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First time swinging couple

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Tina and I have been together for nearly 5 years and let me tell you, she is easily the horniest woman that I have ever known. At 5?2? and 105 lbs with pert little breasts and an ass to die for, she has a body that any 20 year old would kill to have, never mind a 40 year old mother of four. I often wonder what she sees in an old fart, 50 something dude like me, when she could have her pick of younger more energetic guys. Our life together, in and out of the bedroom, is better than either of us had imagined possible before we came together. Every time we talked about having another couple join us in bed we both became even hornier than usual, so we finally decided to place an ad on SLS and see where it led us.

After a few miss starts we finally connected with a couple who seemed like they might be what we were looking for, so we exchanged telephone numbers with them and had a couple of wonderful conversations, including one where Sue gave Bill a blowjob while he talked to Tina and me telling us what was happening. Bill and Sue were in our approximate age group and we seemed to have much in common. Arrangements were make to meet at a hotel bar about mid distance between us.

As the date of our first foray into the unknown and potentially wonderful world of swinging approached we both found ourselves turned on even more than usual and were making love at every opportunity.

The first 20 minutes of the 35 minute drive to the hotel were filled with Tina?s non stop nervous chatter, mostly centered on worry that they wouldn?t like us or that we would do or say something stupid. Although I found her nervous talk endearing I feigned irritation and told her that I needed some quiet so she better find something else to do with her mouth. For the next 10 minutes, until we reached our exit, Tina gently licked and sucked on my cock. My favorite way to travel.

Upon entering the hotel lobby we immediately recognized Bill and Sue. We greeted each other like old friends with handshakes and hugs all around and proceeded into the bar to a small table that gave us some seclusion. By the time we finished our first drink we were all convinced that we had found what we were looking for in each other, so we paid our bill and left for the room that Bill and Sue had on the 7th floor. The second the elevator door closed Tina and Sue fell into each other?s arms and shard a kiss so passionate that Bill and I were hard as rocks by the time we reached our floor.

Once we entered the hotel room the girls, who hadn?t been more than an inch apart since entering the elevator, put their pretty heads together for more kissing and nibbling along with whispering and giggles. They came apart announcing that they were going to do a double strip tease for us.

I?ve been to more than a few strip clubs in my day but have never seen a show as hot as those two put on for us that night. Moving to the music that Bill tuned in on the hotel TV those two lovely ladies began to strip each other in a manner so hot and perfectly timed that if I hadn?t known better I?d have sworn that they had been practicing together for months.

At the end of their dance they fell together onto the bed, both flushed with excitement. Sue?s larger 36C breasts were a prefect contrast to Tina?s perky 32A?s but it seemed that Tina?s large nipples were fascinating to Sue who couldn?t keep her hands or mouth off of them. Sue pushed Tina onto her back and worked her mouth down across Tina?s flat stomach to her neatly trimmed blonde bush. I was sure, from Tina?s reactions, the Sue knew exactly what she was doing as she licked Tina into a state of howling ecstasy. After catching her breath Tina returned the favor, starting by licking her own sweet juices from Sue?s face then slowly working her hands and mouth down her body until she found her smooth shaven, dripping pussy.

Sue was cumming so loudly that Bill went over to the bed and put his hard cock into her mouth to try to muffle the sounds. I in turn stood behind Tina, who?s ass was at the foot of the bed and inserted my throbbing prick into her hot, freshly licked hole. Sue came so hard the I feared she would bite Bill, but he didn?t seem worried and kept his 6 inches buried deep in her mouth. As Sue?s thrashing about and moaning subsided Tina crept up the bed, leaving my average size cock swinging in the breeze, and proceeded to kiss Sue sharing pussy juice with her once again.

That sweet kiss was accomplished with the head of Bill?s cock still between Sue?s lips and soon turned into Tina giving Bill one of her signature blow jobs. Tina got off of the bed, pulling Bill, she sat on the edge of the other bed and told Bill to fuck her mouth. I heard her gag a few times, Bill?s cock is about the same length as mine but a little fatter, but eventually managed to get all of his iron hardness into her mouth and throat. After a few minutes of this Tina looked up at Bill and begged him ?Please FUCK me.? They got into the middle of the bed and Bill entered her in the classic missionary position. I was so turned on watching the woman I love sucking another man?s cock and then getting fucked by him. I could tell that Tina was thoroughly enjoying the thickness of Bill?s cock in her tight, wet cunt.

As Bill and Tina were fucking each other?s brains out in the next bed I had been holding and stroking Sue, allowing her to catch her breath while we both enjoyed the ?show?. Finally Sue turned her head to me and we shared a long passionate kiss. Then she said ?I can?t deep throat like Tina can but I do give a mean blowjob, wanna see?? Never one to turn down such an offer I put my hands on her head and guided her mouth to my oh so very hard cock. I had no doubt that Sue was a ?world class cock sucker? when she clamped her lips around the head of my cock and did things with her tongue that defy description. Time and again she brought me almost to the point of no return only to back off and let me cool down. Finally she looked me dead in the eyes and asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth now or later. I told her that I?d like nothing more than to fill her mouth with a hot load but wanted to feel her bald pussy wrapped around my meat first. With a broad smile on her face she slid up my body and slowly lowered herself onto my waiting penis. Sue seemed to have total control over her vaginal muscles, at times she gripped me so tightly until I neared orgasm then she would loosen up and let me regain control. After switching positions a few times and her having had at least 3 orgasms I told Sue that I was ready to have one myself. She laid on her back and guided my dick to her mouth where I proceeded to mouth fuck her until I unloaded what felt like one of the biggest wads of my life into her waiting mouth. She never lost a drop and kept sucking on me until I finally went limp in her mouth.

On the other bed I could see Tina playing her fingers through the pools of cum that Bill had deposited on her stomach and chest. Bill was fingering Tina?s clit and I was doing the same to Sue while she was massaging my cock and balls causing me to start to harden again. I gave Sue a long kiss, tasting the residue of myself on her lips. Then Bill suggested that we all shower. The shower wasn?t big enough for 4 so Tina and I went first. Before getting into the shower Tina and I embraced and I could feel the stickiness of Bills cum on her body. She gave me a great kiss and told me that she loved me and thanked me for arranging that wonderful experience.

After showering Tina and I got in bed together while Bill and Sue took their turn in the bathroom. They returned from the shower to find us in the 69 position. Sue let out a little squeal and ran to us saying she wanted a close up view of Tina doing deep throat. She got a close up view alright, I could feel her hot breath on my thigh. After a little while Sue started helping Tina suck my cock and lick my balls. Two mouths, two tongues and four hands were driving me totally crazy. In the mean time Bill?s hands and mouth were all over Tina. Right above my eyes I could see his finger pushing against her ass hole as I licked her clit. Every now and then both mouths would leave my cock and I knew the girls were sharing a kiss. Finally Sue whispered something to Tina and she replied ?Ok, you first then it?s my turn.? Next thing I knew Tina was off of me and Sue was on top of me sliding her hot pussy onto my slick dick. Then she said ?Ok Bill, you promised me a DP, lets go boy.? He got a tube of KY from the dresser and lubed them both up good then slowly pushed himself into her cute ass hole. This was a totally new experience for me, the feeling of her tight pussy as well as the feeling of his cock through the thin layer of skin separating her cunt and ass was out of this world. Before long Sue was cumming again, this time Tina used her mouth to clamp over Sue?s mouth and try to keep the sound to acceptable levels. Bill withdrew from Sue?s ass and went to the bathroom, Sue rolled off me and Tina took her place, soon Bill was back and repeated the KY process then pushed his dick into Tina?s ass. Tina doesn?t get much anal sex because I really don?t enjoy it too much so it was harder to get Bills thick cock into her, but he finally succeeded and it was every bit as good with Tina as it was with Sue. Soon Tina was cumming in waves and Bill was close behind her. I could actually feel his dick throbbing as he filled her bowels with his love juice. As Bill pulled out of Tina I could feel some of his cum flowing down onto my balls. Then Tina rolled to the side exhausted. I began to protest that I still hadn?t cum yet when Sue said ?It?s all mine? and sank her beautiful mouth onto my cock. She had watched Tina deep throat me earlier and was determined to do the same. She couldn?t quite do it but I had to give her an ?A? for effort. Before long I was starting to cum. When the first spurt shot from the head of my cock Sue pushed down hard and through sheer determination, lust and the added lubricant of my cum managed to swallow me to the hilt. Another amazing climax. I was exhausted, as were my three companions.

We all fell asleep in the same bed but woke up with Sue and I in one bed and Bill and Tina in the other. I was the last to get the bathroom that morning and when I returned found the other three still nude, sitting, talking and laughing. As I approached the group Sue yelled out ?Breakfast of Champions? took me by the hand and pulled me onto one of the beds for a 69 snack. Since we were on our sides this time I could see Tina and Bill, also 69ing, with Bill shoving his thick cock down Tina?s throat. Sue had managed to take me all the way down last night and was now contented to go back to her own method. She wouldn?t get any argument from me, as her method was great. The four of us came at roughly the same time, cleaned up again, got dressed and went for a more conventional breakfast.

We left after breakfast with a general agreement to get together again but without specific plans. While kissing goodbye in the parking lot Sue whispered to me that I ate pussy better than any ?man? she had ever been with. My goal, though maybe not attainable, is to eat pussy better than any woman also. Practice, practice, practice.

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