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Deep Inside Karyn And Maureen

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Maureen first caught my eye sometime during the fall of 1983 when she walked into the first session of our broadcast law class. From the moment she took a seat next to me we were friends. How would I describe Maureen?; Goddess?! Yes! She was and still is a blonde goddess, almost a dead ringer for the actress Kate Capshaw around the age of thirty at the height of her career and good looks. Take a look at the second Indiana Jones movie and you?ll see what I mean. Long legs. Full play-boy-centerfold-quality breasts. Nordic beauty. Maureen is today, sweet, beautiful and extremely sexy.

I tried hard to get more than friendship from her during that school year, but nothing happened. It was very frustrating. Rumor had it she was dating some a wealthy guy who lived in the Hollywood hills. It may have explained why she drove a nice car and could afford her stylish cloths and college tuition without any job or family help.

One day as I was parking my car, Karyn, another gal who also attended my broadcast law class, pulled into the vacant spot beside me. Karyn was a petite brunette. Mousy. Always serious. She wore black plastic rimmed glasses which made her look like a department of motor vehicles clerk, the parish secretary, or your classic librarian. As we walk across campus Karyn removed her glasses momentarily giving me a glimpse of her cute face and pretty eyes.

You have beautiful green eyes," I commented. Karyn paused and looked at me, and I realized right then and there this was perhaps the first nice comment a man has ever said about her. We talked as we walked and made arrangement to meet at her apartment later that afternoon to go over my term paper with was shortly due. I arrived an hour late, which was no problem, and handed my first draft to Karyn. She sat down on the couch and without taking her eyes off me, sat back, took off her glasses and tossed my term paper aside. I realized then and there what she wanted me for. It wasn?t to edit a term paper. This little cute mouse wanted to fuck! How would I describe Karyn? Imagine the sweet little red-headed actress on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," Allison? well her last name escapes me now. And not to digress to much, Allison in real life is much more beautiful than that skinny hag who plays Buffy.

Karyn was wearing tight blue-jeans and a strapped top that revealed her well sculptured lines of her tight little five foot body. She was a swimmer. Every day she spent hours in the campus center pool swimming lap to tone her body. Two well shaped torpedoes with erect nipples stood up the material inside her top. I kneeled down on the edge of the couch, leaned forward, and with one hand massaging her tits, kissed her long and hard. I started to unbutton her jeans. "I?m not ready yet," she said putting her hand atop mine.

"I?m going to get you ready," I replied as I tugged downward on her zipper, "I want to suck on your sweet pussy."

Her eyes widened as the prospect of my tongue gliding between her legs. I pulled down her pants and tossed them aside. He legs were incredible! I had never seen a woman with such muscle tone and definition. She wasn?t muscular, not overly built like those freak women in body building. She was just firm. I spread her legs revealing a glistening wet spot on her pink panties. She was wearing crotch snap type and with a couple easy flicks of my index finger they flew open revealing a sweet pink wet slit. She was closely trimmed, very close, but not shaved. Good enough! She left a tuft of hair on her pubic mound which I noted for use later.

The game plan in this situation was simple? win her heart with the skillful use of my tongue. Many women admire a bold man when it comes to oral sex. Pull her pants down and fuck her, wham! Bam, and you?ll get nowhere. But move for her pussy firmly and fast, then lick her into submission and a gal will let you doggy fuck them upside down on the ceiling during Lent. I dove my face right into her sweet little honey pot without hesitation, and she couldn?t believe it when I licked her entire fleshy length of her pink slowly a couple of times. I knew I had her right then and there when she took hold of my head in her hands.

I surprised her when I next took hold of the upper lips of her labia with my fingers. Men please note: women never expect this! Gently lift and spread their flesh apart and the gal?s clit will pop out from it?s hiding place. She gasped! And while her clit stood up and out I licked and sucked, and sucked and licked. She moaned and ground her pussy into my face. I could taste her sweet cum as it flowed heavier and heavier. I kept her moaning and squirming for over twenty minutes until she shuddered in her first orgasm. By now her pussy was licked smooth and slick. She reached down to finger my handiwork, "ohhh, baby, I?m soooo wet! I want your cock in me right now!"

"No, I?m not done yet." I replied as I went back to sucking her clit. "Then let me touch your cock, let me suck you," she begged. I was waiting for this. My policy with new gal pals is to make them beg for it. It?s a good policy. Keeps you in control. It makes them need you. Actually crave your cock. I rolled Karyn onto the carpeted floor and got her on top of me in a 69 position. I spread her ass far apart?to the verge of splitting. She screamed and squirmed as I licked and drove my tongue deeper and deeper into her slick box. She deftly unzipped my pants, dug into my boxers and gasped in amazement when she pulled out eight inches of thick erection.

Karyn knew how to suck. She knew how men liked it. Not this gentle stuff, light kissing with scented candles in the background. She took my dick firmly in hand, wetted the head with several long sucks then began stroking firmly and fast. She stroked from tip to base with firm long strokes, then sucked and stroked. "I?ve never had such a big dick like this, I can barely get my hand around it!" she managed to comment between slurps and sucks.

She came again. This time driving her slick wet pussy into my face as she trembled. She hopped off, stood and held out her hand for me to get up off the carpet, "I want you to fuck me." This is what I was waiting for. I tossed off my clothes. Karyn reached out, grabbed me by my erect throbbing rod and led me into the bedroom of the apartment. A futon lay in the corner. She pulled me to the edge of it, got on her knees and sucked and stroked my cock without taking her eyes of me. She took her lips off the tip of my dick and stroked hard several times until she produced clear semenal fluid to her delight. She lay back and spread her legs, "slide that huge cock inside me now!"

I flipped Karyn over on her knees, "how about like this?" She arched he back, angling her pussy for penetration, "I love getting fucked doggy style, but go easy with me, I?m small." She was petite. I towered a whole foot over her in stature. As I slowly worked the head of my dick into her vaginal opening she moaned in pain and pleasure. With this little gal I had to take it slow. Her pussy was tight but well lubricated. I plowed into her with one slow constant motion, but stopped just short of driving my full eight inches inside. It was enough for her, she shrieked and moaned, "that?s it, fill my pussy!" I pulled back and drove into her again, this time faster. She could take it, because she was grinding her hips and pussy into me this time. So picked up on her cue I started fucking her faster and faster. I rocked her with my thrusts. Her breasts flailed.

"Fuck my mouth," Karyn begged, "I want you to fuck my mouth!" Karyn spun around and wrapped her lips around my cock. Grasping her by the head I thrust her cute face into my hard slick pole glistening with her juice. This went on for a few minutes until? "Fuck me in the ass." Yes she wanted it up her backside, so as she went back on her knees he handed me a tube of lube kept under the pillow. I coated her ass and the tip of my cock. "Put it in me," she begged. I pressed the head of my dick against her ass and gave a gentle push. Surprisingly I slid in easily. This gal had been here before. I began pumping her slow and firmly.

Out came another surprise from under her pillow. As I continued pumping, she began fucking herself with a ten inch dildo. For every slow plunge of my cock into her ass she would trust her Doc Johnson toy twice into her pussy. Karyn moaned and squirmed under the double fucking until? "I want your cock in my pussy again!" Karyn pulled out the dildo and arched her back so that her pussy was at a better angle for entry. "And fuck me, fuck me in the ass with this," she begged handing me the dildo slick with her pussy juice. I plunged into her puss without hesitation and picked up where I left off. I worked the dildo inside her ass, and as I slid my cock in and out I pumped her with both my dick and her toy. Without warning she shuddered, she was cumming violently. As for myself I was also ready to pop. "Where do you want it?" I asked.

"Cum in my pussy," she begged. It was time, and I saw no reason to hold on any longer. I drove my dick deep and hard and held it inside her as I shot my load. Karyn rolled over and held the dildo in her ass. She spread her legs and as she fingered her dripping pussy, with her other hand she kept pumping her ass with her toy. She smiled, "I loved your cock inside me." "Then let?s make this a regular thing." She smiled again. Obviously she wanted more.

We fucked magnificently once more time that evening and at ten o?clock I had to leave to get to work. I had a night job as a aerospace technical illustrator and it would take me at least thirty minutes to get across the San Fernando valley to my shop. Karyn begged me to stay, but I had to keep up with my tuition. Karyn lived on the top floor of the apartment building. The back staircase led to the visitor lot at the rear of the building. As I turned the first flight of stairs I could see directly into the living room of an apartment building next door. Inside Maureen was entering with her older boyfriend. It was a well known stand-up comedian of the 80?s (before he got his big break) who was a good fifteen years older that Maureen. I stopped to watch and to keep from being seen, I unscrewed the light bulb illuminating the stairwell.

Maureen and Mr. Funny began to kiss. She hopped up on a barstool and wrapped her long legs around him. Her hand went down and she unzipped his pants. Out came his stiff throbbing nine inch dick. He pulled up Maureen?s skirt. She wasn?t wearing any underwear. Maureen expertly guided his cock into her swollen pussy. Mr. Funny began pumping her wildly. He opened her blouse and let her tits spill out. And as he violently pumped, her ripe round melons bounced wildly. He ground his meat into her for several more minutes until she pushed him away and ran into the bedroom. Damn! The action continued on out of sight, so I went to work.

Fifteen years later. 1998. I am forty two years old and living with my eighty five year old elderly father. I don?t have the heart to put him in an old folks home. Getting on in years and legally blind, he needs to be looked after so I am back in Ventura County California just a few minutes north of Los Angeles. My dad?s home is close to the beach. It?s not bad at all. And I?m getting in a lot of writing. In the fall of that year I manage to run into Maureen at the local market in Channel Islands. The town is really called Oxnard?but with that shit name the locals prefer to call the area Channel Islands. Maureen is thirty eight years old now, and she is a stunning ageless beauty. We begin to chat and catch-up on old times.

Maureen has been married, divorced and recently remarried. She has a teenage son who is living with his father in San Diego. Kevin, her new husband, is an officer in the Navy and stationed on a weapons test ship ported at the nearby naval base. I am surprised to learn that they are practically neighbors, living in a rented condo on the next block. Before we part, we exchange telephone numbers. Two days go by. The phone rings. It?s Maureen. She wants to know if I can come over for dinner. "Sure, why not?!" I tell her. I run myself through the shower to wash off the dirt and stink that comes from working on a dirty 4X4 in the sun. I dress and am ringing her doorbell within thirty minutes from the invitation.

Maureen answers the door wearing a short skirt and a sleeveless blouse with no bra. I meet her new husband Kevin. He is a tall strong man with a strong hand-shake that nearly re-injures my hand crushed in a sailing accident a few years before. As we chat Kevin has three steaks on the grill. He and I have a lot in common. We?re the same age. We?ve both been in the service and on and on. Maureen appears with a couple of Corona?s in hand. After a long day in the sun the beer tasted very sweet. She kisses Kevin and grabs a handful of his ass. They appear very much in love. It?s an uncomfortable moment, but it doesn?t last long because the steaks are done.

Kevin was a master of the grill. Later when dinner was over we chatted at the table for almost an hour. Kevin had met Maureen when he was stationed in Washington DC. Maureen was working for a local television station as a news producer. She lost her job though the usual politics in that industry just at the same time Kevin got orders to come to the coast. She followed Kevin to California and they got married a few months later. About this time in their sweet story, I had the need to take a leak, so I excused myself.

When I returned Maureen and Kevin we?re not outside on the patio. I entered the house, turned the corner to the living room and found them. What I saw gave me an instant hard-on. They were kissing on the couch. Kevin was laying back with his pants open and his stiff nine inch dick standing straight up like a flag pole. Maureen had her hand around it, and as they kissed she stroked him. Maureen looked up and saw me standing there, "well come on, sit down." She patted the couch with her hand wanting me to sit beside her. I looked at Kevin, he nodded and motioned for me to sit down. Okay then!

I sat down and Maureen?s hand went to my zipper. She opened my pants and expertly lifted my stiff meat out of my boxers. Maureen spun around and kneeled before us. She had our large cocks in each hand. She put her mouth on Kevin?s dick getting it good and wet and she began to stroke him. Then she turned her attention to me. She sucked and slurped until she got me wet enough to begin stroking. "Do you like that?" she asked. "Oh yeah," I replied stupidly.

She traded off our cocks in her mouth, sucking, stroking, slurping. Expertly holding one dick in each hand. Kevin leaned forward and unbuttoned her blouse freeing her incredible breasts. "Do you believe those tits?!" he remarked. They hung sweetly and swayed gently as she eagerly worked our dicks. I couldn?t say anything. I was still stunned. Another erect cock in the room didn?t bother me at all, after all I had walked in on my former girlfriend ten years before as she was being gang-banged by six guys. No, two or more guys fucking one gal was not strange to me. The awkwardness of the situation was that Kevin did not mind sharing his wife with me one bit in the least. "She is soooo hot," quipped Kevin.

"Don?t cum yet,? ordered Maureen. She sensed that I was ready to pop. She was right. She stopped stroking me and just held onto my cock firmly by the base. Maureen kept sucking and stroking Kevin?s dick. He was longer than me, but not as thick. She looked up and as their eyes met, "baby? look at his fat cock. Won?t that look good inside me?!" "Honey, I want to watch him fuck you," said Kevin, "I want to watch his cock fuck you silly."

"How about both you boys get inside me," moaned Maureen as she slapped Kevin?s cock on her face. She looked at me, "would you like that?" "Of course I?d like to fuck you darling. You know that I?ve had a crush on you ever since I met you." Maureen smiled, "why didn?t you say something?I had the hots for you also back in school." "You were going out with that comedian, what?s-his-name." She seemed surprised, "how did you know? Nobody knew I was dating him." "Because I saw you with him. I watched you from the stairwell." She realized what I meant, "you wicked man." "Is this someone I should know about?" asked Kevin. "No baby, just keep your cock hard," she said as she leaned forward and kissed him.

Maureen stood and shook off her skirt, blouse and panties. Her body was magnificent. Her breasts hung perfectly, full and round, "let?s get naked," she said. Kevin and I quickly undressed. She opened the drawer of the end table. Inside was a tube of lubricant. She tossed it to Kevin and he lubed his cock. "I want you to watch this," she said to me. This was Kevin?s cue to sit back down on the couch. He laid back letting his cock stand up rock hard. Not that I wasn?t limp?the sight of Maureen?s sweet tits and shaved bald pussy kept me pounding rock hard. I hadn?t had a rock-dick like this since the time I walked in on Barbara struggling to cope with three erect dicks.

Maureen spun around, faced away from Kevin and squatted down letting her ass hover over her husband?s erect pole. "Watch his sweet cock go inside my ass," she said as she took hold of the tip and guided toward her puckered opening. She let herself slowly down. The tip of Kevin?s cock disappeared inside her. "That?s it honey?hold it straight,? she cooed as she worked herself lower and lower onto his stiff dick until she was all the down. Kevin pumped her slowly several times while he held Maureen by the waist. She looked down at Kevin?s meat now burried completely inside her ass, then she looked up at me, "that looks sooo sexy, doesn?t it?!" I couldn?t disagree.

Maureen spread her legs wide and with her middle finger stroked her shaved wet, pink snatch. "Do you like my pussy?!" she moaned, "I want you to fuck my pussy." A tuft of hair on her pubic mound was shaved into the shape of a heart. I took a step forward and she reached out and pulled me closer by my cock. She stroked me firm twice, then looked up into my eyes, "Al your dick is so thick! Put it in me." I knelt and let Maureen guide my erection to her slick fuck hole. No time to play, toy, or posture, she wanted me to fuck her. I held her legs apart and penetrated her slick hole with one gentle shove. She cooed, rolled her head, arched her back, and swung her gaze back upon me, "ohhhhh sweetheart, your cock feels so good inside me."

Kevin started pumping her ass and I took this as cue to start working on her pussy. Both of us worked her. My cock slid in and out of her hot, wet pussy faster and faster. Having prior experience with this having joined the gang-bang of Sissy and Barbara, I could not pump her too fast in consideration of Kevin. If I got her moving too quick, his cock could easily pop out and it would take several awkward moments to get us all hooked-up again. So I kept a steady firm rhythm of long deep strokes. Maureen?s tits bounced in front of my face. She grabbed her nipples and rolled them between her fingers and as she bounced on our cocks moaned, "fuck-uk-uk me-ee-ee." Maureen was the ultimate pumpstress?as I later learned she was addicted to Male-female-threesomes. For a short time they had had another partner in their lives, a police officer on one of the local forces, with whom they would fuck and suck together. Their cop friend landed a job as a chief out of state so the relationship ended. Now I was being auditioned for the vacant position.

Maureen pushed me away and rolled of Kevin?s dick. She got on her knees arched her back and rolled her hips for Kevin to take her doggy style. She positioned me on the couch and went to work on my dick as Kevin pumped her pussy from behind. My dick was slick with her pussy juice and she stroked it firm and fast. Stroke, suck, stroke, slurp. Her tits flailed wildly Kevin fucked her aggressively from behind. Their flesh slapped repeatedly. She struggled to cope with the our cocks. Mine in her mouth. Kevin?s ramming her pussy hard and fast. She looked up at me, "I want you in my pussy again?fuck my pussy again!" I quickly traded places with Kevin and drove my dick into her.

She worked Kevin?s cock like a wild woman. Stroke, stoke, stoke, suck! "Come on honey?I want to taste your hot juice!" I fucked her harder and harder. She struggled to keep her mouth on Kevin?s hard dick, "that?s it, fuck-uk-uk me!" Kevin arched his back, he was getting ready to pop. Maureen could see this. She stroked his dick wildly and just as the moment approached put her mouth over the tip of his cock to catch everything she could. Kevin squirted. The cum ran out of Maureen?s mouth and down Kevin?s dick. Squirt! Squirt! But Maureen kept working his dick. With his throbbing rod like a huge pencil sideways in her mouth, Maureen expertly worked the sensitive underside of his cock and his wad of thick spunk up and down with her lips. Squirt. A final thick thread gushes up into her hair. I had to pause to contemplate this sexy sight.

"Don?t stop, don?t stop!" I resumed pumping and pumping her sweet flesh. After a few moments Kevin rolled off the couch. Then Maureen suddenly pulled away leaving my throbbing cock hanging in air. She sat down on the edge of the couch and spread her legs wide. Her face was dripping with Kevin?s cum. "Watch him fuck me baby?look how his cock stretches my pussy soooo wide!." I plunged in and humped her wildly. She moaned as I suckled on her erect nipples. She put her hand between her legs to feel my cock sliding inside her. Kevin stood nearby, calmly taking sips of beer watching us fuck, "I like the way you look when you?re riding a cock sweetheart!" "He?s splitting me?ohhhh baby, he?s fucking me so good!" Seconds later Maureen gasps and shudders?she cums.

Maureen looks me in the eyes, "cum inside me?shoot your cum in my pussy!" She can sense that I?m close. Her pussy is frothy. My dick is slick and my balls are coated with her juice. On the verge I ram my cock deep inside her?her eyes roll, then come back to lock with mine. Squirt! I push inside deeper. Squirt! "Pump it in me, pump that cum inside me," she moans. Squirt! I collapse onto her tits. We lay together until I loose my erection. I roll off and lay back on the couch. Sated, Maureen remains motionless with her legs spread wide. My sperm is oozing out of her pussy and onto the cushions. She fingers herself as Kevin snaps a few photos of her freshly fucked cream-pie.

Minutes later we are all naked in the hot-tub outside. "I can tell you?ve done this before," she comments. I relay the tale when I walked in on Barbara and Sissy and how seven cocks had their way with two tight pussies. They learn how that day was my entry into the lifestyle. Maureen tells me how she got into multiple men. It was shortly after she met Kevin. It was a birthday surprise. Kevin told her to come over to his apartment in Washington D.C. She was instructed to wear something very, very, sexy because they were going out?where?! Well that was a surprise.

When she showed up Kevin and his friend, another Naval officer, Doug were finishing up with basketball game. Marueen was incensed with Kevin not being ready to go, until that is he produced a birthday cake. After she blew out the candles, Kevin handed her a card that he made himself. The outside read: "A special surprise for a sexy, special lady." She opened the card and discovered a Polaroid of two erect cocks in close up. It was a photo of Doug and himself sporting wood. Underneath the words: "ride this!" Maureen said she was breathless. She told me how the rest of the evening went.

Doug, a well built, handsome hunk of a guy like Kevin, moved in behind Maureen and began fondling her ample tits. "My pussy got so wet, then Doug didn?t even ask, he just unhooked my dress letting my tits spill out. And Kevin just calmly stood there watching as Doug began running his hands all over me. I didn?t know what to do until Kevin said ?I want to watch you fuck." "I briefed Doug on what to do,:" said Kevin, "I told him once her got her dress unhooked that he should put her on the edge of the table and spread her legs." "And then he whips out his cock," she said, holding her hands apart to show me his size, "he was hung like a horse." "Ten inches," said Kevin. "I?d never been fucked like that before," said Maureen, "it was so sexy watching Kevin watch me. And when he joined in?," she rolled her eyes, "I couldn?t get enough." Right about then Kevin got a call from his ship?he was on-call and had to return to deal with some petty problem. He quickly dressed and departed leaving Maureen and I alone in the hot-tub. Maureen slid over and straddled me, sitting high with her incredible tits in my face. She kissed me. "I want to ask you something? Kevin and I would like you to be a part of our lives." I was surprised and she misread my expression. "You?re seeing someone?!" "No, not at all?it?s just that? yes, yes I?d like that very much!" With that Maureen stood up, climbed out of the tub, walked to the backdoor and motioned me to follow. I took the cue. She led me into the bedroom where we dried each other off with towels. She put my hand on her pussy, "you?re still in there? maybe you can deposit some more?!" I began to kiss her and stroke her clit with my hand. I laid her down upon the bed and as we kissed she began to stroke my cock again until I was hard. "I want you inside me again, Al." She laid back and spread her legs, "put it in me." I mounted and slid my cock inside her still slick pussy. My thrusts were slow, deep and gentle and after a while she wrapped her legs around me. "We should have done this fifteen years ago, Al." I picked up the pace, pushing deeper and harder. My balls slapped the firm flesh of her ass. "Oh, yes?honey? fuck-uk-uk me-ee-ee." Her tits flailed. Then she arched her back and trembled. She was cumming. "Give it to me!" she moaned. I could hold it no longer. Once again I drover my cock deep and hard. Squirt! Squirt! Maureen knew my hot sperm was again coating her insides. I collapsed next to her on the bed. We kissed for a while then fell asleep in each other?s arms.

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of Maureen?s moaning. Both she and Kevin were naked and shagging in the doggy position. His long erect cock was spearing her pussy violently from behind. Their flesh was slapping and once again her tits flailed wildly. Kevin drove his dick deep and hard and let loose his spunk. With that, he gave her a slap on the ass, got up and headed into the kitchen. Maureen stood and as she pulled on a tee shirt I could see Kevin?s thick hot spunk running down the inside of her thigh. She smiled at me, "good morning," bent over and kissed me, "Come on, I?ll make you breakfast."

This was the beginning of my adventures with Kevin and Maureen.

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