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College Daze 5 - Sherry experiments

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As luck would have it, one of my former college professors called and asked me to speak to his class. As a recent graduate, I was flattered but didn't know what knowledge I could impart on these students, especially since I was nearly the same age as most of them.

I accepted the invitation, left the newspaper office early and drove to campus for the lecture. Being back on campus brought back a lot of memories. Most of them good.

I entered the classroom and exchanged pleasantries with Dr. Meadows, my former professor and mentor. He was very generous in his comments when he introduced me to the class. As I started my talk, the classroom door opened and Sherry walked in blushing. She apologized for being late and took a seat on the front row.

Her presence caught me off guard. I knew she was a journalism student but had no idea that she was in this particular class. She smiled at me as she sat down. Lecturing to a group of students was one thing, having my new fuck buddy in the audience was another.

I tried to recover and expect I did so well but it made me feel uncomfortable just the same. During my talk, Sherry continued to pass me cute smiles and parted her legs slightly, causing her short denim skirt to ride up farther on her amazing legs. It tested my concentration.

After the speech, the professor and many of the students took time to thank me for my words and insight into the real world of newspaper work. Sherry lingered in the classroom as I talked to each of the students that came by.

Finally, she approached me. "I very much enjoyed your talk,"Sherry said. I told her I was surprised, although pleasantly, to find her in the class. I also mentioned that seeing her there made it hard to me to concentrate.

"I'm finished for the day, want to have a late lunch?" Sherry asked. I agreed, deciding to delay returning to the office.

We decided to leave campus and find a place offering a bit more privacy. "You just don't want people to think you successfully picked up some college girl after a lecture," Sherry joked. "Hell, that would make me proud and do wonders for my reputation," I said. We both laughed as we drove to a restaurant not far from our apartment complex.

Over lunch, we talked constantly and Sherry rubbed her foot up and down my leg. It had been several days since we had spent any time along. Sherry had been out of town visiting family and I had been on the road working. The sexual tension was tremendous.

Finally Sherry came forth with an announcement that made my day. "Can I convince you to take me back to your apartment?" I told her sure, if we could leave now and to hell with finishing lunch. She laughed.

As we drove to the apartment, she sat close, allowing me to stroke her thigh and brush my finger lightly against the obviously moist parts of her silky panties. "You can drive faster if you like," she said playfully as she leaned over, kissed my neck and gave my hardening cock a squeeze.

Inside my apartment, we collided into a passionate embrace, kissing each other deeply and allowing our tongues to dance and probe each other's mouth. Sherry dropped her skirt, pulled off her sweater and worked at unfastening my pants and belt. "I want it all," she said lustfully.

As she slipped my pants down, my cock sprang out of my underwear, causing her to giggle. "He seems ready," she said. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom, laid her gently on her back while my mouth moved from her mouth, down her body. I sucked her nipples which she always liked and created a series of moans. My mouth continued to her stomach and the inside of her thighs.

As my tongue found her clit, she moved her hips wildly and push me sideways. "Give me your cock," she panted, as we moved into a 69 position. I buried my tongue deeply into her wetness as my cock disappeared into her throat. She sucked madly, causing me to cum in no time. Wetness poured down her pussy and she joined me, crying out as my tongue circled her clit.

My body was relaxing far too fast, especially my cock. Sherry sensed it and asked me to put my cock inside her before it was too late. I slipped into her very easily and glided back and forth while we kissed. After a few minutes, I slipped out and we lay there kissing and Sherry fondling my cock back to life.

"I've learned so much from you," Sherry whispered, "and love how you make me feel." "I want to try something new if you don't mind." I told her I would do practically anything as I kissed her mouth, neck and breasts.

Curious, I asked her what she had in mind. "Just play along," she said with a giggle. She carefully rubbed my balls, then switched to stroking my cock faster and faster. She had it's full attention. Then without warning, she rolled over, lifting her cute, tight ass off the bed while rubbing my cock against her wetness.

The sensation nearly made me cum. She slowly rubbed the head of my cock around her pussy, pressing it firmly against her clit, around her lips, then spreading her wetness up and down her ass. I hada better idea of what she had in mind as she concentrated moving the wetness to her cute little asshole.

"I want it here," she panted, "but go slow." "I think I will like it a lot." I let her take the lead. She pressed the head of my cock against her ass and rocked back against it. It took every ounce of discipline for me not to plunge forward. She gasped loudly as the head of my cock slipped into her.

"Oh that's nice," she said. "Give me more." Slowly I let my cock slip deeper into her. Her moans increased in volume and frequency. "Oh god, go faster," Sherry cried. Her hips were moving hard and firm against me as I buried my cock deep inside her. I started out with long, slow strokes but responded to her request, pumpig faster and faster as my balls slapped against her.

She reached between her legs and held my balls gently as I increased the rhythm. "Give it to me, please cum inside me," Sherry cried as I rubbed her clit with one hand while the other rested in the small of her back. It didn't take long. Sherry was crying loudly as my cum squirted deep into her. "Oh god, I feel it," she screamed. "Fuck my ass harder" she demanded.

I pounded her until my cock withered and we collapsed in bed. We were both covered in sweat and panting heavily. Our passion was interupted by banging on the wall and laughter from the other side. Sherry's roommate had heard her screams.

Sherry blushed slightly and sweetly kissed me. "We've added something new to our sex life and I like it a lot," she said. "I'm sorry I was so loud." I told her there was no need to apologize, then admitted that my feelings for her had grown beyond just sex.

"Are you telling me you are falling in love," she asked. I admitted that that was the case. "Well good, because I am feeling the same way. Let's think of something we can to do celebrate."

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