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Different Time

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First I'm tired of the BS stories that pretend they are real because they aren't and they suck. This one isn't real either but I like to think it is worth more than thte stupid crap that is here so let me know what you think as it is pure fantasy.

so here I am in Austin for the umteen time. How long has it been....4 months now off and on I think. I'll go to Ramones like usual and have pasta. I sit down at the bar and order a captain and coke. As I begin to sip it, the bartender said it's on the house. I look at him puzzled and ask "what do you mean"? he said ti's taken care of. By whom.. that dude over there. I look and no one is there. Confused I suck down the rum and coke and start back to work. Again another captain and coke shows up. WTF?!? I say. He just smiled and walked away. I look around and don't find anyone. Another 4 drinks came my way and still I don't have a clue who is doing this. I'm starting to get a little tipsy.Another drink comes and then a guy comes over and sits next to me. I look at him through drunken eys and smile and continue to do my work. (Yeah right I can't see straight). "how are you doing tonight" he says. Not bad just finishing up a little work. hmmmm I see that. another drink comes and his is also a rum and coke. I look to him and he smiles pretty big at me. He puts his hand on my thigh and says how are your feeling right now. My cock is starting to stand at attention. I'm frozen with lust, nervousness and sheer excitment. He starts fubbing his hand up my thigh onto my throbbing member. I pretend to do my work but my cock continues to grow with his strokes.

He leans in and whispers "I know you want this so get up and join me in room 713." He gets up and leaves. I'm so nervous but hard as hell so I get up after paying my bill and walk toward the hotel. Suddenly I'm standing in front of 713. I don't know why but I kncok on the door. The door opens and there he is standing in a robe asking me in. I walk in and as I step foot in I feel him behind me. He grabs me and throws me onto the floor. I start to struggle but the booze takes over and he quickly has my hands tied behind me and my legs tied up....I'm helpless on the floor.

He stripes my down and there I am naked wrigling on the floor not able to do anything. He lays down on the floor and begins to suck and stroke my cock. Not able to resist my cock begins to grow in his mouth. He looks up and says, I knew you were a fucking queer. He stick a couple fingers in my ass as he continued to suck my cock and play with my balls. He stops, gets up and positions his now naked as over my face, "lick it fag" as he pushes his ass in my face. I hesitate and he squeezes my balls and say fucking suck it asshole or i'll cut these off.

I start licking and sucking his ass as if it were a pussy. I didn't want him to think I was holding out else he would "teach me a lesson". I continue to devour his man hood. then he slides out of my mouth and then he props my ass in the air. He grabs my hips and says " fuck take this you fucking bitch." and he rams his cock in my ass. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH MOTHER FUCKER!!! WHAT THE FUCK YOUY ASSHOE!!! I yell. Shut the fuck up as he jams his cock in my ass and holds it there. The spasms subsid and he starts sliding in and out of my now anxious ass. I wra[ m legs aroun nim and push him closer to me. I'm thinking he could do antything to me right now. I'm his bitch. as I think this my cock grows harder and longer. precum oozes from the head.. AS he continues to assault my ass he starts pinching my tits. (holy crap I want this man so badly) (what?!? I don't understand. I've never felt this way before with a man.) He continues to slide in and out of my anxious ass. Devouring his cock as it slide in and lonely as it slides out leaving a void. my legs wrap around his waist forcing him to keep his cock inside me. Finally after about 10 minutes or so his cock swells enormously, my cock begins to twitch. He shoves into me, I clinch down on my ass and I feel his warmth fill me up. It continues as he tries to pump in and out. As the last spurts go into my my own cock has spasm and I spew all over my stomach, chest and his mouth without anyone touching it. As the last spasms leave my cock, he look down and says "you are now mine." You know I own you and you cock is mine. You can only cum when I say." As he says this, he leans down, kisses me with his tongue and I think to my self.."he is so true. I'm his...what ever he wants."........

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