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Dear Jane - Come Here My Dear and Let's Kiss

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Come Here My Dear and Let?s Kiss

Dear Jane:

Introduction: Ever since June I had been thinking about a date I had made for July with a woman I met on the Internet. I have experienced apprehension of meeting someone while married. I was very happy in looking forward to what promised to be a day of delights and loving. I was fearful of what it meant in crossing a new line in the relationship between Jane and myself. There were so many emotions wrapping this date of ours.

Jane I knew was apprehensive too. We had had over six months of instant messages and e-mail, punctuated by a few phone conversations to know she was both ready for this meeting with me and also fearful of what it would mean for her and us together.

I had imagined every angle of sex with her. I could taste her and feel her soft supple skin. I longed to have my lips lock with her in a passionate kiss. I wanted very much to touch her ample breasts and to suck her nipples. The idea of touching her pussy was almost too much to think about.

This torrid affaire had begun in mid-January on a whim. I met Jane on a website. By chance we started talking in a chat room and that graduated to a series of personal messages on their system. That gave way to instant messaging. At that point we fell into a set of deep conversations on our lives, sex and so many other issues. We became close quickly.

Soon after this started Jane sent me an e-mail saying it was over. I thought about it and saw it as a bluff as in poker. I didn?t want to be without her for two reasons. My relationship with my wife was not good sexually and I felt alienated. Secondly I really liked this woman. She was someone I wanted to pursue developing something with.

The downside was she married and the mother of two small children. She also became pregnant in March. I thought to my self, why am I becoming involved with such a woman ? the answer seemed simple though? She was nice, sexy and had a personality that matched mine.

I told her we should talk and not get too entangled. So we continued and became more and more entangled.

Both of us are married. She is four months pregnant with her third child. Do I feel bad in fucking this woman ? yes somewhat, but not enough to stop me. I love her and want to express that to her in physical terms. I know we will never be together as a couple. She has her husband and family. I have my wife where the relationship seems to be getting better. But Jane offers parts of a relationship I may never have with my wife.

So I asked myself is this bad that I am doing this? The answer of course has lots of grey area. The answer is yes and no. The obvious indiscretions points to an answer of yes. Can you imagine the reactions to ? ?you fucked a pregnant woman?? But both of us are going into this with our eyes wide open and going back to our respective spouses. We are doing something we can?t get at home. Yes, we are both greedy and somewhat immature but I believe we will both be strengthened because of this day.

Tuesday - Two days before: My wife had left on a trip five days ago. I was sleeping along and so extremely horny thinking about having sex with Jane.

I woke up this morning with a raging hard on ? not good enough for intercourse but a nice long pretty hard cock. I could only think of Jane kissing and sucking my cock. That made me only harder. I knew that in a short time she would be sucking me for sure.

I stroked myself. I didn?t want to cum. I wanted to save that for her mouth or pussy. I thought of cumming in her mouth then kissing and sharing the cum between us. I can think of no other love making being better than that.

I got up and shaved my balls and pubic area. It is now very smooth with no nicks. To feel her lips and tongue will be such a delight. After we are together I will let the pubic hair grow back because my wife doesn?t seem to care ? which is a disappointment.

I went back to bed and stroked my cock harder. Within a short period of time I came all over myself. Droplets of cum were on my stomach, thighs, my balls and flowing down my cock ? probably many other places too.

During the whole process of jacking off I only thought of Jane. Of the visions of her jacking off, of what it would be like to kiss her skin and for her to kiss me ? for her to suck my cock.

I slept till 1 PM. I got up unable to shake my thoughts of her. I didn?t think of my wife ? I suppose because we were never this hot.

Tomorrow I fly then the next day we see each other. This is ominous for me. I?m worried that it will fall through ? someone will be sick. Her kids have been sick.

That night I thought of Jane, but slept well.

Thursday- The day of our meeting: Jane called me about 10. She told me she was going to the doctor at 11:30 and wanted to have lunch. Of course I was overjoyed. She would come by the hotel.

I took a shower and got ready for her appearance.

So around noon she knocked the door. I had left the door open and told her to come in. She had on a green golf shirt and reddish shorts. She was so pretty when she smiled. We came together and kissed. She had a hotness and aroma of sexual fervor. We embraced and continued kissing. I rubbed her back and our eyes locked together during the kisses.

We spoke softly and exchanged caresses and soft kisses. I then suggested we strip each other. She had already taken her shoes off. I pulled her shirt off revealing a very nice white bra. I took the shoulder straps down to bare her shoulders. I then kissed her shoulders and caressed her back.

Finally I unsnapped her bra and removed it completely. Her breasts (40DD) were free. They were beautiful. Her nipples were firm aned very supple. They were nice to suck.

She then lay on the bed and I removed her shorts. She had on a pair of blue cotton bikini panties. I kissed her pussy through the material. It was warm and fragrant with the pleasant smells of her sex. I licked her through the panty and she began moaning. In a short time she had her first orgasm.

The next three hours continued from one of Jane?s orgasm to another. I would insert my fuck finger into her pussy and it was always so very wet. The ability to give her an orgasm centered around her wetness and her extremely short sex trigger. Or I would kiss and lick her pussy and her orgasms were just as easy. The taste was delightful.

We had no toys to play with. She enjoyed my fingers and tongue. In return Jane gave me the most wonderful blow jobs. She was an expert at giving a blow job. Her tongue made my penis, balls and the shaved area above my penis so wet and warm. I camer with such fervor.

Jane also lay on my left shoulder and we hugged while in bed. I would rub her skin and touch her body. It was a closeness of old time lovers. We would kiss and I would rub her back. She would rub my leg or anywhere else.

Three PM came only to quickly. Jane showered by herself. Before she did though I gave her a good ass fucking with my fuck finger while she leaned against the wall with her hands. She came and then took her shower.

I was overcome with her persona, both her sexual sense and her personality. She was open and so pervasive. Jane made me feel so good and I know I pleased her too. She wore the smile of having been pleasured. This was the smile I dreamed of and hoped she would wear.

The time ended too soon. She said she wanted to reschedule today for Monday. That was fine with me.

Monday ? Second Meeting: I was somewhat nervous about our second meeting ? there was no apparent reason. I like Jane a lot and there was nothing to change my view from our first meeting.

I missed a phone call from her and as a consequence she didn?t get there to 9:30. We were together until 3:15 then. Today was a lot more of what occurred on Thursday. And we so easily did the sex.

When she came about 9:30, we again kissed so sweetly. I love her kisses and I think she likes mine. We embraced and looked into each other?s eyes. Her taste was wonderful.

I gave her a silver ankle bracelet. It was too large so she wore it on her wrist.

We stripped each other again. Today she was wearing a short red dress, a pinkish bra, a pretty white thong panty, shorts and a top. When she sat down her dress came up mid-thigh and revealed her beautiful legs, which were a joy to kiss and touch. I so enjoyed stripping her! To touch her skin was a joy. To kiss her such was such a turn on.

I sucked her nipples before I touched her pussy. They were soft and very enjoyable to touch with my lips and tongue. Her nipples highlighted her sexual beauty.

Her pussy was more charming then on Thursday. Maybe because I was experienced with her now ? maybe because it was dark where hair had been shaved ? maybe because the tuft of hair she keeps at the top of her slit is so charming ? maybe because of the luscious aroma ? maybe because I knew she would be so wet when I touched her sex - probably for all of those reasons.

We lost not time in fucking, kissing, touching ? loving each other. She made me feel so good sexually. I know I made her feel so good too. We did everything imaginable.

After making love to her and giving her many orgasms, I asked her to go down on me. She did. It was the most wonderful bj. Her mouth was so warm, wet, and succulent. While I did not cum, she made me feel so fucking good.

She sucked my balls, made my cock hard and licked the shaved areas around my cock and balls. I said to her if she thought I was hard enough we should have intercourse. She mounted me on top ? which I love!! Jane rode my cock and we fucked. The warmth and wetness of her cunt was delightful.

I came in her, it was so nice fucking her. Again I know she liked it.

Later we performed 69 and it was exquisite. I loved eating her pussy with her on top and she sucking my cock!

One thing I had promised Jane was to give her my virgin ass to fuck. She did in such an expert way with a dildo. The combination of KY Jelly and her experienced hand made the ass fucking so pleasurable.

We fucked so many more times by my eating her or finger fucking her or this time we had toys to use. She had a new dildo that I used on her cunt and I put a rubber on it and fucked her ass. It was the size of a man?s cock.

Before we showered I sucked her toes and kissed her feet. That was a delight. She has very sexy feet.

The afternoon passed too quickly.

When it came time for her to leave we took a shower together. She went down on her knees to blow me as I washed her hair. I find that so pleasurable!!

We dried off and I asked for 15 minutes more and I went down on her to eat her and finger fuck her wonderful pussy. The last three orgasms could easily have been the last 50 or 100 orgasms - I just love making this woman cum.

My hope is that sometime in the future we will see each other again. If we don?t that will be too bad, but this is a woman I have a love for. The visit only strengthened that feeling, but we have our own lives to lead too.

Your lover,


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