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Getting Started

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I am sitting home tonight watching the kids while my wife heads off to be fucked by a new guy; one of her girl friend?s husband is setting her up with. Why an I letting this happen, well when she gets home, I will get one of the greatest treats any married man can have, a cum filled cunt, to eat and then fuck I love eating cum out of my wife?s cunt, it is even better, that it is not mine. Added to that, Cheryl, my wife will be hornie beyond belief and we will furnish one more hot fuck session with my dick pumping her tight ass hole full of cum.

This all started two years ago when my wife Cheryl went nuts with the credit cards and I took them all away and made her get a job to pay off the debt. She got a job at a local restaurant/diner/bar as a waitress/bar tender. The night work meant I spent more time with the kids and she made extra cash. After six months I noticed she was coming home very late on Fridays and Saturdays, a little checking showed she was staying after work at least two to three hours. I was not about to complain, because when she did come home, her first move was to fuck my brains out, many a night I awoke to her mouth on my cock.

As soon as I was hard she would ride me to one climax then suck me hard again for even more. On those nights, when I was awake when she got home, I noticed she was not wearing the same clothing she had gone to work in. The jeans were now skintight and she was wearing skimpy tank tops or camisoles and never a bra. Many nights I noticed a tube top showing off her nipples and big boobs. She started going to the gym on a regular basis, working on her chest, legs and butt. This led to more shorts and tub tops. One night after she came home she slid into bed with me and French kissed me, reaching for my cock. She then stated, she had French kissed one of the guys at the bar that night and he had dry humped her against the wall. I asked how long this had been going on? and she admitted about two to three months. Up until this time, it had all been flirting only, but this time, Steve had caught her in the hall outside the bathrooms and kissed her.

I asked if she had kissed back and she said no, I asked if she wanted to, and she admitted she did, but wanted my permission. I said, so long as I knew what was going on, all the time, it was ok with me. Cheryl then asked if I wanted to join her after work. I agreed, so long as I would not be interfering, Cheryl said no. She then went on to explain, several of the waitresses had really been making a lot more in tips working in the bar by flirting with the customers and staying after. One girl, Jamie was a real flirt and had just gotten a boob job with the extra money, and was now showing off her tits, all the time. One of the customers had asked Cheryl and Jamie to let him feel their tits at the same time to decide which was the best set. The cash offer was $50.00 each, so far Cheryl had declined. What Cheryl did say, was since she had started to party and flirt her tips had almost doubled.

The guy, who kissed Cheryl, Steve, was a doll, and she would fuck him in minute if she were not married. I told her she could, and should, but only if I could watch, Cheryl laughed at that, and went down on me. It took about a minute to get me off in her mouth, she then gave me a deep French kiss and passed my cum back to me. We than slid into a 69 position and I started licking her bald pussy which I enjoy and then I targeted her clit, slowly I sucked and licked her rigid clit forever, I slid first one then two fingers into her pussy and worked her spot. With the other hand I slowly teased her butt hole, about her third climax, she slid around and mounted me as I pinched her nipples she rode me to a climax and sleep. In the morning Cheryl asked if I meant what I had said the night before. I told her she could fuck Steve and should have fun, if, she wanted to, that included being fucked by other men, so long as I could too, and she told me all the details.

Cheryl thought for a minute and than said I would like Kimie one of the other girls at work, but she was not sure she could do a threesome, we agreed, she would tell me everything that went on. We then did a quickie and were off for the day taking care of the kids and housework.

When it was time to go to work Cheryl asked me what she should ware after work, I picked out her skintight shorts and a black tube top that showed her nipples. I was not disappointed by the results, when Cheryl got home, she told me Steve had rubbed her ass and ground his cock into her cunt that night and she had almost gotten up the nerve to flash one of the tables with Jamie. She also told me how Mary had kissed her, and rubbed her ass as she sat with Mary and her husband Darryl. Mary had I learned, flirted with Cheryl before, but never so boldly, Cheryl and Steve?s kiss the night before had gotten around. Cheryl also reported Steve apologized for the kiss, saying he was really drunk.

The apology had taken place in a back part of the restaurant after, Cheryl had gotten off work but before she had changed, Cheryl told me she loved the freedom I had given her to be a slut, and had thanked Steve for his apology. She then told him, the kiss had given her a reason to talk to me about what had been going on, not only between them, but also with the whole crowd. Steve was shocked I knew about the kiss, and told her he did not want any problems, Cheryl thanked him and then said it was ok, she then told him to wait and went to change, returning is her shorts and tube top, Steve was very impressed and told her so. Cheryl then told him I had picked out the outfit for her so she could show off for him; Cheryl said Steve was very shocked by this comment.

Cheryl then gave Steve a big tongue kiss and let his hand roam over her ass, as he rubbed his cock into her cunt, she told him to be cool at other times, but this was something they could share. That night Mary also kissed her and Cheryl was ready to go further when they were interrupted.

Cheryl did not let me go without and we fucked twice that night and twice a day for the next week, for the first time she let me fuck her in the ass, and she started to demand it in the ass on a regular basis. The next few weeks were not as hot as the first, I started making the bar one night a weekend, to party with the group and was accepted. Cheryl was right I did like Kimie, one night after several weeks Kimie climbed onto my lap and ground her ass into my cock. She then licked my ear and told me she wanted to eat my wife right then, and there, I said I did too. Kimie than asked how did Cheryl taste, and I told her very good, and smooth. Kimie was surprised Cheryl was shaved and I told her Cheryl had all the hair removed a few years back as a gift to me since I liked it that way. Kimie told me I would love her because she was bald too.

She then kissed me and left, quickly Cheryl took her place and I told her what I had told Kimie. Cheryl surprised and said she would like to be with Kimie some night, I told Cheryl anytime would be good with me. Cheryl said she was sure it would, Cheryl said it would be her, one on one with Kimie the first time. That night for the first time I watched Cheryl flirt with Steve and several other men, but she was really showing off for Steve. By now word had gotten around Cheryl was not totally available, but was open to playing a little.

Cheryl than came up to me and asked it the spa was hot, I asked why and Cheryl said no, Steve was not coming over, she wanted to bring Kimie back and have a quiet time with her. Before I could say anything, Cheryl said I could watch but I would have to leave then. I quickly left, so I could relieve the baby sitter, and set up the spa.

Three hours later Cheryl called just before she, and Kimie showed up, I watched as they striped and got into the spa nude. I had set up a mike to listen, and got an ear full and Kimie told Cheryl about events at the restaurant and her sex life. Kimie asked Cheryl if she had fucked Steve yet, Cheryl said no, but she had my permission too, Kimie, could not believe I would let Cheryl do this, and was even less believing when Cheryl said I wanted to watch. Kimie told Cheryl she would fuck me in a minute, but she was more interested in Cheryl right then.

Cheryl told her she was all girled out for the night, Kimie said she should have gotten to Cheryl before Mary did. Cheryl, it seems had gotten very hot and heavy with Mary in her SUV in the parking lot. Kimie asked if it was Cheryl?s first time with a woman, and Cheryl said yes, and it had gone a lot further than she planned. Mary had eaten Cheryl to three very heavy climaxes. Cheryl stated she had French kissed Mary, and sucked her nipples and fingered Mary to a climax before Darrel had walked up. Mary had wanted Cheryl to do both of them, but Cheryl refused for the night, and got dressed, it seems Darrel had seen all of Cheryl?s charms.

Kimie then moved in on Cheryl and they started kissing, then tongue kissing then Kimie? hands were on Cheryl? tits and nipples, then she was sucking Cheryl ?s nipples. Cheryl then kissed Kimie?s tits and nipples and it was clear that Cheryl?s hand was in Kimie?s bald pussy. Cheryl lifted Kimie up to the edge of the spa and moved her mouth to Kimie?s cunt. I could not see what was going on up close but, I had a view of my wife?s head between Kimie?s legs and could hear Kimie moaning on the mic. Cheryl told me later she fingered Kimie like I did her and Kimie came on her face.

Kimie stopped Cheryl and reversed positions, this time Cheryl knowing were I was, moved so I could watch. All I saw was the back of Kimie?s head and Cheryl coming more than once. Finally Cheryl told Kimie she had to be fucked and now. Kimie agreed, and Cheryl invited her to join us in bed, but Kimie declined and got dressed and Cheryl walked her out. Cheryl in a flash was in our bed, and on her stomach. Her only request was a rim job and ass fuck.

I slid down her back and ran my tongue down her crack, sliding around her asshole; slowly I flicked the little brown eye and licked and bit her hole. I took one finger and then a second and lubricated her butt and relaxed the muscles, and then I entered her, as we fucked Cheryl related the events of the evening. She spent a lot of time on her session with Mary and said she had tongue kissed Darrel in the parking lot nude, and he had sucked her nipples and played with her pussy. It seems that when Darrel arrived Cheryl was nude with Mary eating her. Darrel had tried to join them, but Cheryl said she had to leave and give Kimie a ride home.

I also learned Kimie regularly fucked Darrel and Mary, doing threesomes was something Kimie liked. It seemed to Kimie, Cheryl and I were not the type to swing. Cheryl told me, she was going to do a threesome with Darrel and Mary after we did one with Steve and then Kimie. Also she wanted to swing with Darrel and Mary later, her prime concern now was Steve, who, was moving across the country and she only had three weeks to get him into our bed.

The next two weeks were great, Cheryl, wanted to fuck Steve, and the hornie bitch fucked my brains out night after night. On the next two Fridays and Saturdays, Cheryl came home three hrs after work, each night Steve got a little more. One night Cheryl rode me hard telling me Steve had finally fingered her, Steve?s last Friday in town he did not show at the diner and Cheryl was worried we would miss our chance. For a week Cheryl had withheld sex, and I had not beat off to have a giant load to blow in her, when we did. Saturday, I was at the bar when Steve showed up, I talked to him and bought him several drinks, after work Cheryl changed into skintight jeans and a blouse over her tube top. We learned Steve had moved out of his apartment and was going to stay in a motel, before leaving in the morning.

Both Cheryl and I both told him to stay with us for the night, the kids were at grandma?s and we had the house to ourselves, but he refused, at one point Cheryl disappeared with Steve, when she returned Cheryl told me Steve had kissed and fondled her tits. As the bar closed we walked out side, we saw Steve walking to his truck and the rented trailer behind it, I told Cheryl this was her chance and unbuttoned her top and pulled down the tube top. I then walked her over to Steve and Cheryl tongue kissed him in front of me, she grabbed his dick in his pants and placed his hands on her tits, which were bare. When the kiss broke, we invited Steve to our house for the night. Cheryl told him he would not be disappointed. I gave Steve directions and we headed off, Steve was right behind us, given the set of blue balls Cheryl had given Steve over the last two weeks I was sure we would not louse him.

In the car Cheryl took off her blouse and then tube top, and then put the blouse back on, buttoning only the bottom button. We waited for Steve at the door and Cheryl again kissed Steve at the door and I assured him, he was in for a wonderful evening. They sat down on the couch and started making out, while I made Cheryl a drink and got Steve and I beers. When I returned Cheryl took her drink while Steve fondled her tits and she played with his dick through his pants, they went back to making out and it was clear Cheryl?s jeans were too tight for Steve to get his hand into.

Cheryl then shifted and climbed onto my lap and drove her tongue into my mouth, I stripped off her blouse and sucked her nipples, I had her jeans unzipped but they were tight to get my hand into. All the action paid off, when Cheryl had her first climax. Returning to Steve, she put her nipples in his mouth and held his head as he sucked her nipples. Cheryl then took her drink and put some of it to her tit and let Steve suck her drink from her tits.

Cheryl stood up and said she had to take a brake and would be right back, she went up to our bedroom and Steve and I used the downstairs bathroom. When Cheryl returned she had changed into a silk camisole. Cheryl climbed onto my lap and tongue kissed me, I ran my hands over her ass and realized she did have any panties on, Cheryl then asked me if I was ok with what was going on and could she fuck Steve. I said yes, and she again kissed me, whispering she had set up the video cameras to capture her first Swinger fuck. I laughed and she then climbed onto Steve?s lap. His hands were on her in a second and quickly found her bare ass, Cheryl got Steve?s shirt off and his pants open playing with his bare dick. Steve got Cheryl?s camisole top down and was again sucking her tits and he fingered her.

Cheryl slid off Steve?s lap and against me, pushing Steve?s head down, in no time Steve?s face was buried in Cheryl?s bare cunt. I was in the right position to see Steve licking Cheryl?s clit, with each stroke of his tongue Cheryl purred. I pulled off her camisole played with her tits and nipples and Cheryl shifted to give Steve access to her asshole as well. The attention drove Cheryl into a long and heavy climax as it stopped, Cheryl stood up and lead us up stairs to our bedroom.

Cheryl led Steve to the side of bed and knelt in front of him as I videotaped the whole thing, a second camera was also running, catching the entire scène, with Steve?s shoes and sox off Cheryl stood and kissed Steve, it was a long and deep kiss. It was strange to watch your wife get another man hot and ready to fuck. Cheryl broke the kiss and knelt in front of Steve and pulled his jeans down and helped him out of them. Cheryl then kissed Steve?s cock through his boxers and caressed him, Steve was ready and very hard, and Cheryl chewed his balls and dick through the fabric. Steve?s hands were now on her head and he was grinding his cock into Cheryl?s face, she pushed back and look at me and licked her lips and said I love you, baby.

In one motion Cheryl pulled down Steve?s boxers and went back to licking and chewing on Steve?s cock, Cheryl was forcing Steve to wait, finally she took his cock in her hand and pulled it down to her mouth and licked the tip. Slowly she worked his cock into her mouth, as the videotape rolled close up Cheryl sucked another man?s cock for the first time since we met. Cheryl did not want Steve to come in her mouth just yet, maybe later. Steve stood nude in front of her his dick covered with her spit and his pre-cum, Cheryl held Steve?s dick in her hand and licked the head with her tongue, then deep throated him, taking him out of her mouth she again licked his dick all over. Steve was on the verge of lousing it when Cheryl slowed down the pace and stood up, she motioned me over and kissed me, so I could taste Steve?s cock on her lips. As I moved away Cheryl laid back on the bed and lead Steve to her, she wanted me to see the first time his cock entered her cunt. I had a clear view as Steve?s cock head disappeared into Cheryl?s cunt, followed by all his meat as he sank himself into her. When he withdrew, Cheryl juices covered his prick and ran down her ass, she was so wet it squirted out as Steve entered her again. When he withdrew the second time, Cheryl moved and they climbed on to the bed together for a fuck. To keep Steve from coming to soon Cheryl had to roll on top of Steve and I was able to get some really nasty shots of his cock in her cunt.

Steve held out quite long given the circumstances, then came in Cheryl?s cunt, once he calmed down Cheryl rolled off him and slid down his body taking his cock into her mouth. I thought Steve would come off the bed, from the intensity of Cheryl?s sucking, she was working his balls and draining all the cum out of his dick. She then turned to me and motioned me over for a kiss, my gift was Steve?s cum on her tongue, and she then said ?eat me now? I am no fool and began licking her in an instant. Steve?s cum was running out of her cunt and I lapped it up, I ran my tongue deep into her cunt to get all the cum I could before I attacked her clit. Cheryl climaxed three times before I moved to enter her.

Cheryl was like I love her, hot, wet, full of cum (even better, it was not mine) and on her knees as I fucked her from behind. I worked a finger into her ass as a fucked and I will admit I did not last long, but the climax was intense and left me shaking. As I pulled out, Steve took my place, and started fucking Cheryl. I watched as he drove himself into my wife he lasted a long time and Cheryl had at least one more climax. Steve was almost spent when Cheryl climbed on top of him and started grinding herself into him. Cheryl then motioned for me to come to her, we kissed and she continued to fuck Steve. I reached down and started playing with her clit and then with the other hand her ass; I grabbed some lube and worked a finger then two into her ass. Feeling Steve?s cock in her was strange, the whole thing set Cheryl off then I felt Steve shoot in her.

Cheryl climbed off Steve and sat on my face as I licked her clean, we all quickly fell asleep together. I awoke once in the night as Cheryl and Steve fucked, then went back to sleep. In the morning, Cheryl sucked Steve hard and then climbed on him we again kissed and I started fingering her cunt, my hand was rubbing Steve?s cock while I did this, when I fingered her ass, Cheryl said I don?t want your finger, I want your cock in my ass. I quickly shifted positions and started fucking her ass as she rode Steve. It took a while to get it together, but finally Steve and I were able to sandwich Cheryl. Cheryl lost it completely and came and wet the bed and us. I came up her ass and Steve shot into her cunt. We were done and fell asleep again.

When we awoke Steve got dressed and we said our good by?s and he was gone. Cheryl said to me ?I hope you enjoyed that? because I can?t wait to do it again. I kissed her and agreed it was wonderful and special; my wife was now a slut, and a nasty one at that. We went back to bed and talked about what happened and how it felt. I had a hard time explaining how I felt as I watched her suck and then fuck Steve. Watching another man?s cock entering your wife for the first time is something you have to see. Eating his cum out of her was different. I was just sorry Steve was gone, Cheryl said don?t be, we will find other partners. The first was to be Kimie for me, it seems Cheryl wanted to watch my dick enter Kimie?s pussy and to eat my cum out of Kimie. We did not even fuck again; we just crashed and slept past noon. We talked all week about what happened and both came away enjoying the experience and filled with the desire to do it again.

By Friday, Cheryl could not wait to get Kimie back to our bed, I was not so convinced of my wife?s ability to get Kimie into our bed. Lo he of little faith was so wrong, Friday night at 12:30 Cheryl and Kimie climbed into bed with me. The dream of all men, being in bed with two women who want him and each other was coming true. Lucky for me, I took it slow and kissed and fondled each of them sucking Kimie?s and Cheryl?s nipples, Cheryl wanted to suck cock and went down on me as I took time to get Kimie turned on, working my way down to her shaved cunt. She was tasty and very wet by the time I got there. I looked up to see Kimie and Cheryl making out with Kimie?s fingers in Cheryl?s cunt. As I watched Cheryl climaxed hard on Kimie?s fingers, I was able to get Kimie off shortly there after. I went back to licking Kimie and sucking her clit, by now my fingers had found her G-spot and I was able to get her into a rolling climax.

As I rejoined the ladies on the pillows, to rest my weary tongue, Kimie apologized, if she had known we were going to get together that night, she would not have fucked Darrel before going to work. According to Kimie, whenever she needed to be fucked she went to Darrel and Mary?s and Darrel or one of his friend?s would fuck her. Most of the time it was just that a fuck, quick and hard until Darrel or whoever came in her and then it was over. Some time Darrel and his friend Nick would both fuck her. That I had taken time made this so special to her (women). Cheryl wanted to know how I liked eating Darrel?s cum out of Kimie?s pussy, I said, I loved it, and I just thought Kimie was juicy. We all relaxed and Kimie told me if I loved cum filled pussy?s she would always bring me hers, I gently kissed her on the lips and said please do. Kimie returned the kiss and then went down on me joined by Cheryl for a twin blowjob. Knowing what I love, Cheryl let Kimie eat me and she did that so well, Cheryl gave me a rim job at the same time. Thank god Kimie stopped me from coming as I almost lost it.

Cheryl?s tongue was running slowly around my ass and up to my balls, while Kimie was licking me and alternating was long slow sucking me all the way into her mouth. Her tongue was doing wonders on the head of my dick and balls as Cheryl?s tongue went up my ass. Kimie caught me before I exploded, and then told Cheryl to help her as she mounted me slowly.

As Cheryl watched my prick slowly enter Kimie?s waiting cunt. Cheryl was holding me and rubbing Kimie?s clit with the head of my prick and opening Kimie up as Kimie moved down on my prick. Cheryl?s head was on my stomach as I entered Kimie, once I was all the way in, Cheryl started licking Kimie?s clit and reached around and played with my balls. Kimie rocked back and opened up to Cheryl?s tongue, it did not take long and I heard sounds from Kimie that were amazing, I thought she would rip my prick off she came so hard. After a second, Cheryl rose and kissed Kimie and they embraced, I slid my hand to Kimie?s clit and started working the little button, Kimie came again and this time I saw her open her mouth and her eyes roll back. Her amazing cunt clamped down on my prick again in spasms of pleasure like I had never seen, Kimie seemed to just suck air in. After what seemed like forever she dropped to my chest and said fuck me now. I started pumping her slowly as Cheryl kissed and caressed her, Cheryl knew I needed release and I felt a finger slide up my ass bringing me off. It was my turn to go off high order and I did. After a few minutes we all just lay there to relax, then Cheryl took my cock out of Kimie?s cunt and started sucking me clean. The feeling was so intense it was almost painful.

Cheryl said it was her turn now and we all laughed. Kimie moved and buried her face in Cheryl?s cunt. I watched as Kimie went to work on Cheryl?s clit and cunt, Cheryl was doing the same to Kimie and she most have been good by the sounds Kimie was making. Kimie had Cheryl?s entire crack open and was licking the clit without mercy. Cheryl then asked to be fucked and fucked hard, I reminded her the space was occupied, her reply was my ass is open to you baby, please fuck me. She and Kimie moved to Cheryl on top 69 and I gave Kimie a pillow to help out, then I started giving Cheryl a great rim job, all this attention drove her over the edge and she had several long hard climaxes before I got out the lube and opened up her ass for fucking. My prick was now rock hard and ready, with some lube, I slid into her all the way to my balls.

Kimie licked my balls and I felt her fingers in Cheryl?s cunt, I held still for a second before I started pumping Cheryl?s ass, I would like to say I lasted a long time, but I didn?t. In what seemed like no time I blasted a load into Cheryl?s butt. I felt Cheryl cum again and sigh. I pulled out and fell back done, Cheryl rolled off Kimie and we all kissed. Kimie said to me, I want you, to do that to me next time. I did not even wait for Cheryl and agreed to it in a minute. We were all worn out, and Cheryl and Kimie got up and Kimie got dressed and left, by the time Cheryl was back to bed I was asleep.

Saturday night, Cheryl arrived home late and was in bed in a second, watching her undress alerted me something had gone on, she did not have any underwear on when she hit the bed she kissed me and slid her wet cunt onto my cock. It had been another night with Mary in the SUV, this time Daryl had gotten a blow job. After Mary and Cheryl were very hot and Mary had shifted and was eating Cheryl, Daryl had gotten into the SUV with them. With Mary?s face locked into her cunt and Mary?s tongue doing wonders on her clit Cheryl did not care she was nude in front of Daryl and could care even less when Daryl opened his pants and guided her mouth to his cock. Cheryl admitted she would have done anyone who had a cock at that point. Daryl had fucked her mouth and she had swallowed his cum. She promised she would go home with them the next Saturday so Daryl could fuck her in a proper threesome.

Cheryl every the good wife told me not to worry; Kimie was coming over to fuck me on Saturday night while she was fucking Daryl and Mary. Since then things have gotten interesting, I have watched Cheryl fuck Daryl, and two of his friends all at once, she has been gang banged at least three times and she now eats my cum out of Kimie?s cunt on a regular basis. Several times a month Kimie will come over and fuck me after she has just fucked Daryl and a few of his friends.

Cheryl came to bed last week with a fresh load of cum in her cunt, it seems she fucked Nick in our drive way so she could have a fresh load for me to eat. Nick is a black friend of Daryl who according to Cheryl she selected for the fun because, he is hung and cums quickly. Near the end of her shift, she asked Nick for a favor, would he follow her home and fuck her. No fool Nick agreed and when Cheryl left, Nick followed her home.

As he pulled into the drive way, Cheryl got into his truck nude. Her clothing was on the porch, according to Cheryl she kissed Nick then opened his pants and took out his cock. Cheryl says is so big she cannot take it all in her mouth. She got him hard and was tasting his pre-cum, when she felt him start to build, she quickly rolled onto her back and pulled his cock into her. She said it takes about three thrusts for Nick to open her up, she felt him throb on the forth thrust and he drove into her squirting what I have to say was an impressive amount of cum into her. I know because I got to eat it out of her.

Done Nick rolled off her, and Cheryl shifted so she could clean him up with her tongue. All done Cheryl put Nick's cock back in his pants and came to me in bed. I was asleep when I felt her weight on the bed and looked up to see her cunt moving towards my mouth. I knew in a minute she had fucked someone, only later did I learn it was in our drive way.

What a slut, well it is midnight, she won?t be home until five or six so I guess I?ll get some sleep, I will need my rest to be ready to fuck her hard and good in the morning.

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