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Funeral Connection (of all places!)

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My story has a strange beginning- surprising middle- pleasant ending.

I moved about 3-4 hours away from my childhood town about 35 years ago. With friends and some family still nearby, over the years I have returned many times- but can't say I was a regular. My experience started about a year ago when a local elderly man died in our old small town. He lived a great life and his death came calmly- so the wake was fairly upbeat. He (man that died) had been very active in the community during my youth- coaching sports teams, teacher at the school and generally one of the nice guys in town. As such, I was pleased to see many of my childhood friends while showing my respects.

Most came as couples, but I ended up attending myself as my wife stayed behind due to other commitments. As such, being "single"- once we exchanged quick conversations- most of the people I talked to returned to their spouses, or family. This worked well however, providing me a great opportunity to simply catch up with people I had not seen for such a long time.

I finally came across Brian however- also "single" at the wake. Brain and I were actually pretty good friends through our school years- he always seemed "gay" before it was popular to be so! We ended up being the only ones that attended that didn't have others, so we ended up spending the balance of the time talking about the years that had passed. We all knew Brian went to work at his family's country store just after school- as his father abruptly died, forcing his path into the business. As a result however, he always worked and most of us lost connection with him.

Brian shared he married his school friend a few years after graduating- after a few years however, the marriage ended. For now- that was the end of this line of discussion. Brian mentioned he would have to leave soon- as he had to pick up something for work about 4 hours away- he would be driving up, pick up the product, get a hotel and return. Given I had some time, I offered to ride along and keep him company- and catch up with other friends we had in common- thus we left for our road trip.

After the normal chit chat during the drive, the subject(s) turn to more of the expected. We first talked about his failed marriage. Brian mentioned they were best of friends, but never truly lovers. They actually only made love a handful of times- and even they it wasn't all that special. They were great friends as mentioned, but eventually gave in to the knowledge that they knew there must be more. Given Brian both then needed a home to live in, and his mother had become an unexpected widow- he moved into his childhood home.

With the exception of Brian actually purchasing the home and "Mom" taking the apartment in the basement of the home- this became the routine Brian led for over 20 years. Work and return home to the company of his (obviously) growing older mother.

This remained the constant until last year when his mother suffered a stroke and died. Their had been other issues, so both his mother and he were prepared for "that" part of life to change.

What Brian had not expected or prepared for what being lonely for the first time in his life (Now in his mid 50's). One thing led to another and I asked about his dating life?

To my multiple surprise- has not virtually dated since his wife (25-30 years ago!) and expressed how he had turned to dating services over the past few months- but never getting beyond the first date. (Now the story comes full circle). I paused for a bit to contemplate my next comment to Brian, but figured I must say it..."Have you considered gay dating sites?". His reply seemed to be more of curious? "Why do you think I should do that?"- I replied that he had always seemed to demonstrate a strong gay disposition- and perhaps that was turning off the dating site candidates, but would obviously work for many gay candidates.

The following questions are only a few- but seemed like hours expired between the questions and equally between replies-

I asked him if he ever thought about a gay life and/or did he ever experiment? He eventually shared he had never experimented with a guy, and actually didn't have many sexual thoughts, either sex. I asked him if he would consider trying a man to see if it was a better experience for him than he remembers with his former wife. He eventually agreed, stating however he didn't know how it would ever happen.

I replied- "When we get to the hotel tonight, you're going to have your cock sucked and you're also going to suck your first cock". Again, after what seemed like an hour, he eventually said "How do you know that?" (I actually think to this day he was still naive). Well- I'm going to suck your cock first, and then you're going to return the favor! That actually sparked an immediate reply- "But you're married, you're not gay!" I shared with Brian that he is correct, I am not gay, I'm happily married, but I am also sexually motivated. While I prefer woman, I can enjoy sex in many fashions. While I have limited MM experience, (knowing Brian has none) I felt comfortable. Fortunately we were not far from the hotel at this time- as the conversation went to nothing!

We checked in and I told Brian to get into the shower and expect me to join him. This too seemed to shock him, but was the best ice breaker for both. I gave him a few minutes to be by himself and prepared to join him. I have to admit- I was woefully curious as to what I was about to see (and experience). As I entered the shower, I was pleased to see he had a nice looking (hair covered- more on that later) cock. To my personal desire- a smaller, thin cock- perfect for my near virgin bi side as well. We mostly gawked at one another, but at some point I instructed him to simply let me do something to him- I wanted him to think about it and enjoy- then eventually do the same to me.

As soon as we got to the bed, I quickly put his cock into my mouth. I didn't want either of us to loose our nerve! While not totally foreign to me, this was a fairly new experience. I have to quickly admit- it was nice. Knowing the person, knowing due to his celibacy of sorts- this was the safest experience I had ever experienced and really got into this. I could tell Brian was really enjoying this as well and instructed him NOT to cum at this time. I didn't want this to end for either of us- we would have plenty of time for that.

We eventually changed positions. Brian was tentative in putting my cock in his mouth, but once in- he was delightful. He was a natural- smooth, gentle and passionate. We exchanged positions-taking turns for what seemed like hours and eventually led to our each cumming in one another's mouth. This was a first for both of us- and Brian clearly as more of a natural than I! I enjoyed the concept, but have to admit it wasn't something I would look forward to on a regular basis. Brian on the other hand, couldn't get enough- wanting to know how quickly I could cum again!

The next morning- l told Brian I had a few errands to run. When I returned, I showed him the trimmers I purchased. Being out of the sexual world for decades...he needed some instruction as it related to "man-scape". We trimmed his pubic hair very short without any issue. When I suggested we lather up his balls and ass to shave them both clean- he took issue. I convinced him to trust me- and I would reward his trust. He proceeded to shave.

We returned to bed for one last rump before checking out and returning home. At this point, I started where we left off the night before- proving the best blow job I could quickly learn how to provide. Moving down however to take in his cleanly shaven balls seemed to also spark his excitement. Sensing his enjoyment, I moved further to one of my favorite places on my wife- his clean shaven ass. He "may have" considered someone giving him a blow job eventually (while he would not admit to such) but given his response, I am confident he was totally taken by my tongue being solidly pressed against his puckered ass. I proceed to eat his ass like it was the tightest pussy I had ever experienced. I love a clean shaven ass! Apparently, eventually so did Brian- he was seriously turned on by my moves. I eventually reached across to the nightstand for one of two last things I purchased when getting the trimmer- lube. I lubed up his ass and worked my finger in slowly, moving to fingers. The sensation on my fingers alone got my cock hard- I reached for the final purchase, a condom and prepared to take his virgin ass. I must admit- I too was an anal virgin. This was a line my wife had drawn from day one...and stuck to it! I have never fucked someone in the ass- until now. I slowly replaced my fingers with the tip of my cock. I rubbed the opening of his ass a few times and eventually lined up my cock for entry. Feeling the pressure of resistance- I just kept my cock in place until he relaxed and took all that I have to give. We slowly worked my cock in and out until he eventually called for me to "pound him"- which I did all that I could!

Turn about is fair play however- just as I have never fucked an ass, mine has never been fucked either. I LOVE anal play and small toys, but have never had the opportunity to explore further. Just like the night before however, I had asked Brian to do to me what I had done to him- forgetting this was the mantra provided- he began to lick my ass and provide one of the best rimming I have every enjoyed (wife does do this occasionally). He then (as I had done) lubed my ass and inserted one finger at a time. I could feel him fumbling behind me and knew what next- was when I felt the head of his cock against my ass- I simply pushed back welcoming his entry. His smaller cock (I referred to at the beginning) was the perfect solution for my virgin ass. I really liked being fucked, but totally enjoyed the overall sexuality of the full experience.

Our ride back was full of questions from Brian- you would have thought I was "Doctor Ruth". Fast forward over the past year- we have talked several times and become strong e-mail friends. Brian went though several guys via the dating service, but as settled in with what seems like (have not met personally yet) a wonderful guy. Seems his post funeral "road trip" provided him the experience he needed- and can't say it wasn't an unexpected surprise for me either!

Far from what I expected when packing for the funeral- but our mutual friend's death will now be remembered forever!

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