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Five Goes Into One

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I had been checking out the net for any possible meet ups or places and after looking found they were duds for the most part. Stopped off at a convience store/gas stop and went to the rest room. In the stall were several numbers on the wall so I thought what the hell, write it down and give it a call. I went to the pay phone outside the store and dialed the number and a guy answered. Nice deep voice and a seeming casul manner. This Rod I asked? Yeh, who is this? Steve, I am at a store and saw the ad. Oh, really, and so you are interested? Yes, very much. Okay, I really do take a lot to satisify he said. Okay with me I told him, I am in no hurry. Okay, I was just leaving, I will meet you at the park and he gave me directions. I described myself to him and he told me he was in a black Chev pick up with a camper on the back. Oh yeh, he added, I will have friend with me, that okay? Hell yes I told him. I drove to the park really getting excited on the way, thinking of swallowing a couple hard cocks and who knows what else. Paid the fee at the gate and drove to the place he had said. There was the black pick up with the camper and there were three other cars parked around the area. It was the head of a couple walking trails and there was a pavilion there for grilling as well as a rest room. I went over and used the rest room and as I came out he was standing near by. I am Joe he told me shaking my hand. He stood about 6'1", a nice firm body and very hung by the bulge in his pants. That is Tony by the truck and I saw that Tony was built much the same but a little beer belly on him. I could see two other men out of the corner of my eye and they were watching the meeting as one rubbed his crotch. I walked with Joe to the truck and Tony grabbed me and turned me around pushing me against the truck. AS he did this he reached around and grabbed my chest, his hard cock rubbing against my ass thru my shorts. Then his hands pulled them down and one hand found my cock, massaging it he then slapped my ass and told Joe, he is going do be good, I can tell. Joe had opened the the back of the camper and said, climb in. I did just that and soon was naked in front of these two very horney men. Tony pulled out a nice hard cock, average size and somewhat thick, he moved to me and again took me and told me well, lets get this going, I am horney as hell. I told him to undress all the way, he smiled and did just that, then I laid down and made myself available to his cock, offering to suck him. He put his cock to my face and I took it in nice and slow, teasing his throbbing head licking the pre cum from it that was dripping out. He had no patience at all and shoved it into my mouth as far as he could. I knew he was going to blow his load soon so went ahead and gave him a good fast sucking, letting him set the speed of the mouth fucking. Sure enough after a few plunges he tensed up and filled my mouth with his cum. He pulled out and sat down finding a beer from a cooler that was somewhere and popping the top. Joe looked at me, you ready for anothe he asked? Yes, that was a quickie, Hope he will be back for more. Tony laughed, give me a few and you will see. Joe looked at me and said so how do you want it this time. I laid on my back and spread my legs pulling them up. Any ideas I asked him. Fuck yes he said and took off the rest of his clothes. On his knees between my legs he wet his fingers and probed my ass, making sure it was wet he got closer and pushed the head of a very nice slim cock to the entrance and then leand forward, sucking my nipples making my cock hard again. THe head of his cock slipped in just enough so that it was on target and he continued biting and sucking my nipples. My legs went around his hips and I began pulling him into my ass. He moved into my ass slowly as he felt my legs wrap around his hips. Oh yes, escaped my mouth, fuck me nice and slow. He continued to slowly move into my ass inch by inch until I felt his balls against my ass. He stayed in like that, moving his hips around but not pulling out. MY cock shot a load between us and he licked some of the cum off my chest, then began pulling out of my ass slowly and pushing back in slowly, the whole length of his shaft. Is that good he asked me. Oh fuck yes, it is great I told him and he was now going a little faster, still pulling out till his head was all that was in and then into my ass the full length of his shaft. I could feel him growing getting ready to cum and he was getting more intense, humping me faster. Then he plunged in all the way and his load filled my ass. Moaning and making other animal noises he filled my ass, the throbbing of his cock finally stopping he slid out of my ass and I put my legs down. Damn that was hot Tony said, best show I have ever seen as he sipped his beer. Another voice came from behind Joe, this the one you called about he said. Yeh man, and his ass is great. A man that looked like a fucking bear was in and he leaned over me, feeling my chest and seeing Joe's cock hanging half soft. Think you can handle me he asked. I reached up and the bulge in his jeans was huge and hard. Sure stud, But I only do it with men that are totally naked so strip, the slut in me coming out. He did and there was not an inch on his body that was not covered with hair. The surprise was that he had a huge rod hanging from the hair around his crotch and balls that had to be full of cum. The cock was thick and at least 8 inches long, the throbbing head larger than the length of muscle that kept it up proudly in the air. Ready he said, You should be glad that Joe here lubed your ass up. Shut up and fuck me I told him. Okay slut, here comes the fucking of your life. With that he rammed into me streaching out the well lubed ass that Joe had just fucked so slowly. He rammed it into me up to his balls and then began pounding hard. His teeth biting my nipples harder than Joe, no gentleness, just plain hard raw sex with this animal. after maybe 20 strokes, he growled, You ready for the cum slut? Yeh, I gasped back do it. He rammed one last time and filled my ass. It throbbed for a while then he began moving again. His cock had not sofented in the least. Here goes baby he said, round two, take this cock slut. It was no problem keeping something that was alread reaming out my ass in the place it was so he again began his r*pe of my manpussy. After a longer time he tensed and growled again that he was cumming, Do it I told him. His cock pulsed swelling and streach my ass more. This time he pulled out and was on his knees. Slapping me ass he said, Nice fuck bitch, I will have you again sometime and he put a card on the edge of the camper wall, call me. Tony was gond but he had been replaced by a man that was naked and slender. He sat near my face, Just give me a good long sucking okay he said. Sure I told him and rolled onto my side to accept the offered meat. His was long and skinny but felt good in my mouth...I groaned a lot while serving his love rod. He took a good 10 min and suddenly his load was in my throat. He finished and got dressed, That was great, I wil get ahold of you again and he left. Joe entered the camper with another man, see told you he was ready for us. He was short and built very muscular, some hair on his chest and a dark skin tone, he was Hispanic and had a very hard cock that looked great. I took it in my mouth and he gasped loud. RElax I told him and he leaned back against the wall of the camper...Oh yes he kept saying as I slowly gave him all the pleasure of an expert cock sucking. I slowled down every time I felt he was ready and he moaned when I did telling me he was enjoying the action. His hands found the sides of my face and he was gently moving my head on his cock, then as he got near to cumming he pushed it all the way down onto his cock. Two more strokes and he filled my throat...his spasims almost making his cock come out of my mouth, bucking his hip. Joe looked at him, told you he was good huh. Yeh, he is really good. Then he asked me to turn around on my knees facing away from him. I did so and he got behind me, cock half hard and it slid into my ass...oh yeh he moaned, that is good ass. The stimulation got him hard again and he began slow long strokes into my ass, Joe was in front of me hard cock next to my face.He leaned back, still hungry he asked me. Fuck yeh man, I am always hungry. His cock sank deep into my throat, all the way in as he began telling me how good it was, the Hispanic lover in my ass was slowly going in and out and we set up a rythum that allowed me to take both at the same time. Then his body collapsed against mine now he was laying behind me his cock still in my ass and his arms around me his chest against my back. Kissing my shoulders and neck. His love making was getting more intense and the cock in my mouth was throbbing looking for relaese. Suddenly both cocks unloaded at the same time filling my ass and mouth...growls and moans came from all of us, animal instinct takeing over, finger nails digging into my hips and a hard cock pounding my ass to drain all the cum into my ass. Somehow we all finished and they got up. We dressed, cum soaking my underwear that I put on and going turh my shorts too. It was obvious to anyone that wanted to see that I had been a cum slut for the afternoon. All 5 men were still there, beers in hand and talking as if they had just gotten together for a few laughs. The hairy one told me that the next time Joe called we would all be there again. I got in the car and drove off, cum dripping out of my ass and the taste of 5 horney men still in my mouth.

any other takers, full time slut for hire here.

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