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Dream Pt 3

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He kept the blindfold on and laid there on the couch listening to the whispers, trying to make out what was being said. He heard footsteps on the carpet and knew that more than one person had come back into the room. She took his hand and told him to stand up and she was going to lead him to his surprise. They walked down the hallway and he knew that he was being led into the bedroom, but still couldn?t see who else was in the room.

She led him to the bed and told him to lay down on his back. He climbed up on the bed and felt his wrists being tied to the headboard at the same time, so he knew for sure that they were not alone in the room. He then felt his legs being spread apart and his ankles were tied the same way. He was getting nervous now, even though she kept whispering in his ear to relax and that he was going to enjoy this. She wouldn?t let him get hurt and if he wanted it to stop at anytime, just say the word. Too curious to find out what she had planned, he just grinned and said Okay.

He felt warm oil being poured on his body and several hands began to massage his chest, arms, legs and always just avoiding his cock. He felt himself getting harder and tried to move and one of the warm hands would brush up against him, teasing, then move away. Then he felt more oil being poured on his cock and balls and it dripped down on his ass and the massages finally began to get more interesting. He could feel something pressing against his ass while the stroking of his cock was getting faster and more firm. He felt the bed shift as a body came up with him and he could smell her pussy near his face, but not close enough to get a taste. His legs began to move upwards. He hadn?t realized that there was a pully system and his legs were slowly being lifted into the air. He felt a pillow of some sort placed under his ass to give the intruder better access.

The warm oiled cock massage never stopped during all this, but he felt something a little larger pressing against his ass. He also felt a warm, wet pussy teasing his face, so he stuck his tongue out and took a taste. He licked from front to back and just as he tried to stick his tongue in it, it pulled away?teasing him.

The pressure on his ass kept slowly increasing and he wondered if it was her strappy or something else. He tried to relax and enjoy it as the pressure on his ass increased even more as a warm wet pussy slide down on his well oiled cock. He still had a pussy on his face, now one on his huge erection and what felt like a large toy in his ass. He couldn?t have been happier. In a slow rhythm, the pussy on him and the ?cock? inside him pumped him. He felt his thighs being grabbed for leverage as the thing in his ass started to pump him faster.

He could feel the pressure in his cock increasing with the speed of the thorough fucking he was receiving and the moans in the room weren?t all his. The slap of flesh against flesh echoed loudly and for the first time he noticed that there were balls slapping against the underside of his ass. At this point he didn?t give a shit because the pressure became more than he could stand and his orgasm was so long and hard that the cum leaked out of the pussy riding him. He could feel the cock in his ass cum at almost the same time he did and it took all of them several seconds before they could breathe normally again.

Slowly all the bodies moved off the bed and he was left on the bed by himself, his legs were lowered and untied. She untied his hands and took off his blindfold, kissing him softly with a grin on her face, she asked if he enjoyed that. He still couldn?t really see anyone else in the room because it was only lit by a single candle, but he smiled and said hell yes! She had a warmed wet towel by the bed and helped to clean him up. She told him to go finish cleaning up in the bathroom and come back out to the living room and she?d have a drink waiting for him.

When he came out to the living room, he saw another couple sitting on the couch enjoying a drink and she was sitting between them naked as they played with her body. She introduced him to her friends and handed him a drink, then asked?ready for round two?

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