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Exploring 1

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My wife Merrian and I became interested in swinging from a magazine she brought home from work. We had been married now for 5 years and both had been virgins and had become were curious about what it might be like with other people. We talked at length and decided we could do it without any risk to our relationship. So we decided to explore. The only rule was we had to agree who we did anything with whatever we decided to do. We were open to singles and other couples, with a preference that it be another couple. We had no idea where to start.

I have a single friend Dan and I thought I would talk to him. We were having a beer together and I mentioned what Merrian and I had been talking about doing. He said really, my fantasy. What fantasy? He said finding a couple who want to add a third. I said so you are interested? He said oh yes always. I said well I will tell Merrian, who knows what might happen. I added actually we would like another couple if possible. He said I have some girlfriends I can check and see if any would be interested. I said ok surprised and realizing it had suddenly got real. I told Merrian and she said really, so you mean me and Dan. I said he seemed very interested.

Merrian was quiet for a moment and finally said so we are really going to do it? I said well it is what we decided we wanted to do. She laughed and said that was before it got real. I said yes thinking the same thing myself. I asked yes or no? She said yes if we have any problem with it we can stop. Anyway I like Dan ok. I called Dan and told him Merrian and I had decided to go ahead and he would be our first if he wanted. He laughed and said oh I wanted. He added I am still searching for a girl for you, so far all I have gotten is a no, but I will keep looking. I invited him over for the weekend. Merrian was about as nervous as I have ever seen her. I asked her are you sure you want to do Dan. She said Dan is fine I like him it is anyone that is making me nervous as you have been my only man till now when I do this. I understood, although I was excited and open to what we were planning.

Dan arrived and Merrian gave him a hug as she had known him for years. Dan looked at her with a new interest and she flushed knowing what was on his mind. She was about get naked and lay in a bed willing to have sex with him. He knew it as he sat looking at her. No one knew how to start, so I decided it would be best if I disappeared for a little while so they could get started. Merrian preferred I not watch her the first time at least. I preferred it also. Seeing her with another man would probably be a little difficult at first, although I was ok with her doing it. So said I was going out to the patio and would be back later. I went back in a little later and they were gone into the bedroom. They were in the bedroom about an hour before they returned.

Merrian had that I just got fucked look I know so well when she walked back into the living room. Her face was flushed and her hair messed up and a different look in her eyes. She smiled at me and walked over to me gave me a kiss and said I love you. Dan looked like he had just been fucked as he had by my wife. It was a surprise for me that she had actually done it. It was obvious that she had given it up to him.

Later after he had left she told what happened. After you left he came over and sat next to me and said I know you must be nervous. I said you have no idea. He then said if you want to change your mind it is ok. I actually considered backing out. It was a nice offer from him and the offer actually was the reason I said no I want to do it with you. I said that Jim and I have talked and have decided we want to explore and so we are exploring. I hope we can find someone for him soon. Dan told me he thought one of his girlfriends might be interested as she had said sounds like fun, but needed to think about it.

We went into our bedroom and closed the door. I knew I was going to do it with him. I stopped being nervous as soon as I had decided. We moved toward each other and he told me I was beautiful and then he took charge and undressed me and then himself. I looked down at him and could see what he was going to give me. It felt strange seeing a different man. He pulled me close and I could feel how hard he had become and he said that is for you. I said I know and we kissed several times and I felt myself getting wet and turned on.

He moved me to our bed and gently pushed my legs a part and I looked down and watched him enter me. He was a not as big as you but very hard. It felt very strange with a different man inside me, but it also felt good. I opened wide for him and he went deep. I lost it completely and got off with him, I was so hot and excited and surprised I could. Dan was very good and we did it for a long time. We did different positions ending with me on top riding him with both of us getting off. Truthfully I had a good time with him. I sat listening and had gotten turned on by her story and we headed for the bedroom and made hot love. She said I will only love you and I said I love you. I asked would you do it again, and she said yes as long as you want me too.

Dan called the next week and he wanted to talk about what he had done to Merrian. I said ok. He said he had a great time with her, but needed to be sure we were still friends. I laughed and said always. I said hey we invited you. Merrian had a nice time with you and is willing to do it again. He oh ok. He said his girlfriend # 4 had called him and told him she was curious, but needed to be sure of what he would think of her if she did it. I told her only excited, that she was a nice girl and I wanted to continue going out with her so she agreed to meet you and Merrian and see if you like her. He added you will she is gorgeous and very sexy and a very nice girl. Her name is Jill and she is 25.

So Merrian and I met Jill at a bar close to us and she was everything Dan said and nervous. Merrian looked at me with a knowing smile and invited her to come over on the weekend for a pool party and lunch. She accepted. Merrian said as we drove home you are about to get lucky she is beautiful. I said yes. I asked her if she wanted to be in the room and she said no not this time, but we would do that eventually if we did it again. Merrian seemed very ok with what was planned.

Jill arrived and Merrian gave her a hug and we went out to the patio. Lunch was ready so we sat chatting and having lunch. Merrian showed Jill where she could change into her suit and a few minutes later she re-joined us wearing a bikini and looking beautiful. Her hair was down to her shoulders and she had a wonderful 25 year old figure. Merrian looked her over and whispered to me you are a lucky man. Have a good time with her. Jill knew exactly why she was there and was focused on me as we sat around did some swimming. She and I talked and she was very nice to talk too and obviously was willing. She told me it felt strange having Merrian right there watching us, and she had never did anything quite like this, but was excited. Finally the time arrived and I took her hand and said to Merrian we will be back in a while. Merrian said ok and watched me lead her into the house.

I took her to our bedroom and closed the door. She said I feel so hot. I said me too you are beautiful and walked over to her and we kissed several times. She said I feel like such a bad girl doing this; this way with your wife waiting outside. I said it is strange for me too. Jill said your wife is very nice and beautiful; you are a lucky man that she is willing for you be with me. I said yes and pulled her suit top down to her waist. I said nice. He boobs stood out and up and her nipples were hard. She reached over and slipped her hand inside my suit and said nice and we both laughed. Jill said Dan told me what he and Merrian did and how much he liked you both and I was safe with you. I slid my suit off and she pushed her suit bottom down and off we were both naked looking at each other. Her face was flushed and she touched herself and said I am so wet for you. I led her to our bed and she sat on the edge as I walked up to her. She looked up to me and asked do you want me to suck you and smiled and said please and she took me in her mouth. I know Merrian had done this for Dan, but left it out of her story.

Jill was very good and I got harder in her mouth and she looked up and pulled away and said you can cum this way if you want I like it. I said no not now and lifted her up kissed her and turned her around and she bent over with her hands resting on the bed knowing what I wanted to do. She looked over at my 8 inches as I entered her. Her expressing changed and some lust creeper into her eyes. I went deep and she grunted and said oh you fill me up. I fucked her hard and fast and she moaned and I could feel her pussy quivering around my cock. I said you are so tight.

We got into a rhythm and me fucking her and her fucking me back. I felt her pussy clamp down and she shuttered and wiggling her butt side to side cried out cum and gave it up to me. She fell forward panting from her cum. I pulled out and she turned over and spread for me. I looked down at that wet pussy and got on my knees in front of her, leaned in and licked her. She moaned yes I love that as I sucked and licked her pussy, I got up with my face all wet and slipped my cock back in. her legs came up and around me and pulled me in deep. She gasped oh yes good and moved her butt side to side and raised her butt up off the bed holding me close kissing me and offering her tongue. I was so hard and held still and let her fuck me.

We made eye contact and she whispered you are so good and I whispered back you are so tight. She said I never had a man as big as you before. I gave her my best and she grunted several times and gave it up to me again. I flipped us over so she was on top. I said go for a ride. She looked down at me and rode my cock gasping as she rode me hard and fast. I looked up watching her face and her boobs bouncing. I reached up and tweaked her nipples and she moaned oh yes. I was thrusting upward as she was pushing herself down on as deep as I could go. She fell forward against my chest kissing me and whispering you feel so good inside me. We both slowed down and slow fucked for a time. Jill jumped off me and went down on me again tasting her, saying I love to taste myself.

I got very hard in her mouth and she could tell I was going to cum. She put both her hands under my butt and held on tight with me deep in her mouth and I exploded down her throat. She kept sucking as I kept squirting and rose up and I finished squirting all over her face and Boobs. She leaned back with cum dripping off her face saying wow you came a lot. I said you made me do it and she laughed. She went in the bathroom to clean her face off and when she returned she looked down at me and said you were a lot of fun. We got dressed and went looking for Merrian. She was waiting on the patio and looked up at Jill who looked like she was just fucked. Jill walked over to Merrian and gave her a quick kiss and said thanks for loaning me your husband you are a lucky woman. Merrian smiled and said yes just a loan. She looked at me said looks like you had fun and I said yes she is fun. We sat around for a time and did some more swimming.

Merrian asked how are you doing and I said well we are not virgins anymore. She said no we are not. I added we could ask her to stay the night and we could do our first threesome if you would like. Merrian said well we will eventually and I like her ok ask her if she would like to stay. Jill was thrilled with the idea and so we were on for the night. Merrian and she got together and fixed dinner and while they were in the kitchen Jill whispered something to Merrian. Merrian shook her head no and Jill whispered something more and Merrian looked at her and finally nodded a yes. I wondered.

Dinner was good and we sat around for the evening watching TV with me in the middle. I would kiss one of them then the other as the evening went by. I went out to the patio to smoke and Merrian joined me. She said Jill wants to have sex with both of us. She wants to have sex with me too. I was surprised and asked what did you tell her? Merrian said well I know women have sex with other women and have been curious what that might be like, but never thought I would have a situation where I might find out. So I told her I was unsure what I could do, but she could do what she wanted since we were all going to be in bed together so you could have sex with us both. Is that ok with you? I said she has already told me she likes to taste herself does that mean she wants to taste you. Merrian said yes I think that is what she has on her mind. I said ok if that is what you want no problem.

We went to bed. I thought wow how our lives have changed. Merrian is willing to have sex with another woman or at the least allow another woman to have sex with her. The room was near dark and so we all got naked and got into bed with me in the middle. Merrian kissed me and whispered do her first I want to watch. I said ok and turned to Jill. I was very hard being in bed with 2 women had only been a fantasy until now. I got on top of her and with Merrian watching I slipped into her pussy and went deep. Her legs came up and around me as I humped her. I looked over to Merrian watching as I gave it to Jill she and I made eye contact and she could see the lust on my face for Jill. She knew that look as she had seen on my face when we were having sex and knew it well. She mouthed a silent I love you.

Jill looked over to Merrian and motioned her over to her. Merrian scooted over and Jill reached out and pulled her in close and kissed Merrian as I fucked her. Merriam went with her first long kiss with another woman and her face was flushed when they parted. Merrian was breathing faster and was obviously turned on by the kiss and watching me giving it to Jill. I motioned for Merrian to get ready for me and she lay back and spread for me and I left Jill and moved over to her and went in deep. She held onto me tight as I gave it to her moaning oh yes I love you. Jill joined us and reached in and played with her boobs and Merrian gasped at her touch. Then she leaned in and kissed Merrian slipping her tongue into her mouth. Merrian went with the moment and joined into the passionate kissing. Merrian got very hot moaning good, good. I pulled out of Merrian and moved over to Jill and she got on her hands and knees inviting me in from behind. I knew why. I moved behind her and Merrian moved up next to her. Merrian looked down at my cock moving in and out of her and kissed me and whispered you are doing great you bad boy. I could tell she was having fun. Jill was moaning and whispered to Merrian I want you now. Merrian looked at me and I nodded a yes and whispered I know you want to know go ahead. Merrian lay down and moved in front of Jill a few inches away. Jill was hot and looked down and lowered her head and licked Merrian. Jill moaned and said oh you taste so good. Merrian looked down at Jill licking her and lost it and jerking got off on her face and fell back panting with a surprised look on her face. She leaned down and kissed Jill. I was giving it hard and fast to Jill and she grunted and crying out gave it up to us. I was ready to cum and jerking and moaning cum pulled out squirting and Merrian pulled my cock into her mouth tasting Jill and taking me in her mouth as I continued squirting and swallowed it all. I collapsed on the bed wore out. Jill and Merrian gave each other a kiss tasting me.

We all fell asleep. Sometime during the night I was awakened with a warm mouth around my cock. I looked down and Jill and Merrian were giggling as they traded my cock. I pulled away smiling and said go back to sleep I am wore out by you two. We all woke up late and after breakfast Jill was leaving. Merrian gave her a kiss goodbye and I did too. She said I had a great time maybe we could do it again. I said we will. Merrian told me after she left that it had been her first doing what she did to me.

Merrian and I talked. She told me she really got off with Jill and was surprised. I said me too, what does it meant to you. Merrian said looks like I like having sex with other women; is that ok with you? I said whatever you are comfortable with is ok with me. Merrian said thanks I will try it again and see where I want to go with it.

Dan called and asked how it went with Jill and I told him she was wonderful and also what she had did with Merrian. He said I have wondered if she might be Bi by the way she talked about other women. He asked so what is next? I said well you can come over anytime Merrian would like to see you again soon I am sure, call her. He said ok I will. I said you can take her out if you want as long as you come back here at the end of the evening. We are still looking for a couple.

The next day Merrian told me Dan had called and asked her out for dinner. I said are you planning a return visit with him. She asked is that ok with you we are going out tomorrow night. I asked that is what you want to do right? She said as long as it is ok with you. I said ok with me. Dan picked her up and said see you later. Merrian looked at me and I said go have fun I will be here. I told her when she got home that they should stay in the living room if she was going to do anything with him as I wanted to watch her for my first time from the hallway. I told her although you left it out of your story of your last time with him I know you went down on him and I want to watch you do that to him. She said ok I will for you.

A few of hours later they returned and I was in the bedroom. The lights were low all over the house and Merrian said we will have to stay in the living room. Dan said ok. She said he knows what we will be doing and told me to go ahead if I wanted and I do. Dan said I know he told me the same thing. Dan moved over to her and she leaned up and kissed him. He reached out and unbuttoned her top and she said I like you taking my clothes off. He smiled and said I like taking your clothes off. Dan slowly undressed her until she was naked. He still was only the second man ever to see her naked and have sex with her. She flushed and lowered her head feeling very exposed. He undressed himself and she looked at him naked and what he was going to use on her. He was up and hard. Dan pulled her in close and pressed his hard cock up against her and whispered that is for you. He pressed down on her shoulders and she dropped to her knees with her mouth open and he put his cock in her mouth. Jim was watching his wife giving head to another man for the first time. Merrian likes giving head and knew Jim was watching and so gave him the show he had asked for. Dan looked down watching Merrian sucking his cock, licking his balls and running her tongue up and down his shaft. Merrian looked up and made eye contact with him and he whispered you are so good suck that thing. Jim heard everything Dan was saying to his wife. Merrian continued with her show for Jim and pulled away and said I want to fuck now. She got up and leaned over the couch arm facing the hallway where she knew her husband was watching.

Dan moved behind her and she looked over her shoulder at his cock poised and ready to go in her. She smiled at him and said I really like your cock give it to me. He went in and went in deep and fucked her. Jim watched his wife being fucked by another man for his first time. He could see her face and see she was enjoying being fucked by Dan. He was really giving it to her and her face changed and she gave it up to him with Jim watching her cum for Dan. Dan was ready and jerking hard against her butt pulled out and exploded squirting all over her butt and back.

He fell forward on top of her saying you are a terrific fuck. It got quiet and finally Dan said Jim I know you have been watching I can hear you breathing. Jim said I know you knew I was here. Jim walked out into the living room and sat next to his naked wife. Dan put his clothes back on. Merrian leaned against Jim still naked feeling really exposed sitting there with 2 men fully dressed but stayed naked for them. Jim leaned down and kissed her and said you were wonderful. Dan said oh yes she is wonderful. Merrian turned to Jim so you still love me? He said forever and ever. Dan was ready to go home and as he was leaving he said I love you both.

The next day when Merrian got off from work she told me she had told a co-worker what we had been doing. They were close friends. Her name was June and wanted to know all the details and Merrian told her. June told me her husband had been bugging her as he wanted to do the same thing, but I have been telling him no. I told her she should try it she might like it. Well today she told me her and her husband are interested. I thought finally a couple. What did you say? We are meeting them for a drink tomorrow night she said. I have never met her husband.

We were waiting for them in the bar. June was a very attractive lady. The first thing I noticed about her was her big Boobs. She had to be at least twin 44. Her husband Don was very tall. We chatted for a few minutes and he seemed very nice. June was lovely and very talkative. Finally we got around to the subject. I frankly said, what they already knew, that we had looking for a couple to swap with. Don said we are interested right June. She said yes dear. Don said and we are hoping for some girl-girl stuff as well right June and she said yes dear. I said that is all possible Merrian has experimented and probably is interested as well. Merrian and June looked at each other and they both flushed a little. Merrian had already told what she had done with Jill so there was no surprises as June had told her husband.

We invited them over for the next weekend. They arrived early and we all went out to the patio. They wanted separate room as they were not ready to do something in front of each other yet like we had been our first time. We had a couple of drinks to relax and chatted for a while. Finally I nodded to Merrian and she stood up and said Don let me show you the rest of the house, which meant time to fuck. He said I would like that and they disappeared into the house. I turned to June and said I will show you the rest of the house in a few minutes. She blushed and said ok. I waited for a few minutes so Don and Merrian could get behind closed doors and took June by the hand and led her to our second bedroom and closed the door.

We were alone and June looked very nervous, so I said are you ok with doing this, if you are not, we can just talk and no one will know. She said yes I am ok with what we are going to do, I am just a little nervous I just met you an hour ago. I said well I am a little nervous too as I just met you an hour ago and we both laughed. I said you are quite lovely and very sexy. She said thanks; Merrian has told me you are one of the good guys. She also told me what the two of you have already done and it does sound exciting. I walked up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss and she said that was nice. Her face was a little flushed as we made eye contact. I said we will have fun ok? She said ok I want to have fun.

We could her sounds coming from the other room. I said sounds like Merrian and Don have started. June smiled and said he has wanted to do this for years and was very excited on our way over here. I said Merrian is a lot of fun and will give him a good time and you to if you want to do something with her. Don will be only her second man plus me. She said you will be my second man too. June said I think I would like to do something with Merrian, although I never have before, but Don wants me to try it. I like Merrian a lot.

I said shall we and she nodded and I reached out and unbuttoned her top and said I would like to undress you. She said ok I like having a man undress me. I slowly removed her clothes kissing her as I went. She was breathing faster as each piece came off. When she was naked I said wow I love your boobs they are really big and soft as I took them in my hands. She gasped a little at my touch, but her nipples had gotten hard in my hands. She said men are always undressing me with their eyes, but you are one of very few who has seen them. I stepped back and removed my clothes. I was up and at the ready as I slipped my shorts off and sprung free. She looked down at what I was about to give her and said you are big. Her face was very flushed and she made eye contact with me and said I have been looking forward to this evening as well as Don. However I never said that to him.

I pressed up against her and we kissed more and rubbed against each other. She whispered I feel like such a bad girl doing this with you. I said we can be as bad as we like it will be just between us. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and stroked me and said oh nice, I like how it feels in my hand. I said you will like how feels even more, when I put it in you. She said yes. I moved her over to the bed and she lay down in front of me and I buried my head between her legs. She was very wet and moaned oh yes I love that as she spread wide. I licked and sucked her pussy and she shuttered and jerked and after a while she lost her control and gave up to me for the first time. She was near panting after she had cum for me. June looked down at me and my wet face and smiled saying you are good I am surprised I got off so easily. I stood up with my cock standing straight out and she sat up and took me in her mouth saying what is good for the goose is good for the gander. She really knew what she was doing down there. I got very hard in her mouth and she pulled away making eye contact with me and softly said you can cum this way if you want I like it. I said no not now and moved between her legs as I had other ideas. I slipped into her pussy and she gasped oh good as I went deep. She moaned you fill me up as her legs came up and around me opening herself up to me completely. She was tight and wet as we fucked.

June whispered in my ear you are so good I love fucking you. I whispered back you are a good fuck you bad girl. I like dirty talk and apparently she did too. I rode her and she gave me her all. I could feel her pussy quivering around my cock as I gave it to her. I love the sound of skin slapping against skin as we got it on we were being very noisy and I know Don must be able to hear what I was doing to his wife. I pulled out and turned her over and she got on her knees and we did doggie. I really fucked her hard and whispered can you handle my weight and she moaned yes so I climbed aboard sitting on her butt going really deep. She started grunting and moaned oh yes fuck me and shuttering gave it up to me. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she got off with me. I pulled out collapsing on the bed kissing her saying you are wonderful.

She got on top of me and looked down and said now for a June special and took my still hard cock and rapped her boobs around it and titty fucked me for my first time ever. All I can say is wow what a feeling. I flipped us over and I was on top fucking those boobs like a pussy. I looked down and she was in another world. She opened her eyes as I started to grunt and opened her mouth putting her finger in sucking it telling me what she wanted me to do. I pulled out of her boobs and moved to her head and grunting and jerking on myself exploded all over her face and in her mouth. She took my squirting cock into her mouth and sucked me dry. I fell next to her head panting. We were both quiet and finally I said you are incredible. She said I am not nervous anymore and giggled. I said me neither. We lay there together close and could hear the sound of skin against skin from the next room as Don gave it to Merrian more. June said he can go a long time so they could be a while. I said Merrian will like that.

June held me close kissing me and whispered in my ear I want to tell you something only Don knows. I waited and finally she said I like it in my butt sometimes. It really gets me off hard. I said I have never done that to a woman. She said I have never had a man as big as you and I want to know how it would feel, will you do it to me later. I said if you want I will try we should do another swap later after you and Merrian get together. June said ok, I real excited about me and Merrian, it will be my first time. Merrian had told me she was ready to go down on a woman and June had told her she could with her and she was willing to do Merrian as well, although it would be her first girl-girl experience she was curious.

We were all back in the living room. Break time.

Merrian and I had time to talk and she said I had a great time with Don he lasts a long time and I got off twice with him. I said June was a lot of fun. She is looking forward to the two of you getting together. Merrian said soon just need to relax for a few. I asked so you are going all the way with her. Merrian said yes I want to know what it is like. How about her? She told me she will do everything I do. I said looks like 69 time. Merrian smiled and said yep.

About a half hour later the two ladies were sitting on the couch ready to start. We guys moved to the side to watch. The lights were with and a couple of candles were burning so there was enough light. Merrian started them out by giving June a long kiss. June flushed and kissed her back. Merrian reached out and unbuttoned her top and removed her it. She said you are beautiful as she felt June up. June gasped and said feels good. Merrian said now take my top off. The two of them slowly undressed each other until they were naked. Merrian kissed June all over and sucked on her big boobs saying these are wonderful. June for the first time sucked a boob other than her own. She really got into it and said oh this is fun. The kissing got more passionate and they started rubbing against each other. Merrian was on top of June kissing her and rubbing their boobs together and slid her hand down and was rubbing her pussy. June followed her lead and was rubbing Merrian and said oh you are so wet. They fingered each other and June said I am so hot. Merrian made her move down and twisted around so she could reach June.

She was about to have her first taste of another woman. She lowered her head and licked June. June spread wide so her pussy was wide open and Merrian buried her head between her legs. June cried out and shuttered as Merrian worked on her pussy, sucking, licking and fingering her. June pulled Merrian around and went down on her doing the same. June made muffled sounds as Merrian worked her over and jerking got off. Merrian rose up with her face all wet and a look of pure lust on her face then went back to doing June.

June was licking and fingering Merrian and Merrian moaned and said oh I am going to cum and shuttered and jerked against June who just kept licking and fingering her. The two girls fell apart with wet faces breathing hard. They swung around and continued kissing until their breathing calmed. June said that was wild I loved it. Merrian said I am hooked. Don and I were ready for the girls and Don took Merrian by the hand and headed back to the bedroom for round two. I grabbed June and we went after them.

Once n the room June said I am so hot Merrian was wonderful. I undressed and was ready for June. June said oh I want you to do me in my butt so bad. She reached in her purse and got out a tube of lube and handed it to me and said this is to help. She added I am squeaky clean. I knew what she meant. I asked will I hurt you and she smiled only for a minute and I like that part and it is very intense and I really love it. I will be very tight it has been a long time since the last time. Don must not know we do this. I said ok. I said show me. We could hear Merrian and Don at it; they were making a lot of noise. June lay back and put her legs on my shoulders and said put the lube on and I did. She said you will have to push hard I am very tight. Put your finger in first and loosen me up some with the lube. I did as she said.

I was very hard and she reached down and stroked me whispering she said put in my butt slowly, but keep pushing until you are all the way in. I moved and pushed in and she was really tight. I had to push really hard and slipped in a little. She said oh good as I kept pushing and then I was in all the way as she opened up completely. I started moving in and out. June whispered oh yes give it to me it feels so good. I am going to cum and she shuttered and I felt her muscle clamp down and then release several times and she grunted loudly and started to shake all over as she lost all control. I held still as she got off. She whispered more give me more and I fucked her some more. She was totally lost in the intensity and pleasure she was experiencing. I was ready to cum she was so tight I could not last very long and I said I am going to cum and she said yes cum inside me. I lost it. It was so intense and I came so hard I almost passed out. June was kissing me intensely and was whispering oh thank you that was so wonderful. It had been a long time. She said I am yours anytime you want me. I thought wow careful Jim. We got dressed and headed back to the living room and as we passed the next door I heard Merrian saying loudly oh yes Don give it to me as she got off with him again.

We were all sitting together as they got ready to leave and Don said thanks for having us over and thanks for having us. We had a great time and would love to get together with you again right June. June said oh yes anytime, not yes dear this time.

Merrian said to me after they had gone wow what a night. I said I think we need to take a break for a month and she said I think you are right.

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