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Friday Night at the Librarian's House

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After Roseanne dropped me off after school, I went in and took a shower, because I smelled very strong of hot wet pussy. By the time I got out and got dressed, my mom had come home from work and had dinner waiting. I wolfed down my food, for two reasons. One, I was in a hurry to get back to Roseanne's for some "dessert", and two, after a really good fuck, I get really hungry!

Just as I finish, Larry calls. "Hey Dude, what's up for tonight? Wanna party?" "Sure", I said, "But I can't for long. I got something I gotta take care of later."

"What's that? Or should I say, Who's that?" He said laughingly.

"Oh, no one you know. She's from out of town."

"No shit!" He exclaimed. " I was only bullshitting you about it. You really got something lined up?"

After taking a deep breath, and letting out a long sigh, I replied, "Yeah, but I can't talk about it, because if anyone found out, it could cause a lot of serious trouble for a lot of people."

"Oh, shit, dude," he said. "You GOTTA tell me! After all, we're best buds, and we know everything about each other! You should know by now that you can trust me!" I thought about it."You're right. After all, if you told anyone, you know I would tell about you and that "girl" you picked up with the big dick!",I said laughing hysterically.

"Aww, man! Shut the fuck up about that! You promised you would never bring that up again! I had nightmares for a week! Not to mention how sore my ass was!"

"Come Pick me up. I'll surprise you, and her at the same time."

"Cool!" was all he said and hung the phone up.

After he picked me up, I told him to go to the next town over, where she lived. We drove up to her house, I got out, and went and knocked on the door. Roseanne answered, surprised, and happy to see me. "Hey Stud! What a surprise! I'm glad you're here! I'm so horny, my pussy won't stop dripping! How'd you get away from Larry?" "I didn't." Just then he popped around the corner.

"Oh, shit! Mrs. Bennett!" He said in total shock, and pleasant surprise.

"Hi, Larry, and I guess if you're going to be in on this, it's Roseanne in private. Come on in boys", she said.

We no sooner got in the door, and she dropped her robe,and was completely naked. We were both instantly hard as rocks, as you would expect from teenage boys. Then she dropped to her knees in front of me, and pulled out my cock, and started sucking. Looking up at Larry, she asked, "Well, are you just going to stand there, or do you want some of this hot pussy?" He never said a word, but in less than one minute, he was completely naked. When she looked up and saw his monster cock, she once again stopped sucking. "HOLY SHIT!!! Please tell me you'll be gentle! That fucking thing is HUGE!! I've never seen anything that big, except on a horse!" Now, as a teenage boy, comparing my dick size to the other guys in the locker room, I felt proud of my 9 inches! Then there was Larry. We nicknamed him Trigger, after a certain cowboy's horse. We actually took a tape measure, and measured it at 12 1/2 "!

Anyway, at that point, Larry dove face first between her legs, on his back, and started licking and sucking her pussy, clit, and ass, like he hadn't eaten in weeks. She started moaning, louder and louder. Finally, she popped my cock out of her mouth, and started screaming like a Banshee."OH MY GOD I'M COMING HARD! EAT THAT FUCKING HOT DRIPPY PUSSY!" Just then, she started squirting come, and soaking Larry's face like Niagara Falls. After she stopped, she slid down opened her pussy lips for Larry, positioned herself, and slowly started sliding down on his cock. "That thing is so fucking big, I won't be able to take it all", she said. That's why I'm sitting on it. I can control how much I take."

"Do you remember how it felt when you lost your cherry?" Larry asked Roseanne. "Of course, a girl never forgets that. It hurt for a few minutes, but then, it started feeling so damn good, the pain went away." With that, Larry grabbed Roseanne's shoulders, and slammed her down on the full lenght of his cock. "This is the same. Just like losing your cherry again!"

"UUGGHH!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she started thrashing around like she was having an epileptic seizure. Then she started having orgasm after orgasm.

So, here I am, just standing, watching, feeling left out, when I suddenly get a great idea. While she isn't noticing, I walk over behind her, Larry looks up, knowingly, with a big smile, and gives me a nod. I reach down between her legs, around Larry's cock, and scoop up a puddle of her come. I proceed to rub it in between the crack of her ass, and lube her up, fingering her ass. Startled at first, she soon started rocking back on my fingers, and coming again. Then while in the midst of an orgasm, when she least expected it I leaned in, and before she could object, shoved my cock up her ass.

"NOOO!!! I've never done that! Stop! " Roseanne screamed. Too late, I already had half of my cock buried, and was going for gold, so to speak. I started to slide it out slowly when to my surprise, she says, " NOOO!!! Don't take it out it feels so fucking good!" You don't have to tell me twice! With that, I slammed it all the way in, until I felt Larry's balls slam against mine. At that point, Larry and I both started coming harder than I think either of us ever had before. We were totally oblivious to the fact that Roseanne had completely blacked out, and was just laying there on the floor quivering. Larry and I got up, got dressed, and looked down at Roseanne. Larry, joker that he is, says" DAMN! I hope her old man doesn't come home tonight! She's gonna have to get that carpet cleaned!" We both laughed, because where she was laying there was a wet spot soaked into the padding, about 2 feet in diameter. and absolutely reeked of fresh, raw, sex! I went over and shook her, to make sure she was alive and ok, and when she smiled, nodded, and thanked us, I knew she would be ok. I took an afghan off the back of the couch, covered her up, kissed her cheek, and said good by.

"Dude, let's go get some beer! It's only 8:00!", Larry said.

"Sure thing, but, listen, we have to keep this our secret, because if anyone finds out, not only will she lose her job, but could go to jail, her old man will beat the shit out of her, and more importantly, we'll be out of some absolutey fantastic sex!" I told him.

"No problem, brotha, you know me, I don't wanna mess up a good and sure thing! After all, she's the only one that has ever been able to take all of my dick!" Larry said.

We both just laughed as we rode away, headed out to drink some cold beer, and ponder our thoughts about what just happened, and to plot our next adventure!

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