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FMF with a twist part 2

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When I posted the last part, I forgot two things. First of all to put my email address (pwrain at gmail dot com) in it for comments from those that liked the story and second I forgot to bring in the other gal. So I'll finish the story.

I was playing with Karen and Steve and Karen was the type of gal that like to use her strap-on on not only her husband but also on me. Her husband was the obedient type and would allow himself to be fucked, be sucked or whatever his wife told him to do. Karen very much liked to be in control and use toys on her playmates, so much that she had Steve suck me while inserting a type of toy that was like a dildo in the part that it would vibrate, but also would expand and like a butt plug would do my ass.

Well as we were taking a break from a great fuck session, they got 2 phone calls, the first being from a gal playmate that knew that they were in town visiting and wondered if they were having any fun and Karen said that I was the perfect playmate for them and maybe for her. Karen told her friend the hotel and room number and to come by if she wanted to. The second phone call came from their babysitter. One of their kids was sick and Karen told Steve that maybe he should run home and check on them. Steve started to protest but agreed. Karen then told him to leave the key at the desk in an envelop that she marked for her friend. That way she could come on in. Steve said good bye and left doing what he was told to do.

Once he'd left, Karen started to play with me again. She asked me how kinky of a guy I was and if I might be the type that liked to be tied up. I told her that I'd never been tied up before but if I was comfortable and knew the person whom I allowed to tie me up would agree to release me when I told them to, I might allow it. I told her that I wasn't like her husband and would do just ANYTHING like he was doing and didn't normally let myself be ordered around. She said that she was glad I wasn't like him in that aspect but she did get all worked up when I allowed him and her to use that toy on my ass. I agreed and told her that it was a great feeling and it made me cum very hard. Karen asked if she tied me up, would I let her use her strap-on on me. I told her that I would but not the biggest "cock" as that wouldn't be comfortable.

So it was agreed that Karen would tie my hands to the headboard and she would get to use either the 6" or the 7" cock on my ass. After I was tied up, Karen put pillows under by back to raise my hips up so that she could fuck my ass easier. She then started to lube my ass up and suck my cock as she lubed me. Karen then slipped her harness on and reached for her "cocks" and put the 6" on. She slowly eased it into me and started a nice slow steady fucking motion. Pretty soon she had picked up the pace and was really going to town on my ass when Cathy walked into the room. Cathy saw me being fucked and started to kiss Karen passionately. She asked her if I was the one that Karen said that she'd like and Karen said we've got to be nice to him as she agreed that when I said to untie me, they would. But that I liked my ass being fucked as Steve had used the "toy" on my ass and then agreed to let me fuck him as long as I didn't use the BIG cock on him. Cathy smiled and took off her coat. Now her coat was one of those full length type coats and only thing she had on under her coat was her strap on harness. She then pulled out 2 "cock" that one was a good 8 and the other longer and both were thick.

I quickly told Cathy that there wasn't any way I could handle either of those toys and didn't want to try. She said too bad as she'd love to at least try with me. With that she asked if she could have my cock in her wet pussy as watching Karen riding me good. Karen moved and let Cathy climb on to my cock. She was slow riding me the leaned over and told me to hang on...she started pounding my cock into her and Karen knew what she wanted...she eased the 7" cock that she now was wearing into Cathy's ass and started to fuck her while Cathy was riding me. I exploded and filled Cathy's pussy with my cum just as she clamped down on my cock as she too had cum over and over but really hard as I was cumming in her. Karen pulled out of her and Cathy just lied there on top of me. Finally she untied my hands and rolled off me.

We all stopped for a minute and took a drink. We talked about how my wife couldn't make it as she was sick but allowed me to play with Karen and Steve. I showed a picture on my cell phone of my wife to Cathy and she said she was very hot. By now I was starting to get my 3rd wind, something that I don't normally get but since I'd taken a "pill", I was ready to go. Cathy said she'd watch as I wanted to ride Karen. As I started to doggy fuck Karen, Cathy was quietly putting the 8" toy that she'd brought on her harness. She also started to lick my ass and then she started to finger my ass. This time it felt different as my ass had lube on it from before but this time something felt different as she started to finger me. My ass started to lose feeling. I leaned over and gave Karen a kiss as I told her I was about to cum and she said that I was going to cum a lot. With that I felt Cathy starting to ease a cock into me. It was her bigger toy, one that I'd seen her pull out of her coat pocket and told her that I couldn't take it. Soon as she got it all into me...she said, " I told you you'd like it" and started to ride me just as hard as she'd seen Karen ride me. Cathy screamed that she was going to make me cum as she loved fucking me. She loved a man that could take her toys in his ass and love it just as much as she loved to fuck him and be fucked. For what seemed like 15 min, Cathy was fucking me and I was fucking Karen. Both gals couldn't stay in that position any longer and we finally all stopped.

By that time is was 2am and we all decided that it was time to call it a night. I'd been fucked, sucked several times and I couldn't get hard again, despite Cathy trying. I guess the "pill" had worn off. I gave Cathy our email address pwrain at gmail dot com and told her that I'm sure the wife might like to play but it would be a while before my ass could play again. With that she patted me on the ass and told me that next time, she wanted her ass fucked and maybe my wife or I could fill her.

Comments about this story are welcomed. See the email address that I used in this story.

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