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Over the weekend, the wife and I got to attend the swingers club that we have gotten to be memembers of. That night there was a few new couples and one of which I started to chat with as they looked to be about my age, which is 40.

We learned that this was their first time to be at a club as well as playing with anyone else. I was talking to Karen, and asking her if her husband Chuck, had set any ground rules. She said that they hadn't but after I told her what some of the rules that the wife and I had, she agreed that those were good rules for them to follow as well.

As the night wore on, Chuck went and played with a gal whom I wasn't permitted to play with. Wife said no and I respected her choice. While he was away, I asked if Karen wanted to get to know each other out of the main room. Karen and I started to chat and that is when Chuck got done with the other gal. Karen told him that her and I was going to get to know each other better. He asked if he could watch but was told no by her for now. Once in the room, Karen and I started to undress each other. I started to suck her nipples while I worked her panties off, and strange as it might sound, she did the same to me as she got my boxers off.

I had her lay down on the bed as I started to lick and finger her pussy getting her nice and wet. Karen was moaning and squirming during this time, so I knew that I was making her first swinging time fun. She had said earlier that she'd played alot before they got married but nothing since that time. So this was making her feel great. She then wanted to return the oral favor and licked my shaft and balls. She said that she couldn't suck me and I assumed that I was too big for her mouth. This got me extremely hard and she got on all 4's and told me to fuck her good. While I don't always last long, that night I went on for a good while. Stopping for a few and asking her if she wanted to suck my cock or something. The something must have turned on a light bulb as she decided to feel me out.

Karen had me on my back licking my balls when she started to tease my asshole. Of course the wife does this to me and it gets me harder and hornier. Karen noticed this quickly and asked me if I like what she was doing. I did and she could tell that by MY moaning. Then some how she managed to get ME on all 4's. Stroking my cock while finger fucking my ass like she was fucking me with a toy or something. Karen then asked if I'd ever had anythin gin my ass before and I told her that the wife does me with her 8" "cock". That is when Karen asked me if I might ever want the real thing, and I told her maybe. Little did I know, but the wheels for what was to come later were in motion.

Anyway, Karen stopped finger fucking my ass and had me mount her again. But not before leaving to get a new rubber and looking for her husband. She came back and told me that maybe if I was interested, later he could come and "watch". I told her maybe he could and she had me fuck her harder than before till I came hard!

We got cleaned up and redressed slightly and she told her husband something and he looked at me with a grin. I'm guessed that she told him that he got to "watch" next time. About 2hrs later, Karen asked if it was time. As this club, like some others I suspect, don't really care for bimales, we figured that this would be a mfm only. I'd seen this before and figured that nobody would suspect anything. Chuck stripped and had a hard cock that was about 7-8" long, but slightly thinner than mine, which is 6". Once again, after the finger fucking and ball licking, I was hard enough to get a rubber on. Then before I could fuck Karen, Chuck asked if he could suck me. Who was I to say no to. Chuck was a good sucker, almost made me blow my load in the rubber. However he stopped and I once again mounted Karen. Karen was moaning while Chuck ask me quietly if I liked what he did to my cock. Then I felt his hand on my ass. Now he was fingering me. I asked him if he really had planned on "watching" and he asked me if that is all that I wanted. I told him what ever was comfortable with him. Then Chuck got behind me and was holding my hips, poking me with his cock. I told him that he wanted to do more, he could, but to wait.

I got off Karen and she lubed my ass as I got on all 4's. Chuck got behind me and started to push in. I told them all to make it sound like Karen was getting the attention and she made good with the sound effects. All the time I'm whispering to use more lube and be gentle. Chuck hadn't ever fucked a guy or sucked one so he took all my advise as I had long ago. While it hurt alot as he was longer than I'd had in a long time, he didn't last long. Had I not had a rubber on, I couldn't imagine how much cum he'd shot into me as the rubber was totally full of his cum.

Karen now was stroking me and asked if I wanted to do Chuck. That way he knew what if felt like. I agreed and Karen lubed my fresh rubber and his ass. I got behind him and slowly pushed in. Allowing him to get used to me slowly, just like he had done to me. Once he had taken all of my cock in his ass, and I was slowly fucking him, Karen told me to finish quickly. As I was close, I fucked him as hard as I could. Karen was watching the entire thing and got off watching. Now it was my turn to fill the rubber. After being with several that night didn't know I still had that much cum left in me.

We all got dressed and then I left the room, only to later hear them going back at it.

The next day, after getting home, had a nice off line message that stated "you got both of our cherries last night". "We both want you again, soon as possible." Since that time, we've had several more chats and now are trying to figure out how we can get together again. This time let my wife in on the play as Chuck wanted to play 1-1 with the wife, but wasn't sure how to ask. That was before they knew that the wife had her own "cock" on a harness. So I can only imagine how he wants to play with her now badly.

Can't wait to for our next play time.

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