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College Daze 7

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Pam moaned lightly as my tongue traced from her pussy to her ass. She wiggled and groaned, pushing herself against me my face. "Oh that's good," she panted as I sensed her closer to another orgasm.

Pam gripped the couch pillows tightly in her fists as her hips moved faster in a circular motion. My tongue spent more time probing her ass, creating increased sensation for her. She panted and gasped and begged for more.

"Do it," she squealed, "I am so, so close." I raised up on my knees and moved closer to her ass. With my cock clutched tightly in my hand, I let the head follow the same path my mouth had taken minutes before. Long, slow strokes from her clit to her asshole.

Pam was drenched and the moisture dripped from her pussy and ran down the insides of her thighs. I spent more time rubbing the wetness around her ass and she eagerly pressed against my cock. "Please do it," Pam whined.

I leaned forward and kissed her neck. I told her we needed to take it slow because I didn't want to hurt her. "I don't care, hurt me," she cried. "I need it."

I pressed forward slowly and Pam firmly pressed her ass against my cock. She was so tight and truly feared I would hurt her. Pam kept pressing and the head of my cock disappeared into her. She gasped and inhaled deeply. "Oh god," was all she said.

Fearing the worst, I pulled out. "Get back here," Pam scolded as she reached behind her and grabbed my cock. She guided it toward her ass and said, "just push." My cock was eager but I was still a bit reluctant.

The head again disappeared into her ass. Pam moaned and wiggled her ass. "Deeper, give it all to me," she said. I moved into her slowly and Pam pushed harder until my cock was fully buried into her. She gasped deeply and moaned. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Oh yes, I'm just enjoying this," she added.

I pulled out slowly then slowly slid back into her ass hoping the long strokes would please her. Two or three slow thrusts really got Pam going and she begged me to go faster.

I increased the speed of each stroke and my balls slapped against her as Pam tossed her head and moaned loudly in delight. Suddenly, I felt another sensation on my cock. Pam had thrust two of her finger deep into her pussy while using her thumb to run against her clit.

It could have been the sensation of Pam's fingers in her pussy or just the thought of her fingering herself, but my balls tightened with excitement. Pam squealed loudly and I felt her muscles contract tightly against my cock. She enjoyed the first wave an her climax when my cock expelled jets of hot cum into her ass. "Yes," she screamed with each pulse of the liquid.

I kept pumping until my cock relaxed and I removed it satisfied but soft. Pam lay there panting, her hands still gripping the couch tightly. She moaned and sobbed softly. I leaned forward and kissed her neck and asked if she was okay.

"That was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced," Pam said. "Sherry was right. We used to talk about anal sex and one of the girls in my sorority loved it, and that made us curious. She told me that she was going to ask you to fuck her in the ass and when she told me how good it was, I had to try it."

Pam reached back and slowly rubbed her ass. My cum leaked from her slightly and she spread it over her ass. She turned around and we kissed passionately.

She stood up, extended her hand and helped me to my feet then kissed me again. "Let's get a shower then go to bed and watch TV," Pam suggested. It sounded good to me.

"Sherry won't be back until tomorrow night or Sunday morning and before than, I need you to cum in my mouth, pussy and ass. Are you up to it?"

My cock wanted to respond but it needed a rest even though Pam held it gently as she made her demand. "Yea, I'm up for it," I said with a smile.

In the shower, we soaped each other up thoroughly and Pam leaned against the shower wall and washed her pussy and ass slowly and sensuously while I watched. She grinned as she saw my cock slowly responding.

She slid down the shower wall until she was seated on the floor, then made her way over to me. She kissed her way slowly from my feet, up my calves and thighs until her mouth found my balls and cock. She licked each one slowly, then pumped my cock into her mouth. She held me by the ass and pulled my hips toward her, creating a slow pumping motion. I pumped my cock deep into her throat as her soapy finger slipped slowly into my ass.

Her finger matched the motion of my hips and soon, my knees weakened as a modest amount of cum shot into her throat. With that, she forced her finger deep into my ass -- a new but rather dynamic sensation for me.

After sucking the final drops of cum from my cum, she pulled it from her mouth, kissed the head and gave it a playful pat. Then she stood up, wrspped her arms around my neck and forced her tongue deep into my mouth as she kissed me. The taste of my cum lingered in her mouth.

After breaking from the kiss, she smiled and slapped my, "well, you've filled one spot with cum, now only two left." She laughed and stepped out of the shower.

I enjoyed her beauty as she bent over to retrieve a towel. I knew my assignment for the next 24 hours.


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