I have along with a few things I think we may need, as he looks at the items a huge seductive smile comes across his face. As he begins to take his tongue an tease my clit I lay back and relax and he then moves to my pussy with his fingers, this is driving me wild, not sure how much of this I can handle I suggest we change positions into a 69 with me on top. As we do this the pilot announces we are at 1 mile high … we have approximately 45 minutes of flight time. As I slide forward and slide my pussy onto his hard dick I began to ride him so easy and gentle and then I increase the movement working him to the point that I know he likes to take over. As he looks at the items I have with me then asking may I, do u mind ? No babe I don’t or I would not have packed those things, as I get on all fours with my back arched and ass high in the air he begins to prep my ass and play with me with his fingers, babe he asks do u think u are ready? Yes, I am ready, as he slowly enters my ass with his hard dick with out looking just going on his movements and the sound coming from him he is enjoying having his hard black in my tight white ass. As the pace, movement and deepness start to increase I am now getting into this activity. This has always been something we enjoy together. Before him I did not care for this nor did I indulge. But my lover has taken his big black dick and trained my tight white pussy to be able to take that hard 9+ inch thick black dick, it is a perfect fit. As he increases his movements I began to feel the tingle, the wetness beginning to start to run out of my pussy down to my thighs, taking me to that level where I loose all control and give it all to my mandingo master. I begin to beg my master to fuck my tight white ass and make it his ass, to fuck and to take it how he likes to take it, and the way that it makes my pussy squirt. My master of my ass is pounding me with that dick with long deep strokes giving me every inch of those nine until they wont go no more and as he drives them deeper my pussy begins to quiver and begins to squirt cum making my thighs wet and sticky as I can feel the swelling of that throbbing cock in my ass. I begin to beg my master to take my ass and fill me full of his cum. To the point of exploding he pounds my ass deep letting loose a huge load of cum deep into my ass, easing out his dick to squirt the rest into my mouth and we set back to have a cold drink. As we relax for a second he takes my face in his hands and looks me into my eyes telling be he as enjoyed my fantasy very much and can only hope I have too. We hear the message we have 10 minutes before landing , I reach into the bag I have and bring out some damp warm towels and moisten towels for us to clean up with, as we pull our self’s together he asks, what’s next, wait and see I say … Dressed and pulled back together and refreshed we land, we are escorted to a small dressing lounge where I re- work my hair touch up my face and brush my teeth, as he is doing he same. After emerging from the lounge the pilot greets us with a box and inform’s me the sheets and other items form the trip are in the box as well. Headed out he asks what other items? I inform him I arranged for our flight to be video taped, one tape for him one for me, a t-shirt a piece and a mile high pin. Walking to the parking area he looks and asks where is he car, I look and say what babe? The car he asks again for the second time I turn to say that I had us followed here and the car was picked up, we are leaving here in this over as I pointed to a stretch limo.

As he opens the door for me to he then sees our friends there are a couple of couples that we are friends with , a single female that is a friend of mine, he is so taken off guard not knowing what is coming next. As a friend begins to pass the glasses around he does ask where are we off to , as our friend answers we have a private play room reserved at

2 risque ‘, we are going to dinner , to the club to dance an play and back to the hotel. After the club we will see you two to your room and leave u alone until morning. Dinner was wonderful everyone talking and catching up on things that we all had missed, and then heading to the club.

We arrived at the club and was escorted to a section with balloons streamers and party favors for out homecuming home party. We drank and danced and had the most wonderful time, all were thinking the same thought head to the private play room. Before we could enter the room I could feel the zipper in my dress slide down my back as I was lead to step out of it, as my love took me in his arms thanking me for such a special time. Kissing him I whisper to him babe play with the ladies I will play with u in the room later. Everyone at this point was getting undressed and beginning to play with each other, the room soon filled with bodies all twisted together touching kissing and pleasing. The erotic sounds from within the room left nothing to be imagine you just knew what was going on. After a couple hours of play drinks and dancing we all returned to the limo and headed back to the hotel. Our friends see us to the door kissed us good night and went off to the suite they would all be sharing.

Upon entering the room he began to undress me asking if I was tired and ready for bed or did I think I would like a hot shower with him to finish what we started there in the afternoon. I met him in the shower, the hot steamy water rushing down on our bodies got things to the point that he started doing things to me that he did in Dallas that drove me wild, as he was sucking on my erect nipples and fingering my wet pussy I took his hard dick in my hand and stroked it the way he loved me to do . He then entered my pussy and began to fuck me from behind easy at first, to tease and he began to pound be like there was no tomorrow, he then eased out and eased deep into my ass and moved that dick to the place that it loved so well where it was a perfect fit and pleased the both of us. As he whispered into my ear what a wonderful day this has been, he was pounding my ass as hard as he could as I begged for more, I began to feel that dick swell and the pressure and it began to explode filling my ass with cum until is dripped out. We left the shower as we towele off, food came to mind as we went to other room to snack have a drink and return to the bed to see what was going to be next…

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