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Cabana Crazy

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Cabana Crazy

My mobile phone rang off and I glanced at the text message. I called my assistant and told her to clear off the rest of my afternoon.

This is not an original story; I guess in most ways this kind never is. It started simply enough. My wife Yvonne and I had met another couple of similar age, temperament, interests, and we all hit it off really well. Jack and Caitlynne like Yvonne and myself (Rob) were young, married, and looking for a good time. We had a lot of fun together and things reached a high point when Jack was offered a great deal on a two-bedroom cabana in The Islands. For the cost of airfare we were there.

Unfortunately Jack hadn't been given or didn’t quite get the whole story. The cabana wasn't a two bedroom - it was just two large beds in one large room. It didn't take long for us to move in and work out an arrangement of privacy hours so that each couple could couple in private. For the first five days of our vacation in The Islands the arrangement work perfectly. Yvonne and I screwed our brains out and the lazy grins on Jack and Caitlynne's faces seemed to indicate they were enjoying much of the same.

Until it started raining.

I mean really raining - like some kind of monsoon or something. The staff told us it would probably last a little more then two days and that we should stay indoors to avoid flooding. So we stayed indoors and started drinking - a lot. As we all got drunker it didn't take long for the subject of sex to come up and things quickly got pretty randy and very raunchy. We knew we were really drunk when Jack produced a deck of cards and announced that a strip poker game was beginning - and we all drunkenly agreed.

I think Jack was cheating because it didn't take long for him to have the girls down to their bras and panties. Then I had a streak of bad card and was soon down to my boxers. Then Caitlynne lost her bra and I found myself staring at her perky tits until my wife poked me in the ribs. Then Yvonne lost her bra and I watched Jack drool over her excellent breasts - until he got it in the ribs. Then I lost and off came the boxers.

Now I must say that I'm above average in the endowment department and with the warm tropical weather I knew shrinkage wouldn't be a problem so I ceremoniously doffed my shorts and stood proud. The girls hooted and clapped and Jack covered his eyes. I sat back down and enjoyed watching the girls lose their panties. The scene was so sexually charged that I was already mostly erect and I could smell the girls.

The girls started to chant "Jack…Jack" while I just sat back and watched. I was hard and throbbing at my full 7-3/4 inches. Jack did a caricature of a strip tease pealing off his shirt and pants. His boxers bugled out as he bent over and pulled them quickly down to his ankles and step out. He straightened up and I found myself staring at the biggest cock I'd ever seen in the flesh and it wasn't even hard. I looked over at Yvonne and her mouth was hanging open. She was flat out gaping at Jack's cock. The tension in the room was stultifying. Then he started to get hard.

If I had ever wanted to see a 12-inch cock, well there it was. Jack was hung, no doubt about it. Like I said I always felt fine with my 7+ inches but this unholy flesh pipe was amazing. Hell if I was a woman I'd be checking him out. Well I wasn't but Yvonne was and she did.

Caitlynne broke the silence saying we should all call it a night. I was blown away when Yvonne objected saying it was too early. Looking back I would say that things went a little crazy after that.

I went to the bathroom and when I came out Jack was sitting on their bed with a slice of orange in his mouth and Yvonne was trying to bend over and bite it. Jack's knees were together so that Yvonne had to straddle his legs to get closer. As she got closer Jack was leaning back further and further. Suddenly Yvonne slipped and fell on Jack who fell back on the bed. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Yvonne had fallen on Jack and trapped his cock between them, her thighs were spread wide and her clearly aroused cunt was wet and dripping. Her tits were on his chest and they were both laughing hysterically - I sure wasn't. As Yvonne struggled to sit up I watched as her cunt rolled onto his cock, he wasn't in her per se, but her cunt lips were spread wide over his girth.

I heard Jack say, "Hey Yvonne looks like yours is even bigger then your old mans." I knew that he was referring to his own cock that was jutting out from my wife's thighs. I also knew that he had a clear view of her cunt. What I didn't know was what Yvonne was doing until Jack said, "You keep that up and we'll have a real mess here."

Yvonne insisted she wasn't doing anything. She lifted her hips up and broke contact with Jack's cock. What she did next blew my mind.

Now Yvonne was certainly no prude, we had visited nude beaches and we had heard others making love before but she had never, ever done what she did next. She stood walked over to me grabbed my cock and sat on it! She started to fuck me right in front of Jack and Caitlynne. She may have been fucking me but the show was clearly for their benefit. She worked up and down my cock. I watched entranced as Caitlynne positioned herself over Jack and worked her cunt slowly down onto his huge cock. I felt Yvonne shudder as she watched. After a few minutes of mutual fucking Caitlynne announced she needed to pee. As she stood slowly Jack's cock reappeared hard and wet. It was amazing that it had all been inside her a moment ago - even Yvonne said something to that effect. Caitlynne smiled and said it wasn't really any big deal and that once you got used to it was just another cock.

Yvonne argued that twelve inches was not just another cock. Jack said that she could try it out; he didn’t mind. Yvonne demurred until Caitlynne said she could give it test-drive if she wanted - she didn't mind.

Hey was I not in the cabana or something? Yvonne simply stood up and walked over to Jack and Caitlynne’s bed. She stroked Jack’s cock a couple of times and then proceeded to sit on it.

I watched with growing anger as inch after inch disappeared into my wife's cunt. She bottomed out with about four inches to go. I figured she would stand up and come back to me - I figured wrong. She was determined to get those last inches in - very determined. I was about to yank her off of him when Caitlynne returned and walked right over to me, knelt down and started to blow me. Needless to say my anger was slowly distracted away. When she decided I was good and wet he straddled me and sat on my cock. I was surprised at how tight she felt given that she'd just been riding big boy over there. There were more surprises to come.

As Caitlynne bounced up and down on me she whispered into my ear "I know you're a better lover than him – prove it to me." Ah the competitive instinct, that I could do - so I did. I rolled to the side until she was flat on her back and pulled out of her. She pouted a face at me until I started to kiss my way south and then she smiled.

I kissed and licked her nipples hard. I tongued her belly button until she squirmed and giggled. When I reached her cunt I licked her into frenzy - she got loud fast and the reaction was completely unexpected. As Caitlynne began to moan and writhe I actually heard Yvonne ask, "What the fuck is going on over there." She was serious - my wife, who without even a 'do you mind’, had slipped off of my cock and onto another man's was asking me what I was up to? Go figure. My mind was made up; I was going to make this the most memorable fuck that Caitlynne had ever experienced.

I returned to licking Caitlynne’s cunt adding a finger or two as the situation dictated. I licked her straight into a huge orgasm I wasn't messing around. She came with a shout and a tremendous shudder. I paused for a moment until she said the magic words; "I need you in me right now." I was no fool so I immediately climbed on and slid right in. She met me thrust for thrust and she was soon on the way to her second orgasm. The only problem I had was that I was right on the edge of my own release. Just as I was about to slow down Caitlynne wrapped her legs around me and did a series of hip lifts that took us both over the top. She screamed, I roared and I emptied my balls into her like I hadn't emptied them in years. We just grinned at each other and laughed like a couple of goofy teenagers.

A grunt and a pained "be careful" caused us to turn to look at the occupants of the other bed. Yvonne was on her back with her knees up by her head and Jack was slowly feeding his huge cock into her. She seemed to be having a mild case of indigestion.

I knew what the problem was, Yvonne was not much of a natural luber-upper. What she needed was a thorough pussy licking to be properly juiced. On her own she just never seemed to get wet enough. I mentioned her need to Jack and he responded by pulling out and looking down at her cunt. "Sorry man, I feed the pussy, I don’t eat it. I'll get some lube," He scampered off to the bathroom as I rolled off of Caitlynne and laid on my back. I didn't want to even look at Yvonne.

Jack was back in a minute or so and slathered on a handful of goo all over his cock. He lined up and began to push into Yvonne again. "SHIT! Slow down! OH FUCK!" She was being stretched beyond her comfort level and I wasn't about to say a word. Jack bottomed out in her and paused while she got used to his size. Evidently he didn't wait long enough and as he began to move again, the noises Yvonne was making were not the ones I associated with her enjoying her self – oh well.

Caitlynne looked at me and asked if I had another round in the chamber. I shrugged and she leaned over and began to suck me up to readiness. It didn't take her long at all. I think a major factor in my rapid recovery was the fact that she took me into her mouth while I was still covered in our juices - Yvonne would have insisted on me clearing up before doing something like this. Caitlynne seemed to enjoy her efforts almost as much as I did. I decided to do something I'd never done before - I went down on Caitlynne's cum-filled cunt.

I never thought I'd eat a cream pie but I didn't mind it at all. Caitlynne absolutely loved it - she was cumming again in minutes. She just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. We seemed to have discovered the source of multiple orgasms for Caitlynne - I went for the crowning glory of orgasm - I reached in with my index finger and hooked it up to rub her G-spot. She made such a racket as she started to cum that Jack stopped fucking my wife and watched in amazement.

Then he started to pound into Yvonne with a determination to beat his wife to the finish. Yvonne was panting right along with them all the while casting glances over at Caitlynne and I. Caitlynne went rigid and silent. Then her legs slammed together trapping my hand and she screamed in release.

I slowly extricated my hand from between her legs. Caitlynne's eyes were fluttering and sweat covered her body. The bed was soaked beneath her bottom. The smile on her face was incredible; another satisfied customer I though to myself.

Jack and Yvonne were changing their position. Yvonne got into her taking it 'doggie style' pose and Jack lubed up again. He worked his cock back into Yvonne who huffed and puffed to accept it. Jack was either tiring or simply taking his time because he was now fucking Yvonne with slow short strokes.

When I turned back to Caitlynne she was holding the tube of lubricant. I didn't understand at first until she mouthed the word 'anal' and then the word 'virgin.' I wondered how she knew until I realized she was talking about herself. Hot damn this incredible woman was offering me her virgin ass for me to fuck. I lubed up and then I did a very unkind thing. Yvonne always travels with a special pillow case - she has this thing about putting her head on strange pillows. I reached past Caitlynne and grabbed the Yvonne's special pillow and stuffed it under Caitlynne's hips. Caitlynne pulled her knees up and apart and I lubed her offered rectum. For the first time in my life I slowly pushed my cock into a woman's ass. I hooked her ankles over my shoulders I reached to finger her clit and cunt but her hand stayed me - she'd cum enough - this one was strictly for me.

On the other bed Jack was straining for the finish and finally got there. A loud grunt and a final thrust - answered by Yvonne's 'ow' - and Jack was done. He pulled his rapidly softening cock out and sat up to watch me fuck his wife in the ass. I thought he might tell us to stop, instead he seemed to get off on watching his wife take me in her ass. Yvonne on the other hand was not as enthusiastic or encouraging about the ongoing activities. I didn't care because in a rush of intense heat - I came. It was a wickedly erotic orgasm, like none I'd ever experienced. It just popped up out of nowhere and rolled on and on. It was easily the longest sustained orgasm I'd ever experienced. I pulled out of Caitlynne slowly until with a slurpy pop of release I was out of her ass. I looked down as a stream of cum began to trickle out of her ass. I removed Yvonne's pillow from beneath her and flopped down be side her. I was done for the night. Caitlynne snuggled next to me she was one satisfied woman. Evidently Jack was also finished, which left Yvonne. Yvonne hadn't come and she was not happy about it. I was falling asleep fast, I figured to hear an earful in the morning.

When morning came I heard the distant pounding of a new swell. The surf would be up and I was determined to enjoy it. I crawled out of bed and got my trunks and surfboard. I leaned down to kiss Yvonne and saw Caitlynne in my bed. The activities of the past 24 hours came rushing back. I looked over to the other bed and saw my wife in the arms of another man - my stomach did a funny kind of flip-flop thing.

Fuck it - I went surfing.

Three hours later, completely surfed out with a huge smile plastered across my face I stored my board and walked into the cabana. It was quiet. During my time in the water I'd had a chance to think about what happened. I was stilled pissed at Yvonne for hopping onto Jack's Tower of Flesh but I had to admit that my romp with Caitlynne had been well worth it.

I was starving so I headed for the kitchen to scarf down some fruit and croissants; I saw Caitlynne sitting on the veranda and joined her.

"Hey what’s up Caitlynne? I just had the best surf of my life.”

"What’s up right now? Probably Jack." The sarcasm in her voice was edged with anger. “Your wife and my husband went 'shopping' about an hour ago. For some strange reason one of them seemed to think that they needed to take the tube of K-Y with them."

I looked at Caitlynne and saw a very beautiful and very pissed off woman. “You know what I want to know?”

Caitlynne looked at me and shook her head, then added a shug.

“I’m wondering how many times we can cum before they get back?”

The answer was eight – five for her, three for me. She was swallowing my third as we heard the Jeep drive up.

Yvonne was frowning and walking kind of funny. Jack was smiling and positively strutting. Caitlynne and I exchanged glances and silent guffaws. I guessed, and Caitlynne would confirm it later, that Jack had indeed fucked Yvonne in the ass. The nine-hour flight home that afternoon was going to be more than a little uncomfortable for my wife.

It turned out to be a fairly quiet flight also. Yvonne didn’t say a dozen words to me. Halfway through the flight Caitlynne gave me the high sign and I headed back to the restroom. She whispered in my ear, I smiled and she nodded.

I unzipped and sat in an unoccupied seat. I fished my hard cock out and Caitlynne was immediately sitting on it. It didn’t take but three minutes for me to be shooting into her.

It took about two weeks for Yvonne and I to get back to being comfortable with each other. There were some pretty heated arguments, but we’re OK now.

As far as Jack and Caitlynne went we didn’t spend much time with them after the Islands vacation. Yvonne was happy to find friends in other places. I found that I didn’t really miss either Jack or Caitlynne. I didn’t miss Jack because, well, I just didn’t. I didn’t miss Caitlynne because I didn’t stop seeing her. We get together when we can.

She was the one who sent me the text message. Unfair to our spouses – yeah, but the sex is unreal.

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