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It was my wife's 37th birthday and since we are always so busy with the kids and work I made her cake the night before and we sang happy birthday for her in the morning. I only put 36 candles on it though. She wanted to know why only 36 and not 37. I told her to check her email after I left the house.

The email I sent her.

"Please make sure to shave, wax and get your hair coloured today, because you have a very interesting new experience for your 37th candle."

I am sure she expected something to do with sex. But I am certain she did not expect she was going to get another cock for the first time in 18 years. I had been planning the night for a couple of months. I had posted some pics of my wife online to a swing group and a number of guys liked what they saw. She has long dark red hair is 5' 3" 125lbs, 36GG breast and a 30 inch waist, 42 inch very tight looking butt. She has steel blue eyes, very sweet lips and a smattering of freckles that sets everything off nicely. She has a very healthy sex drive and is willing anytime I am, and with I wife like mine I am always willing. Before we got together she had only ever had one other man in her life and she definately seems to regret not having ever been the type to go out and try different stuff when she was younger. She loves watching porn with me but the scenes that really get her off are the ones involving two or more guys. So much so she often sucks on her fingers while I am doing her doggy style. The subject has come out from time to time and she always says there is no way you are sharing me with anyone else, its not going to happen. But I know she desperately wants it to, but is more worried about making me jealous.

I know our relationship will stay together no matter what and that sex is just sex so I am not worried. Being 9 inches myself and very thick I am not too worried about another bigger cock pleasing her more. We have fucked a number times using another dildo in her at the same time and she just went crazy, but still has just as much fun with out it. So with all this in mind I went through the profiles of the guys who responded to her pictures. I ended up choosing a guy named Stan for the night. He was 6 feet tall, clean shaven, average build with a 10 inch long thin cock with a huge head on it. I made arrangements with Stan to pull up near our house near 11 at night. The kids would all be sound asleep by then and I would have my wife through her first orgasm or two of the night.

I was so hard the entire day at work I had trouble thinking and working properly. She never called me once, or sent me an email or anything. I finally got off work and headed home for 5PM, when I got in the door she welcomed me home with a kiss and she sure seemed very bright and cheery and very excited her nipples were poking out of her shirt and I playfully gave her a happy birthday squeeze of the ass. She what do you have planned? I laughed and said you will find out tonight. She said.. oh god at least tell me its something to do with sex. I smiled and said sure.. I can tell you that much. She said when I went for my waxing today I was so turned on thinking what you were going to do I orgasmed when she pulled the strips off my ass. She leaned in and whispered. Will you fuck my ass before I head to work?

Oh man, who could refuse an offer like that from their wife? We headed to the bedroom and I she pulled me close and gave me a long deep kiss my feeling my cock through my jeans. She said oh yeah, thats gonna feel nice. I turned her around and peeled her pants and panties down just enough to expose that hot ass and pussy of hers. Her cunt was dripping wet and she said... surprise.. I got a bleaching for you too. Damn... She had her asshole bleached. It was a very nice pink. I stuck my face straight in and started tongueing her ass. She was moaning and almost ready to come already. I started switching back and forth between her hot pink asshole and her quivering cunt and soon enough she started coming pushing herself backwards into my face she just kept cumming and cumming for what ended up being a solid minute her cunt juices were pouring out and he hot little asshole was opening and closing and grasping at my tongue. She finally stopped coming and said oh god.. fuck my ass now.

I stood up and simply undid my zipper and pulled my cock out since she loves it when my zipper and belt buckle get in on the action. My dick was dripping precum so I went straight for her ass and after slowly slipping my cockhead in and thrust forward and gave her all my cock at once. She started cumming again immediatly and moaned oh god..fuck me.. fuck me hard right now. I obliged the lady and started pounding her ass like no tommorow. After another 3 minutes of her cumming and threatening to drain my balls. She finally said .. stop. oh fuck stop...

Not wanting to waste myself for tonight I reluctantly stopped. I left my rock hard cock in her ass though. She started pushing back and fucking my cock while I just stood there. She moaned oh god one more...fuck yeah and gave herself another very quick and intense orgasm with my cock impaling her ass. I pulled my very senstive very hard cock out and just let her lay there. She turned over and beamed at me. Oh man I needed that, but I better get to work. Her freshly shaved pussy was soaking wet. I said well I cant have you go to work like that and I bent down and licked her nice and clean.

I stood up and smiled.. so..just get your ass waxed made you super horny? She bit her lip and said. I have a confession. Jenny wasn't in today to do the waxing so. I uhh.. let jeff do it. It took me a couple of seconds to realize she meant another guy not only saw her hot sweet ass but he also gave her an orgasm. My cock twitched and I came shooting cum all over the bed and her, an orgasm so powerful I almost fell over.

Damn, I said I wanted to save that for tonight. She said.. your not mad that I let another guy see me naked? I wiped some cum off her left tit and put it to her lips... what does that tell you? She licked it off sat up and took my cock which was fresh from her ass straight into her mouth ( she has never done that before!). She slurped and sucked and cleaned me off until I was rock hard again. I pulled away and said.. save some enregy for tonight you'll need it. I said did you fuck him? she said. god no!.. i was so embarased about cumming in front of him.. I said but did you want to fuck him? she just nodded and turned bright red, she said thats when he suggested the bleaching and when I came again as he was apply the lotion. Dumbfounded I said. okay well you need to get to work. I pulled her up kissed her hard on the lips and squeezed those lucious cheeks, slapped her ass and said, get to work you bad dirty girl.

We pulled up our pants and she left the house for work. I made supper, me and the kids watched TV. I called up Stan to make sure he was still on for tonight and I described to him her extreme horniness and how fantastic her ass looked, even better then before. He was definately going to be there. I got the kids to bed and they were sound asleep by time she walked in the door at 10. As she walked in I popped a Viagra I had gotten from a friend I wanted to be able to stay hard as long as possible. She walked in and grabbed a glass and bent over at the water cooler. I could see her panty line through her tight cotton pants and was instantly hard. I could see a little damp spot from her cunt too. I smiled and said.. A little wet are we? She stood up and said, oh man my ass hurts so good from the pounding you gave me. I was almost cumming from the rough streets on the ride home.

I walked up to her and took the glass of water from her and set it on the table I pulled her close and started kissing her all over. I told her how hot she was and told her I wanted to start the night by making sweet love to her and end the night by fucking her brains out and asked if I could record the entire night. She smiled and said I would like that. I told her not to move and I went and grabbed the camera and tripod. I set it up in the living room pointed at the couch and slowly moved her there. We necked and petted for about 5 minutes and she said oh god please make love to me now. I slowly undressed her and then layed her back on the couch. I sucked her nipples and gave her small little hickies all over her chest. Having been with her for almost 20 years I dont ever need any help guiding in, but it always seems so sensual when she reaches down, caresses my cock and guides it in. She dug her nails into my ass and said dont move and started rocking her hips back and forth. She was really get into it, digging her nails deep in my ass I am pretty sure it was bleeding now and she moaning oh god oh god your cock feels so good. I bent my head down and stuck my tongue in her mouth and she started sucking it like a little cock. I damn near came thinking what would be happening later. She pulled my ass into her real hard and pushed back just as hard and let out a low long hissing yessssssssss. Then released me and started kissing me all over and biting at my neck. mm.. I needed that release I sat up and my dick was glistening with our combined juices. She said man your cock looks so good right now, it was twitching and I was wondering if I would be able to take my orgasm later tonight.

A common fantasy is for me to tell her that it was time to shower because our guest we be here soon to fuck her and I of course said this. She thought it meant she was getting me and the dildo again and said. oh yeah I can hardly wait. So we got up and went to the shower. I made sure she was nice and clean all over. As she was drying off I couldn't help but stare at my hot wife and think how lucky I was to be with her after so long. We got into bed and started petting again and I realized it was almost 11. I said how about I fuck your throat for a while. she smiled at me and said, oh yes definately, as this is usually the cue for me to pull out the dildo and start fucking her with it while she laid on her back with her head off the bed and me fucking her throat. She went to move down the bed and I said wait, tonight you have to wear this blindfold so you cant see who the other guy is. She giggled and said okay. Then moved into position. I fucked her mouth for a few strokes and said... oo its 11 I have to go let my friend in the door.

I went and opened the door and stan was indeed there. He noticed I was naked and my cock was glistening and he said real low.. you guys start without me? I explained to him we had fucked once already since she got back and then I showered her and got her ready. The plan was we would not say I word. We would both walk into the bedroom together. I would start fucking her mouth and lean forward making her think she was about to get the dildo and he would climb on the bed and just simply push his cock straight into her wet pussy.

And thats what we did. She felt him get on the bed and stopped sucking for a second and mumbled ..what the? around my cock.I grabbed her legs. spread held them up and apart and pushed my cock down a little further to hold her on the bed. I said enjoy this cock honey. Its going to fuck you now. she tried to resist but she could not move and I told Stan put his dick on her cunt now. get that big cock in that hot tight pussy. He positioned just that massive head at the entrance to her cunt she stopped struggling. I slowly moved my cock out of her throat and said. Its up to you if you want it in moved down on it. She hesitated then started pushing down. Stan took this as a yes and pushed back.. and kept pushing inch by inch. i pulled my cock all the way out of her mouth and bent down beside her lips and started kissing her face. I said oh god honey that cock looks so good fucking you.. does it feel good.. she let out a long low moannn.. that and said fuck yeah, god yes. I need it to fuck me hard. I said careful its a bit longer then mine. And she started coming. Stan couldn't take the intense pressure she can generate and just slammed it home and started fucking her like crazy. Your cock she screamed. Slip you cock back in my mouth. I stood up and gave the lady what she wanted. she pulled back for a sec and said both of you fuck me.. fuck me hard and cum in me. Hell yeah. We both started fucking real good and my balls we slapping her in the eyes everytime I slapped forward. I could hear stans balls slapping her ass and see by the look on his face that he was close to cumming in my hot wife's cunt. she started to shiver and then shake and she just started orgasming like crazy. Her clenching sent stan over the edge and he started pumping her full of sperm. I started coming down her throat and she did her best, but most just went down her cheeks and out. She stopped cumming and actually passed out. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and stan slowly moved back. We both looked at her, more then a little worried, but she slowly opened her eyes and said.. wow. Just wow.

She said.. who's ready for more? I was definately up for the task as the Viagra was kicking in and Stan just nodded and we swiched places. She finally got to feel the cock that just fucked her and she liked what she felt. oh she said, nice and long. And she slowly started to lick the head and nibble it. I looked down at her pussy and noticed all the cum leaking out. I did not know what to think. But I slowly stuck my cock in. HOT DAMN! did that feel interesting. I fucked back and forth and she started cumming again pulling stans cock out of her mouth and yelling I love you honey oh fuck yes I love you. It was a small orgasm but a good one, and she moaned now fuck my ass and get it ready. I am getting some DP!. I pushed her legs way forward and stuck my cock on her cute asshole. I pushed right in the combined lube of her juices and stans cum leaking from her pussy made it slide in real easy. I was getting so hot from watching her suck another cock and just started fucking her ass like crazy. After about 40 strokes pulled stans cock out of her mouth and said. okay thats hard enough. She wanted me to lay down and then she sat forward on my cock with her face facing mine. she wanted Stan in her ass but he slipped and it slid right in her pussy along with my cock. Damn... that sure felt interesting and she just started cumming. Neither of us moved and she just lay there and shook and shivered. She moaned holy fuck yeah.. double fuck my pussy. Stan started moving and I just layed there. trying to get used to the feel of another cock on my cock and the feel of how damn stretched tight my wife was. she started kissing me and saying thankyou thankyou oh god this is wonderful and she came again and again and again. She stopped after her 5th orgasm and said I want you both in my ass. she told stand to lay down. She impaled her ass on his cock and layed down with her back on his chest. I got between there legs and slowly started to forced my cock in. oh damn yes. she screamed... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... and her whole body twitched and she moaned oh god honey.. fuck me, fuck me hard and both of you cum in my ass I need your cum now. I started fucking like a mad man. My cock fucking her like no tommorow, sliding up and down in her ass right up against another cock, my balls slapping his. He reached up and started twisting her nipples and she start cumming, she was so tight on each contraction I thought she was going to cut my dick in half. This set Stan off and he started coming and the cum shooting up his cock right against mine and then the hot flood of semen in her ass set me off too. I blew my load inside her and fell back exhausted. I watched the cum leak out of her ass and his deflated dick slide out. Stan nodded at me, mouthed a little thanks and got up to leave. I told my wife out guest was leaving and she just smiled dreamily and went to sleep, her ass and her cunt leaking fluids and very bright red from the pounding they just took.

The viagra was still working for me so I just rolled her on her side and slipped my cock in her very stretched, very wet asshole, snuggled up to her and drifted off to sleep as well. An hour later I awoke to some moaning and a real good feeling on my cock, she was fucking back at me and moaning oh honey damn that felt good thank you so much.... give my ass some more cum. Please oh god yes show me you still love me, cum in my ass. I told her ohh baby you looked so hot getting so stretched I fucking love you, baby, fuck my cock.. I grabbed her and pulled her tight and just let her fuck me until I came yet again. I was exhausted but my cock was still rock hard from the viagra and she just kept fucking and and cumming on my cock. After about another 45 minutes of her controling the fuck with her ass and cunt and mouth I came one more tiny spurt and that was allI could handle. We fell asleep in each others arms. The next morning. she asked if I had enjoyed the night and still respected her. I simply smiled and pushed her on her back and licked her very tender pussy, cleaning up all the dried juices from the night before. She took about 5 minutes and had a nice satisfying little orgasm and said oh thankyou. we kissed and snuggled some more and then got up and went on with our lives like nothing happened. She wants that to have been a one time thing, but I have a feeling that its something she wont mind getting every year for her birthday. I just might even let her do it without the blindfold next time.

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