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Caribbean Cruise

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Caribbean Cruise

My wife ( Deb ) and I ( Jim ) were on a Caribbean cruise last year. On the third day of the cruise after dinner we went into the piano bar for several drinks. The piano player ( Bob ) was also a comedian and was entertaining everyone with his modified songs and off color jokes.

He loved to pick on the women in the crowd and must have loved boobs, as he referred to Deb's (38DD) tits several times during the next hour. I asked her if this bothered her and she said no, and that actually she was getting turned on by him.

So far we had only met 2 or 3 other lifestyle couples back at home and had enjoyed those experiences in 1 on 1 MF exchanges. Now, Deb seemed like she wanted to try something different. She asked me what I thought about the idea of sometime doing a MMF exchange. I told her I didn't have a problem with that and that it might be fun to watch her getting fucked by another man as I watched and joined in.

Deb smiled and said that she really wanted to fuck the piano player and suck me at the same time. Now I was getting turned on and my cock was getting hard . As Deb rubbed my stiffening cock through my pants as we sat on the stools surrounding the back side of the piano, she started flirting with the piano player Bob.

About 20 minutes later Bob's shift ended and as he was leaving he looked over towards us. Deb saw his glance first and motioned to him to join us. He came over said hi and then apologized for picking on Deb so much, but that he couldn't keep his eyes off her great tits. Then she surprised the hell out of him when she said "Well actually I enjoyed it . Would you be interested in joining us in our cabin for a better look".

Bob looked at both of us and said "Sure !!" and followed us to our cabin. As I was closing the door to our cabin, Deb already had her top off and Bob was sucking on her tits. As I got over to them, Deb had unzipped Bob's fly and was pumping his rapidly expanding cock. She then pulled my hardening cock out was moving her mouth back in forth between the heads of both our cocks.

In a flurry, we were all naked and on the bed. Bob was between Deb's legs working her clit with his tong as I leaned over and placed my cock in her mouth. She sucked my 8" cock all the way in till my balls were on her chin. Deb was moaning in pleasure as Bob moved up over her. His 10" cock dripped pre cum as he eased it's head into Deb's wet pussy. She screamed "Yes" and grabbed his ass and pulled him into her.

Now there we were, Deb sucking my cock while Bob was fucking the hell out of her pussy. As I straightened up to get a better view of Bob's 10" cock reaming her pussy, my cock popped out of her mouth and bounced off Bob's face. I apologized, but without saying a word Bob sucked the head of my cock into his mouth. Deb was watching, smiled and said "having fun?", as she rubbed my balls as Bob was sucking my cock and fucking her at the same time. As something like this had never happened before, I had to think for a second-- but answered yes--NO PROBLEM.

Here we were, doing a threesome for the first time and I was getting my cock sucked another man as my wife was getting fucked at the same time. Well, I didn't last long and shot my load into Bob's mouth and he swallowed most of it down and then leaned forward and kissed Deb with a bunch of my cum still in his mouth. I watched dumbfounded as she kissed him and proceeded to suck all the remaining cum out of his mouth.

As Bob continued to fuck Deb, he sat up and spread her legs wide apart. Now Deb has a very large clit and it was fully erect standing up almost 1" tall and being bounced up and down by the thrusts of Bobs's cock. I leaned over and sucked Deb's clit as bob's cock slid in and out of her pussy. His shaft was wet with her pussy juice and it was rubbing the side of my lips as I sucked on Deb's clit.

As this was going on, I was getting hard again and then I felt Bob's hand rubbing my cock. He straightened up a little and his cock popped out of Deb's pussy and up against my lips. I paused for a second and looked at Deb and she said "go for it" so without pausing any longer, I let the head of Bob's cock enter my mouth. Something like this had never happened before, but the sensation was interesting. I knew what made me feel good when I was getting a blow job, so I proceeded to use those same methods on Bob.

Bob moaned with enjoyment as I sucked his cock with Deb in turn watching me. This went on for several minutes and then Deb wanted Bob's cock back in her again. I stood up and was standing next to the bed watching as Bob continued to fuck my wife. After a while he stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed and rolled her over. I continued to watch as he did her doggy style. Deb was going wild with excitement as Bob's 10" cock pumped her pussy from behind. Then I saw him pause for a moment and then Deb said "what's going on?" Bob didn't say anything but as I watched he pressed the tip of his cock against her butt opening. Now Deb and I had enjoyed doing anal together, but never with anyone else, here she was with the tip of Bob's hard cock pressing against her ass--looking at me.

I smiled and as I watched the head of Bob's stiff cock began to disappear into her ass. Deb motioned to me to bring her my cock and she turned her head to the side and she sucked my hard cock into her mouth as I watched the rest of Bob's cock disappear into her ass. Now as I pumped her mouth , Bob was pumping Deb's ass as the full 10" length of his cock ran in and out of her and she was lost in the pleasure of that hard cock filling her ass.

Since we all seemed to be having a lot of new experiences and fun at the same time, I decided to try something that I had always to do. I let my cock slip out of Deb's mouth and I stepped around behind Bob and put some of the lube we had on my cock and Bob's ass. As Bob continued to fuck Deb's ass, he could feel first one then two of my fingers enter his ass, and moaned YES. I told Deb that I was going to fuck her fucker and she said "Go For It' and I removed my fingers and pressed the head of my cock to Bob' opening.

As I pressed forward the head of my cock disappeared into his ass and he pushed back against my stiff cock and slowly my entire 8" disappeared into his ass. Now we were working together as Bob got a rhythm going between Deb and I. Actually, I think he was fucking us both at the same time! I knew that I was almost ready to cum as my balls were tightening and my cock was swelling and hardening even more.

I grabbed Bob's hips and plunged my cock deep into his ass and shot wave after wave of cum into him, he shouted" WOW I can feel your cum filling my ass", and with that, he shot his load into Deb's ass and we all groaned in pleasure together.

After we relaxed for a while we all took a shower together and then fell asleep together on the bed. During the night Bob got up and quietly left Deb and I together. He left a note on our desk saying what a great time he had together with us. The next night in the piano bar, we slipped him a note that said " AGAIN TONIGHT? " and we watched with pleasure when we saw him smile and nod his head YES!!! ---- But that's another story from later on that cruise!

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