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I guess I should preface this by saying that my wife Lee and I don?t have what you would call a traditional marriage. We are swingers and a bit on the kinky side, she is bi-sexual and I?m straight but we have experimented with videos and toys. We tend to get a special itch from time to time that we know is best scratched by someone else.

The evening started out with her and I at a local bar enjoying some drinks with friends of ours. The conversation turned to sex as it always did. It didn?t take long for all of us to go back to our friends house where we had a great time touching and fucking each other as we always do with these particular friends. On the way home Lee said she was still very horny and couldn?t wait to get home so she fuck my brains out. I gave her an evil grin and told her she didn?t have to wait till we got home to get a piece of me and guided her head into my lap as I drove. She wasted no time in freeing my rock hard cock and taking it deep in her mouth. She worked me over furiously to the point I was having a hard time keeping control of the car. She is an expert at giving head so in no time I was pumping loads of my cum deep in her throat. She lifted her head and smiled saying that should hold me over until we get home then kissed me deeply. I could taste a hint of my salty cum still in her mouth but I didn?t mind, hell it was mine so I didn?t care. We arrived home as quickly as I could and we headed straight upstairs. I had barely gotten into the bed room and she was already naked and pulled my in closely with another long deep kiss, our pierced tongues tangling with each other. She pulled away and whispered a deep growl in my ear that she wanted to be fucked hard and fast tonight, this would not be making love this would be hard core fucking. She likes to be taken roughly from time to time. I was not about to argue with her so I obliged her and forced her to her knees and shoved my hard cock to the back of her throat before she had a chance to even think of saying no. I grabbed her by the hair and started fucking her mouth telling her to take it like a good little bitch. I should also say that when we play rough we both have a ?safety? word to let the other know if things have gone too far. I pulled my cock from her mouth and told to get on the bed and start playing with herself and that she was not getting my meat until she made herself cum at least twice. She started pushing two fingers into her already dripping wet pussy and tweaked her hard nipples with her other hand. She then reached under the bed and pulled out her favorite power dildo. She turned it on with a low hum and touched to her clit as she pushed two fingers back into her soaked snatch. That was about all it took and she bit her lip and shuddered with a gripping orgasm. Her eyes were closed and she quickly drove the dildo deep inside her to continue her wonderful ride, at that point I?m not even sure she remembered I was even in the room. She had soaked the sheets and was flushed and panting when I crawled on the bed, I rolled her on all fours and slid in behind her. I pulled the dildo from her hand and rubbed my cock along her slippery slit and touched her clit, that set off another orgasm as she screamed into the pillow. I took advantage and drove my dick as far as I could deep inside her. She was lost in a dizzy world of being invaded and still riding her orgasm. I grabbed a handful of hair and really started fucking her hard. I was hitting it for all I was worth when she turned and said, ?Is that all you have?. I?m not one to let what sounds like a challenge go without giving it a shot. I stuck my thumb down hard on her clit and made sure it was nice and wet and without warning rammed it in her cute ass. She jumped at the sting of my thumb and the look of cockiness left her eyes as she realized who was in control. I knew that this little bitch needed to be taught a little lesson about control so I quickly pulled my thumb out of her ass and replaced it with my stiff cock. It met a little resistance but I just pushed until my balls were against her ass cheeks she screamed at the shots of pain. I flipped her over on her back and grabbed her didlo and shoved it deep in her pussy and turned it on high. Her scream hit a pitch I?ve never heard before as she kinda went glassy eyed and I felt her entire body stiffen as she was rocked by the most powerful orgasm I?ve seen a woman have. The intense feeling of her body convulsing was too much for me to handle and I dumped my hot load deep in her ass which just served to make her scream again as her body was engulfed in orgasm after orgasm. Any touch or movement just sent her over the top again and again. Finally her body relaxed enough for my to remove the dildo and my softening cock from her ass. We spent the rest of the night cleaning up and nestled together. The next morning she had gotten up and was making breakfast when I got up. She said that last night was incredible but I was mistaken about who was really in charge and that soon I would find out with no doubt.


It had been about 3 weeks since our little encounter when Lee said she felt like dressing up and going out. When she gets in a mood like this she loves to dress slutty and see how many heads she can turn. I said sure and showered, dressed and we were out the door. We went to one of our normal hangouts and ordered some drinks. About a half an hour or so had passed when another couple sat next to us at the bar. The other woman sat next to my wife and he was on the other side of her. We did the polite nod thing and went back to our drinks. I couldn?t help notice though the woman next to my wife was wearing a very revealing tight leather outfit with a plunging neckline, giving anyone who glanced her way a great shot of her large tits. My wife noticed me staring and gave me a little elbow in the side. I just grinned and gave her an innocent ?what??. She agreed though that it was a nice view. Then my wife did something I had never seen her do, she leaned over and told the woman that she loved her outfit and asked her if played the part as well as she dressed it. The woman responded by grabbing L?s ass with one hand and pulling her head into her chest with the other. I thought the old guy on the other side of the bar was gonna fall off his stool. The bartender and owner, who is a good friend of ours and has serviced my wife on more than one occasion, came over and gave us a friendly warning that no matter how sweet Lee?s pussy was it was not worth losing his liquor license. The woman?s husband leaned over and suggested we take this somewhere a little less pubic. Turns out they lived very close and invited us over for drinks. Lee had a look in her eye that didn?t look familiar and said absolutely. As we pulled into their driveway behind them, she leaned over and gave me a long deep kiss and said ?let?s get busy?. Tom pulled out his keys and opened the door followed by Lee and then Karen and myself. As I walked through the door Tom and Lee were a few steps inside and Karen was just inside the door and closed it behind me. Everyone but me had a kinda evil grin on their face. The next thing I new I felt the sharp sting of a riding crop across my ass. Karen moved behind me and whispered in my ear ? now you will learn about control? and with another sharp crack she said ? get on your knees, bitch?. I had look of shock and disbelief across my face, I looked up at Lee as she grinned and said ?I told you that you would learn?. That is when I knew I had been setup from the start tonight, she had been speaking to these people all week setting this up. Karen placed a leather-studded collar around my neck and attached a leash. She yanked on the leash to pull me up and ordered me to get undressed. I guess I was not fast enough because I felt another harder sting across my ass. I was led into the bedroom where I was asked for a safety word but warned that if I used it had better be for real. It was not to be used just because I was uncomfortable or uneasy only if I was really being hurt. I was then blindfolded so I couldn?t see anything. I could tell from the sounds that everyone else was getting undressed. I felt a warm hand around my half hard cock. I was then jerked by my new tether over to the bed. I was laid on my back, all I could hear was some whispering. I felt a white-hot sting across my chest and nipples; it was the riding crop again. I then smelled the sweet smell of pussy under my nose but it was not Lee?s. Karen had stuck her finger in her pussy and smeared it on my mustache so I could smell her while they decided what to do next. I heard Karen tell Lee that Tom was looking awfully hard and lonely and she could take care of things for now. I heard Tom moan softly and knew he must be getting a feel of Lee?s talented mouth. Another crack on the crop. I heard Karen say first lets take care of these and felt her gather up my now very hard cock and my balls in her hand and felt a leather strap wrapped around them. Then she leaned up to my ear as I felt her hard nipples drag along my chest. A shot of fear actually ran through me as she said, ?I hear you like forced anal sex?. She softly stroked my cock and balls combo, and then she ran a fingernail down my ballsack and just barely touched my asshole. I jumped which pissed her off because I felt four or five cracks of the crop across my chest, I don?t know how many because of the pain. Just as the shock of the pain was subsiding I felt something warm near my asshole and then pressure and then pain as my ass was stretched. She said that should hold him for now. It was a large but plug that had invaded my ass. I could tell from the sounds of the room that Tom and Lee must have been really going at it because I could near Tom grunting and Lee was moaning for more. Next I felt something against my lips, I could smell latex. At first I didn?t open my mouth and again the crop but this time across my cock and balls. When I opened my mouth to gasp a large rubber dildo was shoved in my mouth, I heard Lee yell ?yeah make him suck it the way he made me suck him?. Karen was in my ear saying ? you heard her, start sucking?you know you like it don?t you bitch?. After giving my first ?blowjob? I guess you would call it Karen pulled the dildo from my mouth as I flexed my aching jaw. Then she said I guess it?s time for you to have a little pleasure as I felt her mount me in a 69 position. Her sweet musk was only inches from my nose as I felt her warm mouth engulf my aching cock. I had just stuck my tongue out to taste her dripping pussy when I was slapped on the forehead by Tom?s large cock. He then straddled my head and started fucking Karen only inches from my face. Karen growled at me to start licking her clit as she bit down on the head of my cock. I did as I was told and started lapping away at her love button, all the time being slapped on my face by Tom?s dick as he fucked Karen hard and long. I can only guess that Lee was the one that pulled the butt plug from my ass only the replace it with the dildo that I had just been sucking on. From the sounds that Tom was making I could tell he was about to cum. Sure enough, he grunted and shoved his cock to the hilt and pumped his load deep inside his wife?s dripping cunt. I was then able to concentrate on the blowjob I was getting from Karen. I heard Tom say ?we ready?? and Karen said yes. Tom pulled his half-hard cock out of his wife as she bit down again on the head of my cock. As I opened my mouth to yell Tom shoved his dripping cock in my mouth as Karen said it had better be damn clean when it leaves my mouth. Tom started pumping his cock in my mouth as I tasted his wife?s juice and his cum. His cock was quite a bit larger than mine, especially since he was starting to get hard again. I actually was beginning to relax and enjoy this when he pulled his dick out of my mouth and told Karen ?I think the little bitch actually thinks he deserves to be sucking my cock?. Karen said ?well if he thinks he deserves your cock then he deserves your cum? and mashed her sopping cunt on my face and screamed that there had better not be a single trace of his cum left in her pussy. I lapped at her cunt like it was the last thing I would even taste, a mixture of her cum and his. It was sweet, musky and salty. I didn?t stop till my jaw was cramping. She finally climbed off the top of me but my lesson was not over. She jerked at my leash till I was on all fours. I felt her playing with the dildo that was still shoved deep in my ass. I turned my head to ask what she was doing when she said somebody shut him up. I felt two hands too strong to be Lee?s grab my head as I felt Tom shove his very hard cock in my mouth and start fucking my face. Lee must have been right behind him because I could hear her saying, ?yeah, just like that, that?s how he did me?. When the instant shock of having my face grabbed and a cock shoved in my mouth I realized what Karen was doing. She had attached the dildo in my ass to a harness and was now slowly starting to fuck my ass with her strap-on. I was being impaled from both ends. Karen worked her way into a frenzied pace and was fucking me very hard in my ass as Tom met her rhythm fucking my mouth. I felt Tom stiffen and knew he was about to cum. Just as Tom started to cum I felt Karen quickly removed the rubber cock from my ass and shove something very warm and hard in its place. It was all I could do to keep up with Tom?s loads of cum knowing if I spilled any I would be in trouble. As I swallowed as fast as could I realized that something warm was being pumped into my ass. Karen had stuck an ejaculating butt plug in my ass and was pumping my full of some warm liquid. Tom pulled his satisfied rod from my mouth. I felt him move away and Karen slid under me and grabbed my collar and pulled my face down to her waiting pussy. She wanted me to lick her slowly and softly to a sweet orgasm. I made sure she was completely licked clean and was about to bring her to a gentle orgasm when I felt those familiar strong hands grab my hips but before I could even think no, Tom had buried his huge cock as deep as could in my ass. How many times can this guy get hard I thought? Turns out the warm liquid pumped into my ass was lube. After the beating Tom?s cock had taken tonight he needed some lube to really tap my ass. He pounded away with no regard until he said that he was cumming again and I felt his hot cum pump deep into my ass. He pulled out as I collapsed from exhaustion. Lee came over and said that she wanted a turn. All I had left was to roll on my back again. She jumped on top of me and rode me like no tomorrow. Karen shoved the dildo back in my ass, that was too much and I pumped a night?s worth of cum deep in my wife?s warm pussy. In one last lesson of the night she jumped off my cock and slammed her cunt on my face to lick my own cum from her pussy. The dildo was pulled from my aching ass, the leather band was removed from my cock and balls and the blindfold taken from my eyes. I was led with weak knees to the shower where I cleaned up. The night ended with a hug and kiss from Karen and a handshake and a wink from Tom we headed home. On the ride, Lee asked me who was in charge now, as I hesitated still not sure that what had just happened was real I felt the riding crop smack across my thighs. There was no absolutely doubt now??..

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