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Girlfriend Does it Again

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My girlfriend Ricki recently fulfilled one of my fantasies. She seduced another man and provided fantastic details of her encounter with this lawyer friend of her's shortly after they had done the dirty deed in his office. My only regret was that I wasn't there to watch.

Then, after weeks of imagining the two of them swapping fluids on his fine Italian leather sofa, I thought that a re-enactment would provide a better picture of what actually went on. Ricki and I went to her office on a Sunday morning when no one was there. She wore the same clothes she wore on the day she seduced this guy Tom... a plaid skirt, white blouse and red vest. Ricki is a petite, 36-year-old with Irish and Asian blood, small but firm-breasted with shapely legs and a great ass. She's a friendly, good-humored person who enjoys sex as much as any woman I have ever been with and is always willing to hear about my fantasies and fulfill the ones that also appeal to her. We debated whether either of us should ever have sex outside our relationship.

When the perfect opportunity presented itself for Ricki to do it, we decided she should go for it with Tom. Our Sunday morning performance, in which Ricki was incredibly sexy, only made me want to see her in action even more. She tried to lure Tom to our house for weeks. But the young lawyer wasn't biting and Ricki actually felt a slightly rejected by it. Evidentally Tom was feeling guilty for their only encounter and had recommitted himself to his wife. Since it took so long for us to find just the right guy in Tom, his reluctance to go further left me without much hope of seeing Ricki ever fucking another man like that again. We flirted with the idea of getting off on something less, like her giving some stranger a handjob or perhaps picking up some decent looking fella for a little safe sex. Since we were already into exhibitionism, there were numerous opportunities for Ricki to lure someone into the backseat of a car or hotel room. But I wasn't as interested in seeing that as I was watching someone she trusted and was excited by fill her pussy or mouth up with cum. She certainly has the sex appeal to seduce most any man and has been propositioned many times in the course of our relationship.

On a hot and humid Saturday, we spent most of the day in bed screwing, talking dirty and sipping Bloody Marys. By late afternoon, we drove over to a swim club we belong to get a little fresh air and sun. It was relatively quite; too hot for people even to be at a pool. Almost from the time we arrived and lied down on the lounge chairs it dawned on us: Kenny, an 18-year-old lifeguard at the pool, had the hots for Ricki. She in turn, loved this kid's body and personality, but being that she was double his age, never really considered him for our adventure. The two also worked together at a restaurant for a few months where Ricki was earning a few extra dollars on weekends. Every time Ricki got up to take a dip, Kenny's eyes followed her little black bikini-clad butt to the edge of the pool. Ricki made sure to walk by Kenny real slowly with a slightly more sway in her step than normal. She'd stand at the edge of the pool, arch her back and tug on her bottom so that her cheeks were more pronounced. Ricki has the butt of a 18-year-old with nice tan lines. When we went home that night, I began teasing her about putting on a hell of a show for the kid. She knew what affect she had on Kenny, but tried to make me think that the kid wouldn't be interested in her and that she has seen him with a host of much younger, prettier girls. False modesty, I thought to myself. She did confess that they used to flirt a lot at the restaurant and that for his age, Kenny was a charmer. Ricki was getting playful again and obviously wanted sex one more time that day.

I made her begin to tell me what she would do with Kenny if she could.

At first she said she didn't want to rob the craddle. "Not even once?"

I said sitting on the sofa, massaging her temples as she sat on the floor between my legs. "Well, maybe once," she answered. "He probably doesn't have much experience," she added. "That's good," I replied quickly. "That means he's probably clean, and plus, wouldn't you get off being the teacher?" I asked. "You want to see me fuck this kid, don't you? I can't believe it. Kenny?" It didn't take me long to answer that one. "Think you can?" I asked.

This was such a different scenario as compared to Ricki seducing Tom.

Kenny was young and unattached, which was both good and bad. The sex most likely wouldn't be as intense, but I also knew Ricki had a visual thing for young men that might energize her. We began making love. She whispered in my ear her craving to put her hand down Kenny's swim trunks. "And then what?" I asked. "Feel his cock in my hand, squeeze it until a little cum trickled out, then place it in my mouth." Ricki was pushing all the right buttons that night. We always had the best sex when she talked dirty about other men. "I think he wants your ass," I said passionately. "Are you enough of a slut to let him fuck you up the ass? Show him how it feels?" Ricki was panting for me to keep fucking her, but if she didn't answer my questions, I'd pause until she did. When it was over, I thought nothing much would come of it. We've done this a million times... talk dirty about her potential to screw around. But of course, nothing like what we exchanged in the heat of the moment usually occurred. If anything, we'd usually go out that night or the next day for a little fun, flashing strangers in malls and bars. At times I would let her dance seductively with some admirer at a club. Relatively safe and mild times just to enchance our erotic relationship.

Monday was a holiday and we decided to spend the entire day at the pool since it was closing for the season soon. There was no plan; just a full day for Ricki to flirt with this young lifeguard as I kind of came and went not knowing if something would happen. If something were to occur, my preference was to watch, but it was not madatory. Ricki walked into the pool area wearing this great pair of cutoff jeans over her one-piece bathing suit. The bright red suit was cut very high in the leg openings and almost had the appearance of a thong from behind.

Her light brown hair was in a French braid, reaching all the way to the top of her butt. We parked ourselves right next to Kenny's chair.

The two of them got into a conversation about some new exercise equipment the club had ordered for the new workout room. While I was in the pool, Ricki asked Kenny if she could see how the workout room is coming. Kenny said he'd have to get the key on his next break, but that it would be no problem because there were no workers in there today. A little later Ricki excused herself and said she was going to check out the new facility with Kenny. My mind raced. Was she going to make her move now, or was she setting something up for later? How was I going to avoid missing the show? I smiled and watched them walk away, the back of my girlfriend's bathing suit bunched up in her crack as Kenny twirled his whistle. Ricki looked back at me and winked confidently. I couldn't believe it would be this easy and spontaneous, but then again I knew they had laid some groundwork while working together. Ten minutes had passed and they still hadn't returned. I had checked the area out but there was no way to get a peek inside without being discovered. Another 10 minutes had passed and now there was little doubt that something was happening. Kenny only had a 30-minute break and I knew they had to reappear soon. Ricki arrived back first and was in a hurry to leave. I paid close attention to the way she walked, figuring that if she just fucked this guy, her stride might be a little off. I didn't see any difference in her walk but noticed that her braid had come undone. "C'mon, c'mon, we got to go' I'll tell you all about it in the car." When we got in the car, she leaned back and took a deep breath and was really hyper. "I'm sorry you missed that, but I set something up for later and he's cool about it," she said catching her breath. I looked at her with intense curiousity. "Yeah, we did it," she said. "He fucks like a machine. And he doesn't mind if you're there to watch, so I invited him over." Once in the workout room Kenny was actually the one who made the first move, although my girlfriend certainly made it easy for him to approach by positioning herself on her back on a workout bench while he stood over her. "He just stared down on me, looking at my body until he finally got down on his knees in front of me and asked whether I would be interested in getting laid right then and there. He just saw right through me, like I was some crazy, lustful housewife you read about in those letters.

It was amazing for someone his age."

"He seduced and fucked you right then, while I am sitting there 100 feet away?" I said in astonishment.

"Without saying another word, he placed his hands on my thighs then moved my bathing suit crotch to the side. Then, after a few minutes of me turning to jelly with his tongue, he just lifted me in his arms, stood me up and bent me over this counter, completely removed our suits. He quickly slid his dick in me from behind as I put one foot up on a box. I thought I was going to be the teacher, instead he just took over and rammed me so hard I thought I was going to scream so that everyone outside could hear. I wanted to turn around and see his body more, but he just kept fucking me and came pretty quickly."

As much as we fantasize about such things, and even after she proved herself with Tom, I still found this unbelievable. I was again longing to get my hands on her, but couldn't while I drove. I asked her to play with herself until we got home and see if she could show me some evidence of her encounter. She slipped her hand under her bathing suit and massaged her pussy. "Look, I don't know if you can tell. That's his cum," she said, extending her hand to my face. "Oh no, I feel it coming out," she said. What a turn-on.

As soon as we got home, we took off our clothes and fucked like mad.

Kenny was going to come over later that evening and I had Ricki prepare herself for a great time while I tried not to get too anxious.

She shaved her pussy entirely and took a long hot bath as I poured her some sparkling wine at tub-side. We worked ourselves into a frenzy talking about what she wanted to do to him and for me. I asked if she would swollow his cum and let it trickled from the side of her mouth.

She smile and gave me a devilish, "we'll see." Ricki said she wanted me to join in and that having two guys at once is a long-standing fantasy of her's. I jokingly asked who gets to fuck her in the ass, something she rarely has done in her life, and she replied: "Whoever wants it most." We prepared the bedroom for this mini-orgy, with creams and lotions, a bottle of wine on ice and some sexy music in the background. Ricki, who had surprised me by how much she was into it and relax about this, wore just a long button-down shirt of mine and navy blue lace panties, figuring she wouldn't be dressed for long. At first I thought, wow that's not much clothing to wear for "company" even by our standards, forgetting of course that this so-called stranger had unloaded inside my girlfriend a few hours earlier, seeing and feeling everything he was going to see and feel again. The time Kenny was supposed to show up had come and gone. He called about an hour later to say he didn't want to get involved with a near-married woman. Ricki tried her best to alleviate his concerns, but was unable to do so. It left us both feeling pretty badly. About 20 minutes later, the phone rang again. Kenny called back to say that he'd feel more comfortable if he could bring one of his buddies, Carl. It was a strange request, but apparently his thinking was that he didn't want to be the third wheel. In retrospect, I think Kenny was doing a favor for his friend and took a risk that Ricki wouldn't say no. Ricki and I had to think quickly or risk scaring off this kid. I wanted to watch my girlfriend fuck someone so badly but was not prepared to watch her take on two guys, even though the idea had entered my mind many times.

We called them back in 10 minutes and told them to come over. It was about a 15-minute ride for them and in that time Ricki and I tried to stay cool and not pose too many what-ifs. Our agreement was to go with the flow and to remember that we were in charge and that these were just young guys looking to get off.

Carl looked as though he could have been Kenny's brother; similar build, a little more quiet though. We chatted for about 30 minutes trying to muster up the nerve to begin this orgy. The guys and I were all a little tense, and I had doubts about whether this was the time and the people to do this with. The only one seemingly at ease was Ricki. During the course of our conversation, Ricki slithered playfully around the room, like a teen-ager at a slumber party. In fact it was Ricki who got us started by offering to give Carl a massage. And what a massage it was. Carl lied on the floor with his shirt off. Ricki straddled his back and almost appeared to be riding him as she worked his muscles with her hands. I knew she must have been getting wet rubbing against his butt with her crotch. For Kenny and I, the first several minutes of our experience was purely a spectator sport. Then he joined in, fondling my girlfriend's breasts, first gently, then harder. Ricki loves a hard grip on her small breasts and can almost reach orgasm when having her nipples pulled. I sat back a while longer, watching these two young men have their way with my woman. I was amazed at how Ricki soaked up this attention without even the slightest hint of shame or guilt. Perhaps it was because she had broken the ice with Tom or because she already fucked Kenny or maybe she just got off on pleasing me. I was hoping these young guys would show more more initiative and aggression and I wasn't disappointed. Ricki wouldn't easily admit it, but she enjoyed being treated like a whore. The guys began following my lead. "Why don't you guys give this little slut what she deserves," I said as Kenny had moved back onto the sofa while Carl was fingering Ricki on the floor.

Their play got rougher, but I could tell Ricki was not intimidated by it. Kenny put her over his lap while Carl removed her panties. He began lightly spanking her bare bottom. "Harder," I yelled. "It gets her hot, doesn't it you fuckin' slut?" Ricki nodded and moaned. Kenny really began whacking her pretty hard. It was incredible seeing that familiar ass perched in the air getting hit. "Carl, check her pussy, I bet it's ready for you," I said. He mounted her from behind while she was still on his friend's lap. Ricki then moved onto the floor and buried her face into Kenny's crotch while Carl re-entered doggie-style. Carl really began to pound her. With each thrust inward, her ass cheeks rippled. She was taking both young men into her fully. Yet I still hadn't detected her having an orgasm. So I joined in, sitting besides Rick on the floor, pulling and pinching her nipples as her breasts hung and swung. I think the sensation of me doing that combined with two of her openings being filled, began to make her tremble until she finally had a major orgasm in which she removed Kenny's cock from her mouth to let out a loud scream. From then on, she had no trouble coming again and again.

The two students continued their assault on my girlfriend. They turned her every which way and swapped her pussy like they were trading baseball cards. Niether of them, I thought, had ever had anal sex and the possibility of them doing it now seemed remote though not out of the question. One of Ricki's fantasies was to have three cocks in her at once, and I thought she might find a way of getting her wish. She broke free of them and led us all into the bedroom, completely naked with a pink butt and her hair matted to the side of her face. She began taking control of the situation again, demanding that the two loverboys take a seat for a while as she commanded me to go down on her. She pulled her legs way back, presenting her tight little asshole for me to snack on, then invited the others to do the same. She was so uninhibited. By the end of the night, we had all fucked her in the ass, and at one point, were all inside her at once: me in her cunt, Carl in her mouth and Kenny between her cheeks. Kenny and Carl both came shortly after, each in her pussy. It wasn't long after that they left and Ricki and I finished our experience in private. The cum dripping from pussy was an incredibly sexy sight as was the redness around her anus. The woman was engulfed in an odor that I don't think I'll ever forget. I think she felt a little worse about what we did with Kenny and Carl than what had happened with Tom, although the sex was much more intense in the foursome. She pledged that that was it and hoped I was satisfied. Of course, I was, but wasn't about to rule anything out after seeing how much she got into this intriguing game.

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