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Birthday Present For Princess

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This is wild! I've never written a public story about my life before but I'm opening up a lot more and might as well share a little story with my fellow readers. Let me start out telling you what I look like. I'm 30 years old, caucasian, pale girl with cameo skin, nice breasts with nice big nipples, and I keep my pussy shaved. I've got dirty blonde hair which is perfect I guess for a dirty girl like me. LOL The story that I'm about to tell you is one that happened on my 30th birthday. I was totally in shock, and totally surprised that my boyfriend would do such a thing to this day! So here goes...

It happened October 2nd of this year, which I know isn't that long ago! I had been out shopping for halloween costumes after my boyfriend gave me an idea what he'd like to see me in. He's SUCH a horndog. That's a good thing though cuz my sex drive is very high also. He basically wanted me to dress in something really slutty for Halloween this year. So after looking at all the outfits, the one that caught my eye was the Teachers Pet one. It consisted of a really short striped skirt and a white top the ties on the front. I already had the heels back at home. All I needed to do was put that costume on, my heels on, and throw my hair in a ponytail and he'd go totally apeshit! LOL MEN!!! Trust me, Halloween wasn't going to be the first time he dressed me like a total slut! So basically I told my boyfriend Steve about my outfit that I had bought to wear on Halloween and he got all excited. He told me that he'd love to see it sooner and why don't I do something fun, something REALLY fun, sort of a roleplaying kinda thing on my birthday with him. I was like ok honey tell me what you have in mind. What the hell had he dreamed up now?

Steve started sending me cell phone text messages about what he wanted to happen. Basically, on my birthday, I'd come over to his apartment sometime that afternoon, wearing my short skirt I bought, my sexy top, and my heels. He told me he didn't want me to wear undies. He said to also get a little garter to go around my thigh because my birthday present was going to be put in there. I was to be his "Call Girl" for the evening. An agency girl, sent especially to satisfy him...for a price. This no doubt made my pussy a little wet just thinking about it! I mean normally i would have been shy and all that, but this time i was like fuck it! I'll do this! It's fun and exciting and what fun on my birthday. Was he gonna put money in my garter? Jewelry? It could be anything. So the day of my birthday finally came around and I had agreed to do it so out the door I went from my house, right on over to his in my cute little slutty outfit just like he wanted! God I can be so gullable.

I drove up and there were a few guys in his complex still out standing on their balconies and I felt kinda nervous but it was my birthday and I felt really pretty. I turned the car engine off and opened the door. There was probably an imprint on my ass from sitting there driving with no undies on. I noticed that during the drive over the front of my seat was wet. Guess my pussy was a little wet thinking about it all. I got up out of the car and all the guys in the complex turned their heads toward me. I stepped out in my heels, my skirt which rode up totally to the point where you could come up and pinch my ass cheeks without even lifting my skirt up! My top was tied nicely so my tits and cleavage was just a great offering, and of course I threw my hair up in a ponytail cuz i knew my boyfriend liked it when i did that. I walked up the stairs to his apartment. God I hope nobody from down below was looking cuz if they did they sure got a show! LOL I rang his doorbell. He answered the door in his tshirt and boxers. He always looks so damn cute in his undergarmets that hell he could pin me to the wall and shove his dick in me and I wouldn't care! His eyes nearly bugged out when he saw me in my get-up. I looked down at his crotch and their was an amazingly nice erection. He told me to come in and that before he gave me my birthday surprise that he needed to blindfold me. I was like ok. He brought out a blindfold that he'd bought at one of the adult toy stores he went to so it fit nice and comfy and I couldn't see shit. He checked to make sure I had the garter around my leg which I did. He took me by the arm and guided me over to the middle of the living room and i heard him sit down on the sofa. He had me standing in front of him basically and told me that there was a leather ottoman for me to lean over on and that he wanted to see me bend over in my new outfit. Somehow I felt like a dirty little slut at that moment. Sort of embarrassed and shy I did as he wanted, figuring he had something nice up his sleeve for my birthday. He is a great guy.

So off I went bending over for him with my skirt raising up as I leaned over like I was going to do toe touches. I rested my hands down on the ottoman. He told me to spread my legs a little bit. Next thing I knew I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart and felt his tongues slide around my asshole. My pussy got SO wet as he tongued my asshole like he hadn't eaten for days! He went on tongueing it for what seemed like a good ten minutes and I didn't care. His tongue felt so good to my asshole. He buried his face right in my ass too and I pushed my ass right down on his face! Then after he got done licking my ass he said he was gonna move the ottoman in the center of the room and told me just to walk with it as he moved it away from the couch. I said sure. I stayed bent over for him with my legs spread. He told me to maintain that position and he'd be right back. In about 3 minutes I felt a nice cock come rubbing between my asscheeks. I said to him " Steve thats it baby, get that nice dick hard and go right up my ass baby!". Steve said nothing. But continued to rub his dick between my asscheeks and I felt it get harder than i'd ever felt him get before. Suddenly i felt the head of his dick up against my butthole. God I was such a tight bitch cuz he didn't fuck me up my ass that much, only on occasion. This was my birthday so he was going to fuck me up my ass!! Yay! So slowly but surely he inched his dick right in me. God it felt so fucking huge in my asshole. Sorta hurt at first until my asshole stretched a little to accomodate his cock. Next thing I knew he was pumping me hard back and forth. I was bouncing my ass up against Steves dick like a girl fresh out of prison. I needed that dick!! I felt like such a slut!! Here I was dressed like a total tramp and my boyfriend fucking me with the blinds open so anybody passing could see. I'm such a whore sometimes! LOL Anyway, so he kept fucking me for about 10 good minutes, reaching underneath me grabbing a good squeeze on my tits which flopped back and forth as he continued to fuck my brains out. Suddenly something happened that was both scary and made me just stop dead in my tracks like a deer in headlights. All of a sudden as Steve was fucking me, I felt something rubbing on my lips and reached up to feel a dick in front of me. Here I was blindfolded. Me and Steve had tried a threesome only once and I told him thats all I wanted was just that one time to say I did it. But here I stood, like a total slut with a guy who I THOUGHT was my boyfriend fucking my ass and now there was another dick in front of my face wanting me to suck it. After realizing there wasn't much I could really do now, I went ahead and took the cock of this mystery person into my mouth. He rammed his cock down my throat with nice deep thrusts. So deep that in fact I felt myself gagging a little from time to time. Steve was in the back still banging my asshole to the point it was getting sore now a little. I reached my hand up and tickled the balls of the guy in front of me. My boyfriend always liked me to do that for him so I figured i'd drive whoever this guy was crazy with it. I did that for a little while when suddenly I felt his balls tighten in my hand. I knew that this guy was about to cum and I didn't want him cumming in my mouth, but as Steve fucked me harder and harder, getting closer to cumming himself it sorta pushed me onto this guys dick even more. Right when he was about to cum, the guy in front of me let out a nice moan and at the same time took the back of my head and pulled it down over his dick and his dick went really far back in my throat as he let out a loud moan and shot his load all over my tonsils. I was choking a little cuz it was so much cum but I kept on swallowing since he'd already basically cum in my mouth anyway. About that same time I felt Steve's dick harder than it had been and heard him give out a big moan as he shot a nice big load into my asshole. I could feel his jizz filling up my ass. It was warm and i could feel it squirt a few times in me. Damn!! I was totally tired. They had worked my mouth and ass like they hadn't been worked in a while! I was exhausted and I heard Steve telling me I could take off the blindfold. I reached up and lifted the blindfold from my eyes to find Steve had been standing in front of me and was the one who had coated my throat. I turned around slightly to look at the person who's dick was still in me and it was a cute guy who looked about 19 or so. Steve tilted my head up slightly to look at him and told me that he wanted to give me something really hot and special for my birthday and that since we'd done a threesome once i probably wouldn't mind doing it again. I just laughed and said " You Asshole!!" LOL He just laughed at me. He said to check my garter that I had my birthday present in it, which amazed me cuz I hadn't felt a thing. Guess I was feeling too much other stuff going on. I looked down and there was three big $100 bills there! I was ecstatic!!! Steve was SO wonderful but this surprise definitely caught me! He told Chris, the other guy that he appreciated him coming by and showing his girlfriend a really good time for her birthday and appreciated him going in half on the birthday money. Basically he had pimped my horny little ass out to another cute guy who wanted to fuck me. I felt embarrassed and humiliated and like the biggest pussyslut in the world! But I didn't care. I had gotten two guys off on my birthday!! I loved it. Steves led the guy to the door, shook his hand and thanked him. After the guy left, Steve turned to me and said honey, I hope you liked your one present! I have another for ya. He wanted me to go lay down on the bed and let him give me the other gift he had for me. A peal necklace! LMAO I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND!!!!

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