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Girls Night Out 2 (toy story)

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... my wife Angel, Lisa, and Lori are working on Vanessa and Kim's pussy very well with the viberators and dildos which have been brought out. The two other women have put on strap-ons and have joined the other girls in fucking, sucking and massaging Vanessa and Kim. The girls are moved down to the edge of the tables they are on and are about to get fucked with the strap-ons. My wife and Lisa and Lori have lubed up the other girls very well. They all start kissing and sucking the tits of the two girls with the strap-ons while they are fucking the two girls on the tables. This goes on for quite a while and then they proceed to take out the anal beads from the girls which have been getting throughly fucked for the last thirty minutes. When this happens I would think they would let the girls rest for a few minutes but this would not be the case. My wife, Lisa, and Lori are ready with the lube and go to work on the asses of Vanessa and Kim. I did not think an ass could stretch this much for I think Lori actually got her fist up Kims ass past her knuckles. The whole time the other girls are having an all out assault on each others tits pussies and asses. The girls are ready to be fucked in the ass after about five good minutes of the finger fucking which has been given. They lube the strap-ons good and sink them to the hilt in both Vanessa and Kim. These girls are not being very easy with them by this point. They are slamming into their asses like women on a mission. The other girls by this time are gathered around the tables and are holding down Kim and Vanessa to keep them from coming off of the tables. From my vantage point I can hear the girls screaming for more and harder, harder, harder. Being the first time I have seen anything like this in person and not on porno tapes is a turn on like nothing I could have imagined it would be. This fucking goes on for fifteen or twenty minutes and Vanessa and Kim finally collapse on the massage tables. They are in a constant state of orgasm shaking violently and sweating. When the girls pull out of their asses they are left gaping open and you could have easily slid three fingers inside each one with no problem. The girls back off and let them calm down a little while they break open a bottle of wine. They all come out onto the patio area behind the house and open the hot tub and they all get in after a few minutes. They are all still playfull and kissing and sucking on each others tits.

While they are in the hot tub they start talking and picking on each other about various things from the past. I guess most of it was from previous parties and they were even talking about the husbands from what I could hear. The two women I didn't know were Cindy and Pam as I found out from their conversations. They were from a couple of towns away from us and these house hold parties were supose to be just sex toy parties which have turned into an all girl sex party from the converstions they were having while drinking wine and sitting in the hot tub. They were into the fourth bottle of wine when they stared getting out and started drying each other off. You could teel then they were well on their way to be very loose. After they turned the hot tub off I could hear every word which was said. Kim was concerned that I might come home early since it was friday night and catch all of them partying at my house. They were all outside and stark naked. This was not uncommon for my wife as we are outside all the time nude.

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