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Fantasy fulfilled - Three men in one day

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This is a true story, but the *names have been changed to protect the ?innocent?.

I am not sure when I started having the fantasy, but it feels like I?ve started thinking about it very early in my marriage. When my husband first asked me what fantasies I had, I was afraid to tell him that the only fantasy that I had was to be taken by four or five men at the same time. Maybe it was embarrassment, maybe it was nerves, but I didn?t share my deepest fantasy with him. As he introduced me to new experiences?oral, bondage, mild pain, spanking and anal?my fantasy changed, a little. What would it be like to be taken anally, by four or five men?

We had started experimenting with the lifestyle shortly after our fifth anniversary. It wasn?t long before we discussed swinging separately. I had a ?friend? that I met on a regular basis. This story starts as my relationship with this ?friend? was cooling. *Steve was older?13 years older than I was, at the time. He was built well enough and he was okay in bed, but not great. Steve's dick was a bit more what most women would consider average, about 6" long and 3" around. My interest was waning.

I had recently met another man. *Bob and I had gotten together for some heavy necking and he had taken me to bed once. It was enough that I was interested in more. Bob was 15 years older, but he had an athletic build that made him seem younger. He wore his hair a little long, curling at the ends...thick enough that it was a pleasure to run my hands through it. Bob was about 8 inches long, and 8 inches around. I wanted to have him buried deep in my ass. I knew that his size would be an issue. But I had a plan.

The next day, my husband kept wiggling his eyebrows at me, all day. I knew I was in for some fun, as soon as he could get me alone. Before he headed off to put the kids to bed, he whispered, ?Go to the bedroom and get yourself ready for me.? When I got to the bedroom, I stripped quickly. I slipped on a black silk garter and a pair of thigh-highs nylons. I grabbed my favorite toy and the lube. I lay down in the middle of the bed. After lubing the viberater, I turned it on. I placed it against my clit, teasing my pussy. Letting the vibrations do most of the work. Soon I was ready for more and I slipped the toy between my pussy lips. I shut my eyes, as I moved the viberater in and out, not yet ready for it to be completely in me. Varying the speed, fast, then slow. I heard the door open and close?and then the unmistakable sound of the door being locked. I inserted the toy into my pussy, working it faster. I knew I was getting close. I kept my eyes closed, continuing to ready my pussy for more. I felt my husband?s presence. I knew he had come to the end of the bed and was watching me pleasure myself. ?I want to see you cum.? His quite voice sent me over the edge. My body convulsed and my pussy was wet with my cum. I slipped the vibrater out and set it aside. It was time for the ?more? I?d been waiting for.

My husband moved closer to the bed, he reached out to me. I took his hand and he pulled me up into a sitting position, at the end of the bed. I didn?t have to be told what he wanted. I unzipped his pants and slipped them down enough to free my husband?s dick. My husband measures about 7 1/2 inches long, but his girth is what makes him impressive. He is about 6 inches around. My fingers do not meet when I try and wrap my fingers around him. I reached around and place my hands on his butt, applying enough pressure to make him take a step forward. I encircled his dick with my hand and drew him into my mouth. He was already rock hard. His hands came up and his fisted them in my hair. He didn?t want to be licked and sucked, he was ready for more. He thrust his hips forward. Soon he had his rhythm. I felt him touching the back of my throat, just before he pulled back?almost out of my mouth. It wasn?t long before be buried himself completely in my mouth. He paused there for a moment. "Don't move, I don't want to cum yet." He slipped his dick out of my mouth.

?Lay back and spread your legs.? I watched him undress, as I lay on the bed. My fingers teased my sopping wet pussy, skimming over my clit. He knelt on the bed, between my legs. He ran his hands over my legs. His cock twitched. His fingers replaced mine. His thumb was lightly rubbing my clit, as he inserted two of his fingers into my pussy. As he finger fucked me with one hand, he reached over with the other. He pinched my nipple, as he sucked the other nipple into his mouth. Then he switched, nipping my nipple, just before he did. He grabbed both of my legs, putting them onto his shoulders. My pussy and ass were both exposed to his invasion. My husband?s dick was pressed against my pussy lips. One thrust and he was buried to his balls. He paused for just a moment and than he started to fuck me. He leaned forward and whispered, ?Tell me your fantasy.? I knew that he expected me not to answer, as I had done countless times before. I surprised him this time. ?I want to have three guys take my ass, all in one day. I want Steve to take my ass, then you. I want the two of you to stretch my ass enough so that I can have Bob?s dick buried deep in my ass.? My husband paused and gave me a look that I couldn?t quite read. Then he just went wild. He hammered my pussy with his dick. He fucked me harder, faster than he had ever done before. Although, I felt like he was going to split me in two, my body responded to his thrusts. I started to cum and couldn?t seem to stop. Just about the time I thought I couldn?t take anymore, I felt my husband?s dick expand. I thought he was going to fill my pussy with his cum, but then he stopped. He wasn?t going to cum, not just then. He pulled out. I opened my mouth to protest. He told me to turn over and get in position. I flipped over and moved down to the edge of the bed. Kneeling on the edge put my ass at the right level. My husband grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto his dick. With one quick thrust he was buried in my ass. He paused and said, ?Tell me.? I repeated what I had told him. ?No, tell me details.? I told him that I wanted to get a hold of Steve. I wanted him to take my ass. (We hadn?t done anything like that before, but I figured it wouldn?t be difficult to convince Steve to try something new.) I described the bedroom and the position that I would be in. As I talked, my husband began to thrust into my ass. I glanced over my shoulder, he had his eyes closed. His fingers were digging into my hips. He pulled me back, as he thrust forward, filling me deeper than ever before. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was picturing my story. I continued. I explained that after I had Steve, I planned to come back to the house. I wanted my husband to finish what Steve had started. Once my husband took my ass for the second time that day, I would call Bob and make arrangements to meet Bob for more anal action. As I finished my fantasy, I felt my husband spill his load deep in my ass. ?Do it! Make it happen!?

The next day, I called Bob to make sure that he would be available to meet me on Saturday. Then I called Steve, to make arrangements for Saturday morning. Once that was accompliced, I told my husband that things were set up to fulfill my fantasy. That week, my husband couldn?t seem to get enough of me. We had sex at least once a day, every day, between the time I brought up the fantasy and Saturday. Each time, he would ask me to tell him about my fantasy. His reaction was the same every time.

Finally Saturday came around. I drove over to Steve?s home. When he answered the door, I told him, ?I only have a short time today and I want to try something new today.? I told him what I wanted. No preliminaries, no petting. I just wanted him to fuck me in the ass and when we were done, I would be going home. No cuddling, no talking. Although he was a bit surprised, he didn?t seem to have any problems with my plan.

We went to his bedroom. I stripped out of my clothes as we went. By the time we got there I was naked and ready. Since Steve had a water bed, kneeling on the edge wasn?t going to work, so I grabbed the pillows. I stacked them at the edge of the bed. I leaned over the pillows, giving Steve full access to my ass. I spread my legs wide, bringing my ass down to the right height. ?Do it. Take my ass.? He grabbed for the lube, applied it liberally to his prick. Taking two fingers, he applied more to my ass. He placed his prick against my anal opening and gingerly pushed forward. I slammed my ass back, impaling myself on his dick. ?Fuck my ass.? He started thrusting in and out. It didn?t take long before he came. I felt my ass fill up with his cum. When he pulled out, I had cum dripping down the back of my legs. He grabbed a towel and cleaned me up. As soon as he was done, he reached for me. ?No! I told you, I am going home. I?ll call you later.? I knew I wouldn?t, but now was not the time for explanation. I got in my car and headed for home. It?s a good thing there weren?t any cops around; because I am not sure I was driving anyway near the speed limit.

When I got to the house, my husband was naked and waiting. We had taken the kids over to his sister?s place the night before, so we had the place to ourselves. As soon as I walked in the door, he told me to strip. He pushed me down to my knees. He had placed a blanket and several pillows in the middle of the living room floor. I grabbed the pillows and soon I was on my knees, braced over the pillows. My head was on my arms, ass in the air. My husband knelt behind me and grabbed my hips. One thrust and he was buried deep in my ass. He was out of control; he pulled out and then slammed his hips forward. I knew he was thinking about the afternoon and what was going to happen. ?Tell me about your morning with Steve.? I told him how I had demanded Steve take my ass. As I talked, my husband fucked my ass. As he pulled out, he would slap one of my ass cheeks. Soon my ass cheeks were hot and stinging. I imagined that they must have been cherry red. My ass hole felt like my husband was going to split me open. My pussy was sopping wet and tingling. I reached down under us and started to tease my clit. ?Do you want me to take your pussy?? ?No! Just my ass.? He said okay and continued to take my ass. ?Harder...please.? He picked up the pace. He felt his dick expand, filling me almost to splitting. Then he was cumming. My ass milked every last drop of his cum. My husband?s dick slipped out of my ass. His cum oozed out of my ass, and down my legs. He slipped his fingers into my pussy. He felt how turned on I was. ?Do you want me to take your pussy, now?? ?When I get back from Bob?s. I want you to let me ride your dick, as I tell you about it.? My husband led me to the bathroom, where he had a warm bath ready. I quickly washed up, dried off and got dressed. I called Bob.

Bob lived the next block over, so I took the short cut between the houses. In less than five minutes, I was knocking on Bob?s front door. Bob wasn?t aware that my husband knew about our relationship, so he was overly cautious. After making sure I hadn?t been followed, he invited me into his apartment. He handed me a wine cooler. I saw he already had an open beer. As we shared our drinks, he ran his hand up my leg. I had put on a long, flowing skirt before leaving the house. I hadn?t bothered with underwear, a fact that Bob discovered very quickly.

I brought up my fantasy, or rather the part of my fantasy that involved Bob, as we drank. Bob was ?up? for his part. He took my drink, and placed it on the coffee table. He walked to the bedroom, motioning for me to follow him. I sat on the edge of his bed and watched Bob undress. It was obvious that the thought of anal sex was a turn on for him. He was fully erect. He had me stand up. He slipped my blouse over my head and unzipped my skirt. My skirt pooled at my feet. I stepped away from my skirt, and slipped off my sandals.

I sat back on the bed, and pulled Bob toward me. I slipped his dick between my lips. Despite the earlier stretching, I still needed him lubed. He ran his hands up my sides. He cradled my breasts in his hands and ran his thumbs over my erect nipples. Bob leaned forward; he took my bottom lip between his teeth. He nibbled my lip and then kissed away any sting. Bob pushed me down onto the bed. He followed me down. We kissed and licked, fondled and played. My juices flowed. I was more turned on than I thought possible.

Bob knelt between my legs. He kissed the insides of my thighs, and then moved up to taste my pussy. He slipped both thumbs into my pussy. He opened the lips so that he could dip in his tongue and taste my juices. Soon he had me cumming. He placed his arms under my legs. He leaned back, pulling me with him. My knees were dr*ped over his arms. I was exposed to him. ?Bring your legs up. Place them on my shoulders.? I did as he told me. In this position, his dick was pressed against my ass. All he would have to do is press forward. I urged him to do just that. ?No, I am too big. We have to take it slow.? ?Just take it slow and I will be fine.? He leaned forward, and pressed. Inch by inch. He paused to let me adjust to his girth. One inch...than two. When he was buried half way in my ass, he asked, ?More?? ?Yes, all the way.? ?Are you sure?? I thrust my ass up, impaling myself to the hilt. ?Ooooooh!!? He tried to pull back. ?No, no...just let me get used to it.? It wasn?t long before I asked him to fuck me. He tried to take it slow and easy. Oh, no! I wasn?t having any of that. I told him, ?Fuck me hard! Take me deep! Close your eyes and take my ass!!? He dug his fingers into my ass cheeks and pumped my ass. It wasn?t long before I nearly shouted, ?I?m cumming?, just as he emptied his cock into my ass. Spurt after spurt of his cum filled my ass. His spent dick slipped out of my ass. He disappeared into the bathroom, coming back with warm, damp towels. He gently cleaned our cum from my body. When he was satisfied that I was no longer sticky, he cleaned himself with a second towel.

At that point, all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep, but I couldn?t. Not there...I had to go home. I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his dick. He jumped back. Although he was still semi-erect, he was sensitive to my touch. I had been there longer than I thought; it had grown dark while we were busy. Bob insisted on driving me home. I told him that I would ?find a reason to get out? again soon.

My husband was keeping an eye out for me. He noticed how drained I was, and told me to go to bed. ?But...? ?Never mind, we?ll talk about it later.? He woke me up a few hours later. He was kneeling over me, running his hands over my naked legs. Every so often he would run his hand over my pussy. Teasing me, running his fingers across my pussy lips. ?Tell me.?, said as he lay down beside me. I straddled him and inserted his erect dick into my pussy. I told him the whole story, from beginning to end, as I slowly rode him. I lost track of the number of times he made me cum that night. As I finally started falling to sleep, he whispered, ?Think of another fantasy that I can fulfill for you.? I fell asleep with a smile on my lips.

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