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Her fantasy - 1st person, male perspective, MMF (almost)

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You set the whole thing up of course. Telling me what you had planned, but not letting me have any say in the arraignments. You made the plans, and you set the mood, dimming the lights in the room by draping light-weight purple cloth over the table lamps so that the room takes on a soft, surreal feeling.

You meet me at the door, dressed in the purple half-corset with the matching gloves and nothing else. You lead me to the bed, lit only by the soft light of the dr*ped lamps, and strip my cloths off me slowly, insisting that I can't help, and can't touch you as you do it. Starting with my tie, then slowing undoing the buttons on my shirt; working your way from the top button down, one at a time, stopping halfway down to slide your cool hands inside of the fabric and stroke my chest. Brushing lightly against my right nipple with your right hand before pulling the hand out and returning your attention to the buttons.

I bring my hands in to caress your head as you work, but you playfully slap them away and tell me no; it's your game, after all, and I have to play it by your rules and keep my hands to myself.

You continue working your way down the buttons, and then slowly pull the shirt up out of the waistband of my slacks. Pulling the shirt up and back as you rise up, letting your tongue trace your route up, past my navel and circling my left nipple before nibbling on it lightly.

It feels so good, the sharp, almost pain of your attentions, that I reflexively bring my hands forward again and pull your head into my chest ever so slightly.

You give me a gentle reproach as you pull away slightly; reminding me that you had said not to use my hands and saying that you would have to do something about it to prevent future occurrences.

You lean back into me and pull my now loose shirt back and down, off my shoulders and behind by back, stopping about halfway down the arms and leaving the shirt there as you bring your lips into my neck and softly lick and suck just above the collar bone... working your way up my neck toward my ear, but stopping just short of it to work back down to my nipple again. Wrapping your arms around me and lightly dragging your nails down my back until you have to reverse your hands and push down with them instead. Sliding two fingers of each hand inside of the waistband and then running your hands slowly around to the front.

You switch your attention to the right side of my chest, sucking and biting my rock hard nipple as you undo the button on my pants; letting your tongue trace a line down to my navel in time with you undoing the zipper; then retracing that line back up even as your hand runs up the shaft of my cock. Cupping and tracing the curve of my already quivering rod through the soft fabric of my briefs.

You let go of my pants with your other hand, then, as the pants fall to the ground, slide that hand slowly around my waist, tracing the line of my underwear as you shift your body slightly to the side. Following that hand about halfway around, even while letting the other hand continue up over my cock, pelvis, and abs.

You intensify the attention you are giving to my nipple, and I don't even realize that you have simultaneously slid both hands inside of my briefs until I feel one hand wrap itself around my shaft and another trace a line down my ass right to my puckering man-pussy and circling once quickly before being pulled back up.

Your left hand draws all the way back up over the band of my shorts, and then reverses itself again and comes slowly back down with your thumb hooking over the band even as your right hand wraps around my quivering cock and stokes up gently, in time with the left hand that was still tracing it's way up my ass after teasing me so gently. In perfect, practiced timing, you reverse the grip with your right had and jack it quickly back down my shaft; using your wrist to pull the front of my shorts down even as your left hand is pulling down the back.

Again your tongue moves across my abs, moving down in time with your hands. This time, however, it doesn't stop at my navel but continues down, leaving a trail of fire behind it, across my abs, past my hips, and right down over the tip of my cock. Down still from there, all the way down my hot, hard shaft as your hands push my underwear down to join the pants on the floor.

With unbelievable skill, you manage to keep your tongue working on my cock and balls even as your hands are busy sliding my shoes, socks, and pants off one foot at a time.

I take some initiative, and use this time to undo the cuffs of my shirt and slide the shirt off my arms. After you have both feet free, and I am standing naked in the room, you bring your hands up and use them to stroke my meat as you continue to work on it with your hot mouth.

It feels so good, your mouth on my shaft, that without thought my hands again come around and rest on your head, stroking your hair for just a second before you suddenly stop your attention and pull back, looking up at me and saying that you've had enough, and can't deal with my "pesky hands" any more! You say it in a stern voice, but there is a twinkle in your eyes and a half smirk on your lips that seam to indicate that you have been waiting for me to slip up again, that this was all part of your plan...

You rise back up, expertly showing off the way the half corset accentuates the curves of your body, and say that you have just the thing for me. You reach over to grab the tie that I was just wearing, and grin wickedly as you move around behind me. Your cool fingers, what shows of them through the arm length purple leather of the gloves, reach around under my arms to simultaneously stroke both sides of my broad chest, and I can swear I hear you purr from behind me.

You pull your hands back around behind me, then up over my shoulders and down my arms until you reach the wrists. A gentle pull is all it take to guide my arms back behind me and you cross them over so that each hand is holding the opposite elbow, then I feel you feed the tie through, passing it around one wrist and forearm before snugging it down tight and then wrapping the tie around the elbow and upper arm to keep me from sliding the wrists together.

I know now that you must have just been waiting for the excuse, as you pull another strip of cloth from somewhere and repeat the process on the other wrist and elbow, completely immobilizing both arms behind my back.

Your hands again slide around to play with my chest, then down across my abs, and I feel you rise up on your toes to whisper a question in my ear; a question that I thrill to hear even as I wonder about the answer... "Are you ready?"

The question echoes in my mind, bouncing around as I try to decide if I truly am ready; but my subconscious, as is often the case, is both quicker and more certain then my conscious mind, and I hear myself answer a whispered "Yes." even as I try to decide if I want this or not.

You slide around to my side again, letting one hand drift down past my raging hard-on to wrap around my equally inflamed balls as the other hand also drifts downward. Down and back as it follows your body around me, down over the smooth, hard curve of my ass, down until your ring and forefinger straddle the split of that ass with the middle finger riding down it, guided by it as your hand continues down.

You gently caress my scrotum as the hand behind me continues to slide down and under me, not stopping until that finger is centered over the entrance to my man-hole, playfully brushing against it with a stroke almost to soft to feel.

I can smell the earthy leather smell of your outfit, can feel the difference between your flesh and the glove on my balls as they lie in your hand. I want you badly now, I want to feel my swollen cock being shoved between those wonderful pussy lips that I had seen peaking out from below the corset. I want nothing more then to throw you down on the bed and fuck you until I am spent, but I know that THIS isn't what you want...isn't what you painstakingly planed out...and, for that fact, isn't possible at all since my hands are imprisoned in their bindings behind my back.

The pressure applied by your finger increases, as does the circular motion it is making, and a soft moan escapes me as you also slide your gloved hand up and begin to masturbate my rock hard cock, the feel of the soft leather and softer skin merging together on my rod.

"Are you sure?" you whisper, and again I hear myself give a hoarse whispered affirmative back to you.

"You want to fuck?" I hear you say, in a louder, firmer voice, and again I hear myself say yes.

"Yes isn't good enough," you say, this time in a completely firm, commanding voice. A husky half-whisper that still carries with it the force of your will, "Tell me what it is you want to do!"

I hesitate, caught between lust and fear... this was something we talked about, something that both of us had fantasized about, but was it really something I wanted to go through with?

Your finger stops circling then, and I feel you center it and then force it past my tight rectal ring, sinking it up to the first knuckle before asking, no commanding me, "Tell me!"

My knees are already weak and there is a strange, almost sick feeling in my stomach as she draws her finger slowly out and then back in again. "Tell me," she repeats, softer, almost pleadingly this time, and again, I hear myself speak the words that are in my heart if not my mind... "I want to be fucked!"

"Yes, you do, don't you my love?" I hear you ask as your finger sinks deeper into me. "But we must get you ready first. The finger withdraws then, and a gentle push on my ass with the palm of you gloved hand, along with a nod of your head, guides me forward and toward a small, sturdy table that is setting on one side of the room.

You position me in front of the table, which is set at an angle next to one wall, and then guide me down so that my chest is lying on the table as I face the wall, with my legs just over shoulder width apart. The table is lower then my hips are, so as I lie there, my ass feels thrust unusually high in the air.

Fear, doubt, and uncertainty flood me now, as I lie here wondering what will happen next, but it is to late to back out... it had been to late, I realize, since you'd answered the door... and I try to distract myself with the layout of the table. There is a huge mirror in front of me, and as I was walking up to the table I had hoped and feared that it had been set up so that I could watch what was about to happen, but now I could see that the angle was wrong and instead of seeing myself bent over the table, all I could see was the rest of the bedroom.

My thoughts on what would happen next, with my ass up in the air like that, and me unable to see anything, proved completely wrong. I expected you to concentrate on my ass, to "Get me ready" as you had said, and was surprised when you went 180 degrees away from that and actually crawled under the table and started to give me head in a slow, deliberate way. Working your mouth over me completely and thoroughly despite what had to be an awkward angle for you trying to work around my legs and the table. You were as good as always in your pleasuring, driving me up to the brink almost right away, and them slowing down to prevent me from going over the edge.

The feeling of your hot mouth and tongue running over my cock drove me to new heights of desire and pleasure. Then you would move over my balls as well, back to my cock, back and forth, cock, balls, cocks, balls, cock, balls, ass; oh my god!! Did it feel wonderful when that hot tongue reached up to lick my asshole. A thrill I had never imagined possible shot through me and drove all other thoughts from my mind. My whole universe was compressed to the hot, wet, sloppy tongue on my man pussy... which was even now puckering open and closed, welcoming that hot tongue to enter deeper and deeper into me. God was this great!

There was a nagging question in the back of my mind, a question that couldn't form into a cognizant thought because it was buried behind waves of lust and pleasure...then, suddenly, that question came slamming to the front of my mind, brought on when there was a slight pause and I heard you say that you thought I was ready... it wasn't the pause, it wasn't the statement itself... it was the fact that your voice came from of to my left, not behind me or under the table, but of to my left... then the question slammed home... "How DID you get your tongue from my balls to my ass, when the table and my legs were both in the way?"

The answer was there in the back of my mind to, and followed the question as soon as it was formed... THIS was your fantasy, this was what you had so painstakingly set up. You wanted to watch as another man fucked me, and it was this man who's tongue had been driving me crazy, not yours.

My eyes, which had been closed in pleasure, snapped open and I could see now that the mirror placement was not an accident either. It was placed exactly where you wanted it to be, and centered right in the middle of the reflection was the big overstuffed chair that I had taken to be just another part of the room, but which was actually the focal point of the show... for sitting in that chair, still in your gloves and half-corset, was you! Legs spread slightly and a vibrator in your hand positioned just right so that I could watch you as you watched me being ravaged by a man I didn't even know!

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