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Getting Caught Catching My Wife

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My wife and I have had a difficult relationship right from the start. I mean first there is the age difference, I?m ten years older than she is and we?ve been together for ten years. We met when she was just twenty and I always feel bad that she didn?t really have a chance to get wild, since had a child almost exactly nine months after we first slept together.

In the early years of our marriage, I felt trapped; I hadn?t intended on being a father that quickly and I was starting a new restaurant so I was busy. The restaurant business is tough; long hours and incredible short term work loads, followed by periods of rest. Over the years, I?d had brief affairs with half a dozen waitresses, though I had pretty much calmed down for the last couple of years. My wife works in public relations, and travels sometimes but I?ve never seen her interested in anyone else. We have sex frequently. I always thought that at some point, I?d have to deal with an infidelity or two on her part, but I figured that I owed her some tolerance because of my past actions.

I mean how could I condemn her for giving into the same kind of temptations that I had been exposed to. Anyway, it was a weekend night and our son was off on a two day trip to his grandparents, and Sally told me she had a late meeting with representatives of a large company that she was doing work for, and that she wouldn?t be home until pretty late. I decided that I?d go see a friend who was working at a competitor?s restaurant, and he set up a small table for me in the kitchen, so I could eat and chat while he was working.

I was into the second course and got up to watch over a sauce he was preparing when I looked out the kitchen door and saw my wife having dinner with three other people. One of them was a girl I recognized from her firm but the other two, I supposed were clients. They were chatting and having a good time. I felt like a voyeur peeping out the door and was about to go back to my table when I saw my wife put her hand over the man?s hand closest to her. I don?t know what it was in that touch, but it was somehow more intimate than was appropriate and I had a sudden feeling that my wife was flirting with this guy. I backed up a little, watched more, and saw his hand leave the table, and I was sure I saw her shift in her seat. I was positive he had put his hand in her lap.

I went back to my table and the food seemed like ash in my mouth. I stayed for another half hour and looked again. They were on coffee now. I thanked my friend, said my goodnights to the staff, and went out the service entrance. I got my car and moved it around to the front of the building, down the street on the opposite side so I could watch them leave. They all came out front and my wife?s co-worker shook the two men?s hands and then got into her car, leaving my wife with the two guys. The car arrived and my wife got in and for a second I thought she was going to leave them there, but she rolled down the window and one of the guys stuck his head in and I saw their lips touch and then both of the guys got into her car.

They took off and I saw her face chatting animatedly as they drove past. I waited a few seconds and then turned to follow, keeping a few cars between us. I wondered what I would do if she went up to their hotel. Would I jump out and confront her?

She drove past downtown and out towards the water. I couldn?t figure out where she was going, since there weren?t any hotels out in this direction. The cars got fewer and fewer, I had to drop back, and then I lost her. I felt tormented and drove around aimlessly in the area thinking that perhaps one of the men lived in the area. I could always call her cell phone but what would I say?

It then dawned on me where she was going. The marina. I took a couple of turns, drove a few more miles, and turned into the marina parking lot. Sure enough, there was her car. I parked some distance away and let myself onto the docks. It?s a large marina and there are twenty piers. We keep a large fishing boat at the end of one of the piers. I couldn?t believe she would take them there though. It was too much, but I?ve got to say that my cock was beginning to swell a little at the thought that she might be so bold.

I saw our boat at the end of the pier and there they were, sitting in the cockpit having drinks. Most of our neighbors? boats are deserted and I know a couple of them pretty well. I kept out of the light and crawled into one of the sailboats cockpits, watching my wife having a drink with two men. There was much laughter and easy relaxed banter. I couldn?t hear everything, but after a further ten minutes, they all went inside and I crept closer.

Our boat has curtains on the inside, but there is a large front window that is covered by a fabric shade snapped down by grommets from the outside. Music was playing on the inside of the boat and I figured that they wouldn?t hear me, so I walked on stocking feet up to the bow and very quietly unsnapped a corner and lifted it. The two guys were sitting in the lounge chairs and my wife was dancing to the music in her stockinged feet.

Sally is a tall brunette who carries her weight well. She?s not a skinny woman by any means, but you could never call her fat. She has curves, lots of curves. Her hips are generous and swell gracefully from a narrow waist. Her breasts are probably one of her best features, large with a little sag, her nipples a chocolate ruddy color with small areolas. She was wearing a wrap dress, one of those things by Jean Von Furstenberg, that fastens across the front and as she danced, she was loosening the belt. I watched as she flashed it open at one of the guys and then closed it quickly. He responded by undoing his trousers and pulling them down, flashing a hard cock at her. She laughed and turned to the next guy, who was watching his buddy. He didn?t do anything and I saw her walk over to him and flash her dress open, but this time she left, it open and slipped it down her shoulders, so her could see her bra, a demi cup of brown and pink lace.

She let the dress fall from her shoulders completely, and now she put one knee in this guys lap, rubbing his cock as she leaned into him, offering her breasts to his eyes. He lifted his face and she bent to kiss him. He reached behind and unsnapped her bra and her breasts fell into his hands. I could see him roll her nipples in his fingers and then his mouth found one and I could see him suck it deeply. She arched back and pulled away, turning to the other guy, who was sitting back in his chair, stoking a very large cock.

She walked over and put her tits in his face and I saw him cup them and suck the other nipple. She then fell to her knees and I saw her take his rod in one hand, tracing its pre-cum covered lips with her other, and then she put it in her mouth and moved up and down.

I couldn?t see very clearly because the first guy was now on his feet, taking off his clothes, folding them neatly. In a minute, he was naked. I thought he?d walk straight over to her, but her didn?t. Instead, he went to the back of the boat, buck-naked, opened a storage locker, and pulled out a length of dock line. Obviously, this was not the first time he had been on my boat. He walked back in fashioning a couple of knots. Sally was deep throating the other guy?s tool, but she didn?t object when both her hands were tied behind her back. Within seconds of her being tied though, the guy lifted the rope, lifting her arms up behind her, making her tits swing like ripe fruit in front of her chest. She pulled her mouth away and looked back at her dominator, the other guys cock falling from her mouth. He lifted her to her feet, told the first guy to get undressed, and then told him to lie down. She straddled him and I could see him lift his cock to guide it into her pussy. The guy with the rope motioned her forward, so that her tits swung in the first guys face and the first guy started slapping them so they bounced from side to side. I could see her face grimace with the pain of being slapped, and her tits got red, her nipples hard and in seconds she was grunting with pleasure. The guy with the rope was lifting her up and down on the cock and she was in the fuck motion, bouncing up and down. He put her hands down and stood in front of her, his cock at mouth level while she rode his buddy and then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and started whipping it across her tits. Within a minute, she was coming, and then he was too, shooting loads of cum across her tits. Soon the guy underneath was grabbing her hips and I could see he was filling her as well.

She rolled off him and asked to be untied and I could see a cruel glint in the dominator?s eyes as he refused. The guy on the bottom rolled over and then they retied her so that her ass was in the air, her hands still in back, and the rope behind her knees and then over her neck, running across her tits. I could hear her laughing saying ?Not in my ass, not in my ass? but she was trussed like a turkey and I saw the guy with the big dick squat behind her and rub his cock head up and down her slit. He took a handful of cum and lubed around her ass. He put it in her and stroked in and out half a dozen times before he pulled it out and I could see him working it in her ass a little at a time. She was still protesting and then he pushed it in and she was moaning, the other guy stood over her back and surprised me by sticking his dick in the fucker?s mouth, who sucked him off as he was fucking my wife in the ass. My wife looked to be in genuine pain and I wondered what I would do if it looked as if it were going too far. Break in? And then?

Soon however, it was apparent that he was about to unload in her ass and I was relieved that her discomfort would be over. He stopped sucking his buddy?s dick and ground in tight. As soon as he came, he released her bonds and she curled up sobbing, but them he started kissing her breasts and telling her it was all right. She relaxed then, soon she stretched out, both men leaning over her, and then she was fitting a cock in her pussy and moving again while she sucked a dick that had just been up her ass. In seconds, however they switched and the ass fucker was on his back with her astride with his friend in back, obviously entering her stretched ass. This time the sex seemed to go on forever, as they all moved in synchronized lust. Eventually they all collapsed and I thought the evening was over.

It wasn?t however. Poor Sally had obviously misjudged her lovers. While she was recovering from her last orgasm, the cruel guy retied her hands behind her back. She was protesting and shouting, but he looped the rope through an overhead handhold, forcing her to bend forward again. Now he found her dress and ripped the arm off binding it over her eyes, sticking the other arm in her mouth. He then tied her feet apart, using a deck mop handle, so that her legs were spread, and then he proceeded to slap her body all over until her ass and tits were red. The two men then dressed and prepared to leave the boat, leaving my wife tied up. I waited until I saw they were going to leave and went back to the parking lot. Obviously they had planned this carefully, for over in the corner was a rental car. I was in the bushes and threw a stone, which shattered one of the windows. I moved and waited in the shadows until the big guy came over and then I smacked the shit out of his thigh with the aluminum fish bat I kept in the cockpit. He said, ?Holy shit? as he crumpled and in a few seconds, his buddy came around the corner. I gave him a touch on the shoulder, enough to leave a good-sized bruise and then as he moved back I let him have a full arm swap across the ass. His buddy was back on his feet so I touched him up across the top of the head. I said, ?I saw what you did to that lady. I can sit here and beat the shit out of you both all night or you can get in that car and drive off.?

The guy with the ass burn made a lunge and I gave him a swipe across the hand that I figured broke a knuckle. The other guy also made a move for me as well and I was tired of the bullshit by this point, so I raised my aiming point. I heard his bone break when I connected. He shouted at his friend, ?The fucker?s crazy, he broke my fucking arm.?

It seemed to take fight out of both of them, and a few seconds later they got into their car and drove off. I waited half an hour to see if they would come back, but I figured they were both off at an emergency room. They sure wouldn?t be calling the cops.

I walked back down to the boat, locking the pier gate behind me. What was I to do now? I crept back on board and looked in through the doorway. My wife was as they had left her, her back to the door, bent over, her legs apart. You could see cum dripping out her ass and pussy. If I pretended to have come down to the boat to check on it she would know that wasn?t true. If I just untied her, she would be humiliated perhaps beyond recovery. I opened the door and I could hear her muffled cries. I reached around and took the gag out of her mouth. She said, ?You came back pretty soon. I wasn?t expecting you for another hour.?

I backed up. I was just about to untie the blindfold when I had another idea. I dropped my trousers and walked up behind her. My cock was hard, and it slipped into her pussy with no resistance. I reached forward and grabbed her tits. They seemed heavier than I had ever felt them, her nipples like pebbles on my palm. I fucked her slowly for about ten minutes and then I backed up and slipped it to the entrance of her ass. ?No, you know the rule only once. ? I pushed and felt it slide in and then she sighed. I reached around and found her clit, wet with cum and her own juice and I stroked in and out, as she got closer and closer. When she was there, I slipped my finger inside her pussy and felt it contract and then I emptied myself up her ass.

I dressed, reached up and loosened the knot securing her hands, but before she could untie herself, I slipped out of the cabin and crept back to my place at the bow. She was cursing now, but untied and then she took the blindfold off. She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower run and then she pulled a new dress from her bag, put the old one away, tidied and locked the boat. I waited ten minutes before I went to the parking lot, and her car was gone.

I felt like an idiot but drove straight home. She was in the shower when I got there and when she came out it was evident she had turned up the heat to scalding to hide the marks on her skin. She came over to me, took me in her arms, and said she had missed spending the night with me. She reached into my trousers and pulled her hand out, holding it under her nose. ?I can smell pussy on you. Who have you been fucking??

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