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Crossdressing for another man

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I love to cross dress. I love the slinky feel of lingerie, the sexy shimmer of pantyhose sliding up my shaved legs and the sleek look of high heels on my feet.

To know me, one would never think this. I am masculine, a bodybuilder and quite muscular. Until I was married, I usually had no problems attracting woman.

I fantasized when I dressed in lingerie, (complete with wig, thong teddy, camisole, stocking or thigh highs, heels lipstick and blush) of being treated as a woman and be taken advantage of with a long kiss and a fondling followed by a long sensual fuck by a strong attractive man.

I used to dress under my work clothes at the office and couldn’t wait to get home to take a bubble bath, shave my legs and dress for the night.

Although I had met guys before, I decided to take the plunge dressed. I met a man online and he agreed to come over then next evening.

I couldn’t wait for the next day. I dressed and played with my ass pussy and my cock and fantasized about dressing and sucking cock. When the doorbell rang that night I was jittery. I had taken a long silky bubble bath and shaved my balls, ass and legs completely except for a small patch above my cock.

I put on my black gartered thigh highs and a black thong teddy and pulled my already dripping cock back a little to make myself look more like having a pussy. I wore bright red lipstick and put on a fresh coat of nail polish (nothing like lovingly sucking a cock and admiring your nails while you caress those sweet hanging balls) to add to my glow. I wore a beautiful full curly brunette wig that came down to my shoulders and put on a touch of blush. To finish it off I put on a beautiful pair of black pumps. I peered through the peephole and saw an attractive man standing there and opened the door enough to let him in, but careful not to let the neighbor see me.

He brought a bottle of wine, which I opened and served as he relaxed on the sofa. I put a sex porn tape in and as we watched 2 studs get it on, I felt his hand caress my silky leg. I turned towards him and gave his neck a ling kiss while his hand traveled up and down my legs and slowly caressing up to my ass. Oh God, I thought I would explode right there.

I moved up his neck and kissed his chin. To my surprise he kissed me long and hard, his tongue caressing mine and exploring every bit of my mouth while his hands played with my ass.

I could finally hold it no longer. I got on my knees in front of him and felt his cock through his cotton pants. It was extremely huge and I was surprised, thinking that perhaps he had a dildo in his pocket to play with me.

I opened his zipper and worked his pants (no underwear… mmmmm…) down to his knees and there was the largest cock I had ever seen in life. Now I know people say this, but it was almost as thick as a coke can and about 7.5 – 8 inches. Huge, magnificent, but terrifyingly huge. I caressed that beautiful cock and squeezed a glistening drop of precum out of the large tip. I looked up at him, he smiled at me, held my chin in his hands and guided me to that massive cock.

I licked the precum off and played with it with my tongue take ever more in with each swirl, I couldn’t take the whole thing in without gagging, but I tried. I was absolutely turned on at the thought of being treated like a woman while sucking a massive cock. He then pushed me around and took my cock in his mouth and we sucked each other. I then felt his tongue slid past my balls and start lingering around my pampered ass. It felt so wonderful and I knew I had to have that cock in me.

He pulled my thong to the side and started to lick my ass hard I moaned and pushed my hips towards him, begging to be taken. I then felt a finger in me and then two. I pushed back hard as his saliva covered fingers slid in and out of me.

After a few minutes of this, he said, "You really need to be fucked in that sweet ass of yours." I said back teasingly, “Are you man enough to make me your little fuck doll?” With that he spanked my ass – one slap. I almost came. I rolled on my stomach and then up on my hands and knees and said begged him to pleas fuck me. He wasn’t done with my mouth yet, he came around the front of me and this time I swallowed him completely, knowing that he could have me anytime he wanted.

When he was good and wet, he spun me around and pulled my teddy thong to the side again and I could feel his cock pressing against my asspussy. I pushed back and could feel the tip of his cock trying to get through. I grabbed a tube of Vaseline from the floor n front of me and asked him to put it on. He did. He then came back and pushed hard. I thought I was ready this time…..Ooooohhh..

The pain was immense. Much more than my dildo. Ohhh, it hurt so bad and then suddenly, he was in. I could feel him almost to my belly button – I had never felt anything like that before. It was incredible. All I could do was lower myself to the ground and arch keep my ass up while he worked his way back and forth.

He had me and I loved it. I tried squeezing as hard as I could and he could feel it. It was long before he started slamming me hard. I could feel his hairy balls brush against my smoothly shaved balls, tickling me each time.

Suddenly he grabbed my hips, held me tight and thrust hard. I hadn’t wanted him to come inside me, but there was not way I could stop it now.

I could feel him pulse inside me at least 4 times and then slowly subside. What an intense incredible feeling. Oh, now I know why women loved to be fucked.

He slowly pulled out and along with it was a thick wad of cum, which dripped out of my ass and onto the floor. I stood up achingly, and went into the bathroom to clean up. I came back out and he pushed me on the sofa and gave me the softest blowjob I ever had. Within 30 seconds I spewed cum all over his face and my lingerie. He licked it up and then kissed me again, long and softly, depositing all my cum back on my tongue. WoWWW!!! SO SENSUAL!!!

We met twice after that and then he moved away. How I long to be his beautiful fuck doll once again.

Each night after he left, I would cum at least 3 more times and always in my lingerie and always unable to sleep after my ass takes such a hard pounding!!!

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