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Blindfolded and handcuffed strip search, exhibitionism, oral and anal with another couple

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My name is James and my lovers name is Gail. She and my wife are good friends and we began by swapping spouses twenty years ago. The swapping stopped but Gail and I continued our steamy relationship and this is one of our hottest stories. Gail is 5?6? and a full figured sexy woman. She has long flowing blondish hair and very sensual lips. She reminds me of Jayne Mansfield. Her tits are huge, probably a 36DD. We met one summer morning at a beautiful hotel on the Jersey shore. It was about 10:30 and the desk clerk said our room wasn?t ready so we sat in my car and kissed and fondled each other ? getting real horny. We went back into the hotel at 11:30 and the room still wasn?t ready so we went into the bar for a drink. I think the desk clerk was just breaking our chops because she knew we were horny. We sat at the bar and had some wine. Gail leaned closer and started rubbing my thigh up to my cock telling me that she couldn?t wait until she had me in her mouth. Needless to say I was busting out of my pants.

She was very curious as to what was in my tote bag and I told her it was just some toys which really got her engine going. After three wines I went back to the desk and finally got the room key. I went back to the bar and got Gail and we walked thru the lobby to go to our room and I saw the two desk clerks giggling at the bulge in my pants. I didn?t care because I was going to have more fun than them. We mauled each other in the elevator knowing they could watch on the camera in the elevator. We got to the room on the 3rd floor and went in. The room was huge with a king size bed and a living room area with big sliding doors facing a marina. I placed the tote bag on the bed and Gail went into the bathroom to freshen up. She came out of the bathroom with three buttons of her shirt open showing off her huge cleavage and proceeded to rub my cock through my pants.

I slowly opened my tote bag and took out a huge bottle of wine which I opened and poured us both another drink. She was getting a little buzzed and getting more and more horny. I then told her she was under arrest and because she was soliciting prostitution and would have to be stripsearched and I would have to check every orifice using my tongue, cock and various toys. I then started to remove my toys. The first thing was a blindfold which intrigued her. The next item was a pair of handcuffs and some rope which had her massaging her tits. I then removed a small ball gag if she was to get loud. Then came the paddle which I told her was for her ass if she was bad or good. I don?t know if bad means good or good means bad. Then came the edible KY lube for her cute butt. Then I took out the scissors and razor and shaving cream. She looked puzzled but getting hornier every minute. I then took out three dildos. One was 7? long and skinny like a pencil and ribbed, the other was also 7? but thicker like a C battery and the last was a lifelike cock with a vibrator and clit tickler. And finally there was the butt plug. I was going to have a field day with her butt because she is very anal.

I told her to stand up and face me and the mirror and told her she could not touch me. I removed my shirt and pants and left my skimpy bikini briefs on. She could tell I was really aroused and I told her to remove my briefs with her mouth but she couldn?t suck me yet. She turned me around and bit the top of my briefs and pulled them around my ankles. She then bent me over and tongued my asshole. I told her to stand up and put her hands behind her back and I handcuffed her. Then I put the blindfold on. Then I took out the last toy ? a camcorder and turned it on. I didn?t want her to know about this yet.

I then unbuttoned her blouse and let it dangle around the cuffs. She slipped off her high fuck me heels as I unzipped her jeans and rolled them down and she sexily stepped out of them. I then put her heels back on accentuating her perfect legs and butt. She was down to her black lacy sexy bra and skimpy panties. I fell here huge tits through the flimsy material and her nipples were rock hard. I turned her sideways and undid one handcuff to let the blouse fall free and recuffed her. I then slipped my left hand down the front of her bikini and my right hand down the back. I slipped my middle finger up her moist pussy and my right up her puckered ass. After playing for a few minutes I removed my fingers and let her suck both of them. I then got the scissors and let her feel it on her chest. I then pulled the sheer bra fabric off her left tit and cut a hole in it exposing her taut nipple and did the same to her right tit. Then I cut a hole to let her wet bush out and slipped my long tongue along her clit. I then snipped her top bra straps and the middle of her bra exposing her huge DDs. Her areola are about 2 inches across and her nipples were like eraser tips. I lifted her huge tits to search underneath for contraband. I found nothing. I sucked and pinched them till she couldn?t stand it any more. I then took the scissors and cut her panties right down the middle past her pussy, between her legs and up the crack of her ass. Off fell her panties exposing her in all her naked glory with a nicely trimmed pussy accentuating her lips. I told her to spread her legs as I dove between those lips and nibbled on her clit until she had her first orgasm. She was totally wet and screaming.

I then led her to the sliding doors facing the marina. There was a guy and a gal cleaning a huge boat about 50 feet away. I stood Gail in front of the doors and opened the blinds. I think she knew what I was doing and this aroused her even more. She asked if anyone could see and I told her no which was true because the couple hadn?t seen us yet. I then got behind her and covered her tits with one arm and her dripping pussy with my other. The guy was the first to notice and he whispered to the girl and they were pretending not to notice and then went inside the boat. I could see them peeking from one of the portholes. I told Gail I thought a sexy couple was watching. I then dropped my hands so they could view Gail in all her nakedness. I then told her to turn sideways and get on her knees. I then took my cock and tickled her tits and then put the tip near her mouth and told her to find it. It was like bobbing for cock but I finally gave in and let her suck with a vengeance. I pulled her head on to my cock till I was at the back of her throat and then told her to swallow. She did it twice and swallowed me up to the base. I then pumped her mouth for five minutes until I exploded down her throat. I then waived to the couple on the boat and they waived back. Then I closed the blinds.

I took Gail to the back of the couch and bent her over so her face was where you would sit and made her spread her legs as wide as she could. I then cupped her beautiful ass and spread her cheeks wide until it hurt. I poured some of my wine down her crack and licked it off. Then I poured more wine and stuck my tongue up her ass as far as I could. She was moaning so loud I gagged her with the ball gag. Then I lubed her ass with the KY jelly and got the slim dildo and teased her ass and then rammed it all the way in. She was groaning with a pleasurable pain and wanted more. I then took the larger ribbed dildo and did the same and she moaned even more so I went to the front of the couch and removed the ball gag and pushed my cock in her mouth as I was furiously pumping her ass. She was really moaning now so I took the paddle and SMACK. I gave her four good whacks on each cheek until they were a little red and stopped. She was sucking me furiously begging for more. I then made her lay on the couch sideways so I could play with every hole. Then I took the vibrating dildo and slipped it in her cunt and turned it on. So there I was with my cock in her mouth and each hand working a dildo in her ass and cunt. I was so turned on that I took the paddle and whacked her ass some more. I told her I was about to cum and so was she so I vibrated her clit until she came like thunder and I pulled out of her mouth and threw her over the bank of the couch again and put my huge throbbing cock at the tip of her ass and put the tip in. I then slowly pushed it in until I was balls deep in her ass. I should tell you my cock is only 6? long when hard but 7? around so this could be a problem for some girls but not Gail. She bucked like a mule as I was pumping and I came gallons into her butt. I pulled out as we were both spent. I walked around the couch and put my cock in her mouth so she could get the last drops of cum. She sucked like a champ ? she is the best cocksucker I know.

I then stood her in front of the sliding door again and opened the blinds. The other couple was just sitting on the bow having lunch and looking up at the window. Gail stood there stark naked with me behind her as I fondled her tits. She than grabbed me by the cock and had me stand next to her and turned to face me. She bent over and showed her ass to this couple and slid me in her mouth and sucked me hard again. We turned sideways as I stuck my cock between her huge tits and fucked them while she bobbed on my knob. We looked at the couple because they stood clapping and yelled if they could join us. I asked Gail and she nodded yes as she continued to suck on my monster. I opened the window and told them to come up to 301.

As you can probably tell by now that Gail and I are kinky and love sex with each other and other people. I then led Gail to a desk chair and tied her legs to the chair legs and her arms to the sides and covered her tits and pussy with a towel and wrapped a towel around myself and eagerly awaited our new friends. They knocked on the door in about five minutes. Their names were Bill and Mary and turned out they worked for the hotels marina. He was about 5?10?, handsome and well built. Mary was 5?8? and very pretty with an athletes body. Her tits were not as big as Gail?s but I didn?t care.

I welcomed them into the room and introduced them to Gail who was looking very vulnerable tied to the chair. I told them since they both had seen us nude it was now time for them to strip. Bill was not shy and Mary was a bit more timid. He removed his shirt and shorts in about two seconds. Then he slowly took off his boxers. He was well hung and not hard yet but I could tell in the way Gail looked at him that she couldn?t wait to blow him. Mary removed her blouse to reveal a very sexy push up bra and then her shorts to show a matching black thong. Bill went over and unhooked her bra to reveal two perfectly round breasts with dark nipples. He then ripped off her thong to show her hairy mound. I walked over to Mary and kissed her gently while cupping her breasts. My towel fell away and she began to slowly stroke my cock with one hand and Bill?s with the other. My left hand went between her legs to finger her wet pussy and Bill was fingering her ass. Gail was now begging to get in on the action. We all walked over to Gail and removed her towel. Bill was now erect so he straddled the chair and pushed his manhood into her mouth while Mary dove between her legs to eat her pussy. I got behind Mary and spread her legs and slowly inserted my cock in her quivering cunt. Everyone was moaning and groaning. We then decided to play a game. We untied Gail and had both girls sit on the couch with their legs spread wide. We then blindfolded both of them and James and I took turns eating their pussies to see if they could guess who was who eating which cunt. I was licking Mary until she came and she guessed me. Gail couldn?t tell who was eating her and she kept on cumming. Then we turned the tables ? and stood in front of each woman with our dicks flopping. I teased Mary?s lips with my bulbous tip and got her wet cunt happy with pussy juice. Both totally nude babes sat there with there mouths open waiting for the hotdog jam. I slowly pushed my huge dick into Gail?s mouth as she slurped up and down my shaft. After gulping awhile, she stopped and said ?Hi James?. She knows her man?s cock. Then I placed my hard cock on Mary?s left tit and teased her nipple. She didn?t know whose cock it was. Then I teased her right nipple and she still didn?t know. We then had the girls lie side by side and do ?69?. After they were slurping each others juices for awhile we spooned them with our rock hard cocks. Our cocks are about the same length although I?m a bit girthier and I slid my bad boy in Mary?s wet cunt as James fucked Gail?s. They were so horny that they did not know who was fucking their wet pussies. Guess what ? my camcorder was still on and no one noticed.

Then I announced ?Anal?. We had both nude sexy ladies stand and kneel on the bed and place their faces on the pillows so their asses were at our mercy. We took the KY jelly and lubed up their sweet asses and then James slowly entered Gail?s puckered asshole and then I put my large tip into Mary?s ass and slowly entered her secret hideaway. It took awhile for has ass muscles to relax but when they did it was smooth as siik. When I was all the way in my balls were slapping her pussy so she fondled them until they hurt so I gave her four smacks on each cheek. James and I both came together and he pulled out and came all over Gail?s ass. I pulled out and took Mary by the hair and made her lick James?s cum off Gail?s ass and then both girls embraced and kissed passionately. They then told us they wanted to have fun with us. They had us face each other as they kneeled next to us. They tongued us from the side till we were hard again. They they told us to take our right hand and stroke each other. I never had another guys cock in my hand and was reluctant as was James. They told us they would not suck us again unless we did as we were told. So I reached out and grabbed Bill?s cock as he did mine and we stroked each other ? it was weird but wasn?t that bad. It felt funny with a guys hand on my cock. They told us to take our left hand and fondle each others balls. They told us to bend over while stroking and lubed our asses. Gail took the big ribbed dildo and Mary the vibrator and rammed them in our asses and had their way with us. The vibrator was pumping my prostate and I felt like I was going to cum. They smacked our asses hard with their hands and wanted us to cum. We stroked each other and came together all over each others dicks. The girls then licked all the cum off. That was definitely a different experience.

Bill and I are kind of lucky as we can cum about 5 times in 2 hours. We then had Gail lay spreadeagled on the bed and I covered her bush with shaving cream. Then Bill took the razor and began to shave her crotch as I began to lick and suck her hard nipples. While I was sucking Mary devoured my cock in her mouth and moved her lips up and down with ferociousness and putting my balls in her mouth and humming. As soon as Gail?s pussy was cleanly shaved Bill dove on it and licked her clit until she shuddered. Then it was my turn to shave Mary?s hairy bush. I started by shaving the middle lips and exposing her clit and then I shaved her pussy and her ass. It was very erotic and Mary was still sucking my cock while Bill sat on Mary?s face and she sucked him off. We were lying there all sweaty with that musty smell of sex permeating the room. We told Bill and Mary about our problem checking in and they wanted to have some fun with the desk girl who they knew very well and was named Christy. Bill was also fucking her. They called her cell phone and told her to go out to the dock and call James cell phone. We all stood by the sliding door buck naked with our fingers probing the girls and them stroking us. Christy walked out to the dock and called James. We told her to turn around and look up. She was shocked at the sight of all of us totally nude. We then told the girls to get on their knees and suck us off while Christy was taking pictures with her cell phone. We didn?t care. We asked if she wanted to join us and she said sure.

Christy got up to the room in about 2 minutes and we let the girls answer the door wrapped in towels. She was about 5?5? and had a great body. Bill and I walked over to her in the nude and cupped her breasts. We then started to slowly remove her clothes, first her vest then her blouse. She had big round tits in a sexy pink bra. Bill took off her skirt to reveal sexy bikini panties. The girls removed their towels and sat at the end of the bed kissing and fondling each other. I unhooked her bra from the front and her boobs just bounced out. She had the cutest tiny nipples that were very suckable. Bill pulled her panties down to reveal her landing strip cunt. We threw her on the bed spreadeagled and I held her hands and Bill her feet. Gail and Mary both dove on her snatch and double tongued her as I was pinching her nipples. Bill let her feet go and started fucking Gail and Mary up their asses alternating between the two. Christy was begging for my cock and I slipped it in between her lips and rammed it in her throat till she gagged. She was an expert headgiver and knew how to use her tongue. I was about to cum and pulled out and sprayed my jism all over her face as she screamed she was cumming. Bill than turned Christy over and entered her from the rear as she continued to suck the last of the love juice out of my cock. Gail and Mary were next to us 69ing each other. After Bill came in Christy?s cunt we all collapsed in a heap. I then took Christy over to the couch and bent her over and lubed her ass. I then had Gail bend over the couch on my left and Mary on the right lubing up their asses also. I put the vibrating dildo up Christy?s pussy and my throbbing cock in her ass. I put the butt plug in Gail?s ass and the thick 7? dildo in Mary?s ass while Bill went around the couch and had them all sucking his cock. I was pumping away with my cock and my hands up the other two girls butts and playing with their clits. We all came together and collapsed in a heap. Christy got up to get dressed as she had to get back to work but told us we didn?t have to check out the next day at 10:00 and could stay until 4:00 if we could do this again. We all agreed. Stay tuned.

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