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Dream Cum True

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I was so horney! I was rubbing my cock through my jeans and was staring at almost every piece of tail I passed. It had been a few weeks since I blew a load and the pressure was building... I needed a release and didn't have time to go pussy hunting and didn't want to d a booty call. Just wanted a wham bam thank you mam...

I had gone down to a local sporting show and of course saw nothing but hot chicks everywhere. I had to get some relief and quick. After leaving the show, I headed to a strip club & adult theater. I have been there in the past, but nothing was going to be like this trip!

I went directly to the adult theater side of the business. I did not need the stripers to get me going, I was already wound like a clock! I paid the $10.00 for the ticket and entered the theater. The theater is divided in to two separate sections. One plays mostly women and men type films, the other plays mild gay and trans films. I went into the first theater with the women on the screen and found a seat. I watched as a hot blonde was banged senseless by several well hung studs. The theater had about 10 people in various stages of jacking off. A couple finished after this scene. They got up to leave and coming in the door at the same time was a 30ish couple. Male and female. They were above average in the looks department and I wondered what she was doing...

They sat in the middle of the theater and began to get comfortable. I heard a couple of zippers go down and saw them wiggling to get more comfortable. She was obviously jacking him off and he was fingering her very rapidly... I saw a few men move to get a better view of her. She looked around and whispered something in her boyfriend's ear. She looked frustrated with the new viewers. I stayed seated and just watched from afar.

The couple then reassembled themselves and got up to walk out. I made eye contact with him and he just shrugged his shoulders and looked disappointed. I heard the door open and close, but never heard the door exiting the theaters open... I then heard the door to the other theater open and close. I quickly got up and went to check out the other theater.

When I opened the door I was greeted by a big screen of a guy sucking off a group of well hung men! Well, at least someone was getting relief... I then saw a few (less than 5) men sitting and glued to the screen. They didn't even notice the door open and close. I also noticed the couple seated off to the right and again positioned comfortably. Their pants were both undone and half down. She was feverously sucking his cock. She came up long enough to smile at me; he opened his eyes and smiled also. She nodded at him and he motioned for me to come and sit by them... I quickly accepted!

He whispered and told me that she had a fantasy of being watched while giving a blow job, but felt like a 'poster child' in the other room. I chuckled and agreed. She them reached over and started rubbing me through my jeans! He was as shocked as I! She then pulled up off his cock and said that she couldn't torture me and offered to give me a hand job while blowing him. I of course said yes if it was ok with him, and he was fine with it! I then undid my jeans and dropped them a little, giving her easier access to my throbbing cock.

She was obviously distracted by his cock tapping her throat and kept losing grip on me. I took over when she let off. Then I could tell he was getting ready to explode by the look on his face. He tensed and released a full load into her throat. She did her best to swallow it all, but some was left on her chin and lips. The panic then hit her. She realized the situation she was adult theater with her pants half down and cum dripping off her face. She whispered something to her boyfriend and then pulled up her pants, he quickly followed.

They were obviously leaving and leaving me sitting there with my hard cock in my own hands! She bent down in front of me and kissed me very deeply and I had my first (not last) taste of cum! She locked on my lips and stroked my cock for what seemed like hours! He then took her hand and they quickly left...

I was sitting in the theater with my hard cock in my hands, pants half down and cum smeared all over my face! One of the other men in the theater turned and noticed me now sitting alone and my 'situation'. He came and sat down next to me...

What happened next has never happened to me before, but I hope happens again. He put his mouth around my cock and began giving me the best blow job I have ever had! He kept me on edge and knew just how to caress my balls. After a few minutes, I felt my pants go down further. Then I felt him squirm and get something from his pocket. It was a little bottle of lube. I looked and he just came up and smiled.

I then felt a finger on my asshole! I have had ass play before, but never with a man that was giving me a blow job at the same time! It was an unbelievable feeling! I couldn't last long, I was in another galaxy, and I could hardly breathe, much less put up any resistance... When I came, he continued to suck harder and harder draining me of all of the built up fluids. I started to black out...

I heard him say something about fucking me, and I just smiled and said yes... I was able to move to the chair and lay face down. Still catching my breath, I felt his long but thin cock press against my ass. I was still dizzy and horney. I reached back and tried to hold him back, but he pressed forward. I told him I was a virgin, but he just smiled and said "Not anymore" His cock was already inside me! He was gentle but applied a good pressure. He was making long, slow, deep strokes. I was in a state of confusion and pleasure. I felt him thrusting deeper and harder into my virgin ass.

He grabbed my hips and held me tight against him as he began to explode in my ass. The feeling of his throbbing cock in my sphincter was enough to make me cum again! I was lying there face down with my pants now off and legs spread wide open, in a adult gay trans theater. I caught a glimpse of another man out of the corner of my eye...

I felt the first relax and pull out and before I could see the light, another cock hit me hard in my gaping ass. This cock was fatter, but not as long. He also used a generous amount of the lube. It was feeling soooo good... I reached back and caressed his balls and within seconds he began to dump another load of cum in my ass. I was not longer an ass virgin, and was just looking to jack off, what a night this was becoming! I was trying to catch my breath and gain some orientation, but there were more cocks waiting.

I started out wanting to jack off and relieve the internal pressure. I ended up being used as a porn shop whore by at least 15 different men. I passed out for a while and was later told that my ass continued to be used as a cum dump while I lie there. As I walked to the car, I checked the clock and figured I had been there for about 6 hours. My ass was so sore, but the smile was so big! The owner asked me to return anytime no charge... I have been back about three time per week of the past 4 months. Taking part in both male and female pleasures...

This was truly a dream cum true...

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