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Caught earning it

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My husband got laid off and ended up with a job earning about 60% than what he earned before, so in order to try to make ends meet and pay the bills I had to take a temp. swing shift job from 8-3am. It really sucked for the hours and it was a cleaning job in a building. I met my friend Gina, about my age (34), and we hit it off.

We both complained about the hours and the pay was not that good. She was 28 and trying to take day classes at the local college to better herself.

One week she took off work, which amazed me because she really needed the money too, and came in the next week with a laptop. She told me she was going to quit work that next morning. She confessed she started hooking the prior week, as she did in her younger 20's.

She said a week earlier she made over $1200 in two nights and found that much easier schedule wise and money wise. She showed me her ad on a website guaranteeing a "girl friend experience" for $250 an hour!

After talking about it for about an hour, I asked her to help me do the same thing and screw this job here. We quit the next morning and posted an ad.

I figured I would "work" from 8-3 and my husband would never know. I figured i could do this a few nights a week, crash at Gina's place and he would never find out. When he got a better job i would quit.

Things went okay for a few weeks. I was nervous, but in most cases Gina came with me or we did stuff together. Mostly go into a hotel room, do a guy and leave $250 better.

About two months into this I got a email from a guy who wanted to "schedule" an appointment on a Friday night at the no tell motel. By this time I had gone solo several times and was comfortable with going out alone.

I pulled into the motel and met the guy at the door. I went into adjoining room with him. He seemed nice and we spoke awhile while I watched him get naked. Gina told me to always do this to avoid entrapment.

He paid me his $250 and asked if he could handcuff me to the bed in leather strap handcuffs. I said that was an extra $150 which he gladly paid. I always gave Gina my schedule and she knew if I didn't call in an hour to come looking for me.

The guy strapped me in and started sucking my tits and fucking me like crazy. I gave him a hard bang back with my leg thrusts to earn the money a little, hoping for repeat business.

He fucked me hard and as he finished he jumped off me and said to hang on for round 2 , he was going to get a new condom.

He took it off and went to the front door. He opened the door and in came 6 guys. I said "no way, untie me now" they all laid $250 on the table beside me. At that point i said "what the hell it will be a profitable quick night."

I asked for my phone and left a message for Gina that it would be a few hours before i got back. Guy after guy fucked me and thrust their dicks in my mouth. I swallowed and came several times. By guy six I was getting tired, but figured I wouldn't have to do this for the rest of the week as I had $1750 tonite.

The last guy finished and as they all left, six more came in. I was shocked and wondered what the hell. Before i knew it one was fucking me. My pussy was raw after the 13th guy and my jaw was hurting like hell. I just wanted to go home.

I looked at the pile of cash beside me and figured about $4000 was there. They left and on walked what looked like 3 scroungy looking guys, who took no money out. They each got naked and I protested I needed to quit. They ignored me and I then asked where their money was- they said we ain't gonna pay bitch and one of them stuffed a wash cloth in my mouth. i was helpless as they fucked and sucked me and stuck their fingers up my ass, in even tilted my legs up and butt fucked me as i whimpered in pain. I was concerned about my money, when the got ready to leave but my amazement they left it.

A few minuted after they left, I wondered where Gina was and how the hell I was gonna get out of this.

Suddenly, three more guys walked in with ski masks on- they put a blindfold on me and held me down as they took the cuffs off.

Relieved i could move my arms, I let them fall to my side. One guy said do what we want and this will be all. If not we will tie you back up. I was cooperated as they turned me over and took turns fucking my ass, pussy and mouth at the same time and switched placed for each spot with no condoms.

I wanted to just collapse. I figured I had fucked 19 or 20 times. one guy left and the other two kept going until they were spent. i think we screwed for a couple of hours and they took breaks and came back for more.

Finally, they left and I took off the blindfold, locked the door and went to the bathroom to clean up. I came out of the bathroom to get my money and run like hell outa there, when I was suddenly mad when i realized my money was stolen.

Like I could call the cops.

I heard fucking going on in the adjoining room. It sounded like Gina. I partially opened the door, hoping she wasnt going through what i did. To my surprise Gina was fucking like hell.

I took a step closer and noticed it was my husband, Jim she was fucking. He thrust into her a few more times and came in her as they screamed with delight. Gina was shocked when she looked over at me and said 'where have you been?"

I asked what was going on and she said this guy (pointing at Jim) picked me up outside for $500, while she was looking for me. He said you were a no show.

She got my message and figured I got a better deal and didn't have tome to tell her where I was going.

Jim was pissed as he told me a buddy of his found my website ad and picture and he knew about this a week ago. Jim put an ad out that said for $100, you could fuck me this night. Him and his three buddies were in on it all. His buddy was guy 1 and his other 3 friends were last. They had each guy lay $250 on the table and would rebate them $150, when they were done.

i figured all that fucking netted me only $1900, and when Gina showed up Jim thought "what the hell" and offered her $500 of my money to fuck her.

We kinda made up and we all spent the night in the room, Jim, Gina and I. I was too sore, but Gina did take care of him as i felt guilty as hell of embarrassing Jim for hooking.

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