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BusinASS Trip

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I'm sitting on the edge of the bed with a naked goddess on her knees between my legs. This hot little number is sucking my cock like the world is coming to an end and her husband is sitting next to me egging her on. Let me explain how I got to this point. I've been on a business trip for the entire week. Friday night the client took me out to dinner and I was to fly home Saturday. I stopped at the hotel bar for a night cap and ended up meeting Kent and his wife, Amanda. Amanda must have been about 25 yrs old and definitely 10 to 15 years younger than Kent. This hot little brunette had around a 34 inch C cup rack and a tight little ass. She started flirting with me from the moment the two of them set down. After several rounds of drinks she whispered into my ear that she wanted to continue this party in my room. I asked Kent about doing just that and he was all for it. We slipped some double drinks out of the bar and to my room we went. Amanda wanted some music and started dancing to it as we all continued drinking. She was getting a little loaded as was I and she asked me to dance with her. Kent urged me to and soon we were rubbing against each other in the middle of my hotel room. Amanda gyrated her hot body up against mine which caused my cock to grow inside my pants. She noticed it right away and her hand immediately grabbed my bulge and started squeezing it She told her husband that I had something she needed and he gave his consent. She pushed me down on the bed and started taking her clothes off seductively. I looked at Kent and he just smiled which I took to mean that we had his approval. She took her pants off right away and wasn't wearing any panties. I beheld the most beautiful pussy I has ever seen. She was completely shaven and she continued to grind to the music as she rubbed her breast through her blouse. Finally she said, "I need to see some hard cocks." Kent and I both pulled our pants down. I was glad to see than my 8 inch cock was about an inch longer than Kent's and a bit thicker too. "Oh honey, he's got a nice one," she said. Amanda pulled off her top and took off her bra. Her ivory hills were incredible and I couldn't wait to squeeze those luscious orbs. She dropped to the floor and began to crawl towards me on all fours. She looked like a lioness stalking her prey as she came towards me. She wrapped her right hand around the base of my shaft. She then gazed at it and said, "This is a magnificent cock," and kissed the head. She looked at her husband and told him, "I am so going to enjoy this." Now we're back to beginning of our story.

She was gently stroking and then swirling her hand around my shaft. She started flicking her tongue on the ridges of my huge German helmet. She continued licking the top half of my cock driving me crazy the whole time. After a while she moved her hand up the entire length of my dick causing some pre-seminal fluid to pool at the tip of my cock's head. She lapped it up with one quick lick and purred her approval. I had never had anyone suck my cock so expertly before. This babe must have graduated summa cum alotta from the school of fellatio. Her husband chipped in, "No one sucks cock like my wife." I grunted in agreement. I then felt her mouth envelope my cock and her sucking was exquisite. She covered the top 4 inches and every once in a while she would take all 8 inches deep down her throat. She looked me in the eyes the whole time. I reached down and groped her soft breast as she sucked me. It was incredibly sexy. As hard as I was my cock felt like it was growing even larger. She stopped for a second and asked me, "Can you cum more than once?" I replied, "Yes." She then squeezed out some more seminal fluids and wiped it off with the middle finger from her left hand. She continued sucking and stroking my cock as she pulled me farther out over the edge of the bed. With my ass half off the mattress, I felt her middle finger probing between my ass cheeks. She gently rubs her coated finger against my asshole. She suctioned sucked my cock as she increased the pressure on my anus. Her probings had me tensing up and she garbled with my dick in her mouth for me to relax. I did and soon felt her finger enter my ass. I let out a short moan and I thought I saw her smiling even with my cock filling her mouth. I had never experience a woman stick her finger in my ass before but it only heighten the sensation her educated mouth was giving my cock. I began to enjoy her fingers probing as I came closer to cumming. She sensed I was close and again she garbled, "Cum in my mouth." Between her finger sliding in and out of my ass and my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, I was more than ready. I grabbed her head and started face fucking her and grunted loudly, "AAaarrgghh!" I felt my first load jet out from the base of my cock and hit the back of her throat like a pressure washer. I continued to pump cum into her mouth over and over and this hot little slut never missed a beat as she swallowed everything I gave her. I don't know how many times I shot into her mouth but my cock head grew so sensitive by the time I finally finished. I saw her squeeze the last drop of gism out of my cock and flicked her tongue and take it into her mouth. She pulled her finger out of my ass and I collapsed onto the bed. Her husband asked, "Have you ever had a better blow job before?" "No, never." I gasped. Amanda moved over to her husband and told him that she wanted some more cock to suck. He had her get on all fours on the bed with her rear facing toward me. He stood by the edge of the bed and she went down on him immediately. "My wife can seem to get enough cock." he chuckled. As he was literally fucking her face her ass bounced around a mere foot from my face. Her back side was hot. She had a tight little ass perfectly round and voluptuous. Her legs were spread enough for me to see her tightest hole perched a top her symmetrical vaginal slit. Kent noticed me staring at it and told her to give me a better look. She put her hand between her legs and placed two fingers along the folds and spread them apart. This exposed her inner labia to me and her slit was glistening with her juices. My cock was once again fully erect. Kent saw that too and told me to fuck anything I liked. I did want to fuck her wet cunt but I couldn't resist a little taste. As I placed my face close to her, the scent of her pussy was intoxicating. It was now my turn to eat her. I lick my tongue up her wet slit. "Hhhmmm." she muttered with his dick in her mouth. Her pussy was so juiced and sweet. I savored her sex as I continued lapping her cunt. When I would drive my tongue deep into her cunt she would shove her cunt back against me. My nose would press against her asshole but it's smell was clean so I didn't mind eating her from behind. She soon started moaning as she grew more and more excited. She started humping her ass as I was driving her wild. I accidentally licked her asshole and she squealed. Her husband laughed and said,"She loves having her ass eaten and you can fuck her there too." I had never performed a rim job before but every time I licked her there she would go crazy. "Eat my ass!" she screamed. I alternated between her cunt and her ass and enjoyed every minute of it. Soon I felt her reach back and grabbed the back of my head and she shoved her cunt hard against my mouth at the same time. She came hard, "Fuucckk!" Her entire body jerked wildly and continued for a full minute. She fell flat against the bed and her husband and I just watched this hot little slut lay there gasping for air. When it seemed she had recovered some she flipped over on her back. She raised her legs up in the air and yelled, "I need someone to fuck me!" Her head was over the side of the bed and Kent shoved his dick down her throat. She was deep throating him as her chin was pressed up against his groin. I reached down and pulled her legs up over my shoulders further exposing her nether regions. I shoved my cock deep into her wet pussy. She let out a muffled groan as I fucked her balls deep. He started fucking her mouth and together we both started fucking this hot little slut. Her groans turned to moans in no time at all and we pumped her cunt and mouth in unison. Her pussy was so warm and wet and I pounded her as hard as I could. I was slamming her deep and hard when she began to scream. She came very quickly. Again she bucked and jerked wildly as she climaxed as hard as the first time. I released her limp legs and they dropped lifeless on the bed. "That's my girl, she can cum multiple times in a single night." Kent proudly stated. We both gave her a break as she recovered.

Amanda finally set up and told her husband how good my cock felt inside her pussy. She started sucking my cock and cleaned all her juices off of it. She looked me in the eyes and told me she wanted me to fuck her ass with my huge dick. "That's my favorite," he laughed. Kent walked over to her purse and pulled out some lube and tossed it on the bed. Amanda lay down on the corner of the bed and dr*ped her legs over the sides. I was already reaching for the lube as she spread her ass apart. I lube my bad boy up and stood directly behind her. I rubbed my dick up and down here ass cheeks as I relished the though of fucking her tightest hole. I then pressed it at the entrance to her brown button. My enormous head felt some resistance as it eased in. But the head of my cock soon slipped past her tight anal ring and I was in. "Damn, his cock is so thick," Amanda groaned. "Fuck my wife's ass good." Kent ordered. Her ass was so tight. I continued gently shoving my cock into her butt and soon had almost 6 inches into her. I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her ass. She took it like a trooper and I was balls deep in no time. "Baby, can you see his huge cock in my ass?" she groaned. I noticed Kent lubing up his cock and stroking his dick, He was definitely enjoying the sight of his wife impaled on my thick cock. "Yeah honey, you are such a slut." Kent looked at me and asked me if I liked it when his wife fingered my ass while she blew me. I thought what a strange question to ask me until I saw him going around behind me. I thought he's not really going to fuck me in the ass is he? My cock was in ecstasy buried in his wife's butt and I had always wondered what it would feel like being on the receiving end of an ass fucking. Kent told me to lean over a bit and I felt his cock brush against my butt. I was shocked but I was a little bit curious also. Amanda cried out, "Don't stop fucking me." She was diverting my attentions from what her husband was getting ready to do to me. I continued pumping my dick into her tight butt. Kent told me to relax and he pressed the head of his cock against my anus. I felt the head of his lubricated dick slipping past my sphincter. It didn't feel good but it didn't feel bad either. I just felt incredibly full. I felt more and more of his cock sliding into me and then Amanda yelled, "Fuck me!" I started pumping her again as I had stopped while Kent entered me. All of a sudden I was super turned on. I was fucking this guy's wife butt while he was also fucking my ass. I was involved in a fuck sandwich and I was in the middle. We got into a nice rhythm. It was like a train coming to a stop. With each stroke I would plunge into his wife ass and hear our flesh slap as I was balls deep then I would feel his groin slap my backside immediately after. This was so taboo and forbidden but the thought of being fucked up the ass by another man as I butt fucked his wife. It was causing my cock to swell to new heights. "Kent, I can feel you fucking him as he's fucking me." Amanda cooed. I was slamming his wife's ass hard now and I didn't care if Kent could keep up or not I just wanted to fill this slut up with my cum. Amanda must have sensed I was close as she said "Cum baby, I want to fill me up with your hot seed." I was grunting like a pervert and that feeling was burning in my lions again. "Yeesss," I yelled and then I started pouring cum into her tight little butt. As I came she announced it to her husband, "Oh honey he's cum feels so hot in my ass." This anal slut was milking my cock with her ass as I kept squirting cum into her. I think I came more than the first time earlier this night. I feel onto her back exhausted. Kent was pounding my butt harder and faster and I heard him scream out and then felt a warm sensation in my ass. So this is what it feels like. His cock twitched as he spewed warm gism inside my butt. When his cock stopped jerking he stepped back withdrawing his dick from my ass. It was now numb and I couldn't tell if it was gaped or not. When I pulled out of his wife's ass, I could see she was definitely gaped. Some of my cum was seeping out of her butt and sliding down onto her hammered cunt. As I lay on the bed Amanda got up and went to the bathroom. She returned with a warm washcloth and cleaned us up. It was late and I told them they could sleep over if they wanted. Amanda kissed my clean cock and then told me that all of us were definitely not going to get much sleep tonight. She spread her legs and started fingering her pussy and looked at me and winked. It was going to be a long night.

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