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Cynthia Gets Revenge and Variety

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Cynthia and I Evolve a Little…….

She’s the tallish woman over there in the kitchen standing 5’8” tall. She looks pretty shapely even for a 49 year old that’s raised two children and tolerated me, Phil, for 30 years now as her husband. I can just stand and watch her all evening long. It’s pleasing to see her hips and their swell as they rise from long legs and then narrow to a reasonable waist line which is just below a pair of what I’d like to think of as pretty darned nice jugs. When I look over at her hair I see ordinary dark brown hair framing small ears, smooth skin and a pair of hazel eyes spaced beside a nice nose which sports two cute freckles. I’m still in love with Cynthia and I know you can tell it from the feelings I get just looking at the woman, the mother of our children.

My pleasant daydreaming ended when Cynthia turned and said: “Phil, I’m getting, well, I don’t know what it is exactly but I’m sort of getting unsettled.”

“About what, Cyn?”

She hesitated and ducked her head, nervously fetched and plucked her bra strap around a little then said: “It’s hard for me to say without worrying you or maybe creating problems in our marriage, I think.”

“Go ahead. We’ve been married for 30 years and if we can’t talk to one another about what bothers us, then we aren’t very good at marriage, are we?”

“No, Phil, I guess we wouldn’t be. This is just sort of personal and might give us both hurt feelings.” She paused, looked up and when I didn’t frown but motioned her to proceed she did. “Honey, I love making love with you but it’s always the same, you and me, no variety and when I’m with my girlfriends they all talk about having had five or six men, sometimes even lovers while they are married, and I never say anything. I’ve just had you and I’m starting to feel unsettled about that, like maybe I’ve missed something. I’m sorry for thinking about it but there it is.”

I just laughed and answered her. “Do you think they feel differently because they’ve fucked five or ten guys and tried different dicks, honey?”

“They say they did, Phil. Besides, didn’t you tell me you’d slept with several women before we started dating? Haven’t you had more experience than me?”

“Okay, yes, that’s true. That was all before we were married though, Cynthia.”

She looked over at me and clearly had another question which after a few seconds she blurted out. “Have you fucked anyone else since we’ve been married, Phil, like Cindy says her husband did once or twice?”

It had never come up before and I’d never planned on saying anything about it but the red flush that crept up my neck must have revealed what the answer was.

“See, Phil! I knew it! You’ve even gotten some strange pussy since we’ve been married! What happened? I think I deserve to know.”

I shrugged my shoulders, apologized with my eyes and answered. “It happened a few times on business trips with one of the women who are now part of the pharmaceutical industry sales force. She meant nothing to me and I didn’t seek it out. She sought me out and it was five years ago, just sex and not very good sex at that, and is over. I am so sorry, Cynthia.”

She surprised me then. “Not to worry, Phil. I know you love me and you kept coming home, kept loving me and taking care of me so don’t sweat it. At the end of the day we are still a couple and I think we’re best friends.”

My head went down with relief and I stepped to her and held her against me. “Thank you for forgiving me, Cyn. I don’t deserve you.”

“That’s true, big boy, you don’t. Now, we’ve got to get back to my being unsettled and, by the way, it seems only fair to me that you give me a little latitude here to do something about that.”

“Cynthia, I’ve never mentioned it but there’s something I’ve wondered about but thought you would divorce me if I mentioned it.” His hands squeezed her shoulders before he continued. “Ever heard of Swing House Parties?”

I looked down and her hips had snuggled further back into my groin as she softly spoke. “Hilda told me that she and Mike did that. What exactly is it?”

“I think the way it works in general is some couple acts as host and hostess and uses their house as a party house for people who enjoy recreational sex with people other than their partners in the house as the evening moves along. I think there’s often food, booze, an admission feel and from what I’ve read are usually small with four to six couples that trust one another.”

“Wow! Does the spouse actually watch while their partner has sex?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never been but I think it depends on the couples. Sometimes people like to be exhibitionists and want people to watch them and in that case they probably do. Others are way more comfortable going to a private room and being naughty without their significant other around. Hopefully, they’ll both find matches and just have fun then find one another late in the evening and go home, back together as a couple again. I don’t think all couples click with one another and I’ve read there’s one or two firm rules: don’t take rejection personally and “no” means no.”

“If you had a fantasy, what would it be, Phil?”

“Oh, that’s easy, Cynthia. I’d love to be with a zoftig woman with red hair, tons of freckles and absolutely no inhibitions whatsoever! It would help if she had the hairiest bush around too while we’re at it!”

Her hips shivered and she laughed. “Want to know mine?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“I love your dick, you know that. It’s bigger than average from what I’ve read and Googled and has done super duty for us but I’ve always wondered what a really big uncut cock would feel like when I held it, sucked it and let it slide and spread my labia on the way in. It wouldn’t hurt if it was black either but that isn’t the big part of my fantasy, it’s the size. That’s pretty naughty, isn’t it?”

“Naw. Wonder if we ought to find one of these house parties and find out if we can get our fantasies taken care of? You think we’d survive it? You up for it?”

“Let’s Phil. I’ll still love you and I’ll get to have more experience. Can you find one of these parties? How do we know we can trust them?”

“Okay. Give me a couple days on the computer and phone. They’ll be some way to meet the hosts before and everybody has the same fear: being outted to the general public so it’s self policing.”

She moved away from my body then and we dropped it for the rest of the day. I got busy. After all, things had just fallen into place in a way I’d never thought would happen!

It took me almost a week with Cynthia occasionally asking how the task was coming along before I found what I thought would work for both of us. I’d been on the Internet and screened out a couple house party groups that were primarily for singles, another that was primarily for under 30’s, another that focused on fetishes and ended up stumbling on a group with a wider age range, showed signs that the members were well educated and pretty decent folks and sent them an application with “G” rated photos of us. I filled out a questionnaire with Cynthia’s help and clicked to send it off along with our $75 application for membership in this little group. It had the advantage of being just one suburb over from where we lived. The current host and hostess responded back with the same type photos of themselves, brief bios and arranged a phone call between the four of us which went well. They were professionals, one a lawyer and the other an elementary school teacher and both in their forties as well. The phone call generated an invitation to lunch at a public restaurant where the four of us met, reviewed our interests, theirs, how it would work and got coached on proper swing etiquette. Surprisingly, they cautioned us that the first party might or might not result in our having sex with others. They said so much depended on the chemistry of the four couples at that month’s party and there was no rush, they’d all gone through getting started just like we would. At the end of that lunch they gave us a printed invitation to attend the following Saturday at 6 p.m. at their home with address, phone number and a list of the others who would attend.

We were excited and when we got home Cynthia almost attacked me, shucking her clothes so fast it was all I could do to hold back long enough to slide my dick into her very wet body. Clearly, the thoughts of all this was exciting to both of us.

Time drug a little during the week and we did talk about it on and off every time daily living events slowed up a little. Cynthia was very, very interested and curious. We hadn’t been told any intimate details about the other three couples plus the host and hostess and she kept wanting to know if there might be a guy there who had a huge dick that was uncut…her particular fantasy. In my case, I thought the elementary school hostess we’d met for lunch was pretty damned zoftig, only brunette and I couldn’t help but wonder how uninhibited she would be and imagine her out of her clothes and maybe even sucking my dick while Cynthia was off with someone checking them out.

We followed the host’s advice and made decisions about private room versus public, jealousy, signals to say it was or wasn’t working and even, “get me out of here, this isn’t it.”

It wasn’t long until Cynthia was dressed with a pair of simple silky panties, garter belt, hose and a sheer tan bra over her shapely breasts and beneath a pull over sweater and black medium length skirt. I wore soft slacks, a pair of loose undershorts and a Rene LaCoste pullover shirt and both of us felt like we were at our casual best. At least I thought we both hoped we were.

It didn’t take long to drive to Pam and Bruce’s house, the hosts we’d met for lunch. We got there, checked the number and parked the car along with the other three cars outside their garage and quickly got out and walked up the drive to ring the bell. Cynthia had given me a quick kiss in the car and told me that she loved me for being willing to do this for her.

You could tell from the license plates that the other cars were from different counties just like we were.

The door opened with Bruce greeting us and in we went. The fat was, so to speak, in the fire!

They took our coats and led us into the kitchen where we met everyone and got drinks, started visiting and then got a tour of the house from Pam who showed us each room and the various bedrooms that could be used. The deal for privacy was to put a necktie over the outside of the door handle to let others know you wanted to be alone. One bedroom, the master, was reserved for anyone who wanted to both be watched or take more than one at a time or in series.

We visited and socialized with the others and in the process got more comfortable. No one mentioned sex but there was a lot of hugging and touching. People were very free with one another given the environment. Everyone was clean and dressed simply like we were. During dinner, we all sat with someone other than our spouse. I sat next to Pam and Cynthia sat next to a big man named Jim who happened to be an African American. His wife, Judy, sat next to Bruce and so on. The food was good and by the time a normal desert course would have been served, some couples were excusing themselves to briefly dance. I watched Jim get up, extend his hand to Cynthia to invite her to dance and saw them walk into the family room and start a slow dance. They moved together well and she winked at me which was the signal that everything was okay and she was going to go forward. I stayed in the kitchen and helped Pam clean the table off and put things in the dishwasher. A couple of times I saw her bend over and could tell she had only a thong on for panties and that her large breasts were swinging only in a very loose bra. Once, she turned to me and leaned forward when we were alone and touched her lips to mine briefly as she put one hand on my hip and squeezed. I smiled back and held her hip which was warm and felt very good. She asked if I wanted to watch Jim take Cynthia to one of the bedrooms. It was a question I hadn’t been thinking about since I was imagining her tits in my mouth when she asked it! I guess Cynthia could tell me about it later as my own hormones were pretty far out of control at the moment. I did say that I wouldn’t mind seeing them start at least. She said I better get looking then and I did.

They were walking hand in hand down the hall until Jim opened the first bedroom door, let her in then slipped the tie over the door knob and closed it. Cynthia’s hips moved like two ball bearings…she was clearly ready for this. That’s when I told Pam Cynthia’s fantasy. She laughed and said that Cynthia had done well. Jim was, from her own experience with him previously, almost 10”, thick, very thick, and had a large natural foreskin that hadn’t been removed when he was a baby. She said she knew from experience that Jim was a tender but long lasting lover and Cynthia would have her fantasy fulfilled big time.

As she spoke we started necking there in the kitchen until she broke the kiss, squeezed my dick inside my pants and pulled my hand to find our own bedroom.

Cynthia was aflutter. Her vaginal area was tingling, wet as her labia slid past one another with each step and she was just a little nervous as they walked down the hall, her tiny hand in Jim’s big, brown hand. He squeezed it, patted her bottom and whispered, “Don’t worry, Cynthia. We’ll take our time and I’m gentle. We can just talk if you want.”

She stepped inside the door and waited as he closed it, pointed at the lock as if to question her: should I lock it? She nodded her yes and stepped nervously towards him, spacing her feet apart slightly. He leaned down and pecked her lips lightly with his. She flowed against him, brushed his lower chest with her breasts and kissed him like she was starved for affection. Her hands roamed his back and found his butt which had firm cheeks and strong muscles.

He broke their kiss and asked her: “Are you ready, Cynthia?”

“God, yes. Get my clothes off and let me see what another man feels like, looks like, fucks like, Jim!”

Faster than she could imagine her top and skirt were off and she was helping him peel her bra off then she hooked her thumbs in the waist band of the thin panties intending to leave the garter belt on and slid the panties down to reveal the runway strip of pubic hair she’d left in place. His hands caressed each of her breasts and he leaned down to suck them in turn as his hands caressed her mons and a long finger felt her wet slit, slid the lips aside and slid past her clit and into her body. She shivered and reached for him. His pants had miraculously fallen away and when her hand went into his underpants she found her fantasy. It was easily the biggest dick she’d ever imagined and wonder of wonders it was uncut.

“Jesus, Jim. You are my fantasy. Don’t use a rubber please. I want to suck your dick then I want you to let the foreskin slide back as your head enters me. I want all the cum you have to spray me if you can get this monster in me.”

Before he could answer she dropped to her knees and began giving his cock the attention it deserved, playing with the head and the foreskin, watching it, licking it, sucking it then holding his big balls until she jammed her mouth over it and laved it with her tongue. It kept getting harder and harder, longer and longer and her pussy got wetter and wetter. She wasn’t even being touched and she was about to cum.

“Jim, fuck me with it. I need it now. Pleaaaase.”

He grinned, picked her up like a doll and tossed her on her back on the bed, pulled her legs up, moistened his finger in her wet slit with it’s labia now swollen to two or three times their normal size and rubbed the moisture on the head of his cock. He stepped forward and she reached out to guide him to the entrance and slipped the foreskin back, felt the hole in the end then grunted and tried to relax as the monster dick spread her muscles and almost immediately popped inside her to bottom against her cervix. She was already cumming and lost herself to what could only be described as animal lust. He was hot too and started cumming when she did. In just a few strokes there was so much moisture inside her they pushed and shoved against one another like two dogs in heat, fucking, fucking, fucking with abandon.

It was just the beginning and when their passion spent itself, he turned her over on her stomach, let her suck him back to hardness then got her on her knees and entered he wide open pussy from behind, gripped her hips and slapped her body with his as his big dick went all the way in, time after time. She just kept cumming and could not speak anything even resembling words as the big dick which wasn’t a fantasy any longer rammed and rammed her. At some point he must have withdrawn as she felt a new pressure, the pressure of the monster against her anus which he must have wet with his finger. She didn’t care, she wanted it and tried to relax. It took two or three minutes for the head and then the shaft to get fully in her. When it did it was almost too much, too sore for her but mercifully, he made only three strokes before shooting her ass full of gobs and gobs of his thick white slick liquid. She was crying by this time and Jim held her, kissed her back and laid her on her back then went into the bath and got a warm wash cloth and towel and cleaned her up, stopping to kiss her.

“Cynthia, you are the best fuck I’ve ever had at one of these parties, dear. You are fantastic. I’m just glad I could be your fantasy too.”

All she could do was smile, hold his hand, occasionally slip her mouth to his cock and suck the end of it like she could never get enough. Eventually, he helped her dress and they begin to prepare to leave the room with a hug and a very sensitive and caring kiss. When they opened the door, both were grinning and arm in arm as they walked back towards the family room and the kitchen.

Once down the hall I did what Jim had done and turned to find Pam with her top unbuttoned and her skirt on the floor, eyes lit and hand out for mine. In seconds, she had undressed me and was on her knees with the head of my cock in her mouth, gobbling, gobbling, gobbling me up. I held her head then reached down to her back and unhooked the simple bra to free a pair of very large breasts. They swung from side to side as she bobbed up and down on my dick, taking it into her throat and slowly releasing it then doing it again.

She had to be the hungriest woman ever to gobble my dick and was damned good at it. Her tits kept swaying and I just had to touch them. I had her head and gently pulled up and told her I needed to suck her nipples then slip my tongue into her pussy. She stood and when I said that, her knees buckled a little and a series of sounds came from her lips below her closed eyes. Pam was so excited she was having her first cum. I held each of her tits in one of my hands and moved them around while her body spasmed and she moaned and flexed her knees. When she stopped I licked her left nipple and let my fingers trace down her tummy to her opening which was absolutely soaked with her juices.

She started when I touched her, laid back on the bed and pulled both knees up so that I could either fuck her or lick her. I got on my knees and put my head down and touched her clit with the tip of my tongue and she started to cum again, squeezed my head with her legs and grunted then started saying: “fuck, Phil, you are so god damned good. Fuck, Phil, oh God this is good for me” and just kept squirting around my lips and tongue.

It was more than I could take so I stood up, looked at her and said: “Get ready, Pam. I’m going to stick my dick in you. Want a rubber on?”

She shook her head “no” and said, “Now, put that god damned thing in me now, Phil.”

I watched the head of my dick touch her clit and her body jumped as she reached down to pull it in, to guide it correctly. First the tip went in then the wide hood of the head disappeared between her lips nestled in all that hair. I knew I wasn’t past the muscles of her opening yet but was spreading it and could feel the pressure as she pulled my butt harder to get me in quicker. I am fairly thick and it was work for her to take me in and she kept making sounds. “Jesus, oh, yes, it’s going to go in but God, you are wide….now, push now, push, Phil!” Just then she pulled, I pushed and the wide head popped past the muscles at her entrance and went all the way in with my balls hanging and slapping her ass, just where her asshole was.

She stopped, murmured a wonderfully happy murmer and started moving so I was in and out of her. I could smell the sex, could feel the heat, could taste her warmth as I leaned over and moved my lips from her tits to her mouth. She opened her tongue and became something other than an elementary school teacher. She became an absolute animal fucking me and doing it with such heat it was pure lust.

She never stopped cumming, just kept jerking her body in little ways and pulling and pushing until my balls couldn’t stand it and I knew I was going to cum. I mumbled something and she answered me: “In me, cum in me, Phil. I want the whole wet load….nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

I did and we slowed as my spurts made her dark, wet and warm opening even wetter until both of us were panting and stopped. I must have added what felt like a quart of liquid inside her pussy.

I just loved pussy so let my dick slurp out of her with a wet sucking sound then leaned down and kissed the wetness of her outer lips for a minute then kissed her mouth, trailed down to her magnificent tits and finally back to her pussy where I pushed my nose, my tongue and my whole face against her opening and just licked, mashed and inhaled until I almost couldn’t breath. Just before I had to move my face away to breath she came again, squirting this time all over my tongue.

I had never felt this good and impulsively did something new for me: I stuck my finger in the rosette of her ass which set her off again. She got hot all over again and started stroking and sucking my cock back to life until it was hard. She then got on her hands and knees and pulled my cock around not to her pussy but to her ass. It was clear what she wanted and I made sure her anus was moist and guided my dick little by little into that opening which was stronger, tighter and finally gave up it’s resistance and let me start fucking her ass.

No woman had ever let me do that before and she was very, very tight. We stroked back and forth for several minutes with her torso on the bed resting on her tits and her face in a pillow as she mumbled back over her shoulder to me to keep it up, finger her pussy and don’t quit.

I finally came again in her ass and I’m not sure Pam ever stopped but when we did, we both laid down, her on top of me as we cooled, slowed and caressed one another. I don’t think I’ve ever had better sex and told her so. My dick was still a wet but now soft mess from all the juices of both of us.

Her only comment was: “Let’s get cleaned up, see how Cynthia is doing and get some liquid in you, big boy. You’ve got someone else to fuck tonight. I had a request from Wendy, the tall woman, earlier and I promised her you’d be second with her if that’s okay.”

“Sure, let me get a towel and dry your pussy and my face off first though!”

We did get dressed, combed our hair, straightened the clothing and walked out of the room once our breathing was back to normal. The kitchen had some soda and cranberry juice. I filled glasses with ice, mixed them and we both downed them, laughing as she pulled her dress up to show me how wet her panties still were from our cum.

Just after she dropped her skirt, the tall gal, Wendy, came in and asked if I could fix a cranberry cocktail for her which I did.

Minutes later Pam was nowhere to be found and Wendy and I were alone. She had obviously fucked someone as she had that languid look to her and an aura of heated body temps just like I did.

Wendy was very friendly, about my height and fairly trim. Tits weren’t great but she had a sort of energy around her that gave you the idea she’d be open and fully enjoy sex if you got that far.

We chatted for a couple minutes then Wendy just came out with it. “My husband wants to be with your wife, Cynthia, next and the minute you walked in I wanted you and had to wait for Pam who latched onto you even before you guys got here! What do you think about that, Phil?”

“Wendy, you are damned attractive and I’m flattered. Come here and I’ll show you.” She moved toward him, put her glass down and leaned forward for one of the best kisses he’d ever had. It started out with firm lips, some pressure then her parting her lips and brushing her tongue against his teeth while sharing the same breath. He couldn’t help himself and put his hands on her hips and pulled her to him. Their second kiss was pure French kiss and during the kiss she reached down, hiked her skirt up and then stepped back. She didn’t have any panties on at all and had the best looking swollen pussy under a riot of red hair that covered her mons and everything else.

He gasped as she told him: “I don’t have big tits but my pussy will make you very happy, Phil. Let’s go find a bedroom right now.”

The two of them left the room and headed down the now familiar hall and as they did so, the door where Jim and Cynthia had been opened and Cynthia led Jim out, a huge smile on her face. As Phil got next to her he motioned Wendy on ahead and looked carefully at Cynthia’s face. “Are you having your fantasy fulfilled, Honey?”

Jim nodded and walked on into the family room to give them a moment alone.

“You have no idea how well it’s being fulfilled, Honey. I’m going to get a drink then Wendy’s husband, Ed, is waiting for me just across the hall. I think Jim is going to visit Pam. How was she?”

“Great. I feel guilty having this much fun but why don’t we share the details when we drive home later. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Honey, if I were any better I’d be getting paid for this. It’s fantastic and Jim is huge, uncut and a stud. My fantasy is taken care of but I’m not ready to give the night up yet. I’ve never been screwed twice in one night much less the three times it will be when we get home and you screw me.”

He noticed her bra and panties were sticking out of her purse, patted her bottom and said, “Have fun, honey. I’ve got to go down the hall with Wendy. It’s hard duty but someone has to do it.”

She grinned, “yeah, she looks like she’s hard duty and very ready to suck your big one too. I hope she’s got a great pussy with those little tits, Phil.”

“She does. I’ve already touched and seen it. Red hair all over and the best most pronounced and pleasant looking camel toe lips you can imagine.”

Off the two went in opposite directions.

Wendy was indeed a great fuck for me and when we got home Cynthia went on and on about Jim and the huge uncut cock he had and how wonderful it felt. During the time she had been alone with Ed, Wendy’s husband, she had another experience she told me. It turned out that Ed was about my size, 8” and fairly thick but his was curved both upward and to the left. As fate would have it, he was uncut as well so Cynthia was completely satisfied. It was midnight when we hugged Pam and her husband, walked out of the swing party house and headed for our car and home.

I just listened as Cynthia poured out every single detail that had happened to her, still without panties and using her hand to move her clit as she talked. We went straight to our bedroom at home, took a quick shower then she jumped on me while I laid on my back and we slowly fucked for another hour until both of us admitted we were sore and tired.

It turns out that we are going to a different house with this swing group each of the next two months and we signed up to be host and hostesses at our house the third month out. New couples would be at each party and the next two were theme parties with costumes and all the rest.

Cynthia not only got some experience but started us both into a really interesting new life. I’m glad she got a little unsettled and said something about it. It opened the whole subject up and gave her what she wanted and me more than a few fringe benefits as well.

We both smile all the time now.

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