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Bi Travels

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Growing up in an environment where "gay" was a bad thing, I did not embrace my bi attraction for a long time. As such, I have crawled into the experiences and actually enjoyed the process. As I increased by boldness, I still seemed to find comfort if the other person was the aggressor. For some reason, that made it OK.

I expecially (almost solely) dabble in the bi world as I am happily married. While my wife's sexual appetite does not match mine, she is wonderful and we enjoy a great life together. My bi experiments provides me a release, but doesn't take any of my emotional energy reserved for her.

My first tease started at the gym. I would do my work out (unlike others, not something I enjoy, but instead something I do anyway). My motivation is the locker room. stipping naked and walking around seeing others also naked. The steam room provides the opportunity to look without being obvious. My real pleasure came from the showers. This gym has individual stalls with a curtin. Like most- they never shut completly. I would lather up and overly cleanse my cock and ass. Without fail, one of the nearby shower guest would see me, and often return the visual, by playing with themselves. One guy even worked himself up and came! Nothing actually happened further in my shower games, so I needed to move on.

I had heard of Glory Holes before, but had yet to experience one. I went to a book store that I heard had one, and sure enough as I entered the booth, seconds later I see fingers coming from the hole. Being my first experience, I still didn't know what to do (so to speak) so I bent down toward the hole and was told to put my cock through. I did, and what a strange treat. Something about the anonymous aspects makes this wildly erotic for me. To that point, I must admit I do not cum easily (good for the woman) and virtually NEVER cum during oral sex. This time was differnt, if nothing else i almost felt I needed to apologize. He was just getting his rhytum when I could not hold back anymore. Also due to my new experience I was nervous or shy, not sure which but planned to simply zip up and leave. Just as I did, my new "friend" caught me and gave me a very warm smile.

Glory holes then became (and remain) my new sport! I experienced various during my travels, each with simular but...happy endings. Then the obvious happened. Obvious now, but foolishly shocking to me then. (What was i thinking, or better thinkiing). I had never thought about sucking a cock myself, nor what would happen if intead of fingers coming through the hole, a cock. What would I do? The day came, or better put, the cock came. Now I am faced with what to do? It seemed (obvious) the same anonymous aspects worked both ways. This is the perfect opportunity to explore, and do so somewhat on my terms. What if I'm not any good? What if I don't like it? So is the time to find out. I slowly took this cock "staring" at me, and simply fondled it at first. Realizing, aside from my own...this is the first cock I've actually touched, let along about to place in my mouth! I took a minute to think of what I enjoy and began to give the best blow job imitation I could deliver. He seemed to enjoy, and I admit, so did I. While this had never happened to be before, I ended up entering another booth shortly thereafter and elected to be the pursuer. I actually put my fingers in the hole and welcomed my second cock in just a matter of minutes.

My most intimate experiences however have come from massages I order and receive while traveling. For years I would only book women for this pleasure. True therapists, but ones that would often provide a happy ending. Part of the attraction was the build up. would this be such a therapist or not. I finally requested a male therapist and have never requested a female one again. First- I find the massage to be much better for my taste, firm and consistant. Second, while the anticipation of the sexual endding seems removed (virtually all of the men deliver!) I at least know it will end well. Until recently, I was always strictly on the selfish receiveing side. Not how I would act in a true sexual situation, but after all, I'm paying for the massage. That said, I came to realize if I touched back some and certainly gave body language showing appreciation for the massage, they always delievered even better. Of particular attraction, when they would rub anywhere near my ass, I made sure I delivered a sigh of appreciation. From their, my ass always gets fingered! A few have ventured beyond and introduced me to my new fetish, rimming. I can not get enough receiving in that situation, and with my wife, cannot get enough of her asshole in my face.

On one such occassion, the therapist was giving me a trememdous massage. Many of the males, deliver the massage naked, and this was the case with him. He had a very nice, well proportioned body. I was face down on the table, and he got up on the table between my legs and was working my ass with his fingers and receiving every sign of approval from me. He would every now and then run his hands up my back, onto my neck, down my arms and end with his body pressed on mine, grabing my outstreched hands. This detail being provided for a reason. The second time he did this, something occured to me...somehow I still felt his fingers in my ass, but he is pressed against me with both hands holding mine...Oh my gosh, I'm not a anal virgin anymore! I unfortunatly know I have a tight ass (no jokes needed here), as I can only take the smaller toys on the marketplace. His cock was just right, and he gently introduced me to this strangely painful/erotic new experience. We eventully moved to the bed and he had me actually sit on his lap and take his cock deeper into my body. This was a wonderful experience that I must admit has not been repeated yet. Not for a lack of interest, but others that have been interested, have been too thick for me to comfortably receive.

My bi experiements listed here span over a decade as this is simply a release. Having said that, I am anxious to find what the next release looks like, or perhaps feels and tastes like!

Maybe we'll "see" one another though the next Glory Hole!

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