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Eating out is fun

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I was in Las Vegas last Fall and got hungry late one night. I hopped in my car and ended up at In-N-Out. As I was walking from my car to the front door I noticed a guy leaning over by his car. He was in obvious pain, holding his hand and swearing. My curiosity and compassion got the best of me. I approached him and asked if everything was o.k. He explained that he had just slammed his hand in the car door and said he was bleeding. I looked at his hand and saw a lot of blood. I asked if he wanted me to call some one but he said no and told me his wife was inside getting their food. I could tell he was a little drunk and also knew he needed medical attention.

Just as I offered to drive him to Urgent Care his wife came out and asked what was going on. Her husband told her what happened so I again offered a ride to get help. She went back inside to grab their food and I helped the guy out. I noticed that he was in his mid/late 40's and his wife had to be well under 30. She wore a pink sleeveless sweater (no bra) and tight,red, 3/4 length pants. She was about 5'3" 105 lbs., 34b firm, natural, perky tits, brunette, and had a fire about her. But it was the red high heel boots that shot off heat waves. That and the fact her nipples got perky when she got excited and they were standing at attention right now.

I watched her inside and she kept looking out at us and seemed fidgety about getting the food. At first I thought "speed freek" but her complexion and teeth said otherwise. She seemed a liitle upset and it did seem like she was in there a long time. Her husband and I agreed that I would drive them to Urgent Care as I knew where it was. This guys hand is now swollen bad and still bleeding. She finally came out with the food, her husband explained what was up and we were off. Their car smelled like weed when I got in and I made a comment. Within 2 minutes I was driving his car and smoking his weed. We talked a bit and I remember they were from San Diego and they were staying @ the Hard Rock. I told them I was too and we talked about how cool that place is compared to any other "Big Box" hotel out there.

His wife really was a bitch to him. She complained and yelled at him about him being drunk and screwing up their night. Then she started accusing me of stealing their weed and why was I helping her husband out? I defended myself and told her to chill out as we were pulling into Urgent Care. It is now about midnight.

As we are filling out paperwork, ect.. I could feel her checking me out. I caught her looking at me numerous times but never with a smile about her. She continued to belittle her husband and we sat for a good 20 minutes before I realized this was an all night deal. I told them I was catching a cab and away I went back to the Hard Rock.

I went to the center bar in the casino for a night drink and kept thinking about it all. Most of all I wondered what the hell this girl was doing with this guy. As I am re-living the night I hear a "hi" and when I turn there she is. I asked about her husband and she explained that it was at least a 2 hour wait so her husband told her to go back to the hotel and he would call her when he wad done. I told her she should be with her husband but she said her husband kicked her out of the place because she shouldn't be seen in public when she gets like that. I then asked her why she was in public and then...

She leaned over and said to me "because when you take me up to your room we won,t be in public anymore. As I turned to look her in the eyes she positioned herself to where I was looking right down the top of her sweater. I saw the most beautiful, firm milky tit with a nipple as hard as a pencil eraser. Without hesitation she said she noticed me checking her tits out and would I like to get a better view.

During another drink of courage she explained to me that her and her husband own a bar in San Diego. After hours it turns into a semi-swing joint and they participate. She said she fucked other men while her husband watched and my cock is now throbbing and dripping. She went on to say that after I left Urgent Care she told her husband she wanted to fuck me. He reminded her I was staying at the same Hotel so here we are.

Next thing I knew we were in the elevator rubbing my crotch against her ass with a full elevator of people. We hit my door and before it closed her top was off. She sat on the bed and said "look". With her eyes looking downward I looked and saw her lergs spread and a nice wet spot on her crotch. She was smi;ing as I glared at her swollen pussy lips pushing out and creating the most beautiful sight. She had no panties on and I could actually see her pussy lips and they were slightly agape. I quickly got undressed and she pulled me to her still sitting on the edge of the bed. She took my entire 7 1/2" cock all the way down and grabbed my ass cheeks and made me fuck her mouth. I was lost in bliss and without realizing it she had moistened her finger and was now circling my asshole. She continued this and eventually had the tip of her finger just inside my asshole. I never had this before and it was fantastic. She sucked me (more like I fucked her mouth) for a good 5 minutes and then I dropped to my knees. She lay back on the bed and undid her pants. Her tits pushed skyward as they were so hard and firm and her perfectly hard nipples was an obvious sign she was ready.

I started sliding her pants off and she wiggled fiercly, helping me remove her pants. The smell of her pussy hit me before I even caught a glimpse of it. It was a strong, sensuous, thick odor that filled the entire room. Her pussy was slightly open exposing the wettest, pink crack I have seen in a long time. She was perfectly shaved 100% and her lips were swollen telling me she was a fuck machine.

She sat back up quickly and put me back into her mouth. She soaked my cock and balls with her tounge and saliva and then rolled over and told me to kiss her ass. She had a natural gap in her legs and even on her stomach her pussy was totally exposed. Without hesitation I kissed and tounge fucked her ass and pussy until both tasted the same. I got on the bed on my knees and slid the shaft of my ass up and down her ass as I bit the back of her neck. She reached behind her and grabbed my cock. She stroked it with all four fingers and seeing her wedding ring on her as she stroked me was totally a turn-on. She rubbed the tip of her finger across the tip of my cock and swiped my now dripping cum onto her finger. She said I had thick lubrication and proceeded to steer my cock tip up to her asshole. She grabbed my cock and steered it around and over her hole and shined it up with my drippings. She grabbed my hand and put my index finger to her glistening asshole. She said "finger fuck my ass" and I slid my finger into her. Her asshole tightened around my finger as she thrust her hips. I soon had 2 fingers in her and was literally finger fucking her.She buried her face into the pillow and grasped the pillow tightly with her hands. Again, I saw her wedding ring and was so turned on while she grabbed that pillow so tightly as her body swayed with my finger motions. With my other hand, I pinched her wedding ring with 2 fingers and played with it like it was her nipples. She went crazy with excitement and said she was a little slut wife who loved to fuck strange cock. She pulled my hand out and while stroking my cock she put it back to her ass. She pushed up a little and like a vaccume my cock sucked in was buried deep in her hot, tight, throbbing ass. With perfect timing she followed my thrusts and we panted in unisen as I pounded her deep She told me to drain my balls into her ass and it was done.

As I lay on top of this married girl with her face buried in the pillow I realize I do not know her name, never kissed her and fucked her ass raw. I was in heaven.

We layed for a minute and she said "just a minute".

She grabbed her cell phone and called her husband. She got his voicemail but she told him everything that just happened. It was such a turn-on to hear her tell her husband my cum was in her ass! She came back to bed and she kissed me for the first time. I finally got to kiss and nibble those pefect tits and nipples and she loved it. Her pussy smelled so delicious and was so strong the next room had to smell it.

Just then her cell phone rang. It was her husband and she stepped away to talk to hum. She was gone a good 3 minutes and then came back and handed the phone to me. She said her husband wanted to talk to me. I was freaking out but I took the phone. He said he was sorry he missed out and said his wife really enjoyed me so far. As I am talking to him she is on the bed fingering herself hard and pinching her nipples. He said I was now going to fuck her as long as he could hear us. He wanted me to just set the phone down and fuck his wife. I give the phone back to her and she says to him "I love you".

With the phone 3 feet from my head I lay his wife down on her back and tell her to lick my balls. She is now very vocal and breating and panting with deep broody moans. She then talks to the phone telling her husband her pussy is dripping wet and that my cock is shining with her saliva and she will make good noises while we fuck. She settled herself on her back and told me to come make her cum. I slowly mounted her and eased my cock into her inviting pussy. Her pussy made noises as she bucked her hips back and forth to pull me in deep and to maximize penetration. Her pussy made noises and squirted juices like I have never seen before. I told her she was born to fuck and she just smiled and groaned away all the while thrusting her hips with great intent, grinding and panting. In the course of about 10 minutes I heard her yell to her husband on 4 different she was cumming. Boy, she wasn't lying. When she came she would grab my lower back and pull my skin tightly. All I could think about was her wedding ring on her hand during all this. It was all I could take. I exploded into her pussy and while I was draing into her she yelled to her husband that she was draining my balls into her. My bed was soaked and I had her cum all over me. She grabbed the phone and again walked away to talk. She came back, said her husband loved it all and now she was going to be with him. I told her she was a good wife and away she went. I was sure my room smelled of her for the next 2 days as my maid smiled long at me when she came to clean my room. I never found out their names but I would love to find their bar!

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