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The wife stepped into the living room as I was staring at the tube musing the adage of fifty three channels and nothing on, but with the kids away for the weekend enjoying the quiet. Looking at her she was smiling that little smile that ment she had something on her mind. Her small breast peeking out, She was a petite girl of asian and german descent, With an athletic body and great big brown eyes like the way they are drawn in anime cartoons. And still, I thought the prettiest girl I ever met. We often got strange looks, Her only being seven years younger than I but looking 20 to my 44 years old. We often got that dirty old man young hussy look. When we would go out and enjoyed it immensley!

She said" Are you just going to waste our weekend sitting there?" I replied "No way!, I'll meet you on the bedroom in two minutes.

No I have a better idea she winked have your ass in the car in three. As I went to the bedroom to retrieve my wallet I saw her placing one of her sexiest pairs of panties in her bag. My cock gave a little throb of anticipation as to what she had in mind, But felt sure it would be good, With her it allways was!

As we drove across town it was only five minutes we pulled into the rear parking area of the gym where she had taken a job only two months before. My hopes disappeared a little as I pictured working out the rest of the evening, Not what I had in mind!

But as she pulled her keys out and let us in, Locking the door behind I said "I thought this place was pretty much open seven days a week." She explained that they were going to remodel but the contractor was a couple of days late getting started so it was the staffs to use as they pleased today but it was on the sly so it was our little secret with a giggle.

As we turned the corner we met Cindy, One of the instructors there and once again my cock gave a little throb, She was a really cute brunette with short hair about 5' 3" and had perfect 34 Cs peeking from the leotard she was wearing, Pulled down till just the edges of her aureolas were peeking out she gave a quick smile and took my hand as she gave my wife a quick kiss, And then said you come with me! She led me to the locker room and opened a locker handing me a towel and a pair of dark blue silk boxers she waved to the showers and said I'll be waiting for you after your shower, Hurry up everyone else is waiting on you too!

I showered as quickly as I could, Dried and as I walked out she took my hand and I noticed she had the leotard pulled into her pussy and absent panties the crotch was wet from her excitement . And as her face was flush I remember thinking she had been mastubating while I was in the shower. The throb in my cock was now pure oak! So much as to be painful!

She led me down the hall and we turned into a large room walking in in only the thin boxers with a huge hard on I was relieved to see only my wife seated on a comfortable bench in the front facing the center of the room. She smiled as we walked in as I noticed her shiver a bit. Although It was very cool in the room I took it as excitement! My oak turned to steel!

The room must have been in the middle of the building as there were no windows and the floor was covered with a colorful rubber mat except for ties in the floor for securing equipment. Cindy led me to the middle of the room and produced a pair of leather cuffs with chains from her gym bag and proceded to place them around my ankles then she selected two ties about 30 inches a part and secured the chains! At this point I could only Imagine what these two beautiful women had in mind but was enjoying the thought! Cindy stood up from her task and noticed it was a bit hard to keep my balance in such a position and said"Just a minute honey I'll help you with that!" She stepped outside the door and was right back pushing one of those vaulting horses gymnist use. Stopping right in front of me, And since the thing was exactly waist high she pulled me over it on my belly and quickly snapped a pair of cuffs aroud my wrists thst she had already fastened to the legs of the vaulting horse. And as quick as that she walked over and sat down with my wife.

Cupping my wifes right breast and after giving her a long kiss on the lips they studied me in my position and Cindy asked my wife "Now how is that" The wifes reply was "PERFECT Lets get started"

Once again Cindy reached into her bag and produced a pair of scissors and carefully cut away my boxers and then returned to the bench with my wife, And if as on cue there was a knock on the door and two guys walked in closing the door behind them and turning the lock. Both dressed in the same underwear as I had just had cut off they walked in front of me to the two women who immediately pulled them off and dropped them to the floor. Standing naked there I studied them with little choice.

They were both tall and fit in there 30's I would guess. The women Immediatly pulled out their cocks and started to give them head as their cocks grew stiff before me Cindys guy was about 7 inches and thick but my wife was sucking a cock that was huge!

And being no novice at giving head she was only getting about half of it. It had to be 12 inches and looked as thick as a beer can!

"So is this what she had planned I thought" They are going to tie me up and make me suffer watching them play with these studs and each other! Hmmm a hell of a lot better than watching TV all evening! I was just glad the door was locked being in such a situation myself!

As I watched the girls servicing the cocks with their mouths with my cock about to burst. Cindy nodded to my wife and suddenly got up. But as I saw my wife still sucking that huge cock take the other guy in her hand and start stroking him.

I didnt notice Cindy picking through her bag again. I really did'nt notice her at all untill she pushed up behind me and reached under me and started stroking my cock and rubbing those wonderful breasts up and down on my back!

As she slid a single finger from the base of my cock up the crack of my butt she purred " You like this! Dont you? "

All I could gasp was "Yes" trying not to just come from pure excitement! As she did it again this time it felt different as she reached my butt I suddenly felt somthing cool and wet and then something small slide deep inside with that same cool sensation filling me and then just as suddenly sliding out! Cindy giggled and slapping my ass as she pretended to hump me then walked back to the bench. As she went I could see she was holding one of those rubber bulbs about the size of a baseball with a long tip! And I realised what she had been up to, I had just been lubed!

I began to wonder at this, The wife and I had played games sometimes with a small strapon, But never for real and looking at the guy my wife was playing with caused a bit of worry as well as anticipation too! The two women stood up and took the men by the hands and led them over to me with Cindy and her guy going around behind and out of sight but my wife pulling the guy by the cock right up to my face. Leaning down she whispered to me, " You've watched me do this for you many times, Now I want to see if you have learned how, And if you do a good job I'll give you a special reward!"

I studied the thing before me, Larger than I had seen before and still wet from my wifes attentions with a small drop forming at the tip. As she guided it I slowly took it in just past the head and began to massage it with my tounge remembering how she had done for me so many times. I could taste the sweetness of her there as well as a slight saltyness .

As I massaged his cock slowly deeper bit by bit I could tell he was enjoying it by the responsive pulses to me squeezing it with my mouth. But I suddenly froze at the sensation of Cindy guiding the other guys cock against my butt and when he found bullseye slowly and steadily pushing untill it yielded and he slid inside. I felt it expand to his girth then slowly bury to full depth as a wave of pleasure shot through me. As he stroked in and out gradually speeding up I found myself starting to keep time with the one in front of me.

As I relaxed and started to take more and more I could see the women sitting on the bench, My wife in front with Cindy behind her with her arms wrapped around her massaging my wifes breast but with both of them transfixed on the scene taking place before them. This added even more to my excitement and if they wanted to watch I was determined to give them a good show. I tried taking a little more into my mouth at each thrust untill holding the back of my head he gave a gentle push and I relaxed my throat and he buried my nose in his pubes! That huge throbbing thing was all in!

He made two easy thrusts and slowly removed himself saying he was about to cum and did'nt want to yet!

He picked up a towel and dried his cock and with a slight grin at me he began to unroll a condom down the length of his shaft. The other guy removed himself from behind me and came to my face as he was stripping off a condom.

I accepted him in my mouth with a slight slurp. And the thing I had anticipated began as I felt that huge cock press against my ass and pause then slowly very slowly began to stretch my already well fucked hole wider and wider.

When it seemed it would go no more he would wait and when I relaxed a bit I would get more. I felt the head pop inside but could never Imagined what came next! In one motion he buried it and it felt as if he was pushing my belly button from inside! As he started pulling out and pushing in waves of pleasure came over and over as my insides felt like pudding.

And I worked the cock in my mouth as It suddenly swelled and started to fill my mouth with warm cream as I pulled as hard as I could on it. I felt the thing in my belly slide out and the cool air from the room rush inside to replace it as he came around stripping the condom just in time to slide his cock down my waiting throat and start pumping spurt after spurt of cum in me. As they subsided and both guys sat on the floor I was about to fall as well, I looked down to see a large puddle of cum on the floor and took a second to realise it was mine! No one had even touched my cock since Cindy had used the lube on me but it was still streaming out! Seeing my my condition both girls quickly unfastened my restraints and led me to the bench. After a few minutes and a bottled water the wife pulled the panties from her purse and slid them on me pulling the thin back into my now soggy butt. She kissed me then said "You did learn well! Did'nt you!" Handing me a robe from the gym then a quick thank you and kisses from the girls to the guys Both she and Cindy walked me to the car and Cindy got in the back seat with me and we started home.

On the way the wife looked back and smiled" Now for your surprise! Cindy is spending the weekend with us!"

Just as the little brunette slid her hand under the robe and inside the panties she looked up and said to me "And I've just watched the most exciting thing I've ever seen! And am so turned on I want to fuck all weekend!

She was trembling and it was'nt from being too cool!

My rising cock gave that little throb of anticipation once again!!

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