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Camping surpise-second time around

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After the mind blowing suck off I got yesterday, I was still horny and wanted more. So of course I got up early for a "shower" again the next morning. So off I went, leaving my family to their peaceful slumber hoping I'd be blowing my load with a beautiful babe soon.

As I passed by her site, there was nobody there. I guessed it would be just me and rosey palmer today. I got to the shower house and found the big stall I usually use was occupied. I heard what sounded like a painful groan coming from the stall and asked "You ok?" and got a startled answer back "yeah, I am fine buddy." I thought he must be rubbing one out and I entered the stall. I stripped down and was just about to put my quarter in to start the shower when my stall door swung open. There was my beautiful babe from yesterday naked in front of me! "I was just telling my boyfriend about your massive cock" she said as she indicated with a head nod that was him in the other stall. "We could use an extra cock in there if you don't mind." She smiled at me, tweaked the head of my now hard shaft, turned, and walked away. What the hell I thought.

I entered the stall and closed the door behind me. There she was with his cock deep down her throat. He waved me over and said "hon, I think our guest needs some attention." She said, "thanks, I'd love to attend to that cock." She got down on all fours, and motioned for me to come to her. She began licking the tip of my cock while she played with my balls. Then her boyfriend slid into her from behind and began a slow drill of her pussy. This set her off a bit and she engulfed my entire shaft. He was obviously turned on by this and he grabbed her hips and really began bucking his hips into her.

Up and down with a twist of the hand she went. Faster and faster. Shallow sucks. Deep sucks. Hands gripping my ass, coaxing me into her mouth. Every once in a while her mouth left my dick to attend to my balls as she moaned from her fucking from behind. She moaned and screamed for more. She said "I need to be filled." and winked up at me. She turned to her boyfriend and said "Honey, can I have this cock inside me?" He said "you know the rules, only I get your pussy." "If you want that cock in you, you'll have to take it in your ass." "It would be my pleasure" she said, again winking up at me. This is going to be great I thought.

She turned around, exposing her amazing ass to me as she began attending to her boyfriend's cock. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them to see what was in store. Her tight little rosebud winked out at me. I touched it and it puckered tighter then relaxed again. I spit on it and watched it pucker again. My middle finger slipped in easily, making her moan slightly. I probed in and out with my finger, coaxing her anus to stretch wider. I removed my finger and spit again. This time I slid two fingers in. I probed away, smacking her ass lightly. Again I removed my fingers, spit and this time inserted my thumb and forefinger. I spread m fingers, stretching her really good this time and asked if she was ready. She said, "one minute" and turned around and deep throated me, deeper than I have ever been down a woman's throat. When she removed her mouth my cock was covered with thick spit. "There you go" she said and turned back to pleasing her man. I placed the tip of my cock at her tight opening and with a slight thrust, my cock was in. She surprised me with a painful sounding moan then she backed all the way into me, plunging my cock deep inside her. She wiggled her hips slightly then pulled away. Back against my hips she slammed again. I was used to the woman fucking me with my cock in her ass, they usually just let me thrust most say it hurts a bit. But this babe seemed to love cock in her ass. Her mouth was off her boyfriend's cock now because she was moaning and howling. Hell, I was moaning pretty loud too, her ass felt incredible. She paused and looked up to her boyfriend and said "you know what I want now."

Next thing I knew he was sliding under her, sliding his legs in between ours until he was beneath her. I then felt his cock entering her pussy, a thin piece of skin was now between our dicks. This was going to be my first DP! I began to thrust but she stopped me. "Let me drive baby" she said. She began a slow grind on both our dicks. In and out those cocks slid from her holes. Her pace quickened, her thrusts got deeper and she smashed her hips into ours harder each time. Oh my god I was on the edge. "Boys" she slyly said, "I need to feel your cum inside me." Eager to oblige, I concentrated on that tight ass wrapped around my dick and was ready to erupt. "Holy shit, I'm gonna cum" I said. "Me too" he said. "Give it to me now" she said and quickened her up and down pace. I erupted first. My first spasm was one hell of a wad, then I felt him spasm. The feeling was incredible. Two pulsing cocks and an anus and pussy clenching, coaxing our semen deep inside her. After what seemed like minutes of sperm spewing, we all stopped and fell in a messy pile of bodies, sliding out of her.

Next, she did something I will never forget. She got up on all fours again and said "watch this." She reached around and stuck her fingers into her ass and spread them exposing the insides of her ass. She clenched against her fingers and out spewed my semen, dripping down between her fingers, over her rosebud and on to her pussy. She then scooped out some semen and jammed her soaked fingers into her pussy. She then scooped out some of his semen to mix with mine, showed us her hand covered in our treasure and brought it to her mouth. She sucked off every last bit of our juices from her hand, moaning softly and claiming how wonderful it tasted it. "Mmmm. Tastes like more" she coyly said as she crawled over to me.

She took my now softening shaft in her mouth and sucked me clean. Licking my balls and groin until there was no sign of semen left. She then turned to her boyfriend and did the same.

"That was amazing" I said. "Yeah it was, we'll have to do that again soon, and maybe more." "You know our site. Bring a friend tomorrow night and we'll have some real fun" he said. And with that, they both left.

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