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Glory Hole Heaven

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This is a short tale but a true tale. It is about the time I went to a glory hole and had so fare the best man on man sex ever.

It all started one Friday night, I told my wife that I was going to the bookstore to look for a book or some new toy. Ill be back soon ok honey, have fun she said with a smile and off I went. You see I am one lucky man I have the best kind of wife there is. She is bi and she thinks that it is the coolest thing when I have sex with a man even though I have not had sex with a man yet we still role play were she is the other man and suck her and she fucks me, any way to get back to the story. I pulled up to the bookstore and it had a good number of people there, so I go in and I say hi to the desk clerk and start my search for my favorite sex book BiOptions it is one of the best story mags I have found.

I could not find it so I went to ask the man at the desk if they had it and he said no it did not come in last time they got there books. I then asked him what was in the back of the store and at this time an older man walked in and asked for three dollars in tokens the man at the desk compiled and the man walked to the back but before he did so he stopped and looked at me in the most strange way and then went in to the back.

The clerk then said to me you want to know what is back there do you. You give me three dollars you can go see for your self. I did and he then told me that you can watch movies among other things, it was the “other things” that got my attention. I went in to the back and as I did so I smelled a smell that was all to familiar to me, the smell of sex and lust filled the air. I looked in the rooms on both sides the rooms on the right had a bench and a tv it was big enough to fit two maybe three , the rooms on the left were big enough for one maybe two and had a tv and a small hole with a slide thing to cover the hole they all had a door that looked from the inside.

I looked around and got up the nerve to go in to a booth, so I went in and put in some tokens and picked the video that had a she male in it. I was getting in to it and I dropped my pants and started to play with my seven and a half inch dick , and just when it started to feel reel good the door to the room next to me opened and closed then locked. I heard the tokens drop in the tv and the person next to me got down to the hole and whispered to me, come over to the hole so I can get a better look at your dick so going with the flow I did.

The next thing I know the man who I cold not see had me in his mouth and was trying to get me to give him my all but I was not ready to go yet with my new found joy I had to stop him so I could try this new thing on him. I pulled out of his mouth and told him to get his out so I could suck on his dick and he did. I had him put his dick in the hole and as he did it was so nice, it was not as big as mine but it was nice I got down on my knees and grabbed on to his dick and put it to my lips and I could feel how hot it was it was so soft I opened my lips and just let it slip in ever so slow so that I could savor the feel of his dick. To this day I can still feel it on my lips! I started to get in to it and before I knew it he was all the way back my throat yes I was deep throating him and I could feel him tense up ,I knew that if I pulled him out he would go on my face and I did not want that so I just let him go and man did he go ooohh did it feel so good so worm and then I knew he was done because he went soft in my mouth. I just let him slide out and he zipped up and left.

I then just sat there for a second taking in what just happened, and as I was some one new had come in to the other side so I got ready for this new man this new dick. I felt like I was waiting for my birthday or some thing, and sure enough here he was he slid it thru the hole and it was so nice about the same size as mine and just as thick. I got down on my knees and started lick it and suck on it when he pulled it out. He go down on his knees so I let him suck on my dick and he did so. It felt so good he licked on the head of my dick and then licked the shaft and sucked on my balls so genteel it felt so good. Just as I was getting in to it he stopped and called for me to come to the hole so I did. He told me that I had a nice dick and I told the same he asked if I come here a lot I said every once and a wile but not as much as id like to.

The man then asked what else I liked to do I told him that I liked to do anal both give and get. He asked if I wanted to go to a bigger room together. I said yes and I opened my door and went to a room on the right side the man then came over. He then started to kiss my nipples and nibble on them it felt so good yes suck on my nipple that feels so good, I got so hot I just could not handle much moor and that is when he got down in front of me and started to suck on my dick. I grabed his head and before I know it I was face fucking him. I wanted more, he started to suck my balls and just then he did some thing that I did not expect he started to lick my ass it felt so good, I had to stop him I wanted to do some thing with him that I never got to do yet so I told him to fuck my ass .

so got down and started to suck on his cock and get it sloppy wet and when I felt it was time I told him to fuck my ass. Totally oblivious to the people out side the door listing to our sounds of lust making he started to enter me slowly but I wanted it and I wanted now so I shoved him all the way in to his balls. Yes your dick feels so good yes yes fuck me harder harder that’s it fuck my ass. That is all you could here from our booth and there was no move that could compare to the sounds we were making it just felt so good to have that dick in my ass. I did not even touch my self I looked down and I just started to cum and cum it felt so good that dick in my ass and then he pulled out and I turned and he grabbed my dick and his and we came all over each others dicks it felt so good. After we were done we left the booth and some of the other people that were there were playing with them self's just listening to us go at it. It felt so good .

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