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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Black Is Beautiful Part 2".


Black Is Beautiful - Part 2

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John a large black ex-basketball player came down from the bow of the boat. He had picked my wife Cyn as a prize for landing the ?FIRST FISH?. First Fish was a game the host and hostess used to get things going for the open couples on the open seas. John had a large bulge in the front of his Speedo and my wife looked excited and apprehensive as she willingly went below to let him claim his prize. This gave me next pick of the ladies on the bow of the ship. I went ?On Top? to find all the ladies naked on beach towels just laying around waiting to be chosen. HMMMM, I picked the nicest built with very nice tits as my guest and took Alice?s hand to lead her below. Alice?s husband wasted no time passing us on his way to the bow to pick a woman.

I could hear my wife moaning in the state room as we passed down the hall to find an empty bed. Alice whispered to me ?Its not nice to eavesdrop? ?It sounds you?re your wife is having fun? ?Can I expect the same from you?? ?You bet, Honey? She pulled at my swim trunks and was holding me hard member in her hands as I stepped out of them. I have about 9? hard so she had one hand on the base of my shaft the other cupping my balls and started bobbing on its head. I had to moan with joy. After getting all the blow job I could stand (My knees were getting weak) I pulled her face up and she stood in front of me. ?What?s your pleasure, little Lady?? She smiled and said ?I like it on top?. I laid down on my back in the center of the bed and she got astraddle me but she first walked on her knees till her pussy was just over my face. I grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled my face into her pussy. I rolled my face around till my nose and tongue were between the lips of her wet slit. I gave her my best ?eat out technique? and she started to moan for me. Then I slid one hand from behind up between her legs to find the hole with two of my fingers as I moved my tongue to give her clit the full attention it deserved. Soon she moved back down put her hand between her legs to find my hard cock and guide it into her wet pussy then put her hands flat on the bed an either side of my shoulders. I put my arms around her to pull myself up getting one of her nipples in my mouth and started pushing my cock into her. She whispered again in a husky voice ?I?m there, cum with me, cum in me, take me, OH OH Oh YES? I unloaded into her streaming all the cum my balls could hold was now shooting into this hot hunk of woman.

Later when we were back up on the main deck Cyn came up to me and snuggled up closely under my arm. ?You okay, Babe?? She said in a soft voice ?You saw who I went below with didn?t you?? ?Yeah, the big black stud, John? I said jokingly. ?We that?s the biggest thing that?s ever been in me? I came back with ?You didn?t like it?? ?I didn?t say that. Its just a traumatic thing to have that much man fuck your brains out? ?So you enjoyed it and you?re feeling guilty?? I replied. ?I guess so, but I a little scared about what you might think? She said. I said ?What?!?!? ?You know him being so much bigger than other men you?ve seen me with and all? ?It?s not a problem for me Honey, please don?t let it be a problem for you? I said as I saw John and his wife Ilene walk out direction. They stopped se to Cyn and I to invite us to their house on the way home that holiday Monday. Cyn said that she?d like that so we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Then everyone partied together as soon as we got ashore to bar hop.

?Holly Shit? is all I could say when we pulled into the driveway of a massive three story house. John saw us pull up from his game of basketball in the back yard. There were three more black men on the court shooting hoops. Irene met us on the walk going to the back door where we saw the great room with vaulted ceilings. She was wearing a sleeveless button down the front blouse (with the top three buttons undone) letting us peek at her lovely tits playing loose inside that blouse. She made sure to lean over a little too far as often as she could. Her bottom was covered by spandex shorts to show off that great ass of hers. We each got a drink then it was off on a tour of the house. Irene, a strikingly beautiful tall light colored black woman took me by the hand leading the way; Cyn and John close behind. As we headed up to the third floor they had us split up Ilene taking my arm and John put his arm around Cyn to lead her down the opposite direction

Ilene led me to a bed room and closed the door behind us. She said she wanted to have a little quiet time with me ever since she saw me on the boat two days ago. She moved in close to put one arm around my neck and the other hand on the front of my shorts saying ?Do you like black women?? I told her I did, especially ones a beautiful as her. ?Flattery will get you some Booty in this house? She crooned as she softly rubbed the hardening love muscle in the front of my shorts. She pulled me close and we kissed me with her extra hot passion, tongues dancing and her hands both found the front of my shorts. My belt was undone, shorts unbuttoned, zipper lowered and her hand slid down inside to find my hard on.

I slid my hand down around her ass and pulled her toward me. I trailed kisses down her neck between her buttons to her cleavage. She started undoing the rest of her buttons sliding the blouse off her shoulders so I could get better access to her breasts; which I promptly did, sucking on one nipple then the other. I dragged my hands up to the small of her back to slide my fingers under the spandex shorts working them over her hips. They started to roll up as then got half way down her semi flat tummy. ?Better let me do that? she said as she pulled back and peeled them off and down her legs. I dropped my shorts and pulled off my golf shirt. We were face to face naked, salt and pepper lovers ready to let the fun begin.

?Do you like chocolate pussy?? she asked. ?Never tried it, I?ll have to let you know in a minute? I replied. ?69?? she asked. ?Sure? I replied. We headed for the bed where she pushed me onto my back saying she wanted to be on top. Who was I to argue with the hostess offering to suck my dick? Once in position it became obvious that we were trying to give as good as we got. She was very good at it too, giving me some deep throat action between pumping her glorious mouth on my cock. I gobbled and licked my way to her clit where I sucked and tongue lashed it into frenzy. She was getting warmer because hr moans were getting louder and closer together. She soon rolled off me onto her back saying ?Now you on top?. I got to my hand and knees as she grabbed my arm pulling me on top of her face to face saying ?Enough foreplay, let?s fuck?. Without hesitation I obliged by getting between her legs to guide my cock into her wet pussy. ?MMMMMMYES? I slid in and out of her ?Faster? I picked up the pace ?Deeper? I jammed all of it into her paused for a second and then started ramming her had and fast and deep. ?That?s it!? ?Keep it up!? ?OH YEAH? ?C?MON I WANT TO FEEL YOU GET OFF? I explode into her but as the fuck subsided she pulled me close and told me to put it all the way in her and lay still for a second. Soon she started shaking biting her lip and breathing heavily again. Then she let go saying ?Just a little extra for me Honey?.

As we were getting dressed she asked if I like porno flicks. I said yes in the right mood they?re fine but why. I have something to show you down the hall. Once we dressed I followed her to another room where we found John sitting alone at a control booth. ?What?s this? I asked. John asked if I recognized the girl in the movie on the monitor. It was Cyn tied to a bed with three black guys having sex with her. ?They are the guys from the basketball court when you got here? ?I set up a little surprise for you wife I hope you?re not upset? I replied ?Doesn?t look like she is, so I guess I shouldn?t be either? We watched as the three men had their way with her. One was making her suck him, another pumping her full of his black whip, the third playing with her tits. We all sat there quietly watching as they switched positions, un tied her hands and placed her face to have her suck one of the men sitting at the head of the bed. Meanwhile, one got behind her for some doggie style action. ?Watch closely to what this guy does? ?John, turn the sound Up? Irene whispered to us.

The guys were talkin? trash. Then the one mounting her from behind said ?This holes all sloppy. I think I?ll try the other one? With they laughed till one shouted ?Looks like this Bitch saved that hole for you Bro?. We watched him pull out of her pussy to push himself into my ass. He went in full length, paused, eased out and then back in. He held her hips, raised one leg up for a better angle then back in and out of her slowly again and again. Then we heard him say ?That?s right Baby, just a few more time to get you used to it and I?m gonna fuck your ass but good?

John proclaimed, ?What a woman, she?s sucking that guy and taking it up the ass from that guy? They were finishing up so John excused himself but soon showed up on the monitor as the three men left the room. John ad Cyn were sitting on the bed as Ilene and I listened to them talk:

John: ?How you doing Baby??

Cyn:?I don?t know yet? ?It might take me a little bit to figure out?

John:?You had a hard work out, but you looked like you enjoyed it?

Cyn:?Yes I enjoyed it? ?I?ve never been used like that before? ?They gave me a climax and they made me their Bitch? ?It?s a new experience for me?

John:?Black men like to be in charge of women in and out of the bedroom. I hoped to give you a black sexual experience; and quite frankly I hoped you?d like it?

Cyn:?I didn?t say I didn?t like it?

Ilene started laughing, and then told me she remembers her first time with those guys. She for one hated to admit it but being at the mercy of three black studs while you?re tied up makes you humble on one hand and happy to get your brains fucked out on the other.

John handed me a copy of the video they made as we were leaving. It was silent in the car on the way home, Cyn reclined her set and curled up. I put my hand on her shoulder; she held my hand as we drove home. Once in the house she didn?t want to talk about it, so I kept my mouth shut and figured she?d open up when she was ready. A few weeks later I came home from playing golf to find her in the rec room watching the video. I sat beside her quietly. ?Thanks for letting me have my space with this interracial incident? she said. Then she added ?I certainly showed those black bucks a good time didn?t I?? ?You sure did, but then you?re always up to the task? I replied. Then the surprise of a lifetime happened, I couldn?t believe my ears when she snuggled over to me on the sofa, kissed me and said, ?How about tying me up and fucking me in the ass tonight??

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