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Ellie my wonderful mistress

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Hello my name is Sara and this is my femdom fantasy.

The night started out with Matt and I meeting my soon to be mistress Ellie at a resteraunt for dinner, dancing, and drinks. We sat in a corner booth so we could all sit next to each other. I was asked to sit in the middle. We ordered our drinks and our dinner and then once the waitress had left we began talking. Ellie looked to me and asked "So you are interested in being dominanted by another woman?" I am a little shy about my fantasies so I blused a dark shade of red just as the waitress returned with our drinks. "I'll take that as a Yes." Ellie said after the waitress had left again. Matt piped up just then "She wont let me dominant her but she wants to give it a try with another woman. It turns her on just thinking about it and watching porn like that." "Really?" Ellie asked. "Hmmm I think I want to see if our little talk here has turned your wife on at all." Just then she slide her hand up my skirt and rubbed my pussy thru my panties which made me gush. "Wow her panties are soaked. You should really feel how turned on your wife is right now Matt." Ellie claimed. With that Matt reached up the other side of my skirt and caressed me thru my panties. This brought on another gush of pussy juice. "Wow she really is a filthy whore!" Matt exclaimed. Just then our waitress showed up with our food. Neither of them removed their hands from my pussy and with that I turned another shade of red. As the waitress left Ellie removed her hand and brought it to my nose. "Smell your cunt." I took a deep sniff in not wanting to find out what kind of punishments she would have for me if I disobeyed. She began eating. I wanted to eat but Matt was still toying with my pussy with his one hand and eating with his other. Finally he removed his hand and allowed me to eat for a few moments. Since Ellie had finished eating she replaced her hand up my skirt but this time she went inside my panties. "Keep eating." She whispered in my ear. As she toyed with my clit I tried to continue eating but it was very hard and I stopped for a few moments t enjoy what Ellie was doing to me. With that she pinched my clit which caused me to bite down on my lip. "I said keep eating whore." She said to me. So I went back to eating again (at least tried to) as she inserted one finger into my wet pussy.I sighed gently and she pinched my clit again. "You stopped eating again!" "It wont happen again Ellie." She pinched my clit again. This time I let out a little yelp. "You are my slut slave and you will address me as maam nothing else." "Yes maam." I said. With that she inserted another finger into my wet pussy. "Keep eating whore." She told me again. I started eating again. This time I maintained my composure and finished my dinner. As I finished my last bite she inserted her 3rd finger into my pussy. I was extremely wet by this time. Matt was just sitting there laughing at my predicament watching. Just then our waitress came up and asked "Would you all like anything else?" Ellie replied "Yes another round of drinks please." The waitress looked at me fighting to contain my state of arousal. I blushed deeply. Matt had the biggest smile on his face. The waitress left and he proceeded to place his hand in my panties as well fingering my clit while Ellie pumped her 3 fingers in and out of my cunt. They really got going just as the waitress returned with our drinks. I couldnt stop myelf and I moaned as I came all over their fingers. I blushed again as she placed our drinks in front of us. Luckily I was able to enjoy my drink with no distractions. Matt then motioned for the waitress to bring our check and he payed. Once our bill was settled we followed Ellie back to her place. The ride over was quick and quiet. Once we arrived Ellie came over and grabbed my hand and led me into the house with Matt following. Once we were all inside she locked the door. "SIT!" She commanded me. I instantly sat on the nearest couch. The look on Ellies face as she strode towards me told me she was upset. SMACK! Was all that was heard as she slapped me across my face. "The couch is for us not for you slut. Sluts sit on the floor at our feet." She told me. I quickly got off the couch and placed myself in front of their feet. "Close your eyes and do not open them. If you do I will make you pay dearly." I closed my eyes tightly. As soon as she was sure I was going to behave she had Matt follow her to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom she stripped down to her bra and panties. Matt was watching her intently as his cock started to harden a litte. "You lik what you see big boy?" She asked as she was getting things out of the closet. "Oh yes. I have a feeling tonight is going to be very very fun." He told her. With that she had gotten all of her tools out of the closet. Matt picked up one of the boxes. "Wow you sure have alot of toys here." He said to her. "Oh yes I have quite the collection of toys that I am anxious to use on your wife." She responded. They both returned to the living room where I was sitting with my eyes still closed. "What a good whore you were." Ellie told me. "I think I shall reward you." She then reached down and tugged on my hair. "Stand up whore." I instantly stood. She then proceeded to strip me down naked. I opened my eyes. SMACK! Echoed thru out the room as she slapped my ass. "Did I tell you you could open your eyes slut?" She asked me. "No maam, Im sorry." I closed my eyes again. "Well since I cant trust you to keep your eyes closed I will take care of that problem." She said. I heard her rummaging thru boxes. "Ah hah here it is." I heard her say. She then proceeded to put a blindfold on me. Once she was sure it was secure. She told me "Sit your slut ass down again." I sat right where I was before at the foot of the couch. I heard her setting stuff up. Matt looked at the variety of dildos and vibrators and variety of toys placed on the floor near me. "Wow she is going to be one used whore tonight." He said to Ellie. Ellie said "Of course. Im going to show you how big of a slut you married. When I am done with her she will serve you just as she serves me." Finally she was done. "Matt, will you go get me one of the chairs from the dinning room please?" She asked him. He quickly got a chair and brought it to the living room. She then placed a suction cup dildo in the center of it. It had to be at least 9 inches long and 6-7 inches thick. "Bring me the lube Matt." She told him. I was sitting there curious about what they were doing. Finally I felt her next to me. "Stand up whore!" She commanded. I rose quickly she walked me over to the chair. "Turn around and slowly sit." She said. I felt her fingers spreading my pussy lips as I slowly sat down. I finally felt the tip of the dildo at my cunt entrance. "STOP!" She yelled at me. I instantly stopped. I heard her whispering to Matt but couldnt make out what they were saying. Suddenly I felt his hands on my shoulders. Then he pushed down impaling me on the monster dildo. I screached out at the sudden fullness in my pussy. Ellie then proceeded to tie me up to the chair. Little did I know this dildo was remote control. I started feeling gentle vibrations then it started slowly spinning. Slowly she increased the vibration and the spinning till I was moaning and screaming. "IM GOING TO CUM!" She then switched it off. I whimpered. "Open your mouth slut.She commanded. She then placed a O ring gag in my mouth. "This way you can still fuck her mouth Matt" She said. She then proceeded to untie me "Get up." I rose up and we all heard a POP as the large cock slide from my pussy. "Lay down." I laid down she then lowered her cunt to my face. "Lick me thru the O ring gag slut." I licked her as much as I could. I felt Matt insert his cock into my pussy and start fucking me. Ellie ground her pussy into my tongue and gushed all over my face just as Matt was filling my pussy up. As he removed his cock Ellie cleaned my pussy of all the cum. Matt slid his cock thru the gag and made me suck his cock clean. Once it was clean he was hard again. Ellie was putting on a strap on that had a 8 inch long dick that was about 3 inches thick. "Get on top of your husband" She commanded. I started riding his cock. "Matt spread her ass cheeks for me." She then poured a glob of lube at my asshole. Then she grabbed my arms and rammed her cock into my ass all the way. I moaned as they began to fuck me. I came within a few moments of the double fucking I was receiving. I then felt Matt spew another load into my pussy. Ellie really got into it for a few minutes then she screamed out her own orgasm. We fucked and sucked all night long. And in the morning I was extremely sore but satisfied.

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