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Fun With Toni

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Toni was a young lady with whom I worked with for a couple of years. During most of that time I fantasized about getting sexually involved with her. Toni is a petite young lady, all of five foot two and 110 pounds (soaking wet). She has short raven black hair that surrounded her dark eyed, Asian-Caucasian face just right. In contrast, I am a six foot one, 250-pound, dark brown haired, hazel eyed, pure Caucasian. She has since moved away, on to other things in her life and career. Therefore my fantasy with her will probably remain just that, fantasy and never take place. But now and then, I still dream about her, and I often wonder as to whether we could have made my fantasy come true or not.

In my fantasy, I picture the two of us sitting in the warm glow of a crackling fire, listening to some light romantic music, and sharing a bottle of wine. After a brief period, Toni says 'I don't know if it is the wine, the fire, your company, or a combination of all three, but I am getting a warm feeling all over.' Upon which I reach out and take Toni in my arms and hold her close. She responds by wrapping her arms around me and turning her face so that our lips meet in what becomes a long, deep, passionate kiss.

When we separate, Toni says that her back is sore from a long day at work. I tell her to lie down on the soft rug in front of the fireplace and I will massage it for her. As Toni starts to lie down, I ask her if she would mind removing her blouse so I can work all the easier on her muscles. She turns her back to me and slowly removes her blouse. She then lies down and stretches out with her arms crossed under her head. I kneel down beside her and begin to work on shoulder muscles with my fingers and the heals of my hands. Slowly I work my way down and across her back. All the while I can almost swear that Toni is purring like one of her cats.

When I reach the point where her bra strap crosses her back, I unclasp it and lay them off to the side. I continue to knead her muscles, working out a couple of knots that I find.

When I finally get to her waist area I ask Toni if she wants me to work on her legs as well. She does not say a word, but lifts her hips off the floor, undoes the button, unzips the zipper, and then puts her thumbs inside the waist to push down her slacks. As I tug on the cuff, they slide completely off her. Toni stretches back out and allows me to get back to work on her muscles. Again I go over her back, working my way down to her waist. This time though I continue on down one of her legs, kneading and rubbing all the way to her foot. When I reach her tiny foot, I lift and massage it as well. I then start on her other foot working my way up that leg to the thigh area.

Upon reaching the leg openings of her panties, I reach under them to knead her pert behind. When this does not offer full access, I pull my hands back out and move to the waistband to continue the massage. Rolling Toni's panties down a little allows me to massage her beautiful behind with no obstruction. I continue to massage her, moving my hands further down, drawing her panties with me until I have them completely off her. Working my hands back to the point where her legs start, I begin to move my fingers in between her legs. Drawing her legs apart ever so slowly, I move my fingers down and lightly touch the wetness of Toni's vaginal opening.

Moving further down, I lightly touch Toni's excited clitoris, where upon I hear a moan of pleasure come from her. Moving my hands back up to her shoulders, I start to kiss her body while I massage her again. Slowly I move down Toni's body again to her toes. When I reach them, I take each of her toes in my mouth and suck on them. Kissing and licking the soles of her feet, causes Toni to squirm in ecstasy. Continuing to kiss and lick her legs, I work my way back up her legs, alternating between them, up to her knees. I then start to concentrate on her knees, licking and kissing both sides and the back. She really starts to squirm as her passion builds.

I move on up her legs, continuing to kiss and lick every piece of her tight little legs. As I approach her love nest, I begin to lightly touch her all around her vaginal opening. Lightly I blow on her clitoris, causing it to further swell with excitement. Meanwhile my fingers continue to play in her drenching wet love nest. After I have my fingers are soaked with her natural juices, I move one of my fingers to her tight anal opening. After a brief period I insert another finger into to her rear passage, then another, and another, until I have four fingers working on stretching her sphincter muscle. With my thumb I continue to play in her vaginal opening. When I begin to concentrate on her clitoris, she begins to squirm around, while holding on to the back of my head, pulling my face and tongue further into her love nest. Her hips twist from side to side, making it hard to keep my tongue in contact with her clitoris, if she was not holding my head so tight to her.

After several minutes her whole body tenses up in the throes of what is to be the first of many orgasms. Continuing to hold my head tight to her, Toni tells me 'Keep licking my pussy and keep your fingers in my ass moving as well.' As she slowly relaxes and settles from her orgasms, I lightly run my fingers across her body, which keeps her excited ever so slightly.

By the time Toni has completely calmed down, I begin to lightly kiss her beautiful mouth, face, and ears. She relaxes in my arms and begins to lightly touch my face, my neck, and, as she unbuttons my shirt, my chest with her tiny fingers. She follows this by kissing and licking my skin wherever her fingers have been. She takes my left nipple in her mouth and lightly bites down, exciting it. Meanwhile she is playing with my right nipple with her fingers, pinching and rolling it between her fingertips. After a while she switches nipples, and when she does, she bites down a little harder on the right nipple.

All during my activities of massaging, licking, kissing, and feeling her, my penis was in an erect state. However, when she starts her actions, I seem to get harder than I have ever gotten before. One could probably punch a hole in a brick wall with my penis, as hard as it has gotten at this point. Toni keeps kissing and licking my body as she moves further down it.

Toni unsnaps and unzips my pants, making room for my penis to somehow enlarge even further. When she tugs on my pants, I raise my hips as she pulls them and my undershorts off me. Reaching for my penis, she takes it in both of her tiny hands and wraps her fingers around it. Toni then starts to kiss the exposed head and opens her hands to allow herself to kiss the length. She continues until my penis totally soaked in her saliva. She then takes the head into her mouth, sucking on it as someone would a lollipop. Continuing to suck, she takes as much of my penis as she can into her mouth. As she withdraws off my penis, she lightly bites down, scrapping her teeth on it. When she reaches the head she twirls her tongue around and pushes the tip of her tongue into the tiny opening on the end. Again she sucks down on my penis, taking as much as she can into her mouth.

Just when I think she cannot get any more of my penis in her mouth, I feel the head of it enter her throat. The next thing I know she has my whole penis inside her mouth and has her nose buried in my pubic hair at the base. Toni begins to work the muscles of her throat around the head of my penis. Meanwhile she keeps moving her tongue around the base of my penis. I lay back and enjoy her oral activity for a while. After a short period, I reach out and direct her to move her body around so that we are in a sixty-nine position. Toni does not let my penis escape from her mouth as I move her around. She then lowers herself onto my awaiting mouth and tongue. Which I begin using on her clitoris and all around the opening of her love nest. It's hard to concentrate on what I am doing, with her mouth activities on my penis. However, things soon get a little rough for her to concentrate as well, with my tongue and teeth action in her.

Just as Toni starts to have another orgasm, I begin to feel the strains of my built-up fluids in my testicles. I pull my head back and let her know that I am about to cum. Telling her 'If you do not want to swallow cum, you had better take my penis out of your mouth.' Toni continues to suck, and gets even faster in her actions, taking me again and again into her throat. Realizing that she wants to taste my cum, I recommence my own action on her clitoris and vaginal lips. Shortly her body is heaving in the thralls of orgasm, which is joined by my ejaculation down her throat. Toni swallows all the cum I can give her, and she does not even remove my penis from her mouth until it has started to shrink in a spent stage. Even then she rubs the head of my penis all over her face, kissing it whenever she gets it near her mouth.

I move Toni around so that we are facing each other and we hold each other tightly. Lightly kissing each other, until we calm down from our mutual orgasms. After a few minutes Toni sits up and again takes my penis in hands. She begins to pull on it, then she starts to kiss on it. Slowly it starts to stretch back out to the swollen state of erection Toni evidently wants it, as she lets out an audible sigh when it starts to swell.

Toni then straddles my hips with her legs. She still has a hold on my penis, and guides the head of it into contact with her soaking love nest. Slowly she lowers herself onto my penis, and I enter into the tightest vagina that I have ever had the pleasure to be inside. Toni just sits still for a while when she has fully impaled herself on my penis. Slowly she raises her hips up until just the head of my penis is left inside her. Then forcibly she sits back down impaling herself again. Toni then starts to rock back and forth, side to side, and up and down on my penis. I reach up and take her nipples in my hands and lightly pinch them to full erection. I continue to massage her breasts while she continues the motions of her hips.

After a brief period I reach down with my right hand and start to rub her clitoris. She begins moving faster and faster towards an orgasm. Toni impales herself completely on my penis and begins to move quickly back and forth. The next thing you know Toni tilts her head back letting out a long continuous sigh, then she screams out in pleasure as she reaches another orgasm. Toni collapses forward on me and I can feel her vagina pulsating as it twitches around my hard penis.

I let Toni relax for a few minutes before I start moving slowly in and out of her love nest. I turn us over so that I am on top of her. Taking her legs in hand, I place her knees over my shoulders, which allows me to enter all that must deeper into her tight vagina. Slowly I pull my penis out until I only have the head still inside her. I then slowly reenter her until I am completely inside again.

I continue this for numerous minutes, then Toni starts to scratch my back and raise her hips in an attempt to keep me inside her when I am pulling out of her. I slowly start to increase my pace ever faster and faster. The faster I move, the louder Toni starts to get with her moans of pleasure. I continue my fast pace until I cannot hold back any longer. Burying my penis into her vagina to the hilt, I hold on to her hips and empty all the cum that I have into her. Meanwhile Toni shakes in the thralls of an orgasm herself. Toni scratches my back with her fingernails and squeezes my head where it is between her knees over my shoulders.

We slowly calm down and I take her legs off my shoulders. As my penis shrinks, it withdraws from Toni. Again we hold each other tightly, kissing the other's face and neck. I slowly begin to move my kisses down Toni's body. Kissing on both of her breasts, taking her nipples in between my teeth and lightly biting them.

I keep kissing down across her tight belly until I reach her soaking wet love nest. I pull back the folds with my fingers, slowly I blow on her clitoris, and I stick my tongue fully inside her, tasting the flavor of our combined juices. Toni clamps her legs together on my head and puts her hands on the back of my head holding me tightly to her. One of my thumbs begins to play at the entrance to her anus and she pulls my head all the harder into her love nest. Toni begins to twist and squirm her way to yet another orgasm.

I lightly caress her until she calms down and we layback holding each other. Toni starts to kiss my face clean of our juices. She continues kissing on down my body until she is taking my penis into her mouth again. She continues working on it until she has it back to life and ready for some more action inside her vagina.

Toni stays up on her hands and knees, turns around, and tells me 'Take me from behind.' Reaching between her legs she places the head of my penis against her vaginal entrance. I push forward, while she pushes back. Slowly we begin to rock back and forth together.

After several minutes Toni surprises me when she reaches back and takes my penis in her hands and directs the head of it towards her anus. She tells me 'I want you to take me there.' I ask her 'Do you want any lubrication other then our natural juices?' She says 'There is some in the bathroom.' Getting up, she runs to get it. When she returns, Toni takes some of the jelly and places it on my penis and rubs it all over the head. Toni then gets back on her hands and knees and directs me to use some on her anus. I take a dollop of jelly and spread it on her anus, working it around on the outside and moving a finger into the opening. Slowly I work in another finger, and eventually a third, in an attempt to loosen up her anal opening for my penis. I then place the head of my penis against her anus. While slowly pushing forward I meet a little resistance.

After the head has entered her anus, I stop to allow it to adjust to my penis. When I can feel her relax, I push forward slowly, stopping every so often to allow her sphincter muscles to adjust. Eventually I get fully embedded inside of her. I stay still for a few minutes, to both allow her to adjust, and for us both to enjoy our joining in such a personal connecting of our bodies. I slowly start to withdraw from her until just the head of my penis is left inside. I then reenter her a little bit faster. Meanwhile I reach around her and start to play with her vagina and clitoris with one hand and her breasts with the other. One of her hands joins mine and we both start to work on her clitoris. Toni starts to push back harder and harder every time I am on the down stroke into her anus. Toni starts to move faster and faster as she approaches her orgasm. Her anus clamps down a little harder on my penis and the next thing you know both of us are in the thralls of a gut wrenching orgasm. Toni's and my heads pull back, looking skyward and scream out our cries of lust and pleasure.

Both of us collapse on our sides, gasping for air. Reaching around, I pull her tightly to me. Toni twists around and we wrap our arms around each other. We fall asleep in each other's arms there in front of the fireplace. When we wake up a few hours later, we take a shower together to clean off the sweat, dried up cum, and lubrication from our earlier activities. While in the shower, we begin our sexual activities anew, and they carry on into the bedroom. But those are more fantasies.

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