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Damsel in DistrAss

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We were having a great time singing karaoke. We, being my wife Cindy and I and Pamela and her date Jim. My wife and I have just turned 30. I'm Bill and I was probably the only one that wasn't completely plastered. Pam is 26 and she been my wife's best friend for about 5 years now. They could be sisters; both have dirty blonde hair and talk on the phone all the time. Although Cindy is endowed with nice full C cups Pam has got to be at least double Ds. I find Pam very attractive but she's been in and out of relationships over the years and Jim is her most recent one. My wife told me that Pam is starting to feel like she won't ever meet the right guy and she thought that she would already be married by this time in her life. She dates guys for about 3 to 5 months and then the relationship ends. We all left before last call and on the way home my wife was acting pretty frisky. She flashed me on the way home and I knew I was in for some hot action tonight.

Her cell rang just as we entered our house. It was Pam, they always called one another to let each other know that they made it home safely. I was a little concerned about Jim as he had a lot to drink that night. We both shed our clothes as soon as we entered the bedroom. As we fell into bed I remarked that I wondered if Pam and Jim were doing the same thing. My wife told she was sure they were since it was over three months that they had been dating. I asked her what she meant by that and she told me Pam had a 3 month rule where she wouldn't have sex with a guy until they had been dating for at least 3 months. That struck me as kind of peculiar as Pam's relationships all seemed to end soon after. I told her maybe she sucks in the sack and she replied, "Oh, she definitely sucks {cock}in bed but I don't know if she's as good a fuck as I am." Now my wife is insatiable and a total hottie in a bedroom. She immediately dropped to her knees and engulfed my 8 1/2 inches thick cock. I was intrigued and asked her what she meant by that. She told me Pam wasn't able to take BC so if they didn't have a condom available she would suck her boyfriends off. She also told me that Pam wasn't sure that she was having orgasms. She then pulled her mouth off of my saliva coated cock and as she lay back on the bed spreading her smooth shaven cunt she told me,"I told her if she wasn't sure if she was having an orgasm, that she wasn't. Now fuck me hard and deep." My mind quickly got back to fucking mode as Cindy's tight wet cunt was needing some servicing. I rubbed my huge cock head against her sweet petals over and over filling my wife with anticipation. "Don't tease me, I need you now." she pleaded. One quick thrust and I was fulling embedded inside her wanting pussy. She let out a loud gasp and a big smile soon came over her face. "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard." she begged. I started fucking her slowly and told her, "I bet you two talk about sex all the time." She nodded in agreement. "What do you say about me?" I asked. "I told Pam how I love how your big thick cock fills me up. Now fuck me good, you mother fucker." she replied. Then I felt her heels press against my buttocks and I knew she wanted it badly. I started to pound her wet cunt hard and she matched me thrust for thrust. We were both in fuck lust as we fucked like minks. Our sex was so hot and I knew this was going to be short and sweet. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" my wife screamed. I could actually feel my wife's tight cunt juicing up and I knew she was close. I had that burning sensation at the base of my balls and I wasn't going to last long either. Cindy beat me to it and her body shook on the mattress as her pussy coated my stiff rod. I let loose a salvo of cum that ran the entire length of my cock before it flooded the depths of her cunt. Cindy continued screaming until my cock stopped squirting and then she collapsed on the bed. I rolled off my wife and lay next to her panting and in her drunken state she soon was fast asleep. I got up and covered her with a sheet. As I did I noticed my cum seeping out of her pussy causing a puddle between her legs. We were going to have to change the sheets the next morning for sure but I just headed outside to have a smoke. I finally got into bed and Cindy's cell rang. I answered it seeing it was from Pam. It sounded like she was yelling from a distance something about she needed my wife to come over and that she was handcuffed to her bed. I tried to talk with her but it didn't seem like she could hear me but she just kept repeating that she needed help and to come over. Cindy was basically passed out and I got dressed and head over to Pam's apartment. It was only 20 mins away.

Pam was pretty wasted when we all left the club and I didn't know what the hell was going on. Her door was shut but not locked so I went in and called put her name. No one replied and I went into the bedroom. I couldn't believe what I saw. Pam had a brass bed and she had her hands handcuffed over her head. Her legs were spread wide open and were tied around the ankles with a couple of bathrobe belts. I couldn't help but to take the entire scene in. There was a discarded rubber on the floor. She was completely naked and there was the same puddle of cum below her cunt on the covers like the one I had just left at my house. I notice her huge gr*pefruit sized breast slightly heaving with her every breathe. She must have fallen asleep before I arrived. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and she was definitely blonde. Her cunt was a mess, you know how it looks after it's been hammered. I noticed her cell was laying next to her on the pillow. I figured she must of some how pressed the sent button with some part of her body and it dialed the last numbered called. She was laying on top of the covers so I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and covered her. I shook her gently and she woke up. She immediately asked where my wife was and I told her she was passed out at home. I asked her what had happened. She told me Jim had tied her up and they had sex. She admitted it was her idea that she had always fantasized about a bondage scenario. I guess she was trying to get herself off. She told me their sex hadn't been very good and she was trying to spice it up. It seems Jim wanted to pull out and have her suck and swallow his cum but she wouldn't do a cunt to mouth. I asked her if she had ever done that before and she said she hadn't ever. I thought no wonder her boyfriends don't stick around. She told me he was upset at that and he then fucked her and he came inside me even though she begged him to pull out. She told me what I already knew that she wasn't on any BC. Then she told me that she had to pee really bad. I asked her where the handcuff key was and she didn't know. I untied her legs and started looking for the key. She told me she couldn't hold it much longer. I went to the bathroom and got a small plastic trash can and emptied it out. She swung her legs off the bed with her hands still above her head. She spread her legs and cum started oozing from her pussy before I could put the trash can under her and then she cut loose. She gave me a great look at the mother of all pisses. Woman don't eject a single stream, it's more like a spray and she had to go something fierce. My cock actually started twitching as I watched her pissing. When she finished I used the towel to wipe her down there as some of the urine had trickled around her cunt. She got her ass back on the bed and told me she needed to do something to keep from getting pregnant. She told me she had some disposable douche in her bathroom and asked me if I could get. I knew what she wanted so I retrieved it and had her get off the bed again. I placed the trash can under her again and gave my wife's best friend a cleansing enema. I was squeezing the douche deep into her womb and wishing I was flooding her with a different type of spray. Here I was doing some very intimate things with another woman and while you might not think this wasn't a sexual situation my cock was rock hard. After we finished douching I wiped her down again and helped her back on the bed. Her face was level with my crouch and she was staring at the bulge there. She realized I was watching and quickly turned away.She thanked me and I covered her with the towel. I told her I would look around some more for the key. In the living room I saw a note on the coffee table. It said you're a fucking prude, bitch and underneath it was the key. I turned to tell Pam I had found it but I stopped. Here I had a handcuffed naked hottie who wanted to be tied up and seemed to be interested in what I had under my pants and was someone who needed some training in the fine art of fucking. But she was my wife's BF. I went back to the bedroom and I saw the towel was laying next to her and her body was completely uncovered. She must have wiggled it off on purpose. I set down next to her and started to cover her again. Pam said, "Why bother, you have already seen everything." Well if that wasn't an invitation I don't know what is. I stood up and started to take my pants off. I told her it would only be fair since I had be able to see all of her beautiful body. I was fully erect when I dropped my trousers. "Oh my, it's as big as Cindy said," she commented. "Have you ever been with some one as big as me?" I asked. "Never." she replied. "Make me suck it." She didn't ask for me to LET her suck it, she said MAKE me suck it. She was still handcuffed and I assumed she wanted to be dominated and I could play that game. I got on the bed and rolled her on her side and told her to suck me. She wrapped her sweet mouth around my thick cock and started sucking. She could hardly get it in her small mouth. It wasn't the best blow job I ever had but under the circumstance it was the most exciting. I face fucked her as I mauled her huge tits. She never complained and continued to suck me as best as she could with out the use of her hands. I pulled my cock out and she rolled on her back and spread her legs and she said, "Fuck me now." I smiled and told her not so fast. I went down on her. Her cunt was fresh after the douche even though she had been used as a cum dumpster early that night. I licked and teased her with my tongue. Never quite touching her clit and never staying on one place for very long. Soon she was begging my for more. I ate her out and ended up concentrating on her hot little button. Her pussy was juicing up fast and when her moaning grew much louder I knew she was going to achieve orgasm. "Please, please," she begged and then she screamed out, "Yeesss!" Her legs flailed against the mattress as she received her first orgasm. I waited until she composed herself and then I kissed her mouth with my cum covered mouth and asked her if she wanted more. "That was wonderful now please fuck me." she begged. I pushed her legs up in the air to raise her dripping cunt and drove my cock home. "Uuugghh!" she cried out. Damn her cunt was tight, as wet as it was her pussy was it was tighter than any I had fucked before. I very quickly was balls deep as I plowed her defenseless cunt. She was delirious in no time mumbling something about how full she felt and such. I wasn't going to let her adjust and continued slamming her cunt. She begin screaming her head off and was cumming again. This was unbelievable, this slut who couldn't get off was cumming again in the span of a couple of minutes. She finished cumming for the second time and I continued fucking her limp body. "Do you want me to pull out before I cum?" I asked. She only grunted in agreement. I told her she was going to have to take my cock in her mouth if she wanted me to not cum in her pussy. Her eyes opened wide and I saw the idea of that act get through her alcoholic haze. "You will suck my cunt covered cock, you slut!" I yelled. I wasn't close but I wanted to see if she would comply. "Most guys want a slut in the sack," I told her and she was going to be mine tonight. I ripped my cock out of her cunt and climbed over her huge melons. I leaned forward and took my cock in my hand and shoved it in her mouth. "Suck it!" I ordered. She took it into her mouth immediately and gobbled my pussy covered cock. I was holding on to the brass rails as I watched her trying to take all of my huge cock into the back of her throat. I was so turned on by the sight of this tied up slut being dominated by me. I knew I could do anything I wanted to her. I felt her tits rubbing against the back of my thighs as I fucked her mouth. I could have face fucked this tart and given her a sperm enema down her throat but I had other ideas. I took my cock out of her mouth and ordered her to get on her knees. Now it was her turn to hold the brass bars because I was going to fuck her hard. Her backside was a mess. When she had cum her slick sex had run down the crack of her ass and her cunt lips were still engorged and puffy. She looked down right nasty and I was now going to fuck the shit out of her. I shoved my cock into her roughly and again she grunted loudly. I didn't mess around and pounded her unmercifully. "How does that feel?" I asked. "I love it," she cried. Pam was becoming an unadulterated fuck hound. As I fucked her I told her again if she was going to keep a man she was going to have to be a little slutty in the bedroom. If he wanted to cum in her mouth she was going to have to swallow it like a pro. "Uh, hum." she moaned. Then I told her if she didn't want guys to cum in her cunt that she could also take it up the ass. She turned her head around and said,"I would never take a man's cock in my ass. Especially yours it's too big." I was going to get a virgin ass tonight this was too good. "Sure you can, I fuck Cindy's ass all the time." I lied. Cindy lets me fuck her ass every once in a while but she doesn't particularly enjoy it. That's the only draw back to having a huge cock. Most woman can't handle that big a cock shoved up their ass. But I so wanted to fuck Pam's butt tonight. I told her she wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant that way. "Now when I get close I want you to beg me to fuck and cum in your ass." I informed her. I knew it wasn't going to be easy so I wiped some of her sex from her soaked pussy with my fingers and rubbed it into her asshole. She squealed as I pushed one finger into her butt. I slammed her cunt even harder to get her mind off my fingers. If she squealed from my finger I wonder what she was going to do once my cock started its way down Cadberry Lane. Her anus started to relax a bit but it was only my finger and she was getting close to cumming again. Man if I can get my dick into this slut's ass, it would be like winning a jackpot. While my finger was inside her ass she was on her mming for the third time tonight and even though I had cum earlier I was beginning to get that old familiar feeling deep down. The little slut came again, "Aaahhh!" Her dripping cunt convulsed around me cock and I had to stop and stay still so I wouldn't cum also. She eventually finished and I stayed still until that feeling settled down and then I started fucking her some more. I told her I was close and to beg me to cum in her ass. She did but there wasn't any conviction behind it. I slammed her so hard her head almost hit the head board. "Say it like you mean it, bitch!" I screamed. "I want to feel your hot cum in my ass." she cooed. That was more like it. I withdrew my cock from her soaked cunt. Thank goodness her cunt was so wet, it was the only lube that we were going to have. I spread her ass with my left hand as I positioned my cock with my right. I pressed my engorged cock head against her tightest hole and pressed forward. It eased in and she yelped as the head slipped in, "Aaarrghhh!" Her anal ring clamped down around the head of my cock and I waited for a bit. I told her to relax and I shoved some more in. She whimpered the whole time. Her whimpering turned into screaming as I started to fuck her harder. The way Pam was screaming you would have thought someone had shoved a huge dick up her ass. Wait a minute there was a huge dick in her ass and it was mine. Fucking this virgin ass was everything I hoped it would be. I started pounding my cock in and out of her tight ass. Soon I had the majority of my 8 1/2 inch cock deep in her butt. The sensation was incredible and I knew I wouldn't last long. "Do you want me to cum in your ass?" I asked. "Yes, please cum." she pleaded. She most likely just wanted me to get it over with as soon as possible. Her groans told me she wasn't particularly enjoying it but I sure was. After a couple more balls deep strokes I withdrew until only a few inches of my cock was left inside her ass and then I jetted my first load into her. "Can you feel that?" I cried out. "Yes, I can. It's so warm." she replied. I came again and again. I filled her butt up possibly more than I had cum with my wife earlier. When my stream began to run low I grabbed the base of my cock and pumped it some more and that got my semen flowing a bit more. When I finally finished cumming I squeezed out the last remaining drops and pulled my sensitive cock out. Her ass was a mess, it wasn't gaped as much as I thought but it would never be the same again. It was a hot nasty sight. I grabbed her legs and pulled her flat on the bed and then pulled her ass over the edge. I then spread her legs apart and told her to push my cum out into the douche can. I held her ass cheeks apart as she flexed her puckered asshole over and over. Soon I saw some bright white gism coming to her anal entrance. A huge glob of white cum dropped out followed by a long stream that pour into the bucket. Damn I did cum alot. It dropped into the can and she continued squeezing her sphincter muscle as a small amount trickle out of her ass a ran down and around her swollen cunt. She was now my slut. I only wish I could have got it all on video. "Did I get it in the bucket?" Pam asked. "No slut could have done better." I told her. "You might want to get some lube from now on." I said. Pam was going to become my own personal anal slut, she just didn't know it yet.

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