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Can't Believe I Sucked The All

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We started out just talking, and that is all I thought it would get to. I had stopped at a truck stop and gone in to piss and get a drink. I was on the way out and he had said hi in the store and we just complained about the traffic on I-85 how the drivers in 4 wheelers were nuts. Yeh I agreed with him even though I was in a 4 wheeler. We stood there talking a while and I noticed he was looking a little nervous. Finally I said I had to go (I actually didn't) and walked to my car. He watched me go and then went overto his truck and then climbed in after rubbing his crotch in my direction. I guessed he was new at looking for a blowjob and nervous. Well, he started his truck and I drove in front of him, opened my zipper and exposed my half hard cock to let him know that maybe he had found someone to play with. At the truck stop there is a rest area just a half mile up the road on I-85 so I gave him time to pull behind me which he did, then pulled onto 85 as he follwoed me. I figured if he follwed me to ther rest area then I had a score. Sure enough he pulled in behind me and I parked close to the woods and watched his truck. He parked on the edge of the parking area too. I got out and walked to the benches towards the truck side and he walked over. He still looked nervous and I suggested that we walk a little. AS we did I headed to the wooded area and he just walked along. I got to the edge and he stopped as I walked into the tree line. I turned around and looked at him, why ya stopping I asked him. Don't know he said. WEll, if you want what I think it is in here just a little ways. BY the bulge I see I think you need to have that load lightened. He rubbed it and it grew more. Yeh guess so he said. Can you take care of it then. Sure can I told him and he walked into the tree line. I walked to a place that was away fron the edge and turned around and took off my shirt, he stopped and watched. He was rubbing his crotch and I walked to him and moved his hand replacing it with mine. He moaned a little and I stepped back dropping my pants and underwear now naked in front of him. He just stared and said Damn...I got to my knees and took him into my mouth slowly, licking and teasing the head and the rim then slowly buried the shaft in my throat. He let out a low moan and said that is so fucking good he said. I kept up my sucking and licking as he told me he had to sit down or fall down. I found a spot and he sat down leaning back on his elbows and his legs spread apart so I got down laying between them his cock and balls in my hands. His balls were tight and I supposed full of cum and he moved his hips with my face, trying to bury his cock in my mouth but I kept teasing him, making him squirm. Oh that is so fucking good he said over and over...then his hips convulsed and his load filled my mouth suddenly. I drained his balls and then the unexpected happened as he sat up and said what about yours. He took it and sucked it hard and fast, then as I unloaded he kept jacking it off out of his mouth and watched the cum squirt all over the ground. He laid back and asked me, can you do me again and sure enough his cock was growing. Sure I told him. AS I was on his tool the second we heard someone clear their throat behind us and as we looked around there was a good looking trucker there massaging his huge cock. Room for more he asked? Sure I told him and he walked over placeing his cock in my face. I took it down and deep throated as the first guy watched. Damn, it is all the way in he gasped. I watched him watch me take this stud deep and he was hard as a rock in my hands. The trucker was moaning and then he said, Mind if I do the ass? No I told him, get it ready and you can have it and he stood me up, bent me over and rimmed it till it was nice and slippery. All the time the new guy watched us. Slowly the huge cock found its way into my ass as I moaned and spread my cheeks as it finally was buried all the way in and his balls were against mine. Then he began going in and out slowly driving himself to the height he wanted to reach of passion. Where youy want the load he said, Never waste good cum I told him and his cock swelled in my ass and then filled it up. The new guy was staring at us as the big tol came out of my ass. Damn he said, that was hot. You wanna fuck me too I asked him. Hell yeh he said, then do it and he slid into my cum filled ass. Oh damn that is hot he kept saying over and over...finally filling my ass with his load. Gota couple friends that second trucker said if you are game he said and there stood two more hung studs. They dropped their pants and half hard cocks came out for my viewing pleasure. Lay him down one of them said and a blanket was on the ground spread out. I got on all fours and said, who wants the ass and who wants the mouth...Shit man, I want both. Well, pick what ya want first I told him and someelse can have the other end then switch. He did just that, slid into my ass as the other took my mouth, now they were more intense, just fucking to cum and they did, then moved to the other end and did it again. There were more men standing around and I saw that the pants were coming off and one suggested we move further into the woods. WE did and now there was one looking out while the rest of them took advantage of my open door policy and took their cum into my ass and mouth. I looked over and the first trucker was sucking a couple cocks too every time spitting the cum out on the ground. I don't know how many it was but it was well in the area of 6 or more men that came over and joined the party as I finished the last one, ass dripping cum I stood up and the first trucker came over. He looked at me, I don't believe that you took all of them and swallowed their cum too. That was hot. Well, I told him, if you are gonna be a slut might as well be a total slut and get all the cum you can. I was naked and it was just he and I and he looked at me, can you suck me one more time he asked. Sure, it would not get all the way hard but I manamged to suck his half hard cock off swallowing the cum. Then he got on his knees in front of me and took mine again in his mouth and sucked it slow, when my load came he swallowed it. That is good he said. Yes I know.

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