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Boss taking advantage

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> Meeting The BossI love reading these stories and always wanted to have an experience worthy of > submitting. Before I get started let me introduce myself. My name is Ann. I'm > 49 yrs old, 5'5", 119 lbs, with a 38DD-28-36 build, and a firm round butt for my age, topped of with medium length, dirty blond hair. I have been married > for 25 yrs to my husband of 53 yrs. Ronnie is 5'8" tall, a hard worker > and a good husband, who also has a cute butt.

> We had just moved to the panhandle of Florida where my husband had received a > job offer at a much better salary than he had been making. I'll omit telling the > exact location in FL, and what his job was to maintain some privacy. Our > marriage has been great so far and we are still energetic in the bedroom or > wherever the mood happens to take us. We have talked about our likes and > dislikes and fantasy's, and we try things out whenever an opportunity presents > itself.

> Some of the things we enjoy doing is having me flash if we're out on the > highway. Ronnie has even had me ride around in the passenger's seat totally naked.

> He also enjoys it when I give him a blowjob when he's driving. So overall he > isn't the jealous type. He also likes me to dress sexy when we go out, being > sure to show my bouncy tits and nice ass. He thinks it's kewl when guys turn and > stare at me, and has even had some comment to him on how hot I look when we're > in clubs and they didn't know he was with me. As a result Dave frequently lays > out my outfits for me when we go out. He has never mentioned doing any swapping > or anything, but he has hinted about me inviting a girlfriend over to try. As of > yet we haven't gone there, but it is a possibility. I wondered what he would > think of another guy, but he's too macho to try. As open-minded as Ronnie is I > know that if I were ever unfaithful he would take it very seriously and probably > want a divorce. He has told me enough stories about friend's relationships for > me to get an idea about how he feels.

> Ronnie is very professional about his work and when arriving at this new company > he worked overtime many nights trying to fit in and blend with the current > staff. He told me stories about how great his boss is, and about if his boss > likes an employee they can really move up the ladder of success quickly. Overall > Ronnie felt like he was getting in good with the boss and could be very > competitive with the existing staff when it came time for advancement.

> We had been in Florida for almost 6 months when Ronnie told me about some of the > employee's getting together for a party. Evidently one of his co-workers wives > was trying to find enough people to have a sex toy party. The girls would go to > the party, while the guys would get a barbecue going and drink beer waiting for > us to finish, then we could all eat. Ronnie thought this would be a good chance > for me to meet some friends at his work, and show me off a little. Actually I > had already met a few of them, but it's a big company and there were sure to be > many people that I had never even heard about. Ronnie also wanted to introduce me > to his boss, and the party was being held at his house.

> Ronnie had picked out a particularly daring outfit for me to wear. It was a thin, > strapless white top that showed a good bit of cleavage, and opened a good 6 in > before the bottom showing off my belly as well. He also selected my black slacks > that I love. They are also thin and form fitting, and show off my ass, but I > love them cause they're so light and comfortable. For underwear I got a white > sheer strapless Victoria Secrets bra and a black lacy thong.

> After looking at what he had laid out I asked him if we were going out clubbing, > or to his office party? He said "Well it's a sex toy party and I want you to > look sexy". I think he was just horny and had his mind on himself, but I agreed > and after showering I put on what he wanted. I must say I was very hot looking.

> I would have to wear this when we went out clubbing next. It took quite a while > to get ready, cause Ronnie kept feeling me up and kissing on me, but eventually we > were in the car and on the way.

> When we arrived at the party I was overwhelmed at how huge his bosses house was.

> He not only had a fabulous home, but big gardens and walkways in both the front > and the back of the house. I wondered how you couldn't get lost in a home this > big.

> We got inside and I had Ronnie get me a drink to calm my jitters. We mingled > around a little and caught quite a few stares from some of Ronnie's co-workers. We > mingled a bit and Ronnie introduced me to several of his friends. One cute guy > inparticular (when Ronnie stepped off to get another drink) came up and introduced > himself as Jarad. He made little effort to hide the fact he was looking me over, > and when Ronnie returned he made polite conversation and excused himself. There > were a couple of ladies who dressed in their clubbin clothes so I didn't feel > like the odd ball, but when they announced that the Toy Party was starting > upstairs I grabbed me another drink and kissed my husband goodbye. I chatted it > up with Sandra, another wife of a co-worker similarly attired, and we had a great > time oooh'ing and ah'ing at all the toys during the party. They had a full bar > with snacks upstairs and I grabbed 1 or 2 more drinks during the party. To be > polite I made a few purchases, some I wanted to try, and a really big rubber > cock, just to scare Ronnie with. All of our purchases would be ordered and we > would have to come pick them up when they were ready.....Then we went down to > find the men.

> Me and Sandra headed down together, and the men were mostly located out on the > patio barbecuing and drinking, but we couldn't find Ronnie or Sandra's husband > Brian, so we walked around inside. We just followed the voices and laughing and > came up on a closed, dark room, but you could hear guys laughing every so often, > so we peeked in. Just sticking our heads in we saw that it was a home movie > theater, and the guys were drinking and looking at a porno on the big screen. It > was dark and our eyes were unaccustume so we stood right inside the door as out > eyes adjusted. On the screen a young girl was getting thoroughly rammed by a guy > with a nice long cock. Sandra giggled, "the one you bought is right about that > size isn't it". I laughed "No I think it's bigger". Then a voice next to me > whispered "You had to buy one?...I carry mine around all the time, and it's > free". I looked over and it was Jarad. I took a sip of my drink and told him it > probably wasn't that big though. He smiled and asked me if I'd like to bet? I > said no thanks, but I couldn't believe it was that big. He said there was only > one way to find out. Sandra was standing there smiling, and egging me on "bet > him, bet him". He stepped out into the hall, and we followed grinning nervously.

> The rum and coke's had made me light headed, and a little horny. He offered to > get us both drinks and told us to meet him in the back garden. We looked at each > other, and I was pretty hesitant, but Sandra pulled me by the arm, and I was too > buzzed to say no.

> We sat on a bench in the back garden of the house. From where we were we > couldn't see anyone or be seen by anyone (so we thought). Sandra asked if I > thought he was going to really show us, but I'd never met him before and had no > idea. If it was as big as he said I wanted to see it though, and Sandra agreed.

> Finally Jarad came walking around the hedgerow carrying 3 bottles of beer, and > passed them out. He winked at us, "What have you ladies been talking about?", > and laughed wickedly. Me and Sandra just kept staring back and forth at his > crotch and laughing nervously. He asked if he won the bet, what would he win. We > stammered, not knowing what to say. Sandra asked what did he want to win. Jarad > smiled and stated that if he won we had to show him our tits and give his dick a > big kiss. I asked what would we get if we won? Jarad asked what would we like?

> Sandra said he would have to pay for our sex toys.

> Jarad smiled and agree. He asked if he could watch us play with our toys if he > lost, but we told him to quit stalling and show us the goods. We were so trashed > and laughed too much, but we were really enjoying ourselves. Jarad backed up > against a hedge and unbuckled, and unzipped his pants letting them hang open. We > could see he had quite a bulge, but nothing like what the guys had on the > screen. He reached into the top of his underwear and pulled out a super size, > but soft cock. "Here it is ladies, give him a second and I'm sure you won't be > disappointed". As we watched he stroked it and as blood started rushing in it > began getting longer and thicker. When finally he appeared satisfied at the > size, it was bobbing up and down in the air in front of us like a fat red snake, > and we knew we had lost the bet. It was an amazing cock, and I got all wet just > looking at it. Jarad cleared his throat "Ladies this is 101/2 inches of USDA > prime beef, and I believe I get to see some tits." Sandra looked at me smiled, > shrugged her shoulders, and casually unbuttoned her top and pulled her bra up > till her tits popped out. Jarad made some rude comment and slapped her tits > making them bounce around. He then pointed at his crotch, and she looked at me > then slowly bent down and kissed Jarad's cock right on the head. Jarad reached > over and squeezed Sandra's tits while she was bent over, then it was my turn. I > looked around making sure no one could see, and took a big swig of my beer, then > pulled my shirt and bra up at the same time until my tits popped out. Jarad > smiled and squeezed my tits and pulled me closer to him. He rolled my nipples > between his thumb and forefinger making my nipples hard. He pushed my head down > and thought I was going to pass out as this huge cock was pointing at my face. I > reached out and grabbed it with both hands, my fingers were barely able to reach > around it. I was so nervous, but a bet was a bet so I gave his cock a quick > suck, and stood back up and straightened my clothes. Jarad pretended to help > straighten my clothes, but was only fondling my tits and ass. He grinned and > asked if we'd like to bet on anything else, we both smiled, but declined. Sandra > said maybe later.

> The rest of the evening was very enjoyable, and I switched over to just drinking > coke to avoid getting into anymore trouble. Jarad made frequent stops by to > chat, but he never had another opportunity to do or say anything suggestive.

> At around 11pm the party started to dwindle down to just 5 or so couples I > finally got introduced to Ronnie's boss, Tony. He was bigger than Ronnie, > and had a rugged, Italian Stallion look about him. He had a good drunk going, as > did we all, and we drank and chatted it up for another hour or so. The subject > turned to sex several times and Ronnie told everyone about me in the car naked and > flashing truckers. Tony asked me to give the whole group a preview of what the > truckers would see on the way home tonight, and everyone applauded, and screamed > for me to take it off. Even Ronnie laughed and pushed me up in front of everyone, > but I had sobered up too much and just turned red and sat down. Everyone boo'd > and laughed. I almost wished I did it, but Ronnie would have regretted it the next > day.

> A little after Midnight we said our goodbye's and had to turn down flashing > everyone 2 more times before we got out the door. On the way home I asked Ronnie > if he really wanted me to flash everyone, specially his boss. He said he didn't > know, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I told him maybe I would if he > really didn't mind. Ronnie said kewl and fell asleep until we got home.

> We didn't talk much about the party, other than to say we had a good time, and > he was happy to show everyone his pretty wife. I had Sandra's number, and we went > out to eat a few times, but we were both busy. She admitted that she had once > had an affair with Jarad, but now they just fooled around once in a great while.

> She said he had wanted to do too many risky things that would threaten her > marriage for her to keep up the relationship, but he was good in bed. Very > kinky.

> About a week after the party Tony's wife Sharon called to let me know my orders > had come in and I could pick them up whenever. I told her I would be over > tomorrow around noon. I called Sandra and asked if she wanted to go with me, but > she was unable, so I went alone.

> Since Ronnie's boss seemed so rich I dressed nice before going over. Nothing like > the other night, but a nice blouse and skirt, with heels. When I pulled up in > the drive of the huge house I noticed how much grander it looked in the > daylight, and I walked up to the door and rang the bell. I didn't think anyone > would be able to hear my little knock through a house this size.

> I waited for a little bit, then the door opened up and Tony greeted me wearing a > pool robe and pair of speedo's. I immediately noticed his pronounced bulge in > the front, and he apologized for his attire, but had just finished taking a dip > in the pool out back. He invited me in and asked if I'd like to go for a dip. I > declined saying I had just dropped by to pick up my order from the other night.

> He smiled and nodded, "Sharon has them all piled in the movie room, have you > seen it?" I told him about me and Sandra finding our way in there during the > party, and seeing all the guys watching porno's. He asked if I had been > offended, and I laughed and asked "Do you mean was the girl that rides around > naked in her car embarrassed by the porno's?...Nope, I'm not that fragile". We > both laughed, and walked down the hall toward the movie room. Good he said cause > he wanted to show me something. I asked him what it was, but he said that I > would just have to see.

> We got to the movie room and we sorted through all the orders until he found > mine. "Big" he said.."What is it?" I told him I'd be too embarrassed to show > him. He asked if that was why I didn't give them a show the other night? I told > him if I had drunk a little more I would have given them all a show. He smiled > and told me he liked my spirit. I asked him what he wanted to show me, and he > walked over to a console up front. It's something I discovered the other day > after the party, he said. I asked if it was a new porno...he smiled and said it > was sort of an amateur film. Tony doused the lights and the screen in front lit > up. It was a picture of the rear garden of his home and at that point I almost > passed out. I knew just what it was. I didn't think about it at the time, but he > was sure to have security monitors on home this big. Sure enough after a few > minutes watching the empty garden, me, and Sandra walked over to the empty bench > and sat down. A few minutes later Jarad walked up, and after that I exposed my > tits and sucked Jarads big cock. He turned on the lights and a was froze in > place. My face felt hot and must have been beet red.

> Tony was smiling. I guess you had enough to drink then didn't you? He sounded > serious, "I've got to tell you I was shocked at what happened out there, and I > feel compelled to show Ronnie what's going on". I jumped up and begged him not to > show my husband. I told him that Ronnie would probably kick me out if he found > out. He said that people had to accept responsibility for their actions. I > explained that I was drunk and had lost a bet and would never do it again. I > just babbled, begging him not to show Ronnie. Finally he said that if I was > serious about not wanting Ronnie to see, and was willing to do him a favor he > might consider not tell Dave about the incident. I was flooded with relief and > said whatever I could do to help him out I would do.

> Tony smiled again and said that if I got naked in front of him he would hardly > be in any position to say anything about it. I looked around nervously, and > asked if that was all he wanted, and he said sure. I walked over to the door of > the movie room and closed the door. He sat in a chair up front and asked me to > come up front and give him a good show. I was terrified about Ronnie finding out, > and was happy to get out of this situation. If a little flesh would do it then > so be it.

> I stood in front of Tony and unbuttoned my top sliding it off my shoulders and > down my arms to the floor. "Your wife isn't coming home is she?" I asked. Tony > told me not to worry and finish disrobing. I smiled and said as you wish, then > unsnapped my skirt. It easily fell down to my ankles, and I stood in front of my > husband's boss in my bra and panties. He motioned for me to turn around, and > reached out and grabbed my ass when my back was to him. I moved away a little > and he told me to lose the bra. I reached back and unhooked my bra and held it > in place for a little while teasingly. He smiled and reached out and tugged it > out of my grasp. My titties bounced freely as the bra fell away. He commented on > how firm and perky my tits were for there size and my age, and I said I was glad he enjoyed them.

Finally he pointed at the panties and told me to remove them too. I asked if he would > reconsider, and he said that random truckers could see me naked, but the man who > provided me and my husband with money and food couldn't see anything. No he said > take it off, so I slipped my thumbs into the side of my panties and pulled them > down to my knees and let them slip down to my ankles.

> He smiled and stood up letting his robe fall to the floor. His speedo's were > tenting out in front of him and he walked closer to me running his hands over my > body. I asked him what assurances I had that he wouldn't show my husband. He > smiled and pretended to be shocked "Oh you want assurances, well that'll cost a > bit more then". I was so nervous but Tony scooped up my clothes and threw them > all into a back room and locked the door. He said you better listen good, > because I won't repeat myself. You will do everything I say or I will show > everyone these pictures, specially Ronnie. He asked me if I understood and I was > so shocked that I just nodded. He grabbed my hand and led me (naked) out of the > movie room and down the hall. The other room was dark but he led me in and stood > me up against some funny looking exercise equipment. Before turning the lights > on he bent me over the equipment and I stiffened up, but he quickly reminded me > that he would show everyone. He stretched my arms out and attached them to 2 > points on the equipment with velcro straps, then left me spread across this > equipment as he went to find the lights. When the lights came on I found myself > to be in a little sex dungeon with mirrored walls, video camera's, and various > toys displayed everywhere. He flipped both camera's on, then came over to me and > pulled out a few pins in the equipment and repositioned it, which made me > stretch way over exposing my rear, and making my tits hang down. Tony moved over > and ran a hand across my body, and slapped my tits making them jiggle and left a > red mark on the side. He ran a hand over my ass and down my leg and stopped to > secure a strap around each ankle. Finally he moved in behind me and stripped off > his speedo's. I could see his sizable erection bobbing in the air in front of > him as he moved between my legs. I begged him to let me go and don't do this, > but he asked if I'd rather have Ronnie see the video's. I told him I'd rather Ronnie > not see the video's. He said then, "beg me to fuck you". I asked "what" and he > said Dave would not like it if I kept being this stupid. I stood there naked and > vulnerable with tears leaking out the corners of my eyes, and asked Tony to fuck > me. He made me repeat it over and over and finally scream it. He ran his hands > between my open legs and started working his thick fingers into my pussy. He > worked them back and forth until I was getting all wet and juicy, then started > penetrating my exposed pussy with his well-lubricated cock. I could feel him > stretching my pussy like it had never been stretched before, and as he entered > me I felt so filled up I thought it would come out my mouth. He started fucking > me harder and harder. My wrist started turning red as they pulled against their > bindings, and my pussy was swollen from the good fucking it was getting. He > asked me how I liked things so far, and I told him to just hurry up and finish.

> Tony frowned and told me that when I was asked that I was to respond "I love > your cock, please give me more". So he asked me again how I liked things, and I > told him what he wanted to hear. Of course I had to say it several times, which > seemed to make his cock even harder and he ravaged my pussy again, and pulled on > my nipples until I cried out.

> Finally he released my bindings and had me kneel before him and lick my own > juices off his cock. He had me beg him to cum in my mouth, then he shot his hot > cum all over my face. He paraded me in front of the cameras and made me lick > gobs of cum off my lips and cheeks and tell him how good it was. He then shoved > a vibrator up my pussy and put nipple clips on my tits and took me to a shower > to clean up. While I was cleaning up he pulled a camera into the bathroom and > filmed me drying off. I was then given my clothes and allowed to dress, and had > to suck his cock one last time and swallow it all this time, so as to not get > any on my clothes. Tony gave me my packages and walked me to the door. He said > if I ever thought of telling on him he would have a film of me begging him to > fuck me all ready to play for everyone...specially Ronnie. I told him I wouldn't > say anything, and was glad this was all over, but Tony just smiled.

> Tony said it was not over yet and that if I knew what was good for me I would > listen to him when he called. I started to protest, but Tony just shushed me and > pushed me out the door. I didn't hear anything from him for almost 2 weeks and I > was almost convincing myself that it had never even happened, when he called.

> Tony told me that he was working Ronnie extra late tonight and I was to dress > sexy, high heels, with no underwear and come over. I tried to protest, but I was > reminded of the video that Dave would see if I refused.

> I was shaking as I picked out my sexiest clothes and almost cried. When I looked > at myself in the mirror, the lack of underwear made me look like a total slut. I > was dazed and in shock as I drove over to Tony's house. When I pulled up there > were several cars in the drive and I looked around to see what was going on > before I approached, but everything was quiet. I knocked on the front door and > in a minute Tony opened it up and let me in. I asked him what was going on and > he said to come on in and enjoy the party. He said that some of his out of state > representatives were in and he was having a little party. As I walked in I could > see that it was all guys, and they looked me hungrily up and down. Tony got me a > drink and walked around introducing me to people like I was his date, and after > a while I started to relax. I thought maybe he just wanted a young sexy date to > show off, and I was soon laughing and enjoying the attention. Tony grabbed my > ass a little and told me to unbutton 2 of my top buttons on my blouse. I sighed > and reluctantly obeyed. I had to be careful, because if I leaned over my tits > would be immediately visible to anyone that I was talking with. But try as I > may, I couldn't help but flash a few of the men there. More and more I saw men > whispering to each other and looking at me, and more and more frequently Tony > would pass by and flip my skirt up exposing my ass or ask me to bend over and > get something for him. He commented to a group of men how firm my ass was told > me to turn around and lift my skirt up and show them. I looked at him in total > shock, but he just waved me around and told me to "show him some ass". I > reluctantly lifted my skirt in back showing them all my rear. He then asked if > any of them wanted to touch it, and several leaned over and patted my butt, > commenting on how sexy and firm my ass was. I was getting the feeling this was > going to be a bad night, but I was helpless to do anything about it.

> Then Tony called everyone's attention to the big screen TV at the end of the > room. He told everyone that since this was a business meeting, and we would all > be writing this off on our taxes as a business expense, then he should at least > show us a company training film. Everyone boo'd, but I was actually relieved and > hoped this night was actually coming to an end. He told everyone that this was a > newer film and everyone was sure to like it. Tony called me over and asked me to > get him a "Captain and Coke" so I smiled and hopped over to the beverage table > and got us both one. When I got back everyone had already formed a semi circle > around the TV, and Tony brought out a VHS tape and popped it in. The screen > flared to life with the company logo, and Tony's voice talking about employee > moral. I handed him his drink and he put his arm around me and pulled me close.

> With my back to the crowd no one saw Tony fondling my ass as we sipped our > drinks. He slipped a finger between my cheeks and rubbed my asshole trying to > make me squirm, but I just stood there sipping drink and smiling.

> Suddenly the screen flickered and from my angle I couldn't see what was going on > but everyone got silent. I peered over at the screen and there I was in the > movie room taking off my clothes for Tony. Once I was naked and in the next > scene I was being led into the sex room and being tied to that funny looking > movable frame. Tony had obviously done a good deal of editing. Throughout the > show I begged him to fuck me, and fuck me harder. To all appearances I was a > willing, consensual adult having kinky sex.

> At the end of the movie there was stunned silence and Tony asked everyone if > they had enjoy today's training film? The question was followed by a roar of > approval and applause. Tony unsnapped the side of my skirt, pulled it off all > together, and tossed it into the crowd. Laughing the guys quickly hid it. There > I was with my pussy and ass exposed in a room full of guys, and everywhere I > went I got felt up. At the drink table a man grabbed me between the legs from > behind and inserted a finger into my pussy as I got my drink. He then asked me > to pour him a drink since his hands were busy and everyone had a good laugh at > that as he continued to finger me as I made his drink. After that I guess they > saw what they could get away with and another man quickly removed my top, and > there I was naked (in heels) in front of a room full of men. Tony brought out a > basket full of condoms and told everyone that the entertainment had arrived.

> They all laughed and made rude comments as they grabbed handfuls of condoms. Of > the whole group only 3 men stripped down, but that was enough and soon they held > me down on the sofa and took turns fucking me and having me suck them off. Tony > walked by and told me if I behaved it would all be over in an hour or so, but 2 > hrs later I was being dragged into back rooms and being made to suck and fuck > strange men. Some had cocks so big I though they would rip me open, and one even > lubed me up and entered my virgin ass making me cry out and struggle to escape, > but I was quickly restrained and after a little bit the pain subsided.

> Finally after 3 hrs of continuos fucking and sucking Tony told everyone that the > entertainment was leaving. There was a round of boo'ing, but he stated that if > he let them fuck me any more I would be ruined for life and I wouldn't be able > to return and pleasure them again. Everyone sighed and boo'd, but I was helped > to my feet and patted on the back like I was one of the guys. Tony brought me a > robe and helped me walk to the back bedroom where he showed me the bathroom and > any necessities I may need. I looked up in the mirror as Tony leaned against the > counter. My make-up was ruined from tears and cum. I asked what he meant when he > told those men about me entertaining again? He smiled and told me that I had > done well, but that he couldn't afford to let me go. He told me how he found out > that if he treated fellow associates, and business partners and vendors to these > parties he got better offers, more discounts, and overall more business.

> Everyone (mostly married guys) would be very friendly and give him their best > prices to stay in his good graces, so they would get invited to his parties.

> Overall he said it allowed him to pay his employee's "like my husband" a good > wage because the company did so well. The only thing he had to do was find some > great looking ass to pleasure everyone with. He looked very pleased with > himself.

> I was dumbfounded and just stood there. I open my robe up and showed him my > body. I had red marks all over my tits and stomach, and my pussy and ass were > stretched and sore. I told I couldn't do this, because eventually Ronnie would > find out anyway and my marriage would be over. He told me that he would find > someone new soon and I could stop, but these big parties only came around twice > a year and I was just lucky. He said usually it was just entertaining one client > at a time. He told me he would find another girl soon, but if I didn't do as he > said in the meanwhile, then Ronnie would surely find out, and he would lose his > job. I just stared in the mirror wondering how this happened to me and wiped my > face.

> After cleaning up and getting dressed I left out the back door and drove home. I > got home and took a long shower. Ronnie didn't arrive for an hour or so later, > and I tried to pretend to be interested in his day. When we went to bed he tried > to get all lovey and I had to ask for a rain check, stating I was exhausted.

> Since then Tony has only called me three times for individuals. He always makes > sure Ronnie is working late, and twice it has been for the same guy. A big black > man who spanks my ass while he takes me doggie style. Before he cums he turns me > around and cums all over my face and in my open mouth, then he watches as it > drips off my chin. I usually have to remind him not to leave any marks on me > since he pulls and pinches on my tits so much.

> I told Tony he needs to find someone else soon. I feel like a prostitute and > don't think I can do it much longer before it affects my marriage. He always > says it won't be long, but then he threatens me again if I disobey him.

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